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BOOK: Hell Bound (Book 2): A World Apart
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Chapter 18

Chaos is an angel who fell in love with a demon.

Making small talk for at least an hour, Steve’s voice comes back on the radio:

“I’m back.... We just discovered something new about the biters or zombie, whatever you want to call them. It turns out if you get scratched by them you will turn into one of them. The little girl who was sick, I guess had gotten scratched from a zombie a couple hours before I found the family and brought them into my home. She didn't tell anyone. She turned into a zombie about thirty minutes ago and tried to bite her father’s head off. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it. Her mother shot her in the head. Saved her husband’s life. And saved her other daughter’s life...saved all of ours... All I can picture is the poor girl's face. How it looked... green....blood shot eyes... puss coming out of the side of her mouth. The screaming! Oh god, the screaming. It was louder than normal like a cat getting run over by a car. A squealing noise may be. I couldn’t believe how loud it was. I'm sure every zombie down the street came looking for the sound. Oh god... I got to get off now. I have to go help bury her”

              Steve clicks off and the radio goes back to static. I stare blankly at the little portable radio. Not sure what to say or think.

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!” Julia says putting her hands up to her face.

“What? What is it?” I cry.

“Devlin... he was scratched!” I look at Julia thinking about what she just said.

I grab her hand and take off running towards the door. What if Devlin turned into a zombie? What if he got out of the room and killed the kids? Just thinking about a zombie killing a child makes the adrenaline pump through my veins. I jump the steps two at a time. I run through the second floor until I hit the seating area. I stop, looking around, out of breath. I don’t hear anything, not a sound. I don’t see anyone

.“Where is everyone?” Chelsea asks

Stopping beside me followed by Julia.

“I don’t know. Shhh.” I say putting my fingers to my lips.

Walking towards the kitchen thinking maybe everyone is eating and that’s why it’s so quiet. But my gut instinct is telling me something is wrong, horribly, horribly wrong. Putting one foot in front of the other. Slowly reaching the kitchen. Blood is everywhere, on the walls, on the floor. Broken glass and plates scattered all over the floor.

“What happened?” Chelsea asks. Scared, I grab a knife from the counter and hold it out in front of me.

Waiting for a fight. Waiting for a zombie to jump out in front of me and try to take a bite out of me. Stepping over the blood on the floor and dodging the broken plates on the floor, trying not to make any noise. Julia and Chelsea follow my footsteps being careful not to make any noise.

“Momma,” a whispering comes from inside the pizza oven. Julia drops down to her knees

“Sweetheart! Oh god baby are you okay?” She says, pulling Maggie out of the pizza oven and searching for any bites.

“Yes,” Maggie says as she clings onto her mother for dear life.

“What happened baby?”

“That old man. He came out of the room and made a funny noise. Then he attacked us,” Maggie says stuttering.

“Where is everyone?” I ask thankful Maggie is ok. But where is everyone else?

“I don’t know I ran and hid. I heard banging and screaming and then I didn't hear anything anymore.”

“Good job hiding sweetheart.” Julia says to her daughter and hugging her. She picks her up and holds her tight.

“Come on… quietly,” I say stepping over broken glasses. Walking back out to the other side of the seating area, following the trail of blood.

“Shh... Listen. Do you hear that?” Chelsea says slowly walking back towards the direction of the couch.

“Hear what?” I say following her.

“Whimpering... over here,” Chelsea whispers ducking under the couch.

“It’s John!” John's hiding under the couch sucking his thumb and crying.

Poor kid looks horrible like the first day we found him trapped inside the overturned RV. I pull him into an embrace and start to soothe him. Hoping to calm him down. He doesn’t say anything but sucks on his thumb and shakes uncontrollably.

“Let’s go.” I say holding John in my arm and in the other holding tightly to the knife.

