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Authors: Rachel E Rice

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Insatiable: The Lone Werewolf finds his mate

BOOK: Insatiable: The Lone Werewolf finds his mate
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Insatiable: The Lone Werewolf finds his mate

Insatiable, Volume 1

Rachel E Rice

Published by R E Rice, 2014.

Insatiable: The Lone Werewolf finds his Mate

By Rachel E. Rice

Copyright 2014 by Rachel E. Rice

Cover by Rene Folsom

Copyright © 2014 by Rachel E. Rice

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews. Please do not participate in or encourage the piracy of copyrighted materials in violation of the author’s rights. Purchase only authorized editions.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. No reproduction of this book part or whole is permitted. This book should not be scanned, or distributed in any printed or electronic form without the author’s permission.

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Chapter 1

drienne glanced through the window, through the trees, and saw light quiet snow falling. Her eyes settled on her soon to be new husband sleeping soundly, and she knew she made a mistake.

It wasn’t the wedding or the honeymoon which made her nerves tightened, her mother planned everything. A honeymoon in Hawaii would be nice, she thought. But that’s a crazy reason to marry someone. She met Paul in high school when she let it be known around school, that whoever had the biggest penis in their senior class would get a blow job, not necessarily from her. That never happened, it was a prank she confessed to him because she needed a date for the prom. They dated her senior year and went off to college together.

“You’re supposed to marry in college,” her mother had said. You have the same interest. They did, they loved hiking, camping, and bicycling, but there had to be more to it than reading the same books, and all the other stuff.
What about sex, wasn’t that important too?
She thought. They had to be compatible when it came to sex and clearly there were a lot of things lacking, such as misrepresenting the size of his manhood.

She could enjoy a fair amount of sex daily if it happened, but it didn’t. Adrienne came to realize that Paul was a once a month kind of guy, if that, which appeared to be strange for a virile young man.

He stated that it would be advisable to wait until they were married. Isn’t that a woman’s line?
Wait until we’re married
, Adrienne thought. She took a second look at Paul clothed in a pair of pajamas with pictures of sail boats in different colors, lying with his back to her, and she tiptoed quietly on the floor, throwing her few clothes into an overnight bag. She crept out of their apartment through the fresh new snow.

Struggling to put her key in the ignition, cranking up the car, her old Honda groaned and she grimaced. Her eyes narrow slits. She thought Paul would catch her before she aimed the car east, going home. It had been a mistake living with Paul and agreeing to marry him, and she would soon rectify that. No invitations had been sent out, no hearts had been broken at least not Paul’s. His days were filled working on his thesis, something about why sex before marriage ruins a marriage.
How about why no sex makes for a boring life, boring relationships, and divorce,
Adrienne thought.

Why would he bat an eye, he probably wouldn’t even notice that she left until Sunday and today was Friday.

The sky dark, except for a brilliant large moon, no stars, but she hadn’t notice them in years. She was too busy with her studies, which compensates for the lack of attention and lack of arousal that Paul was incapable of undertaking.

In the dead of night, she glanced at the full moon. It signaled the beginning of a new life. Nevertheless, it was dangerous for a woman to be driving alone, especially going east on I-80. She lived outside of Lake Tahoe, and as she drove with the music loud, she hummed, singed, and swayed to the music, happy to be free from the marriage obligation, and Paul with his dull ass.

Now she had to concentrate and look hard for the turn off south to Lake Tahoe. With large forest on both sides of her and the snow, it proved difficult. The elevation was six-thousand feet up in the mountains on a slippery road with the snow still falling hard. Driving slow because her tires weren’t that great, and she didn’t even have snow tires, she inched along. A two hour drive from Sacramento, California turned into a three hour drive. 

Her phone rang. She turned to it, “I’m not answering,” she screamed at her purse. “I know it’s you Paul, but I’m not listening and I’m not answering.” Adrienne sure he wouldn’t notice her disappearance, but somehow he did. “Did your dick suddenly get hard after six months?” She screamed over the music talking to her purse as if it was Paul.

She turned her head facing the road. The snow fell in large flakes the size of a silver dollar. To the side of the narrow highway a sign appeared. She whizzed by without seeing it. She had been traveling too fast to read the sign, and without street lights, all she could see was what was ahead. The windshield wipers were quickly filling with snow flakes and slowing down.

“I forgot to change the wiper blades, oh shit,” she shouted pounding on the steering wheel. Then the phone rang again. She turned her head for a few seconds and when she switched it back, a large buck crossed her path and hot on his heels, a wolf. “Oh god.” That was all she said and things went out of focus and dark.

Adrienne’s old gray Honda hit the deer or something. The Honda had sustained four years of high school, going to the movies, and carrying her friends to school. Four years of college with Paul using it when his old Toyota finally gave out because of excessive abuse. But it took one deer to permanently disable and destroy her silver Honda.

Waking up, Adrienne shook her head, blinked her eyes to see her car angled to the side near a ravine, broken and helpless. She loved that car. It was like a friend. The car lay teetering on its right side. She shook it off, sucked in air, then passed her hand over her face, eyes still working, no cuts in her face, just a slight bruise to the knee from the steering wheel. She was a little stiff but she was use to that. It was no more than taking a ten mile hike up and down a small mountain. She let out a sigh of relief.

