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Authors: Corrissa James

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Heart So Sweet: Book 3 in the Great Plains Romance Series (13 page)

BOOK: Heart So Sweet: Book 3 in the Great Plains Romance Series
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“You too, Jonathan Clark.”

She raced up the bank and to her car, throwing on her t-shirt and shorts without bothering with her underwear. She started the car just as the newcomer arrived. The man driving the truck looked oddly familiar. She caught one last glimpse of Jonathan as he slipped between two of the boulders, realizing that the new arrival had his same coloring. Brothers? She wasn’t sticking around to find out. She drove down the lane and back to the gravel road, laughing in disbelief at her audacity.

“Well, that’s one way to meet new people, Evie.”

The Great Plains Romance Series


Vibrant Heart


When the ever-organized Melanie Olson returns to her small Nebraska hometown to prove to the commitment-phobe Raymond what a mistake he made, a flat tire threatens to ruin all her plans. Luckily, cowboy-turned-entrepreneur Jake Monroe stops to help the woman stranded by the side of the road, unaware that his world is about to be turned on end. Realizing that she’s traveling to the same wedding he is, he decides fate has dealt him a winning hand—until he discovers that she only has eyes for the town womanizer. Jake is determined to get the beautiful spitfire to look his way, but her intensity might be too much for even him to handle.



A Heart’s Promise


Trish Cassidy is an easygoing woman with a goal: to manage her own ranch. But after her parents’ death, she finds herself stuck with a dominating boyfriend who has probably just ruined her last chance to connect with the local ranchers. Just when she thinks she must give up on her dream, the enigmatic Dalton James steps into her life, offering an opportunity to build a ranch from the ground up. What she doesn’t expect is her powerful attraction to her new boss—or how controlling he starts to become.


When Dalton James decided to build his horse ranch, the last thing he anticipated was saving a damsel in distress. Then again, Trish Cassidy isn’t someone who needs saving. So why is he so protective of her? More importantly, why does he feel like he has to do the right thing around her, even when she doesn’t want him to?



Heart So Sweet


With four older brothers, rancher Susannah Clark is used to dealing with men and getting them out of trouble. But when her childhood crush Tate Trudell returns as sheriff of Harrington County, Susannah must decide whether to save her brothers yet again, even if means losing the man she loves.


Tate Trudell never expected to move back to Harrington, especially after how he left things with his best friend, Lucas Clark, just before Lucas left for the war in Afghanistan. But a lot has changed in ten years, including Susannah, Lucas’ little sister. When Tate discovers that her passion matches his own, he’s determined to be with her. To get the woman of his dreams, he must work through his bad blood with the Clark family—if Lucas doesn’t kill him first.



So Wills the Heart


When the tough gets going, artist Evie Jacobson runs away. So when her great aunt leaves her a property in rural Nebraska, Evie uses the opportunity to escape her boss, who’s deluded himself into thinking she loves him. But life in the country is a bit too tame for Evie—until she meets Jonathan Clark, a man who tests the limits of her spontaneity. When Evie discovers that Jonathan might not be everything she expected, will she runaway yet again or will she have the strength to stay and face her greatest test?


Jonathan Clark’s afternoon break from working the ranch turns into a fantasy-come-to-life when he encounters Evie Jacobson skinny dipping in a private pond. His water nymph’s playful side excites him like no woman he’s ever met, and he looks for any excuse to be with her. But a rancher’s work is never done, and Jonathan must choose between his family and Evie—a woman who might have already moved on to someone else.




About the Author


Corrissa James was not always a country girl. In fact, she fought it all her life, traveling the world to live in far-flung cities like St. Petersburg, Russia, Caracas, Venezuela, Varanasi, India, and Guadalajara, Mexico. She didn’t realize she was meant to live in the country until she returned to her roots in Nebraska, where she discovered the beauty of the fields around her (even if she was allergic to them) and the intensity of Mother Nature (who sure packs a wallop!).


Corrissa wrote her first romance stories in junior high, although at the time she didn’t really know what happened after kissing, so she improvised with lots of ellipses (...). Her professional writing career initially took her away from romance—but never far away as Corrissa could always be found with a romance book at hand.


Today she focuses on western romance novellas, offering afternoon reads focused on strong women and the men they choose (never without some struggles along the way).


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BOOK: Heart So Sweet: Book 3 in the Great Plains Romance Series
10.66Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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