Greener Pastures - A Sensual Interracial BWWM Romance Short Story from Steam Books (3 page)

BOOK: Greener Pastures - A Sensual Interracial BWWM Romance Short Story from Steam Books
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“So what did you do?” Scott asked.

“Okay, don’t laugh at me, but I just basically did this big-ass U-turn.  A turnabout, right?  I turned it about.”

Scott laughed, “Sorry that is kind of amusing.  Well, did he tell you what it actually was?  You got to practice since then, right?”

“I didn’t have time to,” Trina explained.  “My uncle’s the only person I know around here that’s able to teach me right now, and he got caught up in his business.”

Scott furrowed his brow a bit and moved his lips to the side, thinking.  “Well,” he started.  “I’ve got a license.  I’ve got a vehicle.  And as of right now, at least, I have time.”  He turned to face her for a second.  “Why don’t we practice it now?  I mean, if you’ve got the time.”

Fuck yeah, I have the time,
Trina thought, but she actually said, “I’d like that.  Let’s do it.”

Scott turned into the next neighborhood and pulled over in front of an empty driveway.  “Alrighty,” he said.  “Let’s do the Chinese fire drill here.”

They both got out of their respective seats, walked around the truck, and got into the opposite seat they were sitting in, Trina in the driver and Scott in the passenger.

“Now, I actually did a little bit of the work for you,” Scott told her.  

His left arm was over the rest, in a position so that he would be easily able to turn around and look out the back window.

He continued, “Normally, you’d put on your right turn signal and then slow down and pull over just after the side road or driveway like so.  Now, you just reverse and pull to the right to move into the driveway.”

Trina did so.  It was a little rough as she wasn’t used to the truck’s transmission, but she backed the truck into the driveway successfully.

“Ok, now that we’re facing the road, we just turn left the way we came,” Scott explained.  “Put your signal on, of course.”

“That’s it?” Trina asked as she pulled the vehicle forward out of the driveway.

“That’s it!” Scott told her.

“Well, shit, I can do this!” Trina said.  “I can take that test right now and pass the damn thing if I could.”

“Yeah, it gets a little tricky when you’ve got traffic to watch out for, but as far as the maneuver goes, that’s the gist of it.”

“I’m feeling so much better about this,” Trina told him.  “Thank you.”

“I’ll let you drive the rest of the way if you like,” Scott said.  “Do you want to go back home now, or…”

Trina gave him a look.  “Or…?”

Scott smiled again with that ‘aw shucks’ expression.  “You got anywhere to be this evening?”

~ ~ ~

“Okay, what is this?” Trina asked.

“Just gimme a second,” Scott told her.

Scott had his hands over Trina’s eyes and she could tell he was leading them through some trees, or some bushes, or something.

Even though Scott had been nothing but a perfect gentleman the entire time, and of course Trina still found him impossibly sexy, her instincts were still firing off at this.  A man she had had her first
conversation with only earlier that day was taking her to some unknown territory where nobody knew where she was.  That’s how a lot of episodes of
America’s Most Wanted

Bracing herself for the worst, Trina balled her hands into fists, ready in case Scott were to do anything untoward.  Her nostrils flared a bit as she inhaled deeply.

“Hey, listen…” Trina started.

“Okay,” Scott said.  “Here you go.”

The hands came off, and Trina’s eyes took a second to adjust to having vision again.

What she saw before her was a simple landscape: rolling hills, trees, but it was so picturesque against the lavender sky and the setting sun that it actually caused her to gasp just a bit.

“My family owns this land,” he told her.  It wasn’t quite a whisper, but he was speaking so low and was so close to her ear it might as well have been.

“It’s beautiful,” Trina told him.  She had never been one for nature, but she could definitely appreciate the sight before her.

“Me and my friends used to run around and play here when we were kids,” Scott said.  His hands rested on her shoulders and not only did she not mind, it felt so natural to her she hardly noticed it.

Scott continued, “But the best part is what happens right about now, at this time of the day.  We should still be good at this time of year.”

Trina asked, “What is it we’re looking for?”

“You’ll know it when you see it,” Scott told her.  “Any second now.”

Trina blinked, scanned the area for anything that particularly stood out.

Wait.  What was that light?

She started noticing more.  Little yellow lights that would float in the air for a second and disappear just as fast.  It’s like they were… fairies or something.

