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Into the Triangle

BOOK: Into the Triangle
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Chapter 1


"Only another hour and we'll be on the island, Mr Overton."

Gabriel Overton stared out the small window of the tiny passenger plane, ignoring the chatter from the pilot in the headset he wore and allowed his thoughts to wander.

How the hell did I get myself here?
He stared out over the seemingly endless expanse of crystal blue water they were flying over.
Oh right, I couldn't keep my dick in my pants and thus got myself sent on an 'extended vacation' by my asshole of a father.

At least dear old dad was sending him somewhere tropical for his forced seclusion from polite society. God, from the way he'd reacted, Gabe would have thought he'd murdered a man or something, not screw around with one of his father's business partners… one of his very married, very right wing religious businesses partners.

It had all started out innocently enough. Dropping off a file, some flirting, and a surprise kiss—suddenly, Gabe had found himself falling head over heels for an older, much more experienced man and finally getting the attention he'd always longed for.

He should have known it had all been too easy…

Idiot, what did you think would happen when the affair came to light? Your dad didn't want you after your parents divorced… he certainly isn't going to want you around after you nearly single-handedly brought down his company.

William had seemed so perfect. Gabe had thought that finally, someone saw past the shy, nerdy exterior and loved the vulnerable man he was beneath.

Gabe snorted softly to himself as he gazed out the window and the wide expanse of blue ocean beyond.
Boy, was I fooled.

Now here he was, less than a week later after the "incident", riding in a little puddle jumper airplane, heading to the Bahamian island of Bimini until further notice. Why Bimini, Gabe had no clue; he'd been too heartbroken to argue when his father sent him away.

Gabe sighed and ran his hand through his unruly blond curls.

Gabe could now admit to himself he'd ignored a lot of the warning signs that there was something wrong with their relationship. William was always careful about where they went out together and who might see them. Back then, Gabe had always thought it was because William wanted to keep their time together special and just between them, but now he knew his lover was trying to avoid getting caught. So many little things added up after the fact, but Gabe had been blinded by the attentions of the handsome, older man.

At only twenty-four, Gabe had only had two other partners, and both of them had been one-night stands. Not being the most confident of men—and his lack of experience—made Gabe almost desperate for attention. He'd always been thin and a bit gangly, pale skinned, and awkward. Most guys hadn't been interested in dating the shy and nerdy guy in class… William had been his first real relationship.

And at the rate Gabe was going, it might very well be his last too.

The sudden jolting of the plane had Gabe jerking upright, glancing out the small window in alarm. During his brief walk down memory lane, the sky had turned dark and the once-tranquil sea below them had become turbulent.
Where had all those storm clouds come from?

"What's going on?" Gabe asked into his headset. The plane jerked again, throwing him forward in his seat. The only thing stopping him from crashing into the pilot's chair in front of him was the buckle in his lap he'd forgotten to unhook earlier.

"Freak storm blew in out of nowhere and it's messing with the instruments," the pilot explained in a tight voice. "Might knock us off course a bit, but don't be afraid, Mr Overton. I've flown through worse." The pilot probably meant his words to be reassuring, but Gabe's stomach flipped over at the obvious worry the other man was trying to mask.

"How close are we to the island?" Gabe asked. Maybe if they were close enough, the pilot would still be able to get them there without the aid of his flying instruments.

"No more than twenty minutes out… Son of a bitch! The whole navigational unit is down! Fucking Triangle!" The pilot snarled. The storm outside seemed to increase, as if in response to his cursing, and the plane shuddered. Alarms were blaring and outside the window, Gabe could no longer see the storm. Instead, a strange white fog seemed to be crawling up from the waves, blocking all sight and rendering the plane, pilot, and passenger blind.

Gabe's eyes widened as he watched the mist surround the plane.

"Wait, did you just say Triangle? As in the Bermuda Triangle?"
Oh shit
! Legends abounded about the Bermuda Triangle, stories told over hundreds of years about lost ships and even planes being swallowed up and never seen again. When Gabe had learned he was being sent to Bimini, he'd done his research about the island, of course. But for some reason, it didn't dawn on him until right then that Bimini was in fact almost at the center of the Triangle itself.

His gut clenched and Gabe gasped in alarm when the plane suddenly dipped.

"Son, I'm not going to lie to you. I can't see a damn thing and without my instruments, we're in trouble. I want you to brace yourself, 'cause the next few minutes are going to be hairy." The pilot's voice crackled in Gabe's ear, sounding faint and far away, even though they sat in the same aircraft.

Gabe didn't even get a chance to respond before the plane suddenly jerked and shuddered again. Time seemed to stop for a long moment—the strange fog surrounding them suddenly dissipated, the alarms and all the lights went off, and silence reigned for a few blessed seconds…

And then they began to fall.

Gabe screamed as the plane suddenly took a nosedive and headed straight toward the rocking and rolling ocean. He barely had time to close his eyes and take a deep breath before they slammed into the water, tearing the small plane apart and ripping Gabe right out of his seat.

Pain racked his body, consuming his thoughts and dancing along his nerve endings in wave after wave of torment. So intense was the pain he felt from the crash that it took Gabe too long to realize he was no longer in the plane and instead, facing the rocking sea all alone.

BOOK: Into the Triangle
9.8Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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