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Authors: Kenya Wright

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Freed (Vampire King Book 3)

BOOK: Freed (Vampire King Book 3)
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Freed (Vampire King Book 3)
Vampire King [3]
Kenya Wright
Secret Cravings Publishing (2013)
Vampire King 3

Blood paints the Quiet King’s castle. People flee the city. War will come. The only question is where and who will be on each side?

Brie, Samuel, and Ian return for the final installment of the Vampire King trilogy where all mysterious are solved and further secrets revealed.


The Vampire King Series 3











Kenya Wright








Erotic Romance







Secret Cravings Publishing


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Erotic Romance



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The Vampire King
Series 3


Kenya Wright

Copyright © 2013







Clop. Clop

eyes remained close. I was too weak to open them. My body swayed back and
forth. I lay slumped over a horse. I think. Many footsteps sounded behind me,
but hushed
, not the stomping of royal guards or the
pounding of people fleeing danger.

my eyelids drooped heavy over my eyes so that darkness remained my only view, I
should have been soothed by those hushed footsteps behind me. Yet blood’s
deadly perfume filled the air, and not the kind of scent I’d experienced from
walking past Capitol City restaurants that served all types of the red liquid
for vampire consumption.


was the odor of death and decay. The space flooded with it. A shiver of terror
surged up my limp body. I prayed to Ambi and Ressi for the strength to at least
move my hand, lift my head, and see where I was and who was around. My muscles
sagged in defeat.

Clop. Clop.

man screamed. A slash sounded, and then the screams ceased. Only the clop-clopping
of hooves could be heard now as the horse carried me farther. I assumed it was
night since I didn’t feel the usual heat from the sun. A cool gust of wind passed
by, dried the liquid all over my skin into a hard shell, and lifted my hair in
the air.

Clop. Clop.

several minutes, I struggled to open my eyes and could only get the right one
open for a few seconds. But what I saw frightened me. I’d thought I was on a
horse, but instead, I lay over a man’s bare shoulder, a huge man with muscles
that ballooned out and creased with bulging veins. His leather pants were ripped
at the ends. Big black hooves replaced what should have been his feet. Blood
and pus caked his skin.

Clop. Clop

in the distance of my mind a faint voice echoed,

What is that?
focused harder and groaned. The man who was holding me stopped. I trembled,
unsure of who this man was and why he had me.

Where is Samuel? What happened to
everyone? Why am I still alive? Hadn’t the knife drove through my back, pierced
my heart, and sliced my chest open?

A dark voice laced my name. It came out gruff and unyielding.

moved her fingers,” a woman said on my side.

you sure my queen moved or are you only hoping to save your life, Leeta?” the
dark voice growled.

He said my queen.

sniffed. Somewhere under the scent of blood and pus, death and the night’s air
was Samuel’s tenna scent. I groaned again. The man, who I now hoped was Samuel,
lifted me off his shoulder and adjusted me so that I lay in his arms. I focused
all my energy on my eyes. Slowly, inch by inch, I opened my eyelids.

face came into view. A scream lodged in my throat from the sight. Tattered
flesh painted his horns. Blood trickled down his face. His fangs hung well past
his chin like the tusks of walruses I’d seen in picture books. His eyes glowed
red with rage. He was bigger than ever and it terrified me.

me, my queen.” He drew his fangs into his mouth with a snap. “I’ve become a

BOOK: Freed (Vampire King Book 3)
12.12Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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