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“Let’s get out of here,” Nico whispered, ruthlessly tweaking her hard nipple with the rough pad of his thumb. He was determined to keep her blind with desire for him as he navigated their exit.


Mari was consumed by Nico. His need became her need, his want her want. She had no fight left in her. She wanted to be the one to fulfill his needs. She hated that weakness, but she couldn’t suppress it.

Mari had no memory of Nico getting them out of the club and in the back seat of his car. She shuddered to think what the guys thought of their frantic exit. She could only hope they were so busy with other women, they wouldn’t have noticed what was going on with their boss.

As soon as the door of Nico’s chauffeur-driven Mercedes closed, he pulled her into his arms and took her lips in a fierce kiss. “I’ve waited all day for this,” he murmured before devouring her lips again.

Mari was with him all the way. She straddled his lap, her pencil-straight skirt hiked up to the tops of her thighs. Nico reached inside her drenched panties and glided a finger gently on her engorged clit, over and over again.

An avalanche of lust swamped her. Sensually writhing against his skillful caresses and drowning in his kisses, she couldn’t get close enough to his intoxicating heat. “I missed you so much,” Mari whimpered.

Dio mio
, you are so wet. I have to get inside you. But not here. This time I want a bed where I can make love to you all night.” Nico stopped his caresses and gently moved her to the opposite side of the car. He opened the connecting panel to the front and gave his driver directions to her flat.

Nico closed the panel and lazily resumed his seat.

Mari quickly bent her head, unwilling to meet his ravenous gaze. She was embarrassed, as she had completely forgotten about the driver. Pressing her thighs tightly together to subdue the ardent desire surging in her core, she looked unseeingly through the car window into the well-lit London streets. He wasn’t touching her, but her skin continued to prickle under his intense regard.

“Are you okay?”

“No.” She sighed. “I don’t think we should go any further with this. Just take me home and leave me alone as we agreed months ago.” Mari tried desperately to come out of her haze of desire.

What the hell am I doing?

She was in turmoil. Her sense of right and wrong was again in direct conflict with what her body craved.

“Nico, I can’t handle an affair with you.” Mari needed him to understand and give her some breathing room.

He moved closer to her, placed his hand on her upper thigh, and gently massaged the quivering flesh. He placed feathery kisses all over her face, her nose, her cheeks, and her ear. The kisses were gentle, soothing, in direct contrast to the kisses before.

Cara mia
, don’t think. Just feel. I want you and you want me. We aren’t hurting anyone,” Nico whispered near her ear, trailing soft kisses down her neck and shoulder. It was so achingly seductive, arousing, that tears leaked from her eyes as she tried to regain control and make her objections. His scent, his heat, devastated her resistance. Mari couldn’t deny her rampant desire any longer. She clasped his silky hair and held him still for her kiss. Sliding her mouth over his, she probed its depths with her tongue, took tiny little nips of his lower lip, sucking and tasting him.

Nico let her touch him as she wanted, keeping her in the long, erotic kiss, keeping her senseless to everything around her. As the driver pulled up outside of her flat, Nico got out and lifted Mari from the car. With her held high in his arms, he strode swiftly past a stunned security guard into the waiting elevator.

Mari waved shyly to him. In the five years she’d taken up residence in the flat Nico had insisted she have, she’d had no visitors, male nor female. She wasn’t worried about her reputation. She was more worried about whether he recognized Nico or not. The last thing she needed was her name being dragged into his divorce proceedings.

He slid her down his body as the elevator doors closed, holding her tight against him. With her head resting on his muscular chest, she was comforted by the strong, steady beat of his heart. His big hands held her bottom and lower waist, so close she could feel how much she affected him. His breathing was erratic and his desire pulsed fiercely against her stomach. The outside world receded. She was cocooned in his masculine heat, in a sphere that revolved only around him.

As they exited the elevator, she walked on unsteady limbs toward her flat, with Nico’s hand clutching her waist. He took the keys from her trembling fingers as she tried, and failed, to open the door. He quickly inserted the key, ushered her inside, and closed the door behind them.

Mari wiggled out of his grasp.

