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Final LockDown

BOOK: Final LockDown
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Final LockDown

LockDown Part Three

Author- A.T Smith

Editor- Nicola Rhead

Photographer- Supranee Reed

Final LockDown

Copyright © 2014 A.T Smith

Published by A.T Smith

All rights reserved. Author holds all rights to this work, any sharing, selling or copying of this work, without the authors consent is illegal. Legal action will be taken if this occurs


This is always a difficult part for me, there are so many people to thank for my experiences so far.

Firstly, all of the blogs that have supported me with reviews, takeover spots and just someone to lean on, but in particular; Two ordinary girls and their books and Love between the sheets have been exceptional. They are continuously letting me steal their blogs to promote myself and always advertise and pimp my work. You guys make what I do, worth every minute of the hard and stressful times.

Secondly, my friends and family, all of you have been there for me since the first second I decided I would write a book. And here I am, four books later and still loving every moment of my work. To me, this is it, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life, and to know how proud I make you makes me push myself harder and further than I ever have. I love you all so much.

My street team, Ariana’s Angels, you girls rock my socks forever. I could never thank you all enough for your efforts and time spent promoting me. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you with all I am.

My editor, Nicola Rhead, you are an absolute star. Hours upon hours you have spent, editing and proofreading my books. You make them what they are, you make sure the worlds and fantasies I create become a reality. Thank you so much for being you, you are a gem and I wouldn’t be who I am without you.

And lastly, my boyfriend. James Smith, you are my one and only, you are my forever happily after, you are my very own Leighton Lock. My world is clearer with you in it, happier when I see your face and complete with you by my side. I cherish everything you are and I wouldn’t be the girl I am without your continuous support, encouragement and love. I love you with everything I am.



This is a hard one to do this time, not because I couldn’t think of someone who deserved it, but because the person who I dedicate this book to, has sadly passed away.

I dedicate Total LockDown to the strength and heroism Reece provided this world, his battle with cancer was long, hard and painful. He was a warrior until his final hours and to everyone who knows him, he still is.

Reece was an inspiration to everyone, he made people believe in a future, believe they could do anything they wanted to. He wasn’t just a hero to himself, but a hero to everyone he met.

Final LockDown is now dedicated to Reece’s memory, to the beautiful person he was and the courage’s Angel he now is.

May he light the skies with his endless smile.


To a hero of this world, a warrior and a fighter. May your spirit live on and guide the world, may your memory serve as a reminder of the good and honesty Earth houses and may your smile be forever our guiding light in the darkness that may overcome us.


In the beginning of September I organised a fund raising author event in aid of raising money for Reece’s much needed treatment. One of the prizes that wasn’t put up was this poem, written by friend of mine.

Do you remember being twenty?

Did you fear what lay ahead?

The things that you were promised,

and all the things they said?

Now imagine being twenty

and learning it was lies

with the tumour in your head,

a pressure behind your eyes.

Cancer biting hard,

treatment is denied,

hope in the hands of strangers

who learnt of you and cried.

No age to be in pain,

trying hard to cope.

The NHS betray you,

Friends become your hope.

And hope is the power

that lifts you every day,

facing to the future

surviving come what may.

                                                        -CJ Heath


What people thought of Reece

(Will be extended as time goes on- make sure to keep an eye on updates versions of Final LockDown)


A warrior, a fighter, an Angel- Shannon Dobson

A true inspiration, courageous, selfless and a great friend- Tasha Hyde

I feel so lucky to have spent my childhood with you- Bekki reed





“What we have done for ourselves alone,

Dies with us;

What we have done for others and the world,

Remains and is immortal”

                                                                      -Albert Pike


Chapter One Leighton

Chapter Two Abigail

Chapter Three Leighton

Chapter Four Abigail

Chapter Five Leighton

Chapter Six Abigail

Chapter Seven Richard

Chapter Eight Leighton

Chapter Nine Richard

Chapter Ten Abigail

Chapter Eleven Leighton

Chapter Twelve Abigail

Chapter Thirteen Leighton

Chapter Fourteen Abigail

Chapter Fifteen Leighton

Chapter Sixteen Abigail

Chapter Seventeen Leighton

Chapter Eighteen Abigail

Chapter Nineteen Leighton

Chapter Twenty Abigail

Chapter Twenty-One Leighton

Chapter Twenty-Two Abigail

Chapter Twenty-Three Leighton

Chapter Twenty-Four Abigail

Chapter Twenty-Five Leighton

Chapter Twenty-Six Abigail

Chapter Twenty-Seven Leighton

Chapter Twenty-Eight Abigail

Chapter Twenty-Nine Leighton

Chapter Thirty Abigail

Chapter Thirty-One Leighton

Chapter Thirty-Two Abigail

Chapter Thirty-Three Leighton

Chapter Thirty-Four Abigail

Chapter Thirty-Five Leighton

Chapter Thirty-Six Abigail

Chapter Thirty-Seven Leighton

Chapter Thirty-Eight Leighton

Chapter Thirty-Nine Abigail

Chapter Forty Leighton

Chapter One

Today has been one of the most incredible days I have ever experienced, alongside the birth of my children. There has never been a greater gift on this earth, than to be able to take the hand of the woman who owns my entire soul and place a ring over her finger; uniting us forever.

