Jackpot Blood: A Nick Herald Genealogical Mystery (53 page)

BOOK: Jackpot Blood: A Nick Herald Genealogical Mystery
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The drive home was long and lonely, except for Doc Cheatham and his horn. Flush with Katogoula cash, and more to come, Nick decided
to double Hawty’s salary, then triple it, and finally compromised with himself and cut the tripling in half.

Judge Hilaire Chaurice had pleaded to be reinstated as a client. The throwing justice had decided to document his maternal line instead, certain—or perhaps just hopeful—that there were no colonial prostitutes on that side. His son’s marriage was scheduled for May, but he was now worried the fiancée’s rich family was getting cold feet. He needed something very impressive in the way of ancestors to tilt the scales his way.

A raise and a bonus
. He would give Hawty the judge!

Nick turned up the music and the heat a bit, savored the earth-scented cobalt and vermilion Louisiana dusk flowing in through his half-open window, and imagined the pleasures of a month in Italy with Veronique.


Requirements for Membership in the Katogoula Tribe of Cutpine, Louisiana

Resolved, by the Katogoula Tribal Council:

ndividuals may seek enrollment in the Katogoula Indian Tribe of Cutpine, Louisiana, and thus participate in the Rights, Obligations, and Honors attaching to such membership, by means of at least one of the following criteria:

For those living at the effective date of this document, proof, through verifiable genealogical research, of descent from one of the Katogoula kinship groups residing in the Cutpine area during the time of the Removals to Indian Territory, Oklahoma, 1825- 1855. Seven groups have been documented.

For those living at the effective date of this document, proof of descent from any individual identified as a Katogoula Indian—whether of the core groups or not—before 1825. Admissible evidence shall include, among other things, written accounts of explorers, missionaries, military and administrative operatives, and
traders. Those proving descent from any member of the Yaknelousa and Quinahoa tribes, both amalgamated with the Katogoula Tribe before historical times, shall be entitled to admission.

Adoption, at the discretion of the Tribal Council, taking into consideration special circumstances:

Honorary membership for meritorious service to the tribe,

For humanitarian reasons, or

For any other reason the Tribal Council may deem appropriate.

Adoption, in all cases, shall be for a lifetime term only, and shall entitle the individual to all privileges except tribal monetary allocation and heritability of enrolled status. Certain federal aid programs may not be available to adoptees of the tribe.

Individuals born after the effective date of this document who seek admission to the tribe must have either parent as an enrolled member, in good standing—or so enrolled at time of death—of the Katogoula Tribe of Cutpine, Louisiana. There is no blood-quantum requirement imposed by the tribe with respect to enrollment of individuals covered by this section.

Prospective enrollees have the responsibility of providing all necessary genealogical proof. The tribe’s History and Genealogy Department may be able to offer suggestions and assistance. The materials listed below provide excellent general background information on the Katogoula Tribe and its struggle to preserve its heritage:

  1. Herald, J. N. and H. Latimer.
    People of the Sacred Cougar: The Katogoula Tribe of Louisiana
    . New Orleans: Coldbread Press, forthcoming.
  2. Herald, J. N. and H. Latimer, eds.
    The Chenerie Katogoula Death Lists
    . New Orleans: Coldbread Press.
  3. Worthstone, Holly.
    Wind through the Pines: A Visual Journey with the Katogoula Tribe of Cutpine, Louisiana
    . Baton Rouge: Tadbull Hall Productions. DVD.
  4. Worthstone, Holly and Lovenia Dejeune Silsby.
    The Art of Bascove Tadbull: Forest Gothic
    . Baton Rouge: Tadbull Hall Productions, forthcoming.
  5. On the Web: . Here we have provided complete contact information. Additionally, you can learn about the ongoing research into Katogoula topics and download a free genealogy starter kit, featuring family charts, a research log, and questionnaires for relatives. Links to relevant genealogical and governmental sites and to specifically American Indian resources are added frequently. A separate Katogoula tribal site is presently under construction.

All decisions regarding membership suitability, and changes in the requirements for membership, shall be the sole province of the Katogoula Tribal Council, which, per the Tribal Constitution and treaties with the Government of the United States of America and with the State of Louisiana, is in its own affairs sovereign

Tommy Shawe


Luevenia Dejeune Silsby


History & Genealogy Dept

J. N. Herald



BOOK: Jackpot Blood: A Nick Herald Genealogical Mystery
12.28Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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