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Forgotten Series

Book 2: The Conclusion







and Bryer have declared their love, their hopes and dreams for the future are

been through many hurdles and conquered them all.


the past catches up with them, Cash the smooth-taking lawyer from Austin always
wins, and this will be no exception. He has one goal, to tear them apart. With
no moral compass, he will go to great lengths to have her again. One more
chance to love Bryer.


Nathan doesn’t give up easily, and if it’s a fight Cash wants, a fight he’ll
get. Nathan knows nothing will break their love; he’s certain of it.


when Bryer is put to the test she has to choose, the past or the future. 
The path is unclear.

she will stand by the man she loves, but which man is the one by her side?



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6 Virginia Wine


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I admire the
twinkling lights, the banner displayed across the office, hearing the laughter while
holding a glass of champagne. “Happy New Year, Bryer,” one of the partners
says. I nod in response as I walk to the corner office, admiring the
floor-to-ceiling windows and the magical skyline of downtown Austin.

Through the darkness,
I sense him, as I slowly turn, leaning against his desk, watching him approach
as if in slow motion. His swagger, his confidence, his strength. All of it, so

My eyes travel down
his body, the expensive gray suit, his crisp white shirt and black tie. His
beauty blinds me. It takes my breath away. I notice his clean-cut blond hair
styled to perfection. He’s Brad Pitt handsome, the early years.

“Eye’s up here,
darlin’.” Cash raised a brow. I obey, seeing fire in his. He leans into my body
and touches his lips to mine. “See something you like?” he whispers in his
casual drawl. “Always.” Taking what’s his.

“10…9…8…” the
countdown approaching, “Happy New Year” he proclaims.

Liar…if I only knew.

Chapter One





“So you’re just
ignoring it, Bryer?” I know I sound like an asshole, but I continue as she
watches me.

“Ignoring it won’t
make it go away. How’d he find you?” I continue, unable to stop myself knowing
I’m making it worse.

“Let me handle it.
I’ll make it go away, fast.”

As I watch, her eyes
follow me pacing back and forth.

“Nathan, you
seriously want me to face the man who destroyed me?” she says for the tenth

“Just tell him to
fuck off, and put an end to it.” I plead.

“I won’t,” she

“What are you waiting
for?” I ask, again. Now crossing my arms over my chest, foolishly thinking I’m
putting my foot down.

“I won’t give him
that, or any part of me.”

If I was honest with
myself, I’d admit it’s fear. The last thing I want  is have anything to do
with that prick. It’s a logical response to this fucked-up situation. Protect
what’s mine.

“Nathan, try to focus
on us. Once he realizes I won’t respond, he’ll leave us alone. Trust me, you
don’t want to get caught in his evil clutches.”

Scoffing. “Could’ve
fooled me, seems the loser is relentless, but then again, he’s a fucking
lawyer.” Everything about this tells me there’s a storm brewing and I want to
stop it before it hits.

“Work with me,
woman.” That look just told me to zip it.

“You done?” she

“Sorry, babe, my
frustration is getting the best of me.” Irritation clearly written on my face.

“Our house.” She
smiles, slowly walking towards me.

“Our house, our life,
our love.” Reaching up to kiss me, she presses her body against the entire
length of me.

“I want to protect
you,” I say as her body is humming in silent need.

“You are.”

Am I supposed to
pretend he’s not a threat? Impossible. I’ll beef up security if I have to. If
I’m not there, someone else will be at all times.

“Don’t you have to
work?’ she asks, evidently putting an end to this, once again.

“I have a meeting
with Clayton today. I’ll drive you in.”

“That won’t be
necessary,” she insists.

“Bryer, allow me some
fucking peace, will you?” I beg.

“By all means, if
that’s what you need, drive.”

The drive is silent.


~ ~ ~


“Well, this just
keeps getting better,” I say, walking in the office, noticing Clayton pushing
his Chinese food around in the Styrofoam container while staring off into
space, obviously forgetting I was coming.

“What?” He finally
comes back to earth.

“A woman?” I
question. “It’s always a woman,” I say again, hoping for acknowledgment.

“Yes well, No. Fuck,
Nathan I don’t know,” he spits out.

