Ian Inside Melissa: A Teacher/Student Stranger Sex

BOOK: Ian Inside Melissa: A Teacher/Student Stranger Sex
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Ian Inside Melissa: A Teacher/Student Stranger Sex

Kassandra Stone

all rights reserved copyright 2012 by Happy Hardcore Erotica Publishing

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The door crashed open and Melissa burst into a fit of drunken giggles.  The look on Ian’s face only made things worse as he tried to shush her and eased the door shut.  Melissa’s heels clacked haphazardly on the lino as she stepped further into the dark room.  The walls were lined with bookshelves, packed to the ceiling.  She ran a perfectly manicured finger along a shelf of books and smiled over her shoulder.  “Whose office are you borrowing?”

She could see Ian’s blue eyes, his lop-sided smile in the dim light from outside.  It was Fresher’s Week.  She was a Freshman.  Drinking too much Jaeger and ending up with some guy she’d never met before was pretty much obligatory.  Ian wasn’t her usual type, though.  He was older, clever looking.  The dark stubble on his cheeks was flecked with grey and those intelligent blue eyes were half-hidden behind dark framed glasses.  But he was tall and lean and very sexy.  She guessed he was probably a post grad in some kind of geeky but cool subject – psychology or archaeology, something like that.  Melissa had been interested immediately, and had needed no persuading when Ian whispered in her ear that he knew somewhere they could go.

“The office?” Ian said, coming to meet her in the centre of the room.  He took her hands and wrapped Melissa’s arms around his waist.  He felt wiry and firm as Melissa ran her hands up his back.  “It’s mine,” he growled against her ear.

Melissa’s eyes widened.  She knew Ian was older, but a college professor?  And here she was with him in the locked and dark college, in his
.  There was something undeniably sexy about the many different ways in which this was wrong.  Melissa felt Ian’s teeth graze gently against her neck and moaned in response.  The haze of the alcohol was beginning to clear, swept away by adrenaline and arousal.  She felt hands sliding down the small of her back, cupping and gripping her ass, lifting her slightly as Ian began to drive her backwards.  The backs of her thighs bumped into a hard edge and, looking over her shoulder, Melissa saw that he had moved her to the large desk in the corner of the room.

Ian’s lips were warm on her neck, his stubble scratching in a way that made her breathless.  “I want to fuck you on my desk.”

Melissa bit her lip.  Her short skirt was riding up and Ian’s hands were starting to pick at the small scrap of a top she had worn out that night.  Fresher’s Week was a time to go wild, lose the inhibitions of high school and embrace sexual exploration.  But Melissa had only had sex once before, in the back of her old boyfriend’s car.  It had been dark and cramped, and neither of them had even seen the other naked.  To be with Ian – a stranger, a professor – in his office, soon to be sprawled across his desk; it was sexy and Melissa knew she was soaking through her skimpy underwear.  Everything was heightened with the butterflies and quick breaths of nerves.

“Would you like that?” Ian asked.

Melissa smiled, pulling his head up to kiss him, her tongue flicking out to meet his.  “Yes,” she whispered back, “Fuck me on your desk.”

With ease, Ian lifted her up onto the desk, insinuating himself between her parted thighs and making her skirt ride up higher.  With one arm, he swept sheaves of paper off the desk, pens and stationery skittering after them onto the floor.  Melissa giggled again against Ian’s lips, the alcohol still making her a little light headed. 

As he leaned her back against the desk, she felt his hands pushing her skirt higher, his fingertips ghosting over the tops of her thighs.  Melissa sighed, the sound coming out in a whimper of pleasure.  Ian kissed his way down her throat to her shoulders, nuzzling the thin spaghetti straps off of her shoulders and encouraging her top to fall lower until he was kissing the tops of her breasts.  Melissa threaded her fingers through his hair, gripping and holding him close to her.  She flicked her long blonde hair back away from her shoulders, exposing herself completely to him.

