Jared Morgan [Seven Brothers for McBride 4] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove)

BOOK: Jared Morgan [Seven Brothers for McBride 4] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove)
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Seven Brothers for McBride 4

Jared Morgan

No one is perfect…

As McBride struggles to hold his world together, he is forced to make sacrifices that block him from any chance of happiness with Caleb, the eldest Morgan brother. Still, he’s determined to buy all his men mates. Since Ollie rejected his thrall for another, McBride gives Easton to Jared.

Easton Jones is bright and bubbly, but he’s hiding a terrible secret that he fears will push his new mate away. He’s already been rejected once, and he is terrified that it will happen again. Still, he doesn’t have any choice but to go to Jared.

Jared Morgan is sick of being alone, but if his brother didn’t want Easton, there has to be a good reason. Despite his reservations, Jared decides to give it a shot—and falls hard for Easton.

Just as the two seem to be growing closer, the truth comes out that Easton isn’t as untouched as he seems. When another brother steps in to lay claim to Easton, will Jared decide that purity matters more to him than being with a man he’s fallen in love with?

Alternative (M/M or F/F), Futuristic, Paranormal

35,546 words



Seven Brothers for McBride 4






Anitra Lynn McLeod











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Seven Brothers for McBride 4



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Chapter 1


Even though the world was falling apart, McBride was determined to keep his promise. He’d told the seven Morgan brothers he would get them mates, and get them mates he would. Luckily, he had acquired Easton before the mass exodus started. Since the brother McBride had chosen Easton for had a secret mate, McBride was determined to pair Easton with Jared. That meant he had only three more brothers to find acceptable partners for.

Jared Morgan was rather stern, but McBride thought the bubbly and talkative Easton could pull him right out of his solitary ways. Since Easton wanted to learn to cook, he would eventually be able to put a smile on his mate’s face by making homemade meals that would surpass the mechanical cookbot. Well, Easton
be able to do that if they could get over the initial hump of introductions.

McBride and Easton were standing on the porch of Jared’s little house, but Jared had yet to invite them within. Given the radical changes over the last twenty-four hours, McBride had had his men take the day off from planting any more
. He did this because he wasn’t so sure that planting more seeds for fabric fibers was the right thing to do just now. Instead, he had Jonas working up a plan to grow food. If the world was going to collapse again, they would need nourishment far more than they would need
bulbs to sell. If people couldn’t eat, then they certainly wouldn’t need textiles. Looking after his own became McBride’s top priority. They would be okay for now with the stores he had on the farm, but what they needed to do was expand the kitchen garden so that it would be capable of feeding every man who called this land home. Right now, that was eleven men, but soon their numbers would grow if he got the rest of the brothers mates or if he hired on additional workers.

McBride knew the men on the land now could run everything with time to spare, but he thought they would be wise to include other people who would help them not only survive but thrive. That was why he’d invited his crimetech to come and live with them. Quintus knew law enforcement, but he also had a vast knowledge of mechanical systems. He would be an asset to the farm. He would need a companion, but McBride thought they could work that detail out later. Right now he needed to focus on getting his men the mates they required. What he wasn’t expecting was Jared to be so suspicious.

“There must be something wrong with him.” Jared looked Easton over from his bare feet all the way to the top of his head.

“There isn’t,” McBride assured him.

“But Ollie didn’t want him.” Jared considered Easton again. “So there has to be something about him that’s not good enough.”

Easton stood for inspection, but his shoulders slumped. Being rejected outright by one brother and then scrutinized by another had to be devastating. What gave McBride some hope was that despite the harsh treatment, Easton hadn’t crumbled. He knew his own value. A strong sense of self-worth was a possession that no one would ever be able to take from him.

McBride wanted to point out to Jared that given the current changes sweeping the globe, Jared would be wise to take what he could get and be grateful, but he realized harsh words would only make the situation more difficult. Pushing Jared was a sure way to get him to refuse, and the notion of being forced on someone certainly wouldn’t do Easton any favors.

“There’s nothing wrong with Easton. Your brother just decided to focus his attention on becoming the best cook he can be.”

Easton nodded, even though he and McBride knew that Ollie had actually bloodbonded to his old master, Jonas. It was complicated and messy, since a slammer shouldn’t have such a relationship with a landed gentryman, but Easton had readily sworn himself to secrecy once he realized the world was besieged with changes. McBride didn’t know if he could trust Easton or not, but he realized he had no choice. Besides, given how the world had shifted, the laws of the land might not matter so much anymore. And eventually, the brothers were going to figure out that McBride and Jonas weren’t companions. McBride just hoped when everything came out the men were too satisfied with their own lot to trouble over anything else.

“So he hasn’t been used?” Jared asked, narrowing his eyes as he examined Easton again.

“I’ve never been touched in that way.” Easton shook his head, tumbling his long black hair over his forehead and shoulders. After a moment, Easton uttered a sharp, “Oh! Well, there was the milking.”

“Milking?” Jared’s dark brown brows rose, and a slight smile flickered the edges of his mouth. McBride was certain that Jared had heard the other thralls talking about the procedure.

“At the thrall house, I was milked at least once a day but usually twice.”

Jared’s gaze dropped to Easton’s prick. Like all thralls, Easton’s body was utterly hairless except for his head. “So you haven’t been milked since you came here?”

“My valet performed the procedure the other night.” McBride had watched, fascinated and oddly aroused. He’d never heard of such a thing until Easton had mentioned it at dinner. He explained that it had been over a week since he’d been milked and he was in rather dire circumstances. McBride had wanted to help him, but he certainly wasn’t comfortable doing such a thing to one of his thralls. It was the butler who suggested the valet was programmed to perform the technique. In rapt interest, McBride had watched his valet relieve Easton’s suffering.

“They milk you so you don’t mess around with each other, right?”

“Well, yes, that is part of the reason.”

“What’s the other?” Jared stepped back from the doorway and motioned them inside.

McBride entered with Easton right behind him. Jared’s house was clean and orderly, but it lacked any personal touches. There was nothing of himself in view, which had always made McBride wonder what he did with himself when he wasn’t working. When McBride came to drink, Jared settled at the kitchen table and bared his neck without a fuss. The only thing that was different with him was that he became aroused, as evidenced by his erection, but he never masturbated in McBride’s presence. McBride had given him permission to do so, but he declined without explaining why.

“The other reason we are milked is for the health benefits.” Easton looked around the small house and frowned slightly. McBride wasn’t certain what bothered him, but he surmised it was the fact there wasn’t any clue what Jared enjoyed. As a trained thrall, Easton was probably looking for common interests that they shared, but Jared’s nondescript surroundings weren’t any help to him at all.

BOOK: Jared Morgan [Seven Brothers for McBride 4] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove)
3Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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