Following the blood trail back towards Devlin’s room. My heart pounding so hard against my chest I feel I might have a heart attack. Blood is splattered all over the window. The tile floor in front of the door has a big puddle of blood. Afraid to open the door, my hands are shaking, taking a deep breath, gathering all the courage I can, pulling the door open. Death and blood fills the air around us.

Wanting to turn back around and run away, I force my body to move inside. Blood scattered all over the shelves. A body lies on the floor in front of us. I slowly walk closer, Greg lies lifeless on the floor in a puddle of his own blood. His arm is completely bitten off. I don’t see any signs of Kat or Jake. I walk passed Greg's body and walk towards the opposite side of the store. Toward the bed. A horrible crunching sound echoes through the room.

Scared to death of what I may see, I force my legs to move towards the horrible sound. Devlin stands hunched over, his body facing against the wall. Behind him blood stains the once beige wall. Walking closer, Devlin is holding something large inside of his mouth. Chewing, crunching, and enjoying the flavor. My mouth goes dry, a foot with blue nail polish sticks out of his mouth. I swallow the vomit that threatens to come up.

“Oh god!” Julia shrieks. Devlin snaps his head towards us, hearing her screams.

“Julia, slowly step back towards the door,” I say worried about the kids.

Chelsea and I hold out our knives waiting for Devlin to make a move towards us. Prepared for him to strike at any given moment. Devlin studies us, he slowly turns his body facing us. Showing us the foot in his mouth that he still keeps chewing on. Blood covers his mouth, his eyes are bloodshot red, anger fills his face.

John’s cries breaks the silence in the room, breaking Devlin out of his trance. I turn around to see Greg is standing up staring at Julia and the kids. I turn around to see Devlin is walking towards the screams ignoring me and Chelsea. He spits out the foot in his mouth and lunges for Julia and the kids. I run after him, causing Devlin and I to crash into a table hitting my head against the edge.

Feeling drops of blood from where I just hit it against the table. Devlin falls on top of me, he opens his mouth, letting out a loud deafening scream. Pulling my arm over my head, I stab him in the chest with my knife. A raging scream burst out of his mouth again. Chelsea slams her knife in his head. Causing the screaming to stop and his body to go limp and fall to the floor next to me. I roll away, trying to stand up but fail. Feeling light headed and dizzy. Chelsea rushes to my side helping me stand

“You okay?”

“Yes...I think so... My head hurts...dizzy,” I try to say as everything goes black.

Opening my eyes to someone carrying me out to the seating area. My head pounds so hard I feel like I may be sick. I try to open my mouth, wanting to know if everyone is okay? Wanting to know whose foot that was in Devlin’s mouth. But everything goes black again before I’m able to ask.

“Is she okay?”

“I think she may have a concussion.” I black out once more.











Chapter 19

My head is killing me. It’s throbbing so bad that I feel like I may be sick. Grabbing my head and moaning.

“Baby sit still. You hit your head pretty hard, you have a big gash on the side of your head where you hit it on the table.” Mathew says softly while he rubs the side of my head.

“How long have I been out?” I ask.

“Twenty four hours. We think you have a concussion.” Mathew says more of a question than an answer.

“Yeah, I do. I need to rest until the headache subsides. Can I have some soup or bread and something stronger than Tylenol?” I say closing my eyes because the light in here is so strong that it makes my head throb even harder. Rubbing my temples. I feel the edge of the couch dips from Mathew’s weight.

“Sweetheart, here are two pieces of toast and Vicodin. It’s all I can find.” Mathew helps me sit up, my stomach feels like it’s about to empty its contents everywhere. My head throbs even harder, making me cry from the horrible pain.

Forcing three bites from my toast I put it down and shove the little white pill into my mouth. Lying back down on the couch, my head doesn't feel as if it’s going to explode anymore. Not sure when I fall asleep, but when I wake up my head doesn't hurt as bad.

