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Authors: A.J. Hamilton

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Forced To Breed With The Dungeon Beasts (Monster Breeding)

BOOK: Forced To Breed With The Dungeon Beasts (Monster Breeding)
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Forced To Breed With
The Dungeon Beasts

by A.J. Hamilton


Copyright A.J. Hamilton


author asserts that this is an original work. Any resemblance to
actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental.


Published by Top Notch Erotic Fiction


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is going to be the best vacation EVER!’ Amy Trent squealed as she
drove the rental car along the tree-lined road that led to the
English village of Slaybury. She and her best friend Sally Wyndham
had been driving since they had landed at the airport in London
four hours ago. Their homes in central New York seemed like a
distant memory now they were surrounded by English hills and

‘It seems like a long
way to come to see a tiny village,’ Sally said from the passenger
seat. She had a large map unfolded on her knees and she studied it
carefully, tracing every twist and turn in the road. ‘The village
is hardly even on the map…just its name and a tiny dot of

‘Hey,’ Amy said
mocking seriousness, ‘that tiny dot is where my dad’s ancestors
come from. I have great grandparents buried in the cemetery. So
please be more respectful of my roots.’

Sally rolled her eyes.
‘Just so long as there are hot guys there. We could have spent this
vacation on a beach sunning our bods and having guys hit on us.
Instead, we’re going to be in a village looking at the ancient
roots of your family tree.’

‘You’re forgetting
something, Sally…the freaking castle!’

Looking up from the map, Sally seemed blasé about the whole
castle thing. ‘Yeah, a castle. Big whoop.’

Amy shook her head at
her friend. Her long blond locks tumbled over her blue eyes and she
brushed them away. ‘You need to get some culture in you, girl!’

‘I need to get
something in me all right,’ Sally replied, ‘but it ain’t

‘Sally!’ Amy sounded

‘Well you may be into
castles and history and all that shit but I’d rather have a
muscular Englishman bend me over and take me hard from behind.’


wonder if Englishmen have big cocks.’

Amy locked her eyes on
the road ahead and remained quiet.

‘Oh come on, I’m just
kidding you. You really need to lose that nerd exterior, Amy.
Remember how you got teased in High School?’

‘High School is over.
I don’t need to remember how I got bullied by a bunch of cruel
girls. We’re women now and we should act more grown up.’

‘You’ve always acted
the same…like you’re afraid of boys and the whole sex thing.’

Amy shrugged. ‘I’m
just saving myself for when I meet the right man.’

‘You’ll never meet him
if you avoid the male population at all costs.’

‘I do not avoid the
male population. I see Denny regularly.’

‘Yeah, to play video
games. And you only see him online. Seriously, Amy, you need to
loosen up some.’ She consulted the map. ‘Take a left turn up

A tiny wooden sign
with the word “Slaybury” painted on it in black paint was the only
indication of the nearby village. Amy took the turn and they found
themselves on a narrow road bordered with high hedgerows and thick
stands of trees.

‘Your dad’s family
come from a village in the middle of nowhere,’ Sally announced. She
laid her head back on the headrest and closed her eyes. She was
pretty, with dark hair that reached her shoulders in light curls
and dark brown eyes that seemed able to enchant guys. Amy wished
she had Sally’s confidence with the opposite sex. She just felt so
awkward around boys. So she hid her figure in loose-fitting
clothing and wore thick-rimmed glasses to hide her face as best she
could. She didn’t want her life to be like this, timid and quiet,
but she couldn’t be any other way. She knew that nothing could
change her.

Little did Amy know that in a few hours, she would be on her
knees naked in a dungeon begging to be fucked by a huge ugly beast
while she stroked a second beast’s thick cock with her small
fingers and waited obediently for it to cum over her

Sighing, she drove
into the village of Slaybury and parked in a small gravelled area
near a handful of shops.

‘We’re here,’ she said
to Sally.

Her friend woke up and
looked around. ‘This is it? A pub and a few houses? Where are we
going to stay? I think we should go back to London, find a nice
hotel, check out the night life…’

‘They have rooms at
the pub,’ Amy said. ‘It’ll be quaint.’

‘Quaint my ass,’ Sally
complained, getting out of the car. The day was sunny and warm but
there were no people about. ‘It’s quiet,’ Sally said. ‘Too

‘Don’t be so
dramatic,’ Amy said, climbing out of the car. She looked around and
took a deep breath of fresh air. ‘Let’s go check out the pub and
get directions to the castle.’

Sally sighed.

pub was called The Broken Cross and it was noisy inside with
villagers drinking and talking but as soon as the girls stepped
inside, the place became deathly silent. Amy felt like every pair
of eyes in the place were burning into her. She blushed and looked
at the floor. A big bald barman in his fifties came over, wiping
glasses with a dirty white cloth and looking at the two American

‘Can I help you

Amy remained quiet so
Sally spoke up. ‘We’re looking for the castle.’

‘Oh, is that right?’
He looked beyond them to the drinkers sitting at scarred wooden
tables around a stone fireplace. ‘And why do you want to go to
Slaybury castle?’

‘Good question,’ Sally

‘I…my dad’s family are
from the village,’ Amy said quietly, ‘and he used to tell me about
the castle when I was a little girl.’

The bartender raised
an eyebrow. ‘From around these parts, eh? What’s your name?’

‘Amy…Amy Trent.’

‘Trent is it? Well we have a few Trents buried in the
churchyard but the last of the family left for America in the

nodded. ‘That would be my grandparents and my dad.’

