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Authors: Magen McMinimy,Cynthia Shepp Editing

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Immortal Promise

BOOK: Immortal Promise
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Immortal Promise


An Immortal Heart Novel



Magen McMinimy


©2012 by Magen McMinimy



Brandy L River and Shannon L. Dearing, thank you so much for your help throughout this project and all your suggestions that lead to a stronger story for Lothar!

Gayle, for all your time
spect proof reading and encouraging me, and for your love of Uriah, He’s next! To all the fans of the series, thank you for the support.

And finally to the two incredible ladies who put the final pretty touches on this story,
Cynthia Shepp
for her mad editing skills and Rene Folsom of
Phycel Design
  for knocking my socks off with this amazing cover!



Lothar is the solid, responsible, second in command Elite Light Fae Warrior who feels everything. Channeling the emotions of others, Lothar has experienced what real love feels like. An emotion he hasn’t felt for himself in over a century, not since losing Holly to the Vampires.

Holly left the Middle World to find a new home among the Vegas coven of Vampires. Hiding from an overprotective brother, an uncaring mother and a sister who leads the Light Fae, Holly has stepped out to find herself. However shadows of the Middle world stretch over the new life she has built.

After rogue members of the coven follow Katarina, the succubus mate of Lothar’s youngest brother to invade the Dark Fae lands, they put the Light and Dark on the brink of war forcing the coven to comply with the warriors. After observing the Vampires Lothar is suspicious of the secrets the coven hides and the magic that surrounds the group. When Darion brings the war to Holly’s front door she is thrown into a world that has been long forgotten. With Fate stepping in, the future of the Middle World lies in Holly’s hands. With Lothar at her side they are forced together to save those they love as the battle lines and drawn.

Will the Light Fae ever be the same?

Will the fight to find home and save the Middle World bring them together or does fate have something altogether different in mind?




Keeping to the
shadows, Holly watched as the warriors left Evan’s office. She held her breath as Cree, Kale, and Lothar moved with the fluid grace all the warriors held. Thoughts of watching them spar so many years ago flashed in her mind; even when they fought, they were graceful. Her eyes locked on Lothar. His frame was as she remembered—broad shoulders, a slim waist, and thick, strong legs. His hair was shorter now. No longer could his tresses be pulled back into the leather tie he once favored. God, how she missed him. She willed him to look back, to give her just a glimpse of his handsome face and those blue-tinted, liquid-steel eyes. His gaze had always melted her. As if sensing her longing, Lothar shot a quick glance over his shoulder. Holly stepped back, catching just a teasing flash of his heated eyes.

“Lothar?” Kale said his name in question. “What’s wrong?”

“I felt something… familiar. Never mind, let’s get out of here.”

Holly stepped forward once again, just to watch Lothar and the others disappear down the hall and eventually out of the house.

She sighed and made her way back to her room. Reaching under her bed, she pulled out a small, wooden box. Curling her legs beneath her, she sat on the hard floor, flipped open the lid, and stared, taking in the few things she had left of her past. Starting with the thin, silver chain that held a small, intricate, one-inch size replica of her families’ crest, she pulled it out. It was the necklace Tyr had given her all those years ago. She clasped it around her neck and swore she could feel the presence of the man who raised her. She ran her polished finger over the pendant, and then pulled out the few pictures she still had. One was of her and her siblings. Holly stood in the middle, towered over by both Bain and Rowan. Bain had a good foot on her, and Rowan had at least five inches. Holly flipped through the rest of the photos. One of her father holding her—his eyes shone with love as he looked down on her. Finally, she came to the one she always avoided. Long, blond-streaked, mahogany hair framed Lothar’s handsome face. The steel of his eyes bore into her. Holly smiled, thankful that magic had provided the Fae the opportunity to capture moments such as these long before the Human World had created colored film. Holly ran her thumb over Lothar’s face before unclasping the necklace and neatly storing her past back into the box, sliding it back under her bed.

Holly pulled herself together and headed for Evan’s office. She knocked softly on his door before letting herself in.

“Evan?” Her voice was a little shaky as she called out to him. “Oh, sorry. Hey, Syna.” She tried not to cringe at finding the lovers in a sweet embrace. Sometimes her timing sucked.

“Hey,” Syna replied before pressing a kiss to Evan’s neck. “I’ve got work to do. I’ll see you both later.”

Evan smiled and watched Synawen leave. “You look panicked. What’s wrong, Holly?”

“Bain and Rowan—what’s going on with my family and the warriors?”

He smiled. “Don’t worry about it.”

“Don’t do that. I heard them say that Uriah was injured… and that some of our vamps helped strike against the Dark Fae. What’s happening?”

“We had some vampires go temporarily rogue. I will be dealing with them. As far as Uriah is concerned… well, he’ll be fine.”

Holly flopped into the chair across from him. “Are the warriors going to be a regular fixture around here?”

Evan nodded. “I am afraid so.”

Holly sighed. “Guess I’ll need to become a ghost around here.”

