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To Gavin. You begged me for years to use your name as a hero in a novel. Now you have to wait eight more years before you can read it.









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Chapter One


Flames licked the night sky with the intimacy of a man’s tongue slipping between a woman’s sodden pussy lips. Georgia Cooper folded her arms beneath breasts sensitive with need and swallowed a moan. Her clit pulsed with each crackle of the fire. Her desire escalated. Her resistance slipped.

What would they do if they arrived to find her pleasuring herself by the glow of the fire? Would they sink to their knees between her legs and devour her pussy the way the flames fed on the cool evening air? Would they put out the fire and leave her wanting, burning within from an inferno only they could extinguish?

The sound of sirens drifted closer on the wind, putting an end to her questioning and elevating her anticipation right along with her fear. Flashes of clear and red lights blended with the yellowish-orange flames, creating a beauty only firefighters and those close to them could truly appreciate. The airbrakes of the fire engine whooshed as the truck came to a stop in the street out front.

Georgia didn’t turn.

More sounds floated to her ears, accelerating her heartbeat and stroking her nerves. She heard the truck doors slam, heavy steps of booted feet making their way around the house, and male voices she would recognize anywhere. She sensed them closing in behind her. Any woman with an ounce of estrogen in her veins would feel the intoxication oozing from them.

The cowboys are in the corral, exactly where I want them

She dared to make a move, but only her eyes. Her gaze slammed into Gavin Scott’s unreadable green eyes and then slid to Randy Pope’s darker, more mysterious pair. When she first met Randy, she took him for an ally in her quest to tame Gavin. She got the impression she could count on Randy’s help in reaching some sort of compromise with the cocky, dominate firefighter who ruled her every fantasy. Instead, she fell in love with Randy, too, even as her impression of him went up in smoke. How many times had her father warned her about these rough, rowdy cowboys?

Georgia looked back at Gavin, at his wavy dark hair, at the permanent crease just above his forehead where his Stetson always sat when off duty, at the sexy lock that perpetually fell over his left brow. Even the dimness of the night didn’t hide the faint lines around his too-kissable mouth and eyes. Shoulders made for a woman to hang on to led to a solid chest, rigid abdomen, narrow hips, and long legs. He gave new definition to tall, arrogant, and built for distraction.

She said a silent apology.
Sorry, Daddy, I tried, but I want them too much

“Evening, Miss Cooper.” Randy’s tone sounded conversational enough and deceptive as hell.

“Evening, Firefighter Pope.” Georgia returned his greeting with the same inflection, but her attention remained focused on Gavin. The telltale intensity of his stare raised goose bumps all over her body. It was a look that told her he wanted her in a variety of naughty ways and devilish situations. Moist, little tugs of arousal stirred between her legs. She shifted her weight, attempting to alleviate the rapidly growing ache. She didn’t miss the flicker of keen knowledge that moved through his eyes.

“That’s some fire you’ve got there,” Randy drawled. He hooked his thumbs in the pockets of his jeans, drawing her attention down to the impressive bulge lovingly curved by the denim.

Some fire indeed
. The sight acted like a poker, stroking the burn in her cunt.

“Care to tell us how it got started?”

Georgia figured it began about the time she turned fifteen. She remembered all too clearly realizing the expression on Gavin’s handsome face she previously took for disgust ran more along the lines of a bone-deep, roguish lust. The flames only continued to grow from that point on, disintegrating her cowboy-proof armor and sending her body on a rapid climb of ecstasy. But she knew that wasn’t the fire Randy spoke of.

“With gasoline and a match.”

“You started it then.” Randy’s syrupy tone made it more statement than question.

She glanced at him. Her attention glided over short black hair she rarely saw given he generally kept it hidden beneath a low-riding cowboy hat. Her gaze lingered on his straight nose, the sensually ripe curl of his lips, and the masculine curve of his jaw. With a body made for loving standing next to the devil incarnate, a woman didn’t stand much of a chance of maintaining her scruples against these tag-team cowboys. She already decided ethics were overrated, anyway.

Both men wore boots, worn Levi’s, and navy T-shirts with the Maltese cross and Horn Hill, Alabama Fire Department embroidered above their left pecs. She locked her gaze with Gavin’s once more and nodded.

“With full knowledge and intent.”

Comprehension swept through Gavin’s expression like a tumbleweed in a tornado. Words he spoke to her at her father’s funeral reverberated through her memory.
Whenever you’re ready, just give me a sign. Make sure you know what you’re getting into, and you better be willing to see it through

The men stood close enough she didn’t need to look directly at him to catch the wickedly slow rise of Randy’s right brow in her peripheral vision. He had been standing right next to Gavin the day of the funeral, too.

“Would that knowledge be of the burn ban currently in effect in this area?” Randy asked.

“Part of it.”

Gavin exchanged a look with Randy that made her belly execute a somersault of excited trepidation. “Why don’t you take care of that fire? I’ll handle this one for now.”

His choice of words sent a creamy stream gliding down Georgia’s inner thigh. He motioned with a jerk of his head for her to step aside with him. Georgia shot a glance at Randy, but he had already started for the water hose near the house. His hips rolled in a delicious steady stride that made her want to lock her legs around his waist as he screwed her like a power drill. She followed Gavin. The cocky confidence in the way he watched her drove her hormones up the scale to danger overload.

“You know we could call the sheriff and have you brought in for this?”

Georgia felt the first pang of real fear race down her spine. Yes, she knew she could go to jail for starting the bonfire even if she did it on her own property. Prolonged dry conditions with no hope of rain on the radar instigated a county-wide burn ban. She took the chance because she needed a way to give him that sign he asked for. She never dreamed he would consider turning the law loose on her.