“Well, just so I’m
clear.” I sarcastically answer.

“Let it go,” he says,
shaking his head.

“Why are you here?”
he asks

“We had a meeting.” I
remind him, like he’s lost his mind.

“Oh.” Lacking
interest of any kind.

“OH? Where the fuck
are you, Clayton? Because we can do this another time, when I actually have you
here.” He turns with a smirk.

“Really, Nathan?
Don’t compare drama queens here, you have been losing your shit ever since
Bryer’s ex contacted her.” He bravely throws in my face. “Not to mention all
the other shit,” he adds.

“You must be fucking
fearless to pick a fight with me today, Clayton. Let’s try to keep the pissing
contest in check and get down to business.” Not really meaning to sound like
such a dick. But uncaring that I am.

“So how is the new
guy working out?” I ask, getting to the subject at hand.

“Graham? He’s fine, all
the ladies like him so that’s a plus.”

Although curiosity is
getting the better of me, I wonder about his foul mood. Then again, talking
is not what we do.

“Good, thanks for
taking care of everything,” I say.

“Graham is like you, Nathan,
well, a lot younger, but hands-on training, a good personality, minus the
flirting.” He shrugs.

“I never flirted.” I
turn for a stare down.

“Ah, yeah you did,”
he continues.

“What the fuck ever,
Clayton?” I say, knowing he’s probably right, but I’ll never admit it. Clayton
holds the manwhore title, I was never that bad.

And he’s back to me.
“How’s everything? I mean, I don’t even know what subject to approach first,
your father, Bryer, or the ex?” Clayton says, completely serious.

Wanting to address
our non-feeling pack, but it flows out faster than I can stop it. “I don’t
know, Clayton, I’ve been tied up in knots ever since Bryer’s’ ex called her and
continues to call. It’s killing me,” I say aloud for the first time ever.

“Bryer just keeps
ignoring his calls. I see her phone light up with his name on the screen, and I
want to reach through it and beat the shit out of him.”

Clayton’s brows lift
in surprise. “Have you been keeping all that inside? Because it felt like you
just puked all over me.” Pushing his meal away.

“Something like
that,” I answer.

“Bryer has made it
clear, she will handle it, while it eats at me every day,” I confess. “She’s
moving forward, like he doesn’t exist, and I know there’s a lot more to the
story than she’s told me.” Shaking my head in frustration. I wager my own
territorial issues come before anything else, all mine. As childish as that may
sound, I’m ready to fight.

“Nathan, you can’t
control this, as much as you want to. I know Bryer will reach out to you when
she needs you.”

“Sure, Oprah, I
shouldn’t keep my feelings all bottled up.” I smile and hope this is the end of
the conversation. And when Clayton turns to his computer, I know it is.


“Hey,” Clayton
speaks, after about an hour of complete silence.

I should’ve known it
wouldn’t last.

“Let’s take the new
guy out tonight, make him one of the pack. He just moved here, he doesn’t know

Clayton sounds way
too enthusiastic, but I weigh the options. Truthfully I would rather be in
Bryer’s arms or between her thighs, than with these two idiots. “Ok.” I
surprise myself.

“Great, I’ll tell him
we are on for tonight.”


~ ~ ~


“So, I hear we are
going to The Tunnel?” Graham says while leaning into the office.

“That’s the plan,” I


“I’ll drive. I have
an SUV since both of you drive little pussy sporty numbers.” Graham smirks.

pussy-attracting sport numbers,” I clarify, but I have to admire his balls.

“Let’s meet here at
8:00 tonight,” Clayton offers.

“All good,” I say,
knowing I’ll be calling Bryer. I don’t really want to broadcast that fact in
front of the two single guys in front of me. I’m sure I’d be emasculated.

“Nathan, nice
surprise,” she answers. ”I’ve been buried deep in work all day long. Did you
come to rescue me?” she asked.

“I have, but it won’t
be until later.” I hear a sigh, and that little piece of disappointment makes
my heart soar. Sweet Mary, what a pussy.

“Clayton and I are
taking the new guy out, grabbing a couple beers. You know, male bonding.”

She laughs.