Evan moved around the desk to pull her from her slouched position and into his chest to embrace her. He kissed the top of her head. “You’ll be okay, Holly. No matter what the coven gets pulled into, you will always remain safe with me.”

She looked up and smiled at him. “I know.”




“You’ve been quiet
,” Kale noted as he, Lothar, and Cree made their way back to Desert Brew.

Lothar lifted his gaze from the busy Vegas streets to his youngest brother. He pushed a sigh from his lungs. “I felt something weird there.”

“Yeah, you said something familiar. What was it you felt?”

Lothar shoved his fingers through his thick hair. “Just the past haunting me once more.”

Kale locked his gaze on his brother. “Holly?” he questioned.

Lothar smiled, a wistful twist of his full lips. “It’s got to be the vampires. I think of Holly every time I step foot in that compound.”

“Thankfully, you handle it better than Bain,” Cree deadpanned.

Kale nodded. He understood the feelings all too well. The situation hit close to his
heart, and he knew the pain Lothar’s heart was feeling. It was the same pain Kale felt when he thought he’d lost Kat. Only his pain was short-lived compared to Lothar’s—a century of pain and regret filled his brother. Pain and regret that Kale feared would keep Lothar from ever making a true connection and finding someone to love.





Chapter One



The warriors were haunting her. She’d had this dream before. Holly believed it to be her soul’s way of reminding her that while time passes and heals most wounds, her decisions from over a century ago still affected her to this day.

The forest of the Light Fae lands surrounded her
. The night was dark, and only a sliver of the silver moon illuminated her path. Holly sighed in relief when she heard whispers ahead of her. Breaking through the thicket of branches, she stepped into the small clearing and found uneasy eyes upon her.

“I wasn’t sure you would show.” An understanding smile graced Evan’s handsome face.

“I had no choice.”

“Choice is the one thing you’ll always
have, Holly.”

Of course he would think so, but if she didn’t leave, she would forever remain overprotected by her brother, underappreciated by her
mother, and overshadowed by her sister. She loved her family, but with the secrets that hid deep in their history, she needed to escape. She’d lost her father a few years back. With him gone, there was nothing left to anchor her to the people she called family.

“Have you changed your mind?” she asked, afraid that Evan had come to his senses, and realized she wasn’t worth the wrath that would fall upon him. She could only pray to every god and goddess out there that Evan would not turn his back to her. He would be yet another loss she wasn’t sure she would survive.

Evan smiled and pulled her to his chest. “Never, Holly. I made a promise and, if this is what you truly want, then I will take you through that portal and protect you in the human realm.”

Holly nodded and took a last look at the path that had led her to the clearing. “Let’s go.”

The dream faded around her, and the opulent room Evan had provided for her came into focus. Holly pushed her honey-colored curls from her face and sighed. Thinking of her family and what truly led to her escaping to the Human World all those years ago… She wasn’t a warrior and, while the Immortal Four had provided her with their blood and made her immortal, she had still been nothing more than a Light Fae with a little Elvin magic. That was the root of her inadequacies. She lacked warrior blood, because as superior as her mother acted, she was no more than a strong Nature Nymph, who had made a mistake with a handsome elf, which resulted in Holly’s existence. Fae magic was complicated. Holly’s magic took after her father’s, but just because your parents were any given flavor of Fae didn’t mean you would be that same flavor. However, the warriors were. Bain and Rowan both carried on Tyr’s warrior legacy, complete with those beautiful white and golden wings, and the fangs of the predators.

She had her own fangs now, but they were more than just a weapon like the warriors. Each of the warriors carried the blood of the elite warrior line they descended from. Bain and Rowan were of Tyr’s line, Kale, Lothar, and Uriah were of Ragnar’s
line, and Cree from Eckland’s line. They descended from three of the six Royal Fae lines. Holly didn’t descend from anything special. She was tiny by comparison to her siblings. 5’5 and skinny, not really curvy, and certainly not beautiful like Rowan.

She didn’t have wings, she couldn’t fight or protect anyone, she couldn’t heal like Bain, she couldn’t restore one’s inner balance like Rowan, and she couldn’t even manipulate nature like her mother. She was a caster of
elven magic; she was basically a large fairy. Or had been. Now she was a large vampire-elf-fairy… eat your heart out, Sookie.

Holly smiled to herself and slid into her bunny slippers. Of all the homes she and Evan had shared, this one was her
favorite. They’d lived all over the Human World and Evan always took care of her, even after the flame of their relationship had long burned out. Holly padded down the dark hall. The sun was setting, which meant the house would soon be abuzz as the coven came to life.

“You’re wandering,” a deep voice startled her. A smile spread across her face as Evan appeared behind her.

“You know I hate when you do that,” she said, stopping to turn and look at him.

Evan grinned. “Yes, I know, but I sensed
you, and I can tell something is bothering you.”

Holly shrugged. “Weird dream,” she said dismissively.

“Don’t lie, Hol. Talk to me.”

She rolled her eyes at him. “Why? You already know.”