“Do you want something to drink?” She put some space between them, trying desperately to get some hold over this fast-moving, out-of-control situation.


“I’m thirsty, but not for a bloody drink!” Nico ruthlessly eliminated the space she’d gained and swept her back into his arms. There was no way he was letting her go now. This had gone too far for him to be denied.


He ignored her interruption as if she’d not spoken. “I want you. You want me. Enough with the fucking drama!”

Nico hated that he couldn’t walk away from her. He was resigned that in order to get over the insane fascination he had developed for her, he had to purge himself of it. Maybe after tonight. Taking her again and again would prove cathartic, he hoped. After the fucked-up experience with his despicable wife, he didn’t need this aggravation. This was it for him, the last time he would do this with her. He couldn’t afford to let her get more of a grip on him. He would later appease his conscience by giving her a special gift from Van Cleef.

She’ll like that. All women love jewelry

He conveniently ignored the fact that Mari was nothing like the other grasping women of his acquaintance. He knew she had more than enough money of her own and didn’t have a materialistic bone in her body.

“Nico, please listen to me.”

“Dammit, Mari, unless you’re going to beg me to fuck you, I don’t want to hear it!”


“Okay what?”

“Please make love to me.”

Her simple acceptance of him, her desire to give him what he wanted, pushed him over the edge. With an urgent frenzy, he swept her off her feet and proceeded down the hall that led to her bedroom. He knew the layout of the flat well. It was
, after all. He’d secretly loved the fact that she slept in his bed every night and didn’t even know it.

Yeah, I am one sick fuck!

Setting her feet on the soft carpet as he approached the bed, he slowly slid her down his body, shivering at the feel of her lush curves gliding against his aching frame and cradling his hard, bulging length.

“Bloody hell, this sexy body is going to be the death of me!” He greedily devoured her lips in a kiss that was so carnal, so deep, Mari quivered violently against him from the sheer force of it.

With dexterous fingers, he swiftly removed her blouse, her skirt, shoes, lacy bra, and panties, kissing her senseless all the while. Trailing his lips along her cheek, her ear, and neck, he once again lifted her and placed her in the middle of the king-sized bed. While shedding his own clothes, he leisurely perused her naked splendor.

“Nico, please!” Mari gazed at him feverishly. With frantic fingertips, she sensually plucked at her darkened, turgid nipples, and glided another hand slowly over her concave stomach to her dewy heat below.

Her seemingly involuntary masturbation ratcheted his lust to unbearable proportions. “Stop! If you don’t want me to fuck you hard into the next week, remove those fingers from
pussy.” He almost grinned at her instantaneous obedience to his command. As it was, he could only grimace in discomfort.

She was so much
. He was giddy with the power of it. “Have some patience, baby,” he said soothingly. Quickly stepping out of his trousers and shoes, he very slowly approached the bed.

“We have all night and I intend that we enjoy every minute of it.” Nico climbed in the bed and aligned himself fully on top of her. He took her mouth in a devastating kiss, his tongue sliding sensually against hers over and over again, until she trembled violently against him.

Taking a hint from her rubbing of her breasts against the light carpet of hair on his chest, Nico gave her what she wanted and feasted on one of her rock-hard nipples. He first licked the peaks, before sucking on each one in turn, until she writhed shamelessly beneath him. Her hands desperately clutched his ass, trying to direct him to her quivering center.

He resisted and proceeded to torture her by kissing every inch of her creamy, soft brown skin. He growled in appreciation of her feminine scent and the taste of her sweetness on his tongue. There was no place on her body that was not kissed and caressed. Her stomach, her thighs, and her feet—he turned her over and trailed kisses along her shoulders, her slender back, her ass.

Mari moaned incoherently beneath him.

“Please, Nico.” She sobbed helplessly.

He groaned at the intensity of his desire. Her unrestrained responses were driving him crazy, further exacerbating the tenuous hold he had on his control. He had no idea what kept him from plunging into her like the demented man he’d become. He had never been so hard in his life. But this was the last time he would allow himself to indulge in this madness, so he was determined to claim every inch of her.

