Hagen, Lynn - Nicholas's Wolf [Brac Pack 14] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove)

BOOK: Hagen, Lynn - Nicholas's Wolf [Brac Pack 14] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove)
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Brac Pack 14

Nicholas’s Wolf

Dr. Nicholas Sheehan lives under his father’s thumb—Dr. William Sheehan even picked out a fiancée for him—until he was called to the house of Maverick Brac. All his father’s plans fell by the wayside when he finds he can’t resist the man with the long scar running down his face.


Jason Colt is a grey wolf living in a den of timber wolves. Alpha Zeus traded him off like yesterday’s underwear without a thought. His body scarred and his soul broken, Jason thinks of himself as the ugly duckling amongst swans.


Having been isolated his whole life, Jason struggles to understand humans, especially his mate. He can’t fathom why such a gorgeous man doesn’t want to leave his side, so Jason fights the pull and orders his mate away.


Will Jason be able to get past his torturous self-doubt and be able to claim what fate deemed as his, or will Nicholas be left without a mate to call his own?


Each book in Lynn Hagen's Brac Pack collection features a different romantic couple. Each title stands alone and can be read in any order. However, we recommend reading the series in sequential order.


Alternative (M/M or F/F), Paranormal, Vampires/Werewolves
27,814 words


Brac Pack 14

Lynn Hagen



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IMPRINT: Everlasting Classic ManLove


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Brac Pack 14


Copyright © 2011

Chapter One

Dr. Nicholas Sheehan rubbed his eyes with the tips of his fingers, yawned widely, and dropped into his bed. He had just worked a forty-eight-hour shift. It was finally over.

Most doctors liked the long hours—some had just grown used to it—but Nicholas hated them. He often thought about opening a private practice of his own. He knew he would enjoy normal hours, but his father had been against it.

Dr. William Sheehan, Nicholas’s father, had so many letters after his name he could start his own alphabet. That wasn’t Nicholas’s desire. He didn’t care what PHD he held. Whatever happened to caring for the sick for the sake of caring?

His father wanted Nicholas to follow in his footsteps and run the cardiology department. This wasn’t Nicholas’s dream, only the ambition of a money-driven man like his father.

What Nicholas enjoyed was taking his time with the patient, helping out the less fortunate, and feeling like he made a difference. Not attending fundraisers for the sake of being seen by the right people or the country club that he had a membership to, something his father had insisted upon.

Responsibility sucked when it pertained to something you hated doing. His father groomed him from a young boy to aspire to be the best. There was nothing wrong with that, when it applied to the things you
to do.

Dr. William Sheehan had Nicholas’s life all mapped out for him. Problem was, he never bothered to consult Nicholas. Staring at the ceiling, with a sheet draped over his naked form, Nicholas wished he could move to a small town, work at a small clinic, and feel as though he was a part of some community. A private practice or small clinic was preferable over a large hospital that only cared if you had insurance or treated you like a number on a chart. He wanted more than to just rush someone in, patch them up, and send them on their way.

Many of the doctors thought he was crazy for caring so much, for going that extra mile. Nicholas thought they had forgotten their oath and needed a refresher course.

His father even had him engaged.
What happened to finding someone you fell in love with and settling down? When did it all become so formal?

Nicholas turned over, staring at his dresser as he ran his hand through his hair.

His engagement was a joke. Nicholas tried to tell his father he was gay, and what did his father have to say about it? That it didn’t fit into his plans, keep it to himself, and marry Rebecca Winston, daughter of the hospital director.

Rebecca was a nice enough girl, and was nice about the whole situation. They both agreed it wasn’t what they wanted. She wanted to be an actress, perform on Broadway. That didn’t fit into her father’s plans either.

The only rebellious thing he had done in his life was work in the emergency room. The people there came from all walks of life. Nicholas enjoyed meeting them, talking with them, and helping them beyond just treating them. He carried cards to local homeless shelters, battered women’s shelters, and numerous counseling centers for various problems.

One day he would grow a backbone and tell his father he wasn’t going to live his life according to Dr. William Sheehan. One day.

Nicholas had to correct himself. There was one other rebellious act he performed, removing the bullet from a man outside the hospital in the privacy and confidentiality of Maverick Brac’s home. It had been thrilling, felt like secret agent type stuff. He had refused payment. To Nicholas, it was more of a middle finger up to his father.

He turned over, wary of the way his life was going. He had to get some sleep. He and Rebecca had to meet their paternal figures at the country club later that evening. Who scheduled a dinner after pulling a forty-eight-hour shift?

Dr. William Sheehan, of course.

* * * *

“Nicholas, dear.” Rebecca accepted a chaste kiss on the cheek.

“Rebecca, looking lovely as ever.” Nicholas held the door open, allowing his fiancée to slide into the passenger’s seat.

Nicholas nodded at the butler as he made his way around the car and slid in.

Rebecca blew out a breath. “Finally, alone.”

“I know. If your butler were any further up our asses, he could tell me what I had for lunch.”

Rebecca laughed. “So true. Do we really have to go to that boring country club? I have tickets to go see the play at the theater.”

“Our fathers took time from their busy schedules to dine with us. The least we could do is attend.” Nicholas used his haughtiest voice, trying his best to sound like his father, succeeding at it, too. That was scary.

“I feel like cutting loose, getting drunk, and flipping
off.” Rebecca stared out of the window.

“No one said we had to show up on time, just show up.” Nicholas shifted gears, steering away from the country club.

“Oh yeah, I like the way you think. Maybe we could hit a night club. Lots of good-looking guys there for me and you.”

“Deal. Let’s go get this dinner over with then, pretend your menstrual cycle just started or something, and get us out of there early.”

