Falling For The Doctor (BWWM Pregnancy Romance) (7 page)

BOOK: Falling For The Doctor (BWWM Pregnancy Romance)
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Heart of Fire

As the head nurse of the ER, Aliyah has seen more than her fair share of emergencies. When she finds herself trapped in her own home ablaze, she is amazed by the sweet and handsome fireman that comes to her rescue. Someone so caring he goes back into the inferno just to save her dog from the fire, risking his own life in the process
Days go by and she keeps thinking of the man who saved her until one day she bumps into him at the grocery store. She tries to thank him and offers to take him out for lunch but this fireman is full of surprises. He offers to cook her dinner instead while they get to know each other. She learns more about his past and how he was an orphan until a wealthy family adopted him, and how he decided to follow in his new father's footsteps and become a fireman
They hit it off at dinner and realize they are so different, but there's a spark that keeps bringing them back together. She loves predictability and routine, while he loves living day to day with a little danger. The fireman shows Aliyah there is so much more to life, and that she should start really living. Everything starts moving very fast and while Aliyah thinks she is falling for him she still has a few doubts
A terrible accident almost takes the life of her new love, and she swears that she can't be in a relationship where she's constantly fearing for her man's life. They break it off for good and she starts feeling very sick at work. A concerned colleague comes to her rescue, and gives her the bittersweet news that she is also pregnant

Will love overcome all odds and bring them back together? Will her fireman sacrifice it all to be with her and make them one big happy family

Country Vibes

Mimosa Hughes isn't your typical Country transplant. As a professional tracker she makes her way in a male dominated cowboy town showing men a thing or two. While her riding partner Ryley is always there for her, sparks fly, until an old flame comes into town. Will Mimosa keep her fire with Ryley alive, or will she be put out?

City Vibes – Complete Series

Just your average curvy, hardworking African American girl with a modest upbringing, two jobs and no sleep, Reese Allen struggles to put herself through school and maintain a love life
Through sheer chance she meets a wealthy man of her dreams, the complete opposite to what she thought she would want, who shows her a side of New York she could only imagine
Everything is all roses, until he loses it all and their love is put to the test. In the midst of it all another white knight comes to Reese's rescue with more money than she has ever seen, specifically for her to further her career. Can she choose her career over love? Or does she even have to

The Billionaire's Bodyguard

A bodyguard romance with a twist!

Being a powerful billionaire, Alex has made many enemies over the years. As a result he has decided to hire a bodyguard. Unfortunately, Alex has very high expectations and after firing a long string of guards, he lands on someone you would never expect to be in this profession let alone a pro.

A young African American woman, named Cristina Bias, shows up as Alex's newest candidate and he couldn't help but laugh. Little does he know that Cristina has been dealing with people like him her entire career and his laughs do nothing but motivate her more to prove herself. She shows him what she knows and she is hired on the spot.

Being in such close quarters together their relationship starts getting more personal, but they keep everything professional, for the most part.

A close call makes Alex realize how fragile life is, and he decides he needs an heir to let his legacy live on. And after getting to know Cristina very well, he chooses her to have his baby. Only with one catch... He doesn't want a relationship with her, in fact one of the stipulations of the contract would be no physical contact at all between them.

Cristina wants to keep her professional status intact, but sees so much more in Alex and agrees to be his surrogate since she herself always wanted to have a baby, but let her career get in the way. Everything is going great, until they realize they have more feelings for each other than they imagined. And there is another attempt on their lives...

Will they realize how strong their love truly is? And will they find out who is making attempts on their lives before it's too late?

Jamaica, I Love You

After a drunken dare, curvaceous and sassy Amanda Stevens meets her dream guy while on vacation in beautiful Jamaica. Until she finds out there's more to him than meets the eye. They say nothing lasts in paradise, or does it?

Books By Friends (Free on Kindle Unlimited)

Tasha Jones

Saving The Cowboy
A young, aspiring actress, Jasmine Turner had decided that moving to New York would be the best way for her to catch a big break and become a star. 
But after two years in the city, she found her savings completely depleted and she was working at a diner living paycheck to paycheck. On a night where she didn't even know how she was going to make rent, she got lucky as an extra shift came up at the diner, effectively keeping her off the street. 
But when she came home after her shift, her room was a mess and she realized her roommate had a party with a bunch of people over. Looking through her tip stash she realized someone had taken all the cash she had been saving to cover rent. 
With her back against the wall, she searched through the paper, looking for any acting gigs which could give her some quick cash. But a rather unusual ad catches her attention instead. The ad was looking for healthy females her age who would act as a surrogate to wealthy clients. With no other options she decides to contact the agency and see what they can offer her. 
After going through the proposals she finds one potential surrogacy match with a single male in Texas. Only this surrogate contract is a little different, in that the client is also looking for a "paper marriage" as well. She wonders why, but considering how much they were offering she agreed. 
A week later she finds herself on a flight to Texas headed towards a ranch to become the surrogate and wife to a wealthy Texas rodeo star. She arrives and the lady of the house fills her in on the current situation. It seems like the cowboy's father had passed away, and left him their family ranch on one condition, that he get married and have a child within the year. 
Jasmine finally meets Parker, her soon to be husband and client, and he lets her know this is strictly a business relationship. After the baby arrives and the ranch is transferred over to him they can dissolve the marriage and he would raise the child on his own. 
But what he wasn't expecting was that love had bigger plans for