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Flidoring The Early Wars

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The Early Wars
Roger W. Hayes

Copyright © 2007

All rights reserved – Roger W. Hayes

The contents of this book are the intellectual property of the author and may not be altered and re-distributed in any way, including but not limited to print, electronic, visual, and audio formats without the written permission of the author.

Cover and Artwork by: Roger W. Hayes


I dedicate this e-book to My wife, Elizabeth.


I would like to give special thanks to Paul Gothard III for his continued work on proofing my manuscripts. Paul is a college professor and he is a great friend.

I want to thank my mom for her help in checking my spelling and word usage. She is retired but stays busy with church activities and family.

Most of all I want to thank my true love Elizabeth for her love and support. She has inspired me to finish this book through her enthusiasm and positive energy.


If you have read my first book,
, then you already know about my style of writing. For those that have not, allow me to persuade you to let your imagination come to life and help build the story as you read it. I have a firm conviction that a good story makes room for each uniquely different imagination to shape the places and characters. It is more common than not that two people, who have read my story, will give different descriptions of a world or the characters in it. I did this by design in hope that it would draw you into the story as you invest your own imagination in the creation of it.

Although you do not have to read the first book to follow the story line of this one, I encourage you to do so for the insights that you will gain regarding the developments of the beings and their worlds.

You will also find my biography in the back of my first book, if you would like to learn more about me. I will tell you that I am over 50 years old and I love to use my imagination. Writing down what comes out of my imagination is a relatively new experience for me. I have discovered that it is a great way for developing a better imagination. One side-effect to the whole experience is that I find it easier to come up with solutions to everyday situations and problems, as well as the ability to invent new products for marketing.

I believe that one is never too old to exercise the imagination. Likewise, you can never be too young. In today’s world of technology and political correctness, it is more important than ever to encourage the development of the imagination. The advancement of new products and social development depends on it.

Chapter I

The incredibly brilliant light from the white-dwarf star of Styner glared off the rippling water. It pierced like miniature fiery arrows into the eyes of Tessslan Fessslander as he stood anxiously awaiting the experience that would initiate him into adulthood. Tessslan, who had just turned twelve years old, was a Lizard-like being from the world of Graznos—the second of six planets in the Styner star system, located on the far side of the Orion Nebula.

Graznos is an average size planet alive with a multitude of various plants and animals. Its climate is tropical over most of its surface, with the exception of the Polar Regions where it is cool but never freezes. The skies are so clear that even in the mid-day light the Great Orion Nebula permeates the entire sky. At night, the countless points of light from the stars radiate off the various gasses swirling around in the Nebula illuminating the countryside in eerie shades of red, blue, yellow, and purple. Even at the darkest hour of the night there is enough light that the Chetney birds can easily spot their prey in the open fields. The Chetney is a predator bird with a three-foot wingspan and four-inch claws that can effortlessly penetrate the toughest hides of the animals on Graznos. Its feathers are multicolored on its underside so that they blend into the Nebula as the Chetney circles over its prey. An unsuspecting victim on the ground has little chance to spot an assault before it is too late.

Graznosians average about six feet in height, stand erect on two powerful legs and have a large spiny tail that reaches down to the ground, which they can use as a third support, giving them great balance and poise. Their mighty legs and tails are capable of causing a great amount of damage. They have short, skinny upper arms and small hands with five fingers and a thumb on each. Their skin is a pale-green color that can change shades of green and brown when required for camouflage. Along with their lizard shaped mouth, they have a long forked tongue that they stick out and flutter when they pronounce words with an “sss” sound. It is customary for them to have names with the “sss” in it to show off their fluttering abilities.

A small group of Graznosians stood silently around Tessslan in support of him and to witness the ceremonial event. His legs quivered beneath his heavy body and he leaned more onto his tail for extra support. He concentrated on the woodsy smell of the fresh morning air to try calming himself. Over the past two years, he had dreamed about this day and he was determined to make his friends and family proud of him.

The Graznosians are a deeply religious race that worships a Supreme Being and reveres all of nature as sacred. Immersed in rituals and customs, everything they do as a society has purpose and meaning that goes far beyond the outward appearance.