“It’s called a period.” Rebecca rolled her eyes as she dug through her purse. “Gay men never can get that right.”

“Doctor, hello?”

“Just get us there. I’ll get us back out in less than twenty minutes.” The atmosphere in the car changed, both feeling the excitement rush through them to cut loose and get what they both wanted, a good-looking guy.

Nicholas reluctantly turned the car back toward the country club and then handed his keys over to the valet. He entered through the grand glass ornamented doors and spotted his father a few tables over. Nicholas escorted Rebecca in that direction.

They ordered their dinner, Nicholas engaging in talk of hospital matters and patiently waiting for Rebecca to give her performance.

True to her word, “Daddy, my tummy fells bad. I want to go home.” She pouted and laid her hand on her lower abdomen.

“What are your symptoms?”

“Cramps, bloating, sore ovary, and a massive headache.”

“Uh, right, that’s something your mother can help you with.” “Nicholas, would you be so kind as to escort my daughter home?”

“Yes, sir.” Nicholas fought hard not to smile. He had to bite the inside of his mouth at Rebecca’s acting skills. If he didn’t know she was faking, he would have totally believed her.

Rebecca played the role until the club was out of sight. “Hell, yeah, let’s go party.” She whooped.

Nicholas couldn’t help but laugh. She was so carefree. Rebecca was great to have as a friend, not so great to have as a fiancée. She didn’t have the correct anatomy for his preference.

“I need to change.” Rebecca opened her purse, shimmied out of her slacks, tossed them into the back seat, and yanked on a miniskirt. Next she unbuttoned her blouse and tossed that aside as well before donning a red sequined halter top. Her sensible designer pumps were thrown aside, spiked heels coming out.

“Good god, woman, how deep is that bag?”

“Deep enough.” She laughed. “I was hoping we would go party and was prepared for it.” She smiled and held up her bottomless purse.

“What’s our code phrase?” Nicholas asked as he drove down the interstate.

“This club is ridiculous.”

Nicholas nodded. They had devised the phrase to let the other know if someone was bothering them. It wasn’t that Nicholas couldn’t fight. He just wouldn’t.

He needed his hands to operate, and that was pretty difficult when they were in a cast or splint. If the phrase was spoken, they ducked out. Too many times men had hit on him and wouldn’t take no for an answer. It didn’t always end so well. He’d already sprained a pinky once in a fight, and his father had had a fit. Nicholas hadn’t cared about that. What he did care about was that he wasn’t allowed to perform any surgeries, major or minor, because of it.

Using a code phrase was a much wiser option.

Nicholas pulled into the nightclub parking lot. “Come on, Nicky, let’s dance.” Rebecca was out of the car before he even had it parked.

“Slow down, Becky.” Nicholas chuckled. He pocketed his keys and stared at the building for a moment. Nameless faces crowded the entrance, all looking to have a good time.

There had to be more to life than this. He was controlled by his father and forced to find meaningless sex in nightclubs.

Nicholas wanted more. He wanted a home with a loving partner, a job where he could take the time to know not only the patient, but the family as well. Call them by name and know their history without looking in a chart.

“I need a hard cock tonight. Don’t you want one, too?” Rebecca giggled as she entered the club.

Nicholas pushed past the crowd as they made their way to the dance floor. The place was packed and jumping. This was a place he could lose himself in, a place to let go and forget his mapped-out life, forget he was Dr. William Sheehan’s son, even if he felt like the loneliest person in a room packed with sweaty bodies.

He dirty danced with Rebecca but scanned the crowd for a potential lover for the night. Placing his hands on her shoulders, Nicholas spotted a hot guy smiling at him. “I think I scored.”

“Not fair, I want to score, too.” Rebecca pouted.

“Keep dancing like that and you will, honey.” Nicholas smacked her on her ass as the hot guy moved closer. He locked eyes with the stranger as the guy moved behind him.

Nicholas’s blood was on fire. The stranger rocked behind him, gripping his hips and pulling his back into the stranger’s chest. Rebecca moved around them, grinding her pussy into the stranger’s thigh.

“Sorry, sweetheart. I only have eyes for him.” The man’s voice was deep and alluring, filling Nicholas’s thoughts with dirty images of a hard cock in his ass. It might be meaningless, but at least it was something at the moment.

Rebecca threw her head back and laughed. “I know, but if I keep dancing like this, my hot guy will come along.”

The stranger smiled. “Then by all means, grind away.”

Nicholas’s head fell back onto a solid chest. The hard cock pushing against his ass made him want to drop his pants right there on the dance floor. It had been too long. Too long since he had felt another man giving him what he craved.

“Brent.” The name was whispered into his ear.

“Nicholas.” He replied.

“I want to fuck you, Nicholas.” Brent growled into his ear as he grabbed his hips, pulling Nicholas’s ass into his denim-covered cock. Nicholas almost lost his load right there on the dance floor. It had been a while since he had sex. With the hours he worked, it was a miracle he had any at all.

“And I
you to fuck me.” Nicholas laced his fingers together behind Brent’s neck as they swayed to the music, their bodies rocking from side to side. He could feel Brent’s hard cock pressing into his ass, and his body shivered from the contact, his hole clenching in excitement of what was to come.


“Yeah.” He grabbed Brent’s hand, pulling him in the direction of getting fucked.

“What about your friend?” Brent asked as Nicholas neared the restroom.

Nicholas laughed. “She’ll be okay until I get back.” Rebecca may
helpless, but she was far from it. Anyone who thought of messing with her would regret it as soon as her lethal knee made contact with their groin.

BOOK: Hagen, Lynn - Nicholas's Wolf [Brac Pack 14] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove)
5.49Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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