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Lily was a stunner! No wonder her entourage
followed with their tongues hanging out. She wore her auburn hair
fluffed and held up on one side with an antique sparkly rhinestone
comb and a little side black feather that came out the side. Her
dress?? -- was a slip dress of clingy white satin with a top of
black lace held up by spaghetti straps that looked more like a
negligee in his opinion, that plunged rather low, showing more of
her cleavage than he thought she should be and that wasn't the only
distraction. As she sat down on top of the piano, she crossed her
black silky legs. The split of the white satin gown gaped open to
reveal a well-shaped leg that continued well beyond the knee to
barely the top of one sheer black nylon held up by what looked to
be a garter belt. Quinn's eyes nearly popped out of his head. The
entire male population looking would have had their eyeballs going
around in circles if it had been a cartoon.

Quinn certainly didn't think his Lily should
be showing that much leg either, but before he unglued his feet
from the pillar of which he was leaning, any spot near Lily no
longer existed. She was surrounded by every dick in the place. That
didn't, however, stop him from immediately muscling into the dick
crowd until he was near the front row. On the way, he couldn't
resist an elbow jab in the stomach of the jerk that had started
this whole thing. He was reward with a grunt that gave him some

A few minutes later, Quinn heard Lily say in
a husky voice as she leaned back on the piano lid, “Give a lady a
little space, would you fellas?” The man playing the piano gave a
little octave roll of the piano key cords before she began the
forties song,
I've Been Kissed Before
The Heat is
transposing herself into the bombshell of the forties, Rita
Hayworth, known by all WWI American servicemen as “The Love
Goddess”. The screen behind Lily showed the picture of Rita,
identical to the dress that Lily was wearing. Shit! The picture was
originally supposed to be on the cover of the
if the information from history was correct, but was nixed because
it was too risqué. They were right!

Lily sang for another twenty minutes with
every eyeball in the ballroom transfixed and every picker standing
at attention as Lily sang sexy songs in a sexy voice while she
rolled around on the piano making love to the musical phallus. When
she finalized her performance, you could have heard a pin drop
before she received an enthusiastic applause from all standing male
guests and other parts of their anatomy, that by that time, were
standing up as well.

As the performance continued, Quinn had
worked himself to the front side of the audience with a scowl of
disapproval. It was a good thing Lily didn't see him as she
probably would have done something really outrageous. As it was,
she only had time to part her dress to bare a little more leg and a
deeper lean to show a little more breast.

Lily had turned into such a sex kitten, which
Quinn had to admit, he liked a lot. He just didn't like all the
other men liking “a lot” as well. For some reason it made him angry
that she had learned to be such a sexy desirable woman.
that what he had been waiting for her to become,
he asked
Yes, but only for him,
he snapped to self!

Before the clapping stopped and Lily could
blink, think, or enjoy the applause, Quinn scooped up a surprised
Lily off the piano lid and into his muscular arms claiming her as
his. No one challenged, but it might have caused quite a ruckus
with her male audience, except, it was getting close to midnight
and the band immediately struck up the tune,
Happy Birthday.
Everyone's attention was quickly diverted towards the stage where
lights and obvious action was about to begin
Lily and Quinn
barely noticed.

Two six foot birthday cakes with sparklers
were suddenly wheeled out onto the raised platform that served as a
makeshift stage. The “ahaas” were followed by two fabulous
look-a-like platinum-haired dolls who wore long white gloves and
very little else, that popped out of each cake simultaneously as
the crowd sang the birthday song to the pop up twins. All the woman
wished they were one of them at that moment and all the guys were
too hypnotized to wish anything at all, except maybe that they
wouldn't embarrass themselves with their peckers flying at full

All this happened much to the chagrin of the
twins scowling father who obviously had not been told before hand
what they would be wearing or doing. Little did he know that the
twins had made their mom promise not to tell Dad in advance.

Jade and Jasmine had no trouble capturing the
fickle male's attention that had surrounded Lily only moments
before, as the male members sang the birthday song with more gusto
than they had since they were five. After that, the twins added
their own rendition to the birthday chorus by singing in unison to
the tune of the nineteen seventies juicy fruit commercial the

Double your pleasure,

Double your fun;

Happy Birthday to us,

We're twenty-one!

Then, they hugged and kissed each other in
their skimpy costumes, which turned the male population on all the
more. So, the minute the twins finished singing and started
stepping down the first tier of cake steps with their silver high
heel ankle straps, there were plenty of eager close males that were
just itching to begin popping the balloons that surrounded their
skimpily clad bodies. When they reached the bottom of the cake
steps, all of their balloons had been popped. They now hung
deflated in colorful latex around the flesh colored bikinis that
they each wore, which gave them the illusion of wearing nothing at
all, much to the delight of the horny men. Fashion conscious Mom
Swan who was watching the festivities thought the busted balloons
now looked like rainbow colored confetti tutus. Dad Troy thought
they looked more like latex colored condoms – which just goes to
show that perception is only in the eyes of the beholder.

The young male’s testosterone had been primed
by Lily, Jade, and Jasmine. They were now ready to flow like the
New Year's Eve sparkling champagne fountains. Suddenly, they began
to get a little rowdy and appeared to be right on the precipitous
of getting out of control. Just as Dad Troy was considering
stepping in with a gun, the situation diffused itself as the
boyfriends of the twins grabbed and claimed their birthday dates
for the evening, showing ownership that caused the crowd to move
back and disperse. Female dates appeared at the sides of their date
(or not) and swished their partners into their arms just in time
for the band to begin to play
Auld Lang Syne.
That was
followed by the clock in the middle of the ceiling that began to
immediately chime midnight. As the clock chimed, it began raining
colorful balloons, more confetti, and the horns blew, but most just
had their tongue down their date’s throat and were oblivious to the
festivities that landed on their heads and surrounded them.

