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Five Wicked Kisses - A Tasty Regency Tidbit (6 page)

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“Then why didn’t you tell me, once your mother was dead?”

“You hated me.” She turned her face away. “And I could not blame you for it. Besides, you wouldn’t have believed me.”

“I believe you now.”

He did. The past had righted itself, and now shone with a bright clarity. What was done could not be undone, and he would always be sorry for it - but the future lay, full of sudden promise, before them.

“Juliana - forgive me. I…” He cleared his throat. “I needed a reason to see you, to kiss you - and told myself it was all for revenge.”

“I had hoped it was more, though I knew I was yearning for the moon. But I still could not refuse you.” She took a deep breath and looked into his eyes, her expression clear and open. “Robert - I love you. I have always loved you.”

Damn, she was so courageous it put him to shame.

“I love you, Juliana.”

His voice was low, rough against the word he had sworn did not exist. The word his heart had newly discovered, buried as it had been under years of lies.


What an idiot he had been, twisting his own feelings into a mockery of the truth. A buried fragment of the Shakespeare they had used to quote floated up in his mind.

Eternity was in our lips and eyes
,” he said, touching her cheek.

“Antony and Cleopatra.” She smiled up at him. “Oh, but we will not come to such a bitter end after all, will we?”

“It’s been bitter enough - for both of us. I’m so terribly sorry, my love.” He wanted to sweep her into his arms and kiss her senseless. “The day you turned me away, I was coming to ask you…”

For a moment that young man lay just beneath his skin, striding up the blossom-filled lane, a simple gold ring in his pocket and a heart full of nothing but light.

“I know.” She sounded breathless.

He slipped the heavy signet ring of the Earls of Eastbrook from his finger.

“Bedamned if I’m going to waste another moment - or risk losing you again.” He went down on one knee on the threadbare carpet and took her hand. “Juliana Charlotte Tate, will you do me the very great honor of becoming my wife?”

“I…” Her eyes were bright, and a smile trembled on her lips. “Oh Robert - I will!”

He slid the ring onto her finger and closed her hand over it, then rose and gathered her tightly to him. The scent of orange-flower water was suddenly the happiest smell in the entire world. He dipped his head and inhaled deeply, letting the golden crown of her hair tickle his face.

“There is one thing,” she said, her voice muffled against his coat.

“Yes?” He loosened his embrace so that he could look directly at her.

“The matter of a final kiss.” Her cheeks flushed a becoming pink. “That is, I believe there is one more payment owed. In a certain… place.”

He nearly laughed out loud. So she
been thinking of his mouth there, between her legs. Ah, but he was going to seduce her, again and again, for years to come.

“I see you are going to be a delightfully wanton wife.”

“Since I have no dowry, I’m afraid I must owe you kisses for that as well.” She gave him a look edged with mischief. “How many, do you think? Five hundred?”

“Five thousand, at least. And I owe you that many in turn, in penance.”

“I would think you do.” She was laughing at him, now. “Be careful, my lord. I may lead you into conservatories and kiss you most wickedly.”

“Good - I expect nothing less.”

“Ten thousand kisses…” She laced her fingers behind his neck and pulled his head down toward hers. “I think we’d best begin right away.”

Their lips touched, and for a moment he smelled apple blossoms. Something in his soul stilled, the bitterness of four years dissolving in a rain of white petals.

He would never grow weary of the taste of her. His Juliana - at last.



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BOOK: Five Wicked Kisses - A Tasty Regency Tidbit
6.26Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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