Sounding smart-alecky
as usual. “Yeah, you know us guys, we are all about getting to know each other
and sharing our feelings.” I tease.

“Right, babe, I can
see Clayton being the first to spill! No, seriously what are you guys doing?”
she asks.

“We are going to The
Tunnel, but we won’t be out late. Sleep naked, ok?”

“Will do,” she

As we all pile into
Graham’s SUV, I take the front passenger side, thinking of calling shotgun,
then dismissing it as too juvenile. Clayton brings out the adolescent in me.

“You know where
you’re going, right?” I ask.

“Ah yeah, I drove by
it last week,” Graham answers.

We are on the highway
going way too fast for my comfort, and that’s saying a lot. But I keep my mouth
shut, I surely don’t want to lose my dude card.

When out of the
corner of my eye, Clayton flies from one side of the back seat to the other,

“What. The. Fuck?” he

“There was a huge
pothole,” Graham says in defense, attempting to hide any humor with a
lackluster smile.

I on the other hand
find that watching Clayton buckle up in the back seat hysterical, and I make it
known. “Pussy.” In between laughs.

“Say that one more
time, and see what happens, Nathan.” A determined look on his face.

As I look over
Clayton’s shoulder, now strapped in as tight as humanly possible, I notice the
black sedan behind us, driving just a little too close for comfort. But decide
to keep that to my paranoid self.

“Jesus, I could have
been hurt.” Clayton continues to complain.

“Graham, you
have your driver’s license, don’t you?” I ask while snickering under my breath

“Yeah, I do,” he
answers, completely serious.

“You know you almost
killed Clayton?” I can’t keep the laughter in check, knowing how pissed Clayton

“I don’t know what you’re
talking about, he’s fine.” Pulling into the parking lot.

“Fucking finally,”
Clayton says when we park. “Next time, I’ll bleed all over your seats.” Taking
off without us into the club.

“Oh this is nice,”
Graham says.

I try to remember how
old Clayton said he was, surely over 21, but he’s carded. I’m forced to wait
while the burly guy gives me the once-over then the head nod to enter. “Huh.”
I see an arm waving.

here!” Clayton flags us down. We sit around the table far away from the dance

Clayton, now maybe I can actually hear you. You know we could have gone
upstairs where you can actually just drink and talk.”

Why would we do that? That’s not where the women are.” Rolling his eyes as if
that suggestion was just plain ridiculous.

I see your point.” Understanding his real intentions.

can I get you boys?” says the waitress.

is checking her out, practically falling off his stool.

all around?” I question, and they both nod yes.

we wait, I see a woman approaching from the dance floor. Oh hell. This is why
upstairs is a better option.

saw you walk in,” she says to Graham and starts to rub his crew cut black hair,
as if he is all hers. “Do you want to dance?” She asks.

Graham replies, taking her hand, with a lazy smile.  

beers arrive as Clayton and I look at each other.
What the fuck?

take a long draw from the bottle, and people watch for a while. It’s always
interesting to me to see the
just fine
people. The ones that look in the
mirror and say, just fine, but a reality check is definitely needed.

looking for anything in particular, Clayton?” I tease. “It seems you’re looking
for someone.” Egging him on. Still questioning his secret attraction to Gen.

returns a little sweaty with a piece of paper in his hand.

number?” Clayton asks sarcastically.

yeah,” Graham says as he folds it up and shoves it in his pocket.

watch girl number two approach.

is all she says as she leans against Graham’s body. Rubbing like a cat in heat,
as all three of us watch in curiosity.

with me?” she asks as she pulls him by the hand, not waiting for an answer.

I know I’m not looking but do I have the word
stamped on my

he quickly replies. “It says OLD FUCK.”

reach over, grab his beer out of his hand and slam it down, chugging every last
drop then banging it down on the table. “I don’t see your dance card filled
either, Clayton.”

laughs. “Fuck, what do these woman see in him? Seriously?” Clayton asks.

are you seriously asking me to check out our new employee and share his
attributes with you?” I question with raised brows.

never mind.” Gritting this teeth, as I hold back a laugh.

BOOK: Forgotten Promise (Forgotten Series Book 2)
12.54Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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