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Ella Ardent

Third of the Erotic Novellas

In The Phoenix Series

Once upon a time, two partners built a wildly successful private BDSM club called The Plume, a place where every erotic fantasy could safely come true. When The Plume was destroyed and its members scattered, the partners decided not just to begin again but to improve on the original.

Welcome to The Phoenix, an international private BDSM club, risen from the ashes of The Plume. Once again, all erotic fantasies are possible and secret desires can be fulfilled.

* * *

Shara has always dreamed of being hunted—by three men of her choice, and used by the captor for his pleasure. As a birthday present to herself, she arranges to have her fantasy fulfilled on the private Caribbean island run by The Phoenix. But Shara isn’t counting on the fantasies of the men she’s selected, much less that each will interpret the rules in his own way. The game begins early—and may continue long after the official hunt is over.


by Ella Ardent

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Chapter One

It was going to be her best birthday ever.

Shara could barely sit still on the plane. She was so excited about her own thirty-fifth birthday gift to herself. It was absolutely perfect, and something no one else would ever have even thought of buying for her. That wasn’t just because of the cost.

It was because Shara had bought the fulfillment of her biggest sexual fantasy.

No one had known the fantasy until she’d confided in Rex. Of course, she’d chosen to confide in Rex because he was good at making dreams come true. Rex had been one of the partners of the Plume private sex club, where Shara had gotten her first addictive taste of BDSM. Now Rex ran one of the branches of the Phoenix, the new private club that developed after the closing of the Plume—rising from the ashes, so to speak—and catered to a variety of appetites. Shara peered out the window at the turquoise blue of the Caribbean and hoped they’d arrive at the private island soon.

She couldn’t wait to get started.

On the other hand, as soon as they arrived, she’d have to give the dossiers back to Rex. Fortunately, the seat beside her was empty. She pulled out the dossiers for one last look at the men she’d soon meet.

It didn’t hurt one bit that she’d picked all three of them herself. Shara thought of them as the lucky contestants, although the truth was she would be the lucky one. It didn’t really matter to her which one of the men won—each was gorgeous in his own way.

And all three of them would spend the weekend hunting her. Shara shivered with delight and opened the first folder.

Damon. Wow. Even in a photograph, this guy oozed intensity. He had dark hair and darker eyes, a square jaw and a secretive smile. Everything about him, from his short hair to his beautiful body, showed the love of control that was his main trait. This was a man who took charge of his own fate and made his life what he wanted it to be. He was just a few years older than Shara, but he’d made it rich already. It seemed he was the kind of guy who had just to want something to make it his own.

Shara had been thrilled to learn he’d agreed to play her game. She loved the idea of being wanted by him, never mind the prospect of being claimed and possessed by him. Damon had to be the kind of guy who pushed everything a little bit further, who knew how to get anything and wasn’t afraid to pay for it. When Shara looked at his picture and description, she wanted him to capture her.

Jared, in contrast, had dark blond hair that was a bit long. Shara sighed, wanting to run her fingers through it. He looked tousled, as if he couldn’t be bothered with details, but she suspected he was every bit as much in control of his appearance as Damon. He was tall and long-legged, and looked back at the camera with amusement in his baby blues. His lips were firm and he looked good in just jeans. Lean and powerful, like a Marlboro Man. Maybe he was solitary, too.

His profile said he was self-reliant and independent—Shara caught the vibe that he wasn’t looking for permanence, but neither was she. Hot sex with Jared, multiple times in multiple positions, would suit her just fine. He would be a man who was all about endurance, maybe even inventiveness. She ogled his picture and decided she wanted him to win.

And then there was Neil. He wasn’t smiling in his photo. In fact, he looked a bit wary, as if he was skeptical of the photographer. Shara thought he looked like a man with a million secrets. She doubted he’d talk much, but she knew he’d finish whatever he’d begun, regardless of the price. He had determination written all over him. His auburn hair was cut so short she only knew the color of it from his description. His eyes were narrowed in the shot, making him look enigmatic and dangerous, but the dossier said they were green.

She wasn’t sure if he’d been in the military or had been a mercenary—maybe both—because the information provided was a bit vague. She didn’t doubt Neil liked it that way. He wouldn’t be a man to whisper sweet nothings in a woman’s ear. She bet he knew his knots and tied them securely, then could teach a woman things about her own body she’d never even guessed. Shara sighed at the prospect, and wanted Neil to win.

The stewardess announced they’d be landing soon, so Shara put away the dossier with reluctance. She fastened her seatbelt and drummed her fingers on her lap. She didn’t have to read the contract to remember the plan.

