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His Pleasure Mistress

BOOK: His Pleasure Mistress
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His Pleasure Mistress

Ann Jacobs

Book 1 in the Pleasure Partners series.

Giles Oberon cannot resist returning to Obsidion, the pleasure planet, and the woman he can’t forget. Pleasures of the flesh are forbidden on Earth and Giles’ sexual desires break every law on his home planet.

Star can satisfy any need a man has, in any way he wants—using her body, her machines and toys, and her devoted eunuch, Brendan. It’s her job, after all. Her heart is never involved. Except with Giles.

Giles has just discovered Star has a secret he can’t ignore. He takes her and Brendan on a holiday journey and finds joy that transcends his ambition and his obligation to the Federation. Giles’ life is about to change forever.

An Ellora’s Cave Romantica Publication

His Pleasure Mistress

ISBN 9781419931864


His Pleasure Mistress Copyright © 2011 Ann Jacobs Edited by Pamela Campbell

Cover art by Syneca

Electronic book publication January 2011

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This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental. The characters are productions of the authors’ imagination and used fictitiously.


Ann Jacobs

His Pleasure Mistress

Chapter One

A pearl without price, she glittered in his memory, called him beyond all thought, beyond all reason.

Federation starfighter Giles Oberon wasn’t going to give in to his obsession. He wasn’t. He’d opted to wait out this winter solstice on the planet Obsidion because his superiors had ordered him to have his ship serviced. It had nothing to do with the fact that he longed to celebrate the planet’s holiday, which was celebrated much as it had been on Earth in the time before the Federation had outlawed such celebrations.

Though the planets were in different galaxies, the seasons on Obsidion were similar and the Earth holiday had become popular there as it had in many solar systems. His mindless lust for Obsidion’s notorious pleasure-giver called Star of the East hadn’t figured into his decision. Truly it hadn’t, he tried to persuade himself as he made his way through raucous revelers on the Street of Pleasure.

Barkers hawked their wares, but Giles paid them no mind. He tried to focus on the twinkling lights and bustling crowds of holiday celebrants, and on the dozens of sex-slave emporiums where visitors might purchase pleasure partners for an hour or a night’s debauchery that the Federation rulers had long ago forbidden back on Earth.

The titanium heels of his black leather boots clattered against the surface of an agate sidewalk. A ribbon of temptation that ended at The Gates of Hell Dungeon, where Star would be plying her shameful trade.

If only he’d never met her that fateful night two years earlier when he’d toasted the solstice season with fellow starfighters furloughing on Obsidion. If only he’d never succumbed to her allure. He should have resisted rather than submitting himself so eagerly to her will, allowing himself to be bound for her to work her shameful magic.


Ann Jacobs

Earth men saved their seed to be milked by sexbots, to service the Federation’s chosen breeders. To do otherwise risked mutilation or exile.

Even when allowed to take female companions, Earth men were the ones who applied the shackles, forcing their partners to pleasure rather than vice versa.

No one must ever learn how Giles had shamed himself, and he must never do it again.

Yet he picked up his pace, lengthened his stride. Beyond all reason, he found himself being pulled toward what he knew would almost certainly be the instrument of his destruction. His cock swelled and lengthened, pressing hard against the fly of his skintight uniform pants, obviously eager to participate in its master’s destruction.

* * * * *

Brendan set down the communication device and resumed oiling Star’s naked body. “Just as I predicted, Mistress, the Earthling starfighter Oberon has returned. He is in the reception room now, asking for you.”

Star should have learned by now not to doubt Brendan. The handsome Earthling eunuch she’d bought to assist her in her pleasure-giving had an uncanny knack for foretelling the appearance of one of his fellow Earthlings. “Ready the dungeon for his pleasure.”

His pleasure. And his pain. She wouldn’t hurt him physically, for she’d never inflict real harm on a client. No. The Earthling’s pain would be no less intense, however, for apparently in his culture males were the masters, females their slaves. For it to be otherwise, according to Brendan, caused the men great shame.

Strange creatures, Earthlings. She’d have thought, since nearly everyone on her home planet of Eastphalia had migrated there from Earth generations earlier, their cultures would be similar. But apparently they weren’t.


His Pleasure Mistress

No matter. Her heart beating hard as she prepared for the Earthling, Star laced herself into a shimmering silver leather bustier and applied cherry-flavored rouge to her exposed nipples.