Opening my eyes, Mathew’s asleep on the couch across from me. The Poor guy is way too big for such a small couch, his feet stick out and his hands hang off of the side. Feeling sleepy and my head starts to hurt, I close my eyes and dream of a better place. Waking up to the kid’s yelling and playing. I open my eyes and see John and Maggie playing with Athena on the floor.

“Mathew?” I say sitting up.

“I’m right here, how are you feeling?” he says rubbing my leg. Handing me a water bottle.

“Better, how long have I been out?”

“Three days off and on.”

“Who died?” Mathew lets out a deep breath.

“Devlin turned into a Zombie killed Greg and......”

“Who Mathew?” I say feeling my headache return again from the stress. Mathew lets out another hesitant breathe before answering,


“No, No, no,” Is all I say as I start to cry. My headache returns full force making me want to pass out again.

“I'm so sorry sweetheart,” He says softly stroking my hair gently.

“Who killed Greg? Did he bite the kids?” I hesitate, afraid of the answer.

“I did, and no he didn’t touch the kids. Everyone is fine.” Crying myself to sleep, I wake up to the smell of hamburgers.

My stomach rumbles, feeling like I haven’t eaten in days. I slowly stand up taking my time for fear of falling on my face. Mathew sits on the bar stool in the pizza place eating a fat hamburger that looks like it is full of more stuff than it can hold. Mathew turns around as he hears me coming up behind him. He jumps off the bar stool and rushes to my side.

“What are you doing up? You should have called me to come help you. You could have fallen.” He says, scolding me like a child.

“I’m hungry.” I answer weakly. Mike puts a patty on buns and puts everything on it. I'm practically drooling over the hamburger. My mouth waters as I grab the plate from him taking a big bite.

“Okay so after what happened we need to know when we are leaving. And who is coming with us.” Mike says seriously.

“Sam are you able to travel yet?” Mathew questions me, worry and stress written all over his face.

Nodding my head, “Yes” shoving a big bite of food into my mouth. Spiting food all over the place. Not caring how much of a pig I look like right now shoving another bite into my already full mouth. Enjoying every taste of this juicy hamburger.

“We leave in the morning,” Mathew says.

“Six am, not a second later. We need to get a move on.”

“Okay, who’s going?” Mike asks again. At the same time everyone in the room says


“Glad we grabbed two vehicles then.” Mike says, taking a bite of his hamburger.

It’s seven at night by the time everyone is done eating. I feel tired now that I ate a hamburger that was bigger than my face.

“Mathew I want to take a shower, but I might need your help making sure I don’t pass out.”

“Do you feel like you’re going to pass out?”

“No but a concussion can last several days. Just in case.”

After my shower, he takes me back to our room and lays me down. I pass out waiting for Mathew to finish his shower. Waking up to the door creaking open. Mathew walks in looking like he hadn’t dried off after he took a shower. His shirt clings to his body showing off every inch of his very muscular chest. His hair drapes around his face, dripping water onto his eyelids. He stares at me with his sexy smirk that I love so much.

I watch him walk to me like I’m his prey. He doesn’t take his eyes off of me. He sits on the edge of the bed slowly crawling towards me. He crawls on top of me. His arms on both sides of my face.

“You’re so sexy,” he says as he kisses my neck, leaving goose bumps down my body. I grab his dog tags that dangles around his neck and pull his face closer to mine. Feeling his breath against my lips.

“I need you,” I whisper as his lips come crashing down on mine.

His hands travel up and down my body, feeling every inch of me. Caressing every inch of me, cherishing, loving. Pulling his white t-shirt over his head. Trailing light soft little kisses down his chest. His breathing becomes heavier, faster. My hands travel down his sides to the waistband of his sweats. I look into his eyes, seeing how bad he needs and wants me. Feeling the same way, wanting to feel the closeness, wanting to forget about all of the death and worry, if not just for a little while. Slowly pulling down his sweats as his mouth crashes to mine once again.


















BOOK: Hell Bound (Book 2): A World Apart
11.42Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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