Her fantasy was to be hunted by three men, each in competition with each other. She would be flown to a smaller island the next morning, to be given a head start. The men would then be flown over several hours later and the hunt would begin. The four of them would be alone on the island for forty-eight hours, during which time Shara fully anticipated she would be overcome and pleasured repeatedly.

Just because it was her fantasy didn’t mean Shara intended to surrender easily. Her three lucky contestants were in for a challenge. Shara had made her preparations and packed appropriately. She’d been planning for this for a decade, after all.

The only worrisome detail was a clause in the Phoenix contract. She’d read it so many times she had it memorized:

The Phoenix reserves the right to coordinate the fulfillment of fantasies deemed to be compatible or complimentary, at its own discretion and judgment, but is not responsible for any spontaneous interaction, its complications or results. The Phoenix is not obliged to reveal any such arrangement or any details of such coordination with any engaged party.

Shara wasn’t sure what those complications could be, or how it was she had to pay for a fantasy that might have an element of surprise. She’d called back and asked for more information, but only got a vague answer. She supposed that was their not being obliged to reveal any details to her. The fact was she’d had to initial the clause and agree to it, or the deal was off.

That put it in perspective for Shara. She wanted what she wanted enough to sign, especially as the Phoenix was the only place that could make her fantasy come true.

Maybe they were just adding the spice of uncertainty. The clause certainly made her shiver.

And that wasn’t entirely a bad thing.

Shara smiled as the island came into sight and the stewardess asked them to buckle up for landing. Her dear sweet Aunt Linda could never have guessed how Shara would spend the money bequeathed to her, but Shara knew she wasn’t going to regret one cent of it.

This was going to be the vacation of a lifetime.

* * *

There was a gift waiting in Shara’s room at the resort.

The room was a fairly typical hotel room. She’d chosen not to splurge on a suite, so the only thing that surprised here was the gift. A box wrapped in pink and black striped paper was placed on the small table between the two chairs before the sliding doors. Shara recognized the design of the paper from The Phoenix’s website and smiled—the ribbon and bow appeared to be black patent leather.

A welcome gift?

Maybe they did this for every guest.

Maybe they did this for every guest who laid out the cash for a fantasy.

Shara glanced out the window to find she had a view over one of the pools. The sun was setting already and she opened the door a bit, loving the warm humid air and the scent of the flowers. Two men were swimming laps in the pool, and the lights were on, turning the water to brilliant turquoise and casting their trim bodies in perfect silhouettes.

Shara admired the view for a few moments before examining the gift. There was a small envelope with her name on it tucked beneath the ribbon. She opened the card, expecting an official greeting, but instead, the note was handwritten.

Printed in caps.


I can’t wait to meet you. There’s a masquerade party tonight at The Plume club downstairs. Let’s hook up there—if you can find me!


Shara’s heart skipped a beat. Jared. Mr. No Commitment. She was pretty sure she wasn’t supposed to meet any of the lucky contestants in advance of their being taken to the smaller island in the morning, but if she had to choose one of her three hunters to break the rules, Jared would be it.

And she was curious.

How hard could it be to find him? She knew what he looked like and was sure she’d be able to find him despite the disguise.

She opened the box to see what he’d given her and gasped at the mask packed in pink tissue inside. She lifted it out, sure she’d never seen anything like it in her life.

Was this his fantasy?

It was a hood intended to make the wearer look like a bird. There were openings for the eyes, then a beak at the bottom of the mask. The incredible thing was that it was covered in glossy black feathers, feathers that caught the light with shades of purple and blue as she turned it in her hands. The solid part of the hood would fit over the top of the head, leaving the nostrils and mouth uncovered. Strands of feathers would dangle down to the shoulders, and Shara guessed they would tickle as they moved. It was lined with velvet and felt sinful in her hands.

She picked up the box to move it aside and realized from the weight there was still something inside it. She opened the tissue paper and found a dress, a slinky black dress in a stretchy fabric, hemmed with the same feathers. Shara got palpitations just looking at it and imagining herself walking into a party in this outfit.

She’d look like prey.

Fortunately, she had the perfect shoes to go with it.

* * *

On the other side of the pool, in a darkened room directly opposite Shara’s, Damon lowered his binoculars. Shara was pretty, and she was easily aroused. Even at a distance, he’d been able to see her reaction to his gift. He’d capture her early, staking his claim first, particularly since she’d be looking for Jared at the party.

Not for him.

She’d never even see him coming.

And when he was done with her, she wouldn’t want anyone else to touch her.

It was going to be a good hunt.

BOOK: Hunted
13.57Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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