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Ally paused, clutching hold of the basket handle filled with
the alien vegetables and herbs, which she and Renate had been growing right
alongside earth plants.

Using her free hand, she absently ran a finger along the
permanent, barely noticeable markings on her throat, feeling more proud of them
than any wedding ring.

How things could change, she mused, smiling at the
picture-perfect scene of Renate and their four-year-old daughter, Aline.

Renate was using the cricket bat they’d found in the garage
of the country homestead they’d moved into just north of Sydney. Aline tossed
the ball to him, her teeth pressed into her lower lip with concentration.

Ally’s smile widened. Aline was such a little tomboy, out to
prove she could do anything her daddy could do, only better.

Renate cracked the ball into the air and Bonnie let out a
yip before dashing after the ball, her fluffy ears pushed low, snout and tail
thrust straight out as if she was nature’s own wind deflector.

Leopold let out a sudden meow and brushed in and out her
legs in a figure of eight, looking up at her with his big round eyes.

Ally laughed. “You want some attention too, eh?” She shook
her head. “Wasn’t it enough we spent a week trying to find you?” She nodded
toward the shady patch under the tree, where four kittens pounced and swiped at
their beautiful, Persian cat mother. “Not to mention having to bring home your

Aline shouted, snaring Ally’s attention. “C’mon, Mommy! Come
and play with us.”

Ally rubbed her belly, swollen with child. Then placing the
basket on the ground, she walked toward her husband and daughter, fully aware
that right then life couldn’t get any better. Now was the moment in which she
had to live.

Together, they’d deal with the future when it came.

About the Author


Mel Teshco lives in rural Australia with too many animals,
too many children and not enough hours in the day to write!

Her loving husband is in training as a real-life hero and
waits patiently to retire on the success of his wife’s writing.


Mel welcomes comments from readers. You can find her website
and email addresses on her
author bio page





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BOOK: GalacticInferno
5.89Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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