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Finally Heaven (Room 103 Book 4)

BOOK: Finally Heaven (Room 103 Book 4)
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Finally Heaven

A Room 103 Novel

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I’M SURE ADAM could see the race of my heart through my pupils, never mind the single dots of perspiration giving away my nerves across the bridge of my nose. His wide eyes were searching mine, his shock and panic joining the small hint of excitement. I understood the panic but it was the faint suggestion of elation that worried me.

“I…” His mouth snapped back shut. He continued to stare at me and all I could give him was a small smile, more of a grimace actually.

I sat, or rather fell into, the chair opposite him and lowered my eyes to his feet. His Converse were the green ones and I tilted my head to study them, checking out the scuff marks and the brown stain I hoped wasn’t dog shit; if he’d trampled crap through my hallway and soiled the new carpet he’d find his fraying shoelaces around his neck.

“Zoe, I…” He shrugged again and I exhaled slowly.

“Yeah.” It was all I could manage, my shock as thick as his. “Don’t worry about it. I… I’ll be…” I groaned and ran my fingers through the length of my hair and closed my eyes, “Shit, Adam. What the hell…”

“Hey,” he whispered. I opened my eyes and found him crouched before me, his eyes soft and caring as a small smile touched his lips. “We’ll sort it, Zoe. I’m here for you, I promise.”

I returned his smile and nodded. I knew he would keep to his word, yet my heart didn’t soar or even beat as I looked at him, “Yeah.”

He knelt up and placed his forehead softly against mine. “We’ll be fine,” he promised as he slid his head back and kissed my forehead.

“Well this is cosy …”

I groaned as my heart soared and thumped against my chest. Adam shot backwards and stared towards the hallway over my head. “What the hell?” I watched the many emotions cross his face, the shock, the puzzlement and then the recognition. “
!… you’re…”

“And you are?” Daniel asked with a snort of aversion.

“Daniel,” I scolded but all I heard was a snort. “Do you ever knock?”

“What the fuck for?” he asked with a chuckle. “I like to surprise you. You like me to surprise
… especially in the middle of the night. You’ve never complained before, Ink.”

I rolled my eyes and sighed at his pet name, or rather his ‘statement’ to Adam that he knew me well enough to provide me with a pet name. Adam’s brow furrowed before he shot me a look - one that said ‘Okay Zoe, how many men do you let into your bed at night?’

“Do you mind?” I posed to Daniel, although I knew I was wasting my breath. “We’re kinda busy here.”

“Mmmm,” he murmured as he walked around the chair and came to stand before me. There was an expression in his eyes that I hadn’t witnessed before. It confused me, brought up the many emotions I had concerning this bloody man and shook them all about, mixing them up inside me until I was lightheaded with his stare. “Is it a party?” he sneered. “You know how I love a party.”

My cheeks flushed as Adam snapped his eyes back to me, “Zoe?”

I swallowed and smiled as easily as I could. “Could you just give me a while with Daniel? I’ll come round to yours later,” I asked. “To talk,” I added hoping I didn’t give him the wrong impression.

He narrowed his eyes and flicked glances between Daniel and me. “I’m not sure, love.”

“She asked you to leave,” Daniel butted in angrily. “I suggest you heed her fucking demand.”

“It wasn’t a demand, it was a request,” I hissed at Daniel, glaring at him in frustration but he shrugged.

“Sounded like a demand to me, baby.”

“Zoe?” Adam questioned again, ignoring Daniel’s childish behaviour.

I nodded, “Please.”

He sighed heavily but relented and gave me a nod before he stood. “Ring me and I
be waiting for you.”

“I’ll be there.” I promised.

Daniel snorted but refrained from speaking as he eyed Adam walk from the room. As soon as the door closed he rounded on me, his fury blazing in his eyes as his jaw twitched in random places. “Who the fuck is he?”

BOOK: Finally Heaven (Room 103 Book 4)
10.38Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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