One such tradition was the reason
had gathered that morning on the banks of the Sea of Enlightenment—one of the most hallowed places on Graznos. The setting was a simple clearing surrounded by thick underbrush with two paths leading from it. The ground went from grassy to flat rocks as it neared the sea. The water lay about thirty feet beneath the shale cliffs, and there were no hand-made objects or structures nearby, since the Graznosians have a belief that they cannot add anything to a sacred sight without defiling it.

Included at the assembly were Tessslan’s mother and father, his younger brother Fassslan, his two sets of grandparents, and Epausssosss the “Chief Keeper of the Sssacred Waysss”. Tessslan’s father, Timsssack, was one of the Monarchs on Graznos. They all had come out from the city of Eatnosss, which loomed over the Cline forest behind them. A Cline tree has thick-green bark with high branches and white needle-like leaves that stay on all year around. It is the most common tree on the planet and there are great forests of them that separate the cities.

Technologically advanced, the Graznosian cities are large—thirty square mile complexes with tall multi-pointed buildings. There are small gardens and paved piazzas that neatly space out the buildings and give the Graznosians a place to congregate. They have clear tubes with magnetically powered sleds connecting the buildings, which provide clean and fast transportation. The cities have strong electro-magnetic domes covering them, which protect them from meteorites that are somewhat common in their region of space. None live outside the protective shields except for a few religious anchorites who stay in the deep forests for short durations to meditate on inner peace and spiritual resolution. One of the few trips made outside of the cities by all Graznosians, is the one to the Sea of Enlightenment, for the initiation into adulthood.

Standing tall and proud in the early morning light with his tail resting on Tessslan’s shoulder, Timsssack said, “Be ssstrong my ssson, you are more than ready for thisss.”

“I do not feel ssso ready father,” said Tessslan.

“It is alright to be nervousss, I wasss at my awakening,” replied Timsssack reassuringly.

Just then, in the brightness of the Styner light, a beautiful Flidoring leaped high out of the water, spread its silvery white wings, and soared above the imperial-blue colored sea for dozens of yards. Its form and poise were majestic, and just the sight of it demanded respect.

A Flidoring is a flying Dolphin-like creature with wings covered in scales and although the wings do not flap, they can catch a breeze and glide over long distances. The Flidoring’s dark-gray skin reflects color and light
like a mirror.

Everyone gasped in awe as the light from Styner and the colors from the Nebula glistened off the Flidoring’s skin and wings. “Here it comesss!” called out Epausssosss.

All of a sudden, as if coming from inside his head, Tessslan heard a most beautiful yet haunting song. It cut right to his soul, bringing out feelings and thoughts that drove him to his knees, while holding his head in pain. His emotions were overwhelming him as the song continued to sweep through every part of his being, cleansing his inner-person of all selfish thoughts and desires. A new type of peace, which he had not known before, was taking their place.

Finally, as the Flidoring slipped back into the water, Tessslan sighed out a “Yesss.” Then in a stronger and more mature voice he said, “I never knew life could be ssso full and sssatisssfying.”

“That isss the way of the Flidoring, the way of peaccce,” replied Epausssosss. “It isss a peaccce that comesss only when you give up your quessst for ssself-fulfillment and ssselfish pursssuitsss of pleasure.”

“The Flidoring’sss sssong isss transssmitted telepathically to everyone that comesss for the firssst time to the Sssea of Enlightenment,” said Timsssack.

“Yesss,” interrupted Epausssosss, “but you have to embraccce the way of the Flidoring. You might never hear the sssong again in your lifetime. Now, take the ‘Walk of Decccision’ into the Cline foressst until you have come to a firm resssolution.”

“We shall meet you back at the cccity,” stated Timsssack as he watched Tessslan walk into the forest and fade away.


Meanwhile, on Electerus—the closest planet to the Styner star—another twelve year old boy walked into his father’s lab and picked up a screwdriver, a small wrench, and a flashlight
all with the same set of hands and started to work on a science project for his school’s science fair. The boy was an Electerian and his father’s lab was in their home.