“You could,” she said evenly, “but you won’t.”

A muscle ticked in Gavin’s jaw. “You sound pretty certain of that.”

“I am. You have nothing to gain by calling the sheriff.”

“And I have something to gain by not turning you in?”

“Yes, m-me.” Damn it, she hadn’t meant to stutter.

Gavin stepped close enough to touch her, but his hands stayed straight at his sides.

Because he doesn't trust himself not to touch me

Ha! Not likely
. The man possessed more control over himself than any human on the planet.

His voice dropped to a seductive baritone that did funny things to her. Fingers of desire stroked her nipples to beaded points. Her belly fluttered in devious excitement, and a thicker arousal gathered along the folds of her sex. “What would you have done if Randy and I hadn’t responded tonight?”

Georgia couldn’t think how to answer. Her body went all wonky when he got this close to her. Authority radiated from his pores. The innate male scent of spice and confidence surrounding him left her feeling drunk. The cool tension in his voice delivered an ounce of alarm.

“Would you have made the same offer to Ben or Justin?”

“They’re cops not firefighters.” The absurdity of the question gave her a moment’s clear thought.

“The call came through as a controlled burn.” He circled her in slow, interrogating steps. She stood stone still but for the rise and fall of her chest growing more labored by the second. “If a patrol car had been in the area, it would’ve responded rather than the fire department.”

She knew that, though it didn’t occur to her at the time. Protocol required the violator to be issued a warning and an order to put out the fire. It didn’t matter if said warning came from the fire department or the sheriff’s office.

“Ben and Justin are on duty tonight.” He stopped behind her, his breath lifting the fine hairs on her ear as he bent his head to whisper. “Would you have made them the same offer you’re making me?”

“Of course not,” Georgia spat even as the sensuality of his desire-laden voice wrapped around her. Ben and Justin were part of the Service Club, an exclusive club of men with two things in common: they all worked in a public service profession and got off on the BDSM scene.

“Would you have let them touch you?” He came back around to her front, touching her for the first time, a light trace of his fingertip to the outline of her breast.

Georgia turned the bubbling whimper into another snappy reply. “Certainly not.”

“Would you if I told you to?”

That question stopped her cold even as a hot thrill skated from her breasts to her pussy. She heard the rumors of what went on among the members of the club, how they sometimes shared their women or made them perform in front of all the guys in the club.

“Would you right now if I told Randy to come over here and touch you?”

Georgia swallowed. Her nipples throbbed beneath the thin material of her blouse. Gavin’s finger continued to trace that feather-like line around and around her breast, staying maddeningly away from her nipple, where she needed to feel his touch most.

“If that’s what you want.” She wanted it. Boy howdy, she wanted it, wanted Randy. Her heart belonged to Gavin from the start, but somewhere in the last few years, Randy moved in and claimed a large chunk of her heart and body for himself.

Gavin slowly nodded. He wrapped an arm around her waist and yanked her against the hard wall of his body. The move surprised a gasp out of her. The feel of his rigid muscles against her pliant curves brought the whimper bubbling back to her throat. He didn’t give the sound a chance to escape, silencing it when he crushed his mouth to hers.

The kiss bruised even as it soothed. His tongue drove between her lips, taking possession of her very soul through the depth of her mouth. She'd waited for this moment for years, to be body-to-body with this man, to taste him, feel him, and belong to him. The reality of it all proved much sweeter than any fantasy she entertained.

Gavin’s hand dropped to cup her ass as he plundered the recesses of her mouth. He pulled her closer, arching his body into hers until she felt the clear outline of his hard, thick cock against her belly. She gasped breathlessly when he broke the kiss a heartbeat later. He licked his way along her jaw, trailing his tongue to her ear, and then drew her lobe between his teeth for a light nip.

“My shift ends at seven in the morning.” The warmth of his husky words in her ear sent slivers of heat whipping through her womb. “I’ll be here by seven thirty. Leave your hair down, don’t put on any makeup, and wear something blue. I like you in blue.”

The compliment came from so far out of left field that Georgia blinked in surprise. “You do?”

“Yeah, I do. It matches your eyes. Make sure whatever you choose is short and easy to get out of.” He eased back, his expression as unreadable now as when he first arrived. “Any questions?”

Georgia licked her lips. His gaze dropped to her mouth and followed the path of her tongue. She experienced the wicked urge to fall to her knees, free his cock from his jeans, and wrap her lips around his hardened flesh.

“I’m, um, expected to be at work at nine.” She worked for a private daycare in town and often couldn’t wait to get to work the next day. Eight to ten hours of vivacious, spunky children and all the fun they could dream up. Next to being with the two cowboys she craved most, she couldn’t think of a better slice of paradise.

“Do you have sick leave?”

“I, well…” She mentally ran through the Friday roster. It was the one day of the week they tended to be overstaffed. “Yeah.”

“Use it.” And with that, Gavin kissed the tip of her nose, released her so abruptly she stumbled back a step, turned, and walked away.


* * * *


“You get that fire out?” Gavin tipped his chin at the still smoldering pile of rubble and wood Georgia used for her signaling bonfire.

Randy hooked the nozzle of the water hose on the rack off the back of the house and turned. His gaze skipped past Gavin, no doubt straight to Georgia. He nodded. “Yeah, tell me you didn’t extinguish the other one.”

Gavin chuckled and kept walking. “Naw, I went for a different plan of attack there.”

“Oh?” Randy shot him a crooked grin. “Do tell, Lieutenant.”

Gavin shrugged but couldn’t stop his lips from twitching in a smirk of his own. “Nothing complicated. I just tossed a few gallons of accelerant on the flames.”

BOOK: Forty-Eight Hour Burn
13.16Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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