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Heartbreaker Hanson

By Melanie Marks


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Heartbreaker Hanson





spent the summer being a pool boy—and ogled by rich ladies. Wasn’t bad.
In fact, it was nice. The pay was good, and all I had to do was keep up the
maintenance on rich people’s pools.

yeah—I was ogled. A lot.

not complaining.

can I? Now that we’re back in school,
find myself ogling someone. Brooke Watts, of all people. This is new. Brooke is
a “nice” girl. I don’t really go for those. Usually. Though Brooke and I, we
had a thing. But it was back in kindergarten, so she probably doesn’t remember.

remembering now. And it’s making
me wonder how come I didn’t think about that in so long—think about back
when beautiful bashful Brooke was mine.

nudge my friend Jake. He blinks, taking his eyes off Brooke. He seems as
reluctant to do so as me.

different about Brooke this year?” I ask him.

glances back at her as she’s chatting with her friends across the crowded school

don’t know,” he says squinting his eyes, like to make them be more judicious
(and less enraptured) (for a moment). He muses, “I think she lost a lot of

shake my head slightly. “That’s not it.”

don’t remember her being bigger. Plus, I usually don’t like it when girls lose
weight, ‘cause their beautiful curves seem to be the first thing to go. Brooke
still has all hers. (Thank goodness.)

as she starts to walk by us, I put my arm out, stopping her, ‘cause I can’t
resist. I back her against the wall, ‘cause I can’t resist that either (and
also it seems to be the only way to get her to stay).

Brooke,” I flash her the slow smile that made me rich this summer—made all
the rich ladies’ eyes spark, and helped me rake in huge tips. (I guess I have a
nice smile.) (My bank account says so, anyway.) (Okay, and so do lots of
girls.) (Just sayin.’)

look Brooke up and down, enjoying it maybe more than I should. Well, definitely
more than I’d planned, since I’d just planned to do it for effect … but it’s
. Big time.

you lose weight?” I ask her conversationally, still trying to figure it out—what’s
changed about her. Made me take a second look at her, when I vowed back in
never to do that again—give
her a second look.

I gained like five pounds,” she informs me through gritted teeth.

eye her closer. “That’s what I thought.”

growls, like I said something mean. (Did I?—I’m not even sure what I
said, actually.) My brain is not really attached to my mouth—or
part of me—at the moment.

informs me crisply (through gritted teeth, I might add), “What I lost was my
braces, glasses, and a ponytail.”

also lost her temper.

social skills—apparently.

face flushes the tiniest bit. It’s kind of adorable. It makes my lips part
slightly and my heart pound crazily. Hey, she was my kindergarten girlfriend.
First love—it’s hard to shake, even when you try your hardest.

she mumbles, her face a little blotchy. Like she’s kind of embarrassed that she
snapped at me.

nod slightly at her apology. Hey I’m easy. She still has those beautiful
curves. And now that I’m gazing into them: Beautiful eyes. They’re smokin’ hot
… but they still look a little mad.

she mumbles again. Then she adds (sort of growls, actually), “But you haven’t even
talked to me in
years, so I’m
a little annoyed at your ogling.”

grin slightly, “To be fair, I wasn’t around for five of those years.”

moved away for a while—from third to eighth grade. But it’s true. We
haven’t spoken since kindergarten. I hadn’t even been sure she remembered me,
but she’d been my first girlfriend and first kiss and we took naps together
during naptime all that year, even though our teacher had moved our mats to the
opposite sides of the classroom from each other. I’d sneak over to her mat
every time our teacher wasn’t looking.

grin about that now. Me having been unable to resist my little girlfriend.

I’m talking to you
,” I point out,
“—and I’d like to make up for lost time.” I look into her beautiful eyes,
being completely sincere, though I can tell she doubts my every word. I edge
closer to her, “I want to talk to you a lot.”

I don’t want to talk to
,” she
informs me. “You broke my heart and went on to break
of girls’ hearts. So keep your eyes and lines to yourself.”

spatting out her passionate (though, okay, somewhat bitter) words she stomps
away from me.

I sure got her spun up. Unfortunately not the way I intended though.

blink after her, mystified.

amused, Jake playfully nudges me with a smirk. “Can’t win them all, man.”

still watching her go and pretty much ignoring Jake’s words, yet I hear him say
as he scratches his chin, “Though I don’t remember you ever getting shot down
before, dude.”

because I haven’t. Ever.

get interrupted by a blond goddess.

Rider,” she calls to me, loud from across the hallway.

nod at her, but my eyes immediately go back to my kindergarten girlfriend. Man,
I’d loved her—Beautiful Brooke.

nudges me again, this time with admiration since the blond is hot. And a
cheerleader. Jake has a thing for hot cheerleaders.

won’t shoot you down,” he says.

but I’ve got my eye on another girl at the moment.”