Electerians are humanoid and have two hands on each arm with the palms facing in opposite directions. They have a total of sixteen fingers, four thumbs, and four palms. The children learn from an early age how to hold three objects at a time in each hand. They are double-jointed in their fingers, arms, and legs, which allows them to multi-task extremely well. They have developed into a technological world and each family has their special field of work, with their lab located inside their home. Electerians have two hearts that pump their blue blood, and they have light bluish-tan colored skin. The women’s blood is a brighter color of blue, and thousands of tiny blood vessels lying just under the surface give them bright-blue colored skin around the back and sides of the head. Even though it looks like hair from a distance, the Electerians do not grow hair anywhere on their bodies.

Electerus is a very warm planet that is full of lush green vegetation. It has a thick atmosphere, which provides some protection from meteorites and partially blocks out the view of the Orion Nebula by day. On a clear night, the wide array of colors from the Nebula dance in the atmosphere, creating
a romantic spectacle that many poets and songwriters have captured the essence of for centuries. Electerian folklore tells how one of the greatest ruling families ever—the
House of DeRench—first came into power by harnessing the dancing colored lights. Using glass, formed by lightning striking the beach sand, Tobius DeRench made a mirror by
smearing a little tar onto one side. It reflected light like a deep pool of water. He then used over a dozen different mirrors at a tribal meeting to concentrate the reflected lights of the Nebula onto himself. The sight mystified all the women of the tribe, and the men were so impressed—and threatened—that
they voted him Supreme Ruler of the tribe.

The Electerian cities have uniform structures made mostly from polished steel and are protected by force fields. Everyone lives in the cities because it is far too dangerous to live without shielding from the larger meteors that make it through the atmosphere from time to time. Many families had been wiped out before they finally developed force fields strong enough to withstand the catastrophic explosions caused by the meteors. Up to that time, there were no large cities, because they feared too many Electerians might die in one disaster. The cities have forests, lakes and massive automated farms separating them. Workers from the cities go out to the farms in shuttles and maintain automated machines that till the land and harvest the crops.
There are no animals on the farms because the Electerians are vegetarians.

The lab that the boy was in was located in one of the larger cities called Steelopolis. The boy’s name was Lyemad, from the House of Tomolack, another ruling family. As he stood working on the science project, his father, Bellmus, walked in yelling, “By the God of my fathers, boy, what are you making?”

Although Electerians do have religious beliefs, they do not play an active role in their daily lives. The expression that Bellmus had used was merely a saying for affect. Being a genetic scientist, Bellmus knew there was an intelligent design to the universe, but he did not believe that a Supreme Being cared anything about his daily life.

“Oh! Father, you startled me,” Lyemad yelped out as the tools flew out of his hands.

Laughingly, Bellmus replied, “It looks like I scared you out of your wits.”

“Yes, well, I am making a miniature laser gun with a power output equal to one of the mining lasers,” answered Lyemad.

The mining lasers were not very strong. They were able to cut through most types of rock but it was a slow process. Lyemad dreamed of one day developing much more powerful ones that would cut through anything.

“Well, well, well, I have a real genius on my hands,” Bellmus said as he grabbed Lyemad and swung him up over his head. “We must go and give your mother the good news.”

Just at that very moment, Lyemad’s mother, Zailfar, walked in saying, “What is all this commotion about?”

“You are looking at the proud father of a real genius,” Bellmus gloated, “he is sure to win first prize, then the council will surely elect me as Supreme Ruler.”

“Now Bellmus, hold on for a little bit,” cautioned Zailfar, “first let Lyemad have his day in the Styner light.”

With a sigh, Bellmus said, “You are absolutely right. I am just so excited about the upcoming trip to Graznos. It will be our first off-world diplomatic event and I would love to be in charge. My name would be written into the history books with the great ones like Tobius DeRench.”

“I know and I am sure that it will all work out, but right now you have a twelve year old son who wants his name written on the science fair ‘Wall of Fame.’”

“Yes, and I am so proud of you Lyemad,” said Bellmus as he gave him a giant Teblar hug. A Teblar is a large wooly creature that roams the mountainous regions of Electerus.

BOOK: Flidoring The Early Wars
3.31Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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