Just two years ago, there was nothing for me in this crazy world. I had lost my son, from my own stupid obsessiveness and was mourning the loss of my only love in this world, replacing her memory with the adrenaline my work gave me. I was obsessed with what I did, unable to contain my hunger and thirst for it.

I’m now the luckiest man there could ever possibly be. Today sealed the deal for me, adding to the long list of reasons why I love her. She is now my wife, my beautiful, amazing, selfless wife. I can look at her in amazement, today has been pure and utter perfection. It is crazy to say, because just two years ago there wasn’t any hope for me to be the person I am now, but I am married. I am a married man, and I now possess the most prized jewel there is to have and to hold. There is only one more thing I would do anything to have, and that is, her complete and utter surrender, to have a beautiful strip of leather clasped around her elegant throat, telling every fucker in this world, not only is the most stunning, perfect angel in this world my wife and my soul mate, but also my submissive.

She has become very good at being one, that is for sure. After the relentless months of training split between Ant and myself, I am proud to have her as mine.

I have just said my goodbyes and goodnights to our wedding guests, mainly only our family are left, so I can go and spend my wedding night the way everybody should. I’ll give it five minutes, from now, until my cock is buried deep inside her tight pussy, squeezing me in that death grip I have learned to crave and need like the air that surrounds me.

Home! That’s the feeling I always feel whenever I have my family around me, my wife, my daughter and my son. I am a lucky fucker to possess such a rare thing. Complete and utter fulfilment in life, a whole, complete, beating heart that provides my entire being with the oxygen and blood it needs to survive. Not that my heart needs the blood, Abigail is more than enough for me, she runs every system my body relies on and then still keeps my dick aching for days.

I sigh out my happiness as I approach the top of the huge staircase. I usually love the thing, all the gold and ornate decor, but right now, it is a mission away from my beautiful wife, who I know has the most stunning dress waiting for me to peel off of her.

Leighton Lock, control you’re fucking dick now, I scold myself as I feel it already beginning to stir in my tux trousers. I think I am the only man known to god that after consuming the volume of alcohol I have, can still get as hard as concrete and fuck the entirety of the night away. Or maybe that is what having Abbi does to me.

Damn I am a lucky fucker.

I walk my hallway, to our bedroom, the one that I will make love to my wife in, as others call it. To the two of us, it is raw, fucking sex, passionate, wild, kinky and damn good. I push the door open, expecting to see her there, hopefully ready the way she has been taught, but there is no sign of her. But my heart swells inside my chest, my ribs squeezing the organs tightly, reminding me why I love her as much as I do.

Around the room lay candles, the expanse of the area glowing with a beautiful aura that not only makes the path to our bed clear, but the path for my entire life, each candle another symbol as to why I have pushed through my own demons, and fought Abbi’s with her. We are destined for one another, born and created from our parents, so that one day we could cross paths and form a love so powerful and potent it possesses every breath we take, every beat our heart thumps, every step we take to live and every surge of pleasure that our bodies create.

She is mine, and I am hers. Entirely and wholly, till death do us part?

I smile and manage, somehow, to stop the tears that well in my eyes, from falling. Yes, I am not too manly to admit she makes me cry on a weekly, sometimes daily basis, from the love she exhumes, but I don’t want our wedding night to be one full of tears, happy or not. I want our bodies connecting, our spirits colliding and our souls fusing as one angelic perfect specimen.

“Angel.” I call softly into the room. I love how she plays, and teases me. It reminds me of how Josie used to be, always tormenting me and running away. My mind is conjuring up hundreds of scenarios where she appears from nowhere, surprising me and capturing me.

“Baby girl.” I call again, walking into the
room further. I tap on the en-suite door, pushing the wood open as I do. It is empty, the candles from around the bath edge now missing and in our bedroom.

The place smells beautiful. Abbi’s sweet, flowery perfume and body wash is fumigating the air. “God, I love that.” I say aloud, as I breathe in deeply, inhaling her. Her feminine scent always floods my every sense, penetrating me to the very core.

“Come on Ab, out you come,” I say playfully, pulling open cupboards and closets to try and find her hidden body. The little mare has really hidden well this time.

BOOK: Final LockDown
6.05Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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