He eyed her closely.
‘So why have you come back?’

Amy cleared her throat
nervously. ‘Just to see the castle.’

He leaned over the bar
toward them and grinned but there was no mirth in his expression.
‘Well you two take my advice. Go and have a look at the castle
while it’s still daylight but after that, go back to London or
whichever city you came from and don’t come back to Slaybury

wanted to stay here overnight,’ Sally said. Amy realized that her
friend hadn’t wanted to stay a few minutes ago but now she saw it
as a challenge and Sally couldn’t resist a challenge.

A murmur went up from
the patrons at the tables.

‘No, no, that won’t
do,’ the barman said, shaking his head. ‘We can’t have young girls
like you two in the village overnight. Anything could bloody

‘We’re not girls,
we’re twenty three,’ Sally said through gritted teeth. If there was
anything Sally hated, it was being talked down to. And she wasn’t
about to take it from this English pub owner.

‘Come on,’ Amy said,
‘let’s go.’

You wanted to see the castle and we will see the castle.’ She
stared resolutely at the barman. ‘Are you going to tell us where it
is or do we have to go looking for ourselves?’

One of the drinkers,
an old man with a white beard, spoke up. ‘Let them go, Dave. Maybe
if them two go to Slaybury Castle, it’ll stop the…happenings…for a

The barman looked at
the old man. ‘But they’re just two young women, Frank. What about

them go,’ the old man repeated.

The barman looked
genuinely concerned. He looked at the girls and whispered, ‘Be sure
to get back to the village by sundown.’

‘Oh, please,’ Sally
said, rolling her eyes. ‘This isn’t some Hammer horror movie.
Where’s the damn castle?’

‘Take the path behind
the pub. It leads into the woods all the way to Slaybury Castle.
You can look around the ruined parts of the castle but don’t try to
get into the parts that are still standing and have their doors

‘Thanks,’ Sally said,
turning to the door. ‘Let’s go, Amy.’

noon now,’ the barman said. ‘It’ll be getting dark in a few hours.
Be in your car and on your way by teatime.’

Sally rolled her eyes
again. ‘You guys have seen too many bad horror movies.’


Outside, the sunlight seemed bright after the dark dingy
interior of The Broken Cross. They found the tiny path leading into
the woods and started along it.

do you think the bartender was trying to warn us about?’ Amy asked.
The happenings at the pub had unnerved her and she was no longer so
sure she wanted to investigate too deeply into the village and the
castle. Right now, a large hotel room in London sounded very
inviting. And a few drinks in the hotel bar, which would be
civilized and nothing like the Broken Cross pub in

walked for an hour before they came upon the ruins of Slaybury
Castle. It was just like Amy’s dad had told her; a collection of
ruined stone walls and battlements around a central building that
still stood solid and proud even as its defensive walls had
crumbled around it. Her dad had said there were even rumours that
the castle dungeons were still intact beneath the site but no one
had ever found the entrance to them. The thought of rooms
underground beneath her feet made Amy shudder. People used to be
tortured in castle dungeons. Perhaps there were still bones down
there, manacled to the cold stone walls.

‘Pretty cool,’ Sally
said, climbing over a ruined wall to get closer to the standing

‘Yeah, it’s hard to
believe my dad came here when he was a kid even before I was born
and now here I am, all grown up and standing here too.’

‘Hey, look there’s a
door,’ Sally said, pointing at a stout wooden door set into the
stone wall of the one good part of the castle.

should leave that alone,’ Amy said, ‘and stick to the ruins. It’s
probably dangerous in there. The floor could have collapsed, or be
unsafe or something.’ She really didn’t want Sally to open that
door and the fear that rose inside her was irrational but there
just the same, making her mind imagine all sorts of bad things
behind that door.

‘Yeah, whatever,’
Sally said. ‘I’ve come all the way out here to a no-guy zone so I’m
going to try and find some kind of fun.’ She braced herself against
the heavy door, turned the iron ring that served as a door handle,
and pushed with all her might.

The door opened and
Sally fell through the opening.

‘Sally!’ Amy ran over
to make sure her friend was OK.

Sally sat on her butt
in the middle of a large room. She got up and brushed dust off her
jeans and denim jacket. ‘Wow, look at this place!’

Curiosity overcame Amy’s fear and she stepped inside. The room
was large with a high beamed ceiling. The walls were hung with old
tapestries and a large stone fireplace dominated one

‘We need to get out of
here,’ Amy said, suddenly panicking.

‘What? Why?’

‘Because there’s a
fire burning in the fireplace. Someone lives here!’

Sally looked over at
the pile of logs burning with bright orange flames. Then both girls
saw a high-backed leather chair near the fire and a man sitting in
the chair. He stood up and stared at them. Well over six feet tall
and dressed in a dark blue jacket and pants over a waistcoat and
white open collared shirt, he was thin and graceful. His face was
bordered with a closely trimmed black beard and moustache that
matched his collar length hair. His eyes were dark and piercing. In
one hand he held a gold-topped walking stick.

‘Ladies,’ he said,
‘welcome to Slaybury Castle.’

Amy and Sally looked
at each other. ‘What do we do now?’ Amy asked.

Sally shrugged. ‘He
seems harmless enough. A little odd maybe.’

The man stepped
forward, bowing slightly. ‘I am Grayson Highfield. Pleased to make
your acquaintance.’

BOOK: Forced To Breed With The Dungeon Beasts (Monster Breeding)
11.99Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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