I see that,” Jake laughs, waving his hand in front of my face, trying to break
my spell that angry beautiful Brooke has put me under.

it’s not happening.

I remember those eyes of hers now. They had always been on me. We’d wake from
our kindergarten naps and her eyes would immediately go to mine. They’d always
look so full of love.

want them to look at me that way again.







first week back to school after summer vacation caused a commotion in my confused
heart. Especially due to the fact that a boy from my band class, Ethan Philips,
all of a sudden had some type of infatuation with me. The weird thing about it is,
I sort of had a crush on him last year, but he hadn’t really ever paid any
attention to me. Obviously the summer had done something weird to him. All the
sudden he popped up everywhere at school that I was, and walked me to all my
classes, and stared at me all during band like I was the most gorgeous creature
he ever laid eyes on.

admittedly, I was getting that from a lot of guys this year—so I couldn’t
really narrow the phenomenon down to just Ethan.

mean, even gorgeous Rider Hanson had eyed me like I was candy. Rider Hanson!!
The gorgeous boy hadn’t even
at me since kindergarten. But he sure looked at me this week—couldn’t
take his eyes off me, in fact….

at least that’s the way he made it

Rider is a player. The school’s worst heartbreaker, as far as I’m concerned.

mean, he broke
back in
. (!!) He had
loved me fiercely all year, then dropped me like a hot-potato with absolutely
no warning. None. And then he immediately went on to love some other girl. That
incident—him (Rider)—what he did to my mushy little girl
heart—and having it happen so early in my social career—he put me
down a vulnerable path for the rest of my school days and beyond. Whacked me
over the head way too early in life with the cold, hard truth: A guy can make
you feel like the world’s most special being on the planet … and then he can
just stop.

left me knowing right from that very first year of school—my heart is extremely
fragile and vulnerable. And someone you love dearly can break your heart, and
not even have a good reason why. In fact, not have a reason at all—except
that he loved someone else suddenly … and then someone else … and someone else.

was a painful lesson.

I mostly learned from the experience though is: Rider Hanson is a heartbreaker.

suddenly staring at me longing-like
this week didn’t count. (Well, I tried not to let it count.)

Ethan from band class was different. He was “normal.” Not the school’s
heartbreaker. He was someone that—last year—I had thought I could
put trust in, and give my heart to. But no. Last year he had no interest in me.
None whatsoever.

this year—well, totally different story. He was forever finding excuses
to call me, and hinting about us getting together, but he never came right out
and asked me for a date. I was relieved about that because I wasn’t really sure
how I felt about him anymore. I kind of liked all of his attention, but it also
made me feel weird. I mean he hadn’t even acknowledged my existence last year.
I wondered what great feat I had unknowingly accomplished that suddenly made
him so attentive.

to be fair, a
of boys were
suddenly attentive. But I hadn’t really been paying attention to them, so it
was more okay that they never paid any to me.

one boy did—but he was off limits. So, he didn’t count either. (Well, he
counted more than Rider. But
counted more than Rider.) (Well, I wished.)

other boy—the off-limits one—he used to be my twin brother’s best friend.
But now he’s my friend’s
So, you see why he doesn’t count right? But at least
attention started last year—before every guy on earth
suddenly seemed to give me a second look. He (Drew is his name, by the way)
gave me that second look last year, though I’d had a crush on him forever. (A
secret crush.) (One I had on him way,
before my friend Laurie noticed him and deemed him worthy of her attention and,
soon after, the title “boyfriend.”) I’d had my deep, dying, secret crush on
Drew since I was a little kid. In fact, I got my crush on Drew the exact moment
I finally gave up on my painful unrequited (anymore) love of Rider—in the
third grade. Yes, it took from kindergarten to the
grade to get over Rider. And then it was just because he
moved away.

had loved that boy (Rider) fiercely, and he had loved me the same way.

then he had gone on to break my heart and then a string of other girls’ hearts.
Total. Heartbreaker.

sweet Drew wasn’t the same as Rider. At all. Drew had always seen me as a
sister, since my brother, Nick, had been like a brother to Drew. So, I just
came along with the package. I was Drew’s sister. It was enough for me. I
adored it actually. Being considered as part of Drew’s family. Well, maybe I
was considered that more by his
family. I used to baby-sit his little brothers and sister a lot. They adored
me—even if Drew’s affection hadn’t been quite that strong … or, okay,
strong at all.

that changed!!


okay I know I’ve thrown a lot of guys at you, but how do you think
felt?— suddenly having
guys throwing themselves at
? I
wasn’t used to it. At all.

I’ll give you a re-cap of the guys going on in my mind that first week of
school (though two of them I was trying
to think about—and the third one I wasn’t quite sure was
thinking about).

here’s the list. There was: Heartbreaker Rider, Band-Boy Ethan, and Off-Limits

going to go on to tell you about Off-Limits Drew first because—well, I
just am.


BOOK: Heartbreaker Hanson
8.38Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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