As Melissa’s eyes fluttered shut, Ian’s fingers brushed against her centre through the flimsy lace of her panties.  She hissed between her teeth, her legs spreading wider of their own accord.  His fingers explored the shape of her through the thin fabric, tickling her lips and pressing down just over her clit.  Melissa moaned low in her throat, teeth sinking into her lower lip.  She had screwed her old boyfriend in the back of his car but no man had ever made her cum.  For that matter, no man had made her feel so electric.  Her skin was prickling, her heart pounding and every muscle in her body felt taut and ready to explode.

Ian’s lips wrapped around one distended nipple and suckled it into his mouth, teeth teasing over the hard little bud as his fingers pressed and circled over the nub of Melissa’s clit.  The combined sensation was almost too much.  Her back arched to its fullest extent, fingers clinging to the nape of Ian’s neck, Melissa cried out in pleasure as she felt herself tumble over the edge.  Her hips jerked into Ian’s touch hungry for more friction, more sensation as she rode the wave of her orgasm. 

His head lifted from her chest, his cheeks flushed and glasses reflecting the street lights outside.  “Sensitive, aren’t you?”

“No one’s ever…” Melissa breathed, gasping for air.

“Oh God, you’re not a virgin, are you?” Ian asked and she could feel him already withdrawing from her.

“Oh no,” Melissa rushed to explain.  “No, I’m not a virgin.  But no one else has ever made me come before.”

It took a moment to sink in, but then Melissa saw that gorgeous lop-sided grin lift the corner of Ian’s mouth.  “Sounds like we need to make up for lost time.”

Ian dropped to his knees between Melissa’s legs, her body still shuddering through the aftermath of her orgasm.  His broad hands pressed her thighs apart until they were spread wide.  Melissa lay back and lifted her feet, shoes slipping off onto the
floor, and flattened her feet on the desk.  She felt his hands on her thighs and then his mouth on her pussy.  He kissed and licked so gently, but firmly enough that she could feel flutters of patterned sensation through the lace.  “You taste so good,” he murmured from between her legs and Melissa found her fingers twining in his hair once more.

Then his fingers were hooking in the waist of her panties, pulling them down.  Melissa lifted her hips and moved to let him skim them down her legs before resuming her position.  “Do you touch yourself?” Ian asked moments before his tongue began probing the folds of her pussy.

“Yesss,” Melissa barely managed to hiss.  Hot and soft and ticklish were Melissa’s first impressions, as she arched her back on the professor’s desk.  His tongue probed her, exploring her lips and labia; it wriggled into her pussy hole, lapping at her copious juices.  Then his tongue slid upwards and slowly circled Melissa’s clit, making her jump and yelp in pleasure. 

Eyes rolling back in her head, Melissa could only moan and wonder at how well Ian played the tiny little bundle of nerves.  He circled slowly at first then flicked the very tip of her clit with his tongue.  When he worked his tongue in firm sweeping strokes to either side of the little nub, Melissa started to feel her body tighten again, her nerves singing.  The moment Ian sucked her clit between his lips was the moment her cunt spasmed into another crashing climax.  Her nails scraped on the worn surface of the desk as Melissa struggled to hold on, grasping for any purchase available.

But Ian didn’t let up his attentions.  He suckled on her little clit, tongue flicking it harder and faster as his lips stroked it, chin rubbing the sensitive flesh above her cunt hole.  His stubble scratched, almost making the sensations too intense, but the slight scrubbing pain only made Melissa wetter.  Her body was still arched, still gripped in the last shuddering jolts of her orgasm, but she could feel another one already on the way.  She sobbed, keening in pleasure.  She knew she should try to keep quiet, that if they were caught there would be so much trouble for both of them, but she couldn’t help it.  And the danger, the possibility of being caught, only made the edge of her arousal that much sharper.