And then more of them appeared.  A big ol’ group of them, like Christmas lights only they formed naturally, and out of thin air, it was almost like it was…

“Magical…” Trina said under her breath in astonishment.

“You know they’re fireflies, right?” Scott asked.

“I figured they had to be,” Trina said.  “I’ve never seen them before.  They’re so much cooler than I imagined, I never really gave ‘em much thought.”

“It’s great, ain’t it?”

Trina smiled, she reached up and grabbed his hand and turned herself around to face him.  His arms fell around her torso, one hand stopping on the small of her back.

“This is wonderful,” Trina said. She let herself melt in his gaze, his face warm and gentle but undeniably masculine.  “You…you’re not a normal white boy, are you?”

“I guess not,” he said softly.  He moved in closer still.  “If it means anything,” he told her. “My mama is from the Philippines.”

“Oh wow,” she said.  That would explain a little why he looked all exotical…

Their lips touched, and all rational thought went out the window.  He kissed her.  She kissed him back.  Her arms were above his shoulders, one hand landing on his back and the other on his neck.

She was still sucking on his lower lip when he gently pulled back.

“We gotta get you back home before your grandmother starts worrying.”

As much as she was disappointed in the kiss ending, his concern for Gramma—even if he was just being chivalrous—just endeared him to her all the more.

“Let’s go,” she told him.

~ ~ ~

“Gramma!” Trina hollered as she walked through the front door, Uncle Marvin right behind her.

It was the following week.  When Scott had dropped Trina off that day he showed her the turnabout, she knew she was ready, and she called Uncle Marvin up and let him know she was ready to go.  They immediately set an appointment for the next test for as soon as they could, and they were returning home with the results.

“I got it!”
Trina exclaimed.  “Passed with flying colors.  Gramma, you are now looking at a licensed driver.”

Gramma was so excited she actually got up from her seat in a speedy manner, and Annie the dog jumped off the sofa, as well.  “Oh, I’m so happy for you, child.”

Trina walked up and gave Gramma a big hug.  “I’m so happy, too, Gramma.”

Gramma had to steady herself to sit back down.  “Now, what’s the name of this white boy we have to thank for giving you lessons?”

Trina’s eyes grew wide.  “Do what?”  
Oh lord,
she thought.
 I’ve been living here too long already, now
saying ‘do what’!

“Your grandmother wasn’t born yesterday,” she told her.  “I know you spent some time with a handsome young white boy, so spill it already.”

Uncle Marvin raised an eyebrow.  “What’s this about?”

Trina proceeded cautiously, not quite being able to read through Gramma’s outer ‘proper’ Southern exterior.  “Well, his name’s Scott.  We have class together.  He gave me a ride home a couple times so I didn’t have to walk, and he helped me with driving.  And he’s not a normal white guy, his mom’s a Philippine, so he looks a little unique.”

“Scott, what a lovely name,” Gramma said.

Trina braced herself.  What was Gramma going to do?

“Trina,” Gramma started.  “Well, now that you have your own car I think you ought to drive on over to his place and make him yours before some other hussy gets him.”

Trina’s eyes grew wider still,
“Do what?”

“Listen, child,” Gramma told her. “You’ve been seeing this boy and riding around in his car multiple times and I know you like this boy from the look on your face, and he’s gone so far as to help you out personally, but you ain’t ever spent the night with him.  Which tells me one of two things: he’s a homo, in which case he’d probably make a great friend, or he’s a gentleman, and that’s a rarity in this day and age.  Either way, he’s a keeper.”

Trina blushed, “Oh, Gramma.”

Gramma smiled and sighed.  “I know you think I’m some kind of old fuddy-duddy who would break my own hip before I broke a rule, but let me tell you, I was getting personal with a some fine white boys back when that was a front-page scandal.”

“Mom, please…” Uncle Marvin pleaded.

“I can read a good man like the newspaper, and I don’t even have to meet this Scott fellow to know he’s of good character.”

Trina laughed both at Gramma’s audaciousness as well as her own feelings of relief that Gramma was not about to condemn her after all.  She sat down next to her on the sofa and gave her another big ol’ hug.

“You’re the best, Gramma.”

~ ~ ~

Scott slid out from under his truck, oil pan in hand, when he stopped.

Trina was standing there, hands on her hips, a big sexy grin on her face.

