Healing my Heart: Book 2 - My Heart Series

BOOK: Healing my Heart: Book 2 - My Heart Series
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Healing My Heart



































Copyright © 2014 by
Aleya Michelle


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This book is a work of fiction.  All names, characters, locations and incidents are products of the author’s imagination.  Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, locales or events is entirely coincidental.

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To my beautiful mother,

You were taken from our lives way too soon, but knowing you are no longer in pain gets me through each day. Thank you for your daily advice, tough love, and for being an amazing Nana to your grandsons. I will treasure you forever. I love you as your daughter, as a best friend & as a Nana to my boys. Rest in Peace Mum <3

This book is for you.















’s been four wonderful months with Dylan. We laugh, go out to dinner, hang out with friends and he treats me extremely well.

Do I think of Kade? Absolutely! Not quite every day; it
’s gotten easier as time has passed. It was the best decision for us both and I see that now. His headspace was messed up thanks to his cheating mother and between his job and surfing he was struggling with himself.

Letting go was hard, but it was right.

Do I see a future with Dylan?

Well sure, there are no flashing lights telling me to run, no crazy
ex-girlfriends I know of so far and apart from one mate they are all easy going. The sex is hot, we have a connection and so far so good.

’t that all anyone can wish for?

s Valentine’s Day next week and Dylan is taking me to dinner by the harbour, very romantic.

’m excited but hate surprises so it better be worth my anxiety. Five days to go and counting.

Oh and Jemma is seeing someone, it’s about freaking time!

His name is Dan and he
’s a newbie bar tender at the Pub. After lots of flirting between the both of them I managed to set them up.

She is hopeless
with relationships so I took over. It’s been one hiccup free month; record for her. He is still sleeping over, still calling frequently and I can hear the loud screams from her bedroom so the sex is still hot and far from boring!

’s my last year at uni and then I’m a qualified graphic design artist. Totally cheering about that!

Work is work, I do love the girls I work with, they are not trolls like I hear from other offices. They
’re fun loving and work hard, just like me.

’s Friday and I‘m finishing up work. I’m trying to hurry up and leave because it’s Valentine’s Day!

’ve already been spoilt, Dylan sent a dozen roses. They are beautiful red ones and they smell amazing. I love them. The card read:

Dear Roxy, these roses are beautiful just like you, Happy Valentine
’s Day. From Dylan xx

My heart throbbed... He is so very sweet to me. And talk about
goddamn timing. Beep, beep my phone messages chirp.

Oh it must be Dylan checking
to see I got the roses

I open my messages and almost drop my phone.

The name says KADE. No... It can’t be... it’s been months since we spoke, no contact at all in six fucking months, this is not happening! Do I even want to read this? My head is buzzing.

Still, something makes me click on his message.

Happy Valentine’s Day Rox. I miss you. Love Kade xx.

Shit, fuck, bloody hell why did I open it! Shocked is an understatement. Why now!

What does this mean? No! I’m with Dylan now, he is too late!

Does he want me back?

Wow. I have been waiting for this moment for months! Every day I would check my messages hoping he had chang
ed his mind and come back to me.

’t Kade realise that by ending it and giving me no contact, he rejected me, disappointed me and it, hurt like a knife in my chest every day for months, weeks, days on end?

I felt jilted, shunned, and casted out.

He destroyed me. I have slowly put the pieces back together. They were still jagged, with sharp bits that pricked my finger on occasion but I glued them back together. I’m no longer shattered into a million fragments like I was when he left.

Ok breathe.

I am happy with Dylan now

But he is not my Kade.

Dylan has never hurt me, betrayed me, or told me he would love me forever and then go and leave like Kade did.


I’ve dreamt of this moment, when the one who held my heart captive in his high tower would return to me like a knight in shining armour.

Return for me!

But fucking hell! Is he too late?

All the anguish, misery and suffering I felt when Kade left has lessened, if only slightly.

No! You will just hurt me again. You will walk out just like before.

Is this my punishment for hurting you those first few weeks? I was bruised from the past, wasn
’t ready to let anyone in.

Sometimes I wish I was a little kid again. Skinned knees are easier to fix than broken hearts!

He left, he is gone. It’s over, we are over!

If only my heart would slow down I might actually agree with the words coming out of my mouth.

What the hell am I going to do?





Chapter 1

Dream vs. Reality

Don’t go, please I’m begging you to stay. It will be okay, everything will be better if we stay together.”

I see him
drifting, now he’s walking away, he proceeds to open the door , then he is gone out of my life, without so much as a backward glance.

Gone, forever never to return.

I’m crying hysterically as I feel two strong male arms wrap tightly around me.

Shhh it’s okay Roxy, shhh I’m here.”

is here, he’s back, oh my god what a bad dream, thank god.

I lovingly wrap my shaking arms around him and snuggle into his neck, his warmth radiates through me, instantly calming me.

“Oh Kade, I’m so glad you’re here,” I whisper.

No Roxy it’s me, it’s Dylan.”

I hear a male
’s voice answer and immediately I know it’s not my Kade, not that sexy husky voice I’d never forget.

Oh damn it what have I done?

“Shhh it’s okay Roxy you were having a bad dream,” he tells me while caressing my cheek.

I hug him harder. “So sorry babe I was confused. I didn
’t mean to call you that,” I say sincerely, feeling tiny and shallow.

I am now wide awake and yet I cuddle into Dylan and stay quiet as a mouse, pretending to fall back asleep.

I am not dealing with this right now, even as a big part of me still wishes it was Kade I was sleeping next too, instead of Dylan…

indiscretion in regards to my dream wasn’t mentioned again, I have swept it under the rug and I’m drastically trying to act like it never happened. Dylan appears to be doing to same thing.
Thank god

I really should be happy with this charismatic, charming guy that has healed me in more ways than one. He is a very easy going and likeable man.

He has glossy sky blue eyes; manly features but with soft skin that I love to rub against. His chestnut brown wavy hair falls messily on his head and his firm and toned body is sexy to look at and even sexier to touch.

He is twenty-six, only just older than me and from what I can tell it helps with maturity levels considering males definitely take longer to mature.

Being in his company soothes me, calms me and I enjoy spending time with him. When we kiss or he holds my hand it gives me a much needed sense of security and stability. He is a touch on the clingy side, but it’s a safety net for me right now.

It’s Friday night and we are laying on my lounge watching the movie
The Conjuring
and what a goddamn scary show this is.
But I love it.

Dylan is rubbing his thumb along my arm, the usual way that he shows affection.

I glance at my dining table and see the gorgeous red roses he bought for me on Valentine’s Day last week, they have now wilted and they are on their last legs.

Mental note to self: throw them out tomorrow.

My mind wanders, red roses are so elegant, romantic and sexy.

If only Dylan knew me better he would know that pink roses are my favourite. I find pink to be bright, fun, and flirty much like my personality.

Oh Kade, you knew me like no one else

It was a hard decision to make but I didn’t
reply to Kade’s message before my big date with Dylan, I just couldn’t. Fuck I wanted to.

But I owe it to Dylan to give this a real shot, right?

Besides who the hell does Kade think he is saying that to me out of the blue when it’s been four fucking months of silence from him.

BOOK: Healing my Heart: Book 2 - My Heart Series
8.23Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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