Mom Swan diverted Dad Troy's attention from
his baby girls as well by slipping her arms around his neck and
snuggling her body into his as she whispered with a smile, “It’s
OK, Sweetheart. They're twenty-one now and legally are no longer
your responsibilities. They have good heads on their shoulders, let
them fly.”

Troy smiled back, “You're right, that's why I
love you so much.” He wasn't so sure he was ready for his twins to
fly even if they were, but isn't that always the way with fathers
and daughters? Leaning down amidst the blowing horns and raining
confetti, he gave Swan a New Year's Eve kiss that promised their
own private party much later.


Quinn had Lily pressed up against the nearest
pillar with her fingers laced in his as he held them above her head
by the time the band started playing A
uld Lang Syne
. “I've
missed you,” he whispered before he pressed his starving body and
lips against hers, giving her no choice, but to follow his lead as
they brought in the New Year, oblivious to the noisy of the
surrounding party.

Lily kissed Quinn back, but not with quite
the enthusiasm she had at sixteen. A surprised Quinn drew back
searching her face for a moment, “You're pissed?”

Quinn was clueless – of course he was, but
good for him, he figured something had made her angry. Guys always
think they can pick right up from where they left off like three
years hadn't passed in the meantime, like they'd written and called
every day during that time – wrong! They think the woman is
supposed to fall in their arms like a starving idiot just because
they're horny and they think surely she must be, also. Even if it
were true, a woman never caves – just a tip from
The Book of
Romance 101.

“You haven't written or called since before I
graduated from high school. Now, you think I'm supposed to be
grateful and swoon like I'm starved for your body?” Lily exclaimed
incredulously with snapping big round blue eyes that questioned
with fire and spirit!

“Are you?” Quinn raised his eyebrows trying
to add some humor to the situation – not funny.

By this time, Lily was fuming and the last
comment had her lashing out with her lethal little foot in the
black ankle strap that he had been admiring earlier. She missed her
mark only because her silky gown restricted her. He put on a poker
face and restrain himself from laughing when she missed and he
heard the gown rip a little.

“You Baboon!”

Quinn stepped back and folded his arms over
his chest with eyebrows raised again, “Baboon? I'm a baboon?”

“Oh, just go away! I've managed just fine
without you in my life for the past three years!” Lily clipped as
she turned her back and began to stomp off holding her gown a
little higher so she could take bigger and faster strides away from
him. It was a nice look from his point of view.
However, “The stomp off” galvanized Quinn into action. There was no
way in hell that Lily was getting away for this New Year’s Evening
even if he had to throw her over his shoulder like Tarzan. He was
taking no chances of letting her out of his sight.

Quinn grabbed Lily's hand and held tightly as
he dragged her in the direction of the veranda, determined to get a
few things settled. Lily, trying to bring things to a screeching
halt and under her control grabbed the nearest chair, which slowed
things down – not. So then, she grabbed the nearest fern, which
promptly fell over, dirt and all. When they got to the second fern,
Quinn decided it was time for more drastic action on his part and
acted on his first thought by throwing her over his shoulder. He
proceeded through the double doors of the veranda out to the
private beach of the stately hotel with her pounding on his back.
She did not go quietly. “You beast!” she screamed, but no one heard
her over the roar of the rivalry and celebration.

In spite of winter and snow in a large
portion of the United States, the evening in Huntington Beach was
what one might describe as balmy and comfortable in California. The
full moon was high in the sky creating a shiny sparkling path down
the ocean as the waves rippled and the red tide created a neon glow
in the water. The stars looked like sprinkles of fairy dust mixed
with glittering confetti as they twinkled high above in the
midnight blue sky. It was a romantic sight except the recipients of
the view were not feeling very romantic. Not that that couldn't be
changed with a little “sweet talkin'” from Quinn's point of

Quinn found the nearest white tent cabana
overlooking the ocean that was not occupied. He dumped Lily on the
closest reclining chair covered with an off white soft reclining
cushion. A miniature tea candle fluttered on the small table
between the recliner on the other side. It gave out just enough
light that he could see Lily was rubbing her temples.

A concerned Quinn had to ask, didn't he, “Are
you all right?”

“No, I am not all right! You have
successfully given me a splitting headache by dangling me upside
down like I was a sack of potatoes!” Lily snapped.

All righty then, there will be no sex

By this time, Quinn was feeling a little
frustrated himself. So, he let his pecker do the talking, which is
never a good idea because a pecker has no filter. “Well, maybe it
was all that loitering around on the grand piano exposing your tits
and teasing every male with your crotch as you humped the piano.”
Big mistake. As soon as the words flew out of his mouth on their
own accord, he knew he was in trouble. He was not wrong.

Lily was stunned into silence, but it didn't
last long.


OK, he deserved that!

Now, Lily really was sprouting anger with her
red hair resembling the top of volcano as she flowed with exploding
red hot lava and rightly so. She was outraged! She knelt on her
knees of the recliner, “You son of apes! Now, I know for sure you
belong in a zoo! I don't know why you've been running around lose
this long!” she shrieked and started to get up.

Lily's gown hindered her, tangling around her
ankles just long enough for Quinn to throw himself on top of her –
sort of like throwing himself on the mercy of the court. It was a
good thing the band was playing loudly and the ocean was drowning
out the screaming match or the police might have been called.

“Get off of me! I hate you!” she yelled and
beat at his chest before he could grab her hands and subdue her. He
knew she was mad enough to put a “hit” out on him. His sisters
would probably agree that it was a good idea.

“Lily, I'm sorry, I didn't mean that,”
actually he did, he just wasn't so dimwitted as to admit that he

BOOK: Forever Lovers
8.23Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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