Before her screams could reach the crescendo of another orgasm, Ian skimmed back up her body.  His mouth and chin were soaked with Melissa’s juices but she didn’t care and kissed him hard.  She could taste the sweet tang of her cunt on his lips and tongue, and drank in the heady flavour.  “I want to make you cum on my cock,” Ian said hoarsely between kisses.  With his body pressed against her, Melissa could feel the hard bulge of his erection pressing into her through the constraints of his pants. 

As Ian fished a little foil square from his pocket and fumbled with his fly, Melissa pulled her top off over her head.  She shivered as her glistening skin was exposed
to the cool night air, large nipples hardening instantly.  Ian groaned at the sight of her and leant forwards to capture her erect nipple between his lips.  His teeth grazed the sensitive bud and Melissa felt her cunt ache to feel him inside of her. 

“Fuck me,” she begged, her fingers clawing at the front of his shirt, picking at buttons in an attempt to feel his skin against hers.

Ian didn’t need asking twice and with a single deft movement she felt his cock butt against her hot, dripping core.  He was bigger than her only previous lover.  As he pressed into her Melissa felt her pussy walls stretch to accommodate him, squeezing and rippling around him as her body was still close to its third orgasm.  Melissa gripped the front of his shirt, ripping and leaning in to kiss, lick and bite any bared skin she could access.  She felt his fingers digging in to her ass cheeks, holding her steady as he set a punishing pace.

This was totally unlike the brief painful fuck she had experienced with her ex.  There was no initial stinging rip, only that delicious stretching and the sensation of being utterly filled by Ian’s dick.  With every thrust Ian’s pelvis slammed and bumped against her core, bashing her clit, crushing it in a way that made her want to grind against him until she had soaked him in her needy juices.  His cock stroked her cunt walls which fluttered and squeezed in response.  And all the while Ian’s mouth travelled between her nipples, sucking and biting, licking and worshipping until Melissa felt that her whole body was on fire, suspended in torturous pleasure but lacking that last final push to send her over the edge.

When Ian groaned, sliding up to kiss her neck, her body tightened further.  Knowing that this older, experienced almost-stranger was groaning in pleasure for
was almost enough to make her come alone.  But then his rasping, ragged voice whispered in her ear, “Come for me.  I want to feel your cunt clamping down around my cock.”

His words, his cock, his mouth were all more than enough.  With a last keening cry of ecstasy, Melissa bucked on Ian’s desk.  Her hips jarred painfully against the edge, but she didn’t care.  All she felt was the pleasure coursing through her, jerking her body, making it clench and release around Ian’s hard cock. 

Melissa’s eyes fluttered open, her body still tense and riding the aftermath.  She saw Ian’s handsome, intelligent face twisted into a grimace of concentration and resistance.  He had to be close He must have been close from the moment he entered her – but he was holding off to make it last.  Her fingers snaking up to the nape of his neck once more, Melissa leaned up and gently nipped at his lower lip.  “Come, Ian.  Come for me.  I want to feel it.”

Ian groaned.  His mouth dropped open wide in a silent yell of pleasure as his hips shuddered.  With a final hard thrust he collapsed on top of her, while Melissa soothed the back of his neck enjoying the feel of his cock softening inside of her.

At ten the next morning, exhausted, hung over and still thrumming with the buzz of the previous night, Melissa sat with her fellow students awaiting the departmental welcome address.  The lecture hall was abuzz with chatter but Melissa was in no mood for conversation.  She wanted to get home and fall asleep, remembering the previous night.

The faculty staff filed onto the dais at the front of the lecture hall.  Eight professors, some stuffy looking, some young with pretensions to being trendy, some looking just as bored and hung over as Melissa felt herself.  Then one stepped forward and tapped the microphone.  He was a tall man with black hair and cheeks darkened by greying stubble.  His piercing blue eyes were partially obscured behind dark framed glasses.  And as he drew breath to speak, his mouth curled into a lop-sided but sexy smile.

BOOK: Ian Inside Melissa: A Teacher/Student Stranger Sex
5.55Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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