“I have to taste you, baby. Your body has been driving me crazy for months!” He whispered the words against her skin. Her flavor was like fresh, sweet peaches, piercing clean through his senses. He couldn’t get enough. The color of her skin, so beautiful, flushed with desire for him, was a complete turn-on.

Every part of her that he uncovered was so beautiful and perfect, and she was his.


“Say you’re mine,” he demanded against her damp skin.


“No, just say it and mean it!” He captured her gaze and refused to continue until he heard the words.

“Yes, I am. I’ve always been yours. Now will you shut up and make love to me?”

“Always giving me sass! Just remember, every fucking inch of you is mine!” He growled before kissing her fiercely. He wouldn’t have thought he was a possessive guy, but he liked that he was the only one ever to possess her, that he was the first, and if he had anything to say about it, he would be the last.

If he was capable of falling in love, she would be it for him.


He felt like he was losing his mind. Any thought of exorcising her from his life was obliterated by the sheer force of possessiveness that catapulted through him. No, his plans for her were irrevocably changed after being with her again. He hadn’t admitted how affected he’d been by their previous encounter. Now he was no longer in denial. Tonight proved he wouldn’t be getting over her any time soon. He would find a way to keep her. He was confident of his ability to bring her around to his way of thinking.

Trailing kisses and nips along her dewy skin until he reached between her thighs, he probed the lips of her sex with his tongue. He forced agonized cries from her as he swirled the coarse muscle around and around her engorged clit before mercilessly latching on to the protruding flesh. Piercing her heat with one broad finger, he ravenously sucked on her throbbing, tight bud. Her body trembled in agitation as she moaned helplessly at his sensual assault. He was relentless, insistent, until she climaxed violently beneath him.

He had never known a woman so responsive to his touch. It was addictive. She was like a drug in his blood. Savoring her taste on his tongue, he continued to lick every drop of her release until she quieted. He could wait no longer. He rose up over her and claimed her mouth in a devastating kiss before driving his steely thick shaft deep within her.

Mari shivered so hard, she almost dislodged him. He held her immobile and proceeded to make long, deep thrusts within her.

As he slowly stroked, she matched his rhythm, locking her legs around his waist, with her arms clutching the sheets for purchase while she sobbed his name.

He felt light-headed as his cock agonizingly hardened from the acute rush of pleasure as her pussy gripped him tight. He fought the need to release in her immediately, determined to savor the perfection of it a little longer.

“So good, baby, you feel so fucking good!” Nico praised her.

She arched up against him as his thickness stretched her, scraping against her weeping walls. He knew he was too big, but she unreservedly sucked every inch of him in.

He lifted her legs higher, her knees touching her shoulders, as he thrust harder, deeper. He buried his shaft balls deep in her, ruthlessly hitting her G-spot over and over.

She screamed her release, loud and long.

Nico couldn’t hold on. He quickly spiraled out of control with the incredible feel of her clutching him as his tender feelings for her squeezed his heart, consuming him. He began pumping into her tight slit with mindless intensity, with no finesse, no technique, her heat totally destroying him. An animalistic roar ripped through him as he climaxed deep within, triggering another orgasm from her.

He collapsed on top of her in satisfied, euphoric exhaustion.

Moments later, he carefully removed his weight from her still lethargic body.

Mari slept.

He went into the bathroom and cleaned up. When he finished, he climbed back into the bed and gently placed her under the covers. She stirred a little, but quietly went back to sleep. He got under the covers as well and fitted her snugly against him, spooning and trapping her beneath him.

He couldn’t believe he got hard all over again at the feel of her lush curves against him. He was tired as hell, but his throbbing cock refused to go to sleep. He began plucking and tormenting her nipples. They beaded under his assault and she unconsciously rubbed her round bottom against him in wanton provocation, her eyes still closed in slumber. He trailed his fingers into her heat, sliding them over and over from her clit to her damp center. His hand was soon drenched by her response to his touch. He pinched her clit hard with his fingertips. Her eyes flew open as her body spasmed in another startling eruption.

BOOK: I Want To Be Yours
7.23Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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