And he did. He was her sire and, for whatever reason, he was in tune with her. Their connection from him siring her was strong. He changed her and, in a way, she changed him. They held secrets that would forever connect them.

“It’s the Immortal Warriors? That’s what’s getting to you.”

“Well, Lothar’s continued presence around here is certainly a concern for me. It’s hard for me.”

Evan nodded. “I am sure it is, but I promised all those years ago that I would protect you
. I am doing everything I can to keep you hidden.”

“I know, but his empath powers are strong, and I guarantee he sensed something. He knows you aren’t being completely forthcoming.”

“True, but the spells around us are strong enough that he can’t get a real read.”

Holly sighed. “I know… it’s not just Lothar.”

“It’s Bain and Rowan,” Evan guessed.

“Sure is.” She held back a flood of emotion. “I miss them. I miss all the Brothers.”

Evan opened his arms to her, and Holly gladly stepped in for the embrace. “Are you ready to come clean and see your family again?”

“How could I?” she
asked, tears pushing past her long lashes. “I couldn’t handle Bain hating me.”

Evan shook his head and squeezed her tighter. “Bain could never hate you, Hol.”

“Vampire, remember? He hates all of us.”

“He hates us because he blames me for losing you.”

“We didn’t think this whole thing out all those years ago.” She held Evan a little tighter for a brief second, and then stepped back, wiping the tears from her cheeks, a wry smile gracing her pouty lips.

“Maybe not, but I said what I had to in order to make him stop looking for you. It’s what you needed.”

“I think I look pretty good for having been dead at the hands of a rogue vampire for over a century.”

Evan’s thumb caught a tear she’d missed. He grinned. “You look damn good for a dead girl.”

Holly laughed and pushed at his chest. “So, am I hiding for the night?”

Evan gave her a sheepish grin. “Afraid so. Things are heating up and since Christian and Jameson went off and helped Trevon, we have some things to settle.”

“They’ve started a war, haven’t they?”

“They certainly helped start the battle
,” Evan said.

Holly frowned. If a war truly broke out, then Evan’s coven would have to step up and fight beside the Light, beside the
warriors, because this was in part the vampires fault. Katarina may have led the fight with Trevon, the Light Fae siren, but the vampires were the brawn in the group. If not for them, the plan never would have worked.

“Okay, I am gonna go grab a bite and then get out of here before Lothar and Cree show up.”

Evan nodded. “Where are you headed to tonight?”

“Red Oasis.” She grinned.

“Why?” Evan asked. “I don’t have you scheduled to work tonight.”

Red Oasis was the coven’s main source of income and even though most of its employees were human, each member of the coven worked a couple
of nights a month. Holly was always willing to cover for those who needed it. She loved working at the bar and meeting new people.

“No, but Jenna texted and asked me to cover for her.”

Evan smirked. “You’re going to work the stage?” His faint British accent danced over his words with amusement.

Holly arched a brow. “Yes, and don’t look at me like that. I can work the stage.”

Evan’s eyes sparkled as he tried to hold back his grin. “I know you can. You know, if the boys catch wind of this, you’ll have a catcalling group of vampires watching you.”

Holly rolled her eyes
. “Yeah, I know, so can you give them something to do that keeps them away from Red Oasis?”

Evan’s fangs
glistened in the setting sunlight as a leering grin stretched his strong-featured face. “Not gonna happen, Hol. They would never forgive me if I kept them from this show.”

She glared. “You know
, you could just help me out, just this once, and order them to stay away from the club.”

“I could,” he agreed. “But, you’re the one who is choosing to get up on that stage. You shouldn’t hide your talents from your coven

“You’re an ass,” she
said, turning on her heel and heading for the kitchen.

“I love you too, Hol.”

“Yeah, I love you too… doesn’t mean you’re not an ass.”

Evan flashed from the
hall, creating a creepy, disembodied chuckle in his wake.

“Did I hear that right?” a new voice asked from behind her.

“Son of a bitch, Serg. You older vamps need to quit sneaking up on me.”

Sergio was temptation in a six-foot frame
, but was also a dirty man whore. Nevertheless, she still adored the vampire.

Sergio grinned and took a step closer, his eyes darkening as he wrapped an arm around her waist. “Well, did I hear that right? Are you heating up the stage tonight, little Holly?”

She shook her head and pushed out of his embrace. “You’re such a dirty man whore. Yes, I am covering for Jenna.”

Sergio chuckled. “I’d give up my whorish ways for you, Holly.”

She tilted her head and placed one small hand on his chest. “I would never want you to change that much. I love the whorish man you are. I just won’t
you in my bed.”

Sergio clasped his hand over hers. “There are so many other places you could love
me on.” Holly arched a brow, and Sergio sighed in a playfully pained way. “I guess I will have to settle for watching you on stage.”

Holly frowned. “Seriously?”

Sergio released her hand. “Looks like the boys and I need to gear up for a night on the town.”

Holly groaned. “Shit.”


BOOK: Immortal Promise
6.31Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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