Her breasts tingled with anticipation. Anticipation for the bite of the Earthling’s straight white teeth, the brush of his rigid phallus over the turgid peaks. Her body ached for him to give her more than his submission.

Much more. As she had since their first fruitful encounter two winter solstices ago, Star yearned to accept his domination. She wanted him to master her.

It wouldn’t happen, though. She stared in the mirror at her mound, at the colorful tattoo she’d been so proud of when her mother had commissioned it. Exotic tropical flowers and vines perfectly framed the stark, black numerals 46945—her intergalactic license as a Mistress of Pleasure. Idly she tweaked the silver ring in her clit, working the sensitive flesh until the nub hardened and throbbed.

About now Brendan would be helping the Earthling take off his uniform, or arranging his naked body on the fucking frame and restraining him there. Star imagined the Earthling’s smooth skin, pictured Brendan oiling him with a scented aphrodisiac until he glistened.

Like all Earthlings she had encountered in her profession, Giles Oberon had been completely hairless on their last encounter, his skin amazingly soft and caressable over muscles that were as hard as steel. For a minute Star wondered if that might be a genetic oddity unique to Earthlings. More likely it was a strange Earthling custom. But it didn’t matter. She loved his smoothness, liked the stark look of his beautifully shaped skull. Of course he might have let his hair grow out by now. She hoped not.

She knew Brendan liked servicing Earthling men. Otherwise he wouldn’t be taking so long. When she was about to summon him, he came through the door, a huge smile replacing his usual taciturn expression.


Ann Jacobs

“Mistress, I have prepared him to serve your pleasure. I hope you won’t mind that I used the leather cock restraint on him because none of your metal cages would contain him.”

That particular leather and metal device was known as a Gates of Hell. “That’s fine.” Star pictured the cock and balls she recalled so vividly, and was not surprised that even the largest of her new steel cages wouldn’t handle them.

“I warmed the anal probe for you.” Brendan strode to her, his soft cock swinging between his legs as he crossed the room.

“You don’t want to wear one tonight?” Usually Brendan did, and even now he sometimes got a hint of an erection after inserting it.

Brendan glanced down at his limp cock and shrugged. “I am wearing one. I inserted it a few minutes ago. It doesn’t seem to have the effect it used to.”

“That’s all right.” Brendan was better used for sucking cock than he was for fucking her clients. After a few months without the testosterone patch his body had rejected, his libido had died. “Come on, we mustn’t keep our client waiting. Put the probe in me.” Bending, she spread her ass cheeks so he could insert and inflate the device that would transmit her erotic impulses to her client.

* * * * *

He was at her mercy, this powerful Earthling warrior who’d haunted her dreams, made her wish for sex that meant more than release. Made her wish for a Master, not just for a night, but for always. She banished that thought from her mind, as it was for something she could never have. After all, she had freely chosen her path as a pleasure-giver.

Not that Star regretted it. What she earned in her trade kept her small family in comfort back home and provided sustenance for a score of her countrymen. Star strode into the dungeon, her attention now focused on Giles Oberon.


His Pleasure Mistress

She reminded herself again that, although he’d sired her daughter during their prior encounter two winter solstices ago, a client was all he could ever be.

As she expected, Brendan had prepared him well. Laid out and securely bound, facedown on a gleaming metal fucking frame, Giles was magnificently naked. As before, he was totally devoid of hair. She wished Brendan hadn’t already oiled him from the top of his head to the tips of his toes because she longed to put her hands on him, feel his taut muscles playing beneath the gleaming surface of his skin.

But he was a gorgeous sight, with satiny, bronzed skin that glistened, reflecting multicolored light from strobe lights suspended from the dungeon ceiling. So beautiful.

And so helpless, though his muscles rippled as he strained against his bonds.

She stared at the mirror beneath the frame, and her cunt contracted at the sight of his massive cock with its heavy gold ring, the snug black leather straps that bit into the rigid shaft and his smooth, round ball sac. Her mouth watered to suck his big balls, swallow his cock and taste his essence. She desperately wanted him in her, fucking her, spurting his hot, creamy release into her aching cunt.

But she had to play the role she’d chosen years ago when she’d exchanged her personal freedom for her people’s means of survival. While she picked up the long, fat butt plug that held an electronic impulse receiver and lubricated it heavily with a fragrant aphrodisiac from Mars, Brendan moved beneath the frame, took Giles’ cock in his mouth, and began to suck it as was the eunuch’s role in this sexual vignette.

BOOK: His Pleasure Mistress
6.12Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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