“Wow. It could have been worse,” she said. It was a saying she heard many times on the news.

Pulling her skirt down, layered over her exercise pants, it was now wrapped around her breasts. She breathe clear cold air coming in from her front window. She unfastened her seatbelt and tried to open the door, pulling and pulling, it wouldn’t budge. She would have to climb out through the front window, but she was afraid the car would tip over. “Ah hell, can this get worse?”

Adrienne thought the deer had broken it but that couldn’t be. It was as if someone pulled it from its frame. She tried lowering down the window near the driver’s side but it would go only so far, so she took off her shoe and pound on the window and it slipped from its gears but still it slipped only a few inches.

Convinced that she had to climb through the front window on to the hood, she hoist herself over the steering wheel, head first. Heaven help her if she slipped. Adrianne proceeded gingerly, holding on to the raised hood, swinging her body around to the left and sliding off little by little, until her feet hit the ground.

Taking a minute to count her blessings, she turned around looking down, she saw a pool of blood and she panicked. Running, she couldn’t see anything for the dense forest. There was no way she could get out of the forest except to try to climb back to the highway. That was impossible. Then she remembered, she hadn’t taken her phone. She turned back, and then she heard and saw her car tumble and sink deep into the earth. “What the hell,” she murmured. She stood looking and not believing what she saw. “What am I going to do?” She walked in a circle breathing hard. “I’m going to find my way out. I can’t be afraid. The moon’s large. I can see. I’m just going to walk. There must be a house nearby. I can’t be far from the interstate,” she said as she ambled along stumbling over high grass.

Adrienne trotted through the thick forest staying on Indian trails. She wasn’t sure where it would lead but she had no choice. She could feel the temperature dropping. It was cold. She began shivering. “I’m going to die in this wilderness.” She didn’t know how long she had been walking. “Where am I?” she mumbled. Adrienne stopped, bent forward catching her breath with her hands holding on to her thighs. The cold air didn’t help and she wasn’t dressed for this season, skirt over exercise pants, and jean jacket over a cotton shirt. Thank goodness she was smart enough to layer. But she wasn’t smart enough to stay off this highway at night. Finally, the snow stopped but it was still bitter cold. The weather changes over night at this elevation, she thought with hands under arms, rocking back and forward.

Lumbering around for three hours tired and hungry, looking around for a place to sleep, she gathered the leaves on the ground, and the limbs from the pine trees and made a bed. Then she covered herself with the leaves and lay down. She was just so tired. She prayed that whatever animal stumbled across her it would eat her quickly. She didn’t want to suffer. Curled up under a tree, with the sounds of the forest, noise in the trees from bugs, a wolf growling and calling in a distance, kept her on edge. Fighting off large ants had taken up her night. Sleeping near a tree was the worst decision she made, second to Paul.

When she woke the next day, her body sustained bug bites on her arms and legs, but she was alive, but for the hunger and thirst. The sun was high in the sky and she knew it was almost noon. The day, mild, better than before. She could see.

Standing, she saw a large ranch looming in a distance. It was marked off by a huge white fence that stretched for miles. She couldn’t make out the name of the ranch on the fence, it was just that far away. Setting against a mountain range, a house backed up against it with tall pine trees near hiding it from visitors. She had to make another decision.
Should I risk going to that ranch, which could take days to reach without any food, or try to look for food,
these were her concerns.

Adrienne knew something about survival in the wilderness, not much but she knew some things. She knew she had to find fresh water. She knew by the terrain and the mountain ranges that water was plentiful, but where? And how long would it take to find some. But she also knew that where there is water there would be predatory animals. With her small frame, she would look like a helpless deer.

She turned walking through thick brush and trees, a mountain towered in front of her. She didn’t know how she could climb it, or if she attempted, what would be on the other side. It wasn’t an option as well as the notion of walking through acres of ranch land to reach the house. The house could be vacant if she made it, and there were dogs to consider. A ranch as large as that would have dogs to protect the livestock from wolves. She made a decision when she heard rushing water over the sound of her thoughts.

“A lake.” She perked up. She could survive on water but hunger would consume her thoughts, and without food, her body would weaken. She would take one day at a time and this day just began. “I’m alive,” she said smiling, which was all she was concerned about now. She hadn’t been attacked and eaten by wild animals as she slept.

“Take one day at a time,” she repeated as she tottered along.

Through the trees she saw something white dart and cross her path with lighting speed. “It’s a wolf,” she said. “A large white wolf with blood oozing from its paws,” she murmured. Hearing the sound of a loud wolf cry, her hands shook and she broke into a run, which was ridicules, how could she outrun a wolf? But if it’s hurt she may have a chance. And don’t they run in packs? Was another question that worried her. “What’s the use,” she said out of breath and slowing to a walk.

Maybe she was delusional. Adrienne was sure she saw something. She slogged along the trail leading into a clearing. But the trail was deceptive. She had been walking for hours and still she hadn’t reached the water.

The noise from her stomach made sounds animals could pick up from a distance. Yet she kept walking, what else could she do? Just lay down and die? That wasn’t an option. She didn’t want to be prey to the next animal on its noon day hunt looking for lunch.

BOOK: Insatiable: The Lone Werewolf finds his mate
6.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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