Looking up at her, Scott had one hand on the ground and one rested on his propped-up knee.  “And just how did you manage to get here, little Miss Learner’s Permit?”

Trina shook her head, all while keeping her smile intact.  “That’s Miss Driver’s License to you, boy.”

Trina had let her hair down, she was wearing a tank top with jean shorts, and she strutted her way to him. She didn’t care if she was overdoing it, she wasn’t used to being the vamp and she relished her turn to be one.  She raised her arms and rest them across his shoulders, her hands meeting behind his neck, and their foreheads touched.  Scott’s hands were on her sides.

They kissed softly.

“Take me to that spot again,” she asked of him in a low voice.

“It’s right over here,” he gestured softly by nodding his head, and he took her by the hand and led her to the vantage point they visited the prior week.

It was just as beautiful as she remembered.  They lay together on a quilt and saw the sun set, the sky slowly turning from pink to orange to purple.  They spoke softly to each other, told each other about their pasts, their experiences, what they hoped for the future.  Scott told her about how his father was in the military and met and married his mother when he was stationed overseas and brought her to the states, settling in Kentucky where his extended family lived when his father retired.

“So this,” Trina started. “Is nothing new to you?”

“Not really,” he told her. “I’ve never been with a black girl before, but every relationship I have is an interracial one, will always be, unless I find a girl with the exact same mix.”

“Well, I don’t think you will,” Trina told him.

“Why’s that?”

“You don’t have to.  You have me.”

They kissed once again, their arms and hands running all over each other’s bodies.  Scott was dressed in a white t-shirt and jeans which showed his form, his broad shoulders, strong back, chest, developed arms and flat stomach, but now she wanted to feel him.

She peeled his shirt off half-way and he lifted it off from his body the rest of the way.  He was light-skinned, a white guy, but not the pinkish-tone that some of them had that turned her off; his tone was a healthy glow, perfectly visible as his body was so incredibly smooth.  He had hair, a small patch in between his pecs, but what hair was there was so soft it hardly registered.  She could caress this skin all day.  All night.

Her shirt came off, too, and she unhooked her bra and set free her breasts, her nipples feeling the moist air immediately, giving her flesh goose bumps and causing the nipples themselves to harden with and point upward.

Scott wasted no time, his mouth gently kissed and sucked on one breast and his hand massaged the other.  Her titties were an erogenous zone for her, sensitive to the slightest touch, and the wet and soft feel of his mouth, his lips, his tongue, sent a sensation that seemed to travel from her chest all the way to her loins.

She gasped at the feeing, and involuntarily let out a soft moan.

While still sensually sucking on her breast, his hands moved to her shorts and pulled them downward, she helped pull them off and when her panties came off, too, her pure exposure and nakedness to all of nature only excited her further, her arms and legs began to tremble, to quiver at what was happening.

She lay on her back, Scotty’s mouth leaving a trail of wet, juicy kisses from her chest, down to her abdomen, and then finally to the apex between her legs, stopping momentarily to kiss her bare thighs to tease her with what was to come.

He had deliberately avoided touching her crotch up until now, and her pussy was soaked in its anticipation; if it had a voice, it would be pleading, screaming for Scott to make contact with it.  The muscles in her loins contracted in their anticipation for his touch.

And she felt it.

Scott’s face sunk into the flesh between her thighs.  He kissed the lips of her vagina with the same sensual passion he kissed the lips on her face.  As his lips and tongue played with her folds, his nose was deliberately brushing up against the sensitive nub at the zenith of where her lips met.

“Uhh…ohhh…” Trina cooed.

Scott kept at it, and then his cool, wet lips made contact with her clitoris, and he sucked on her nub very gently, let it feel the texture of the taste buds of his tongue glide along the most sensitive, the most private area of her body.

“S-S-Scooootttt!!!” Trina cried out.

She was coming, the force of her orgasm so powerful that her hips involuntarily rose from the ground as her body demanded to be fused with Scott’s face.  Her pussy burst with its ocean, Scotty lapping up as much as he could like a thirsty lion, but of course there was so much that a lot of it splashed on his face.  When he finally rose, the shiny sheen of her juices on his face made resemble a ferocious animal after a kill.

BOOK: Greener Pastures - A Sensual Interracial BWWM Romance Short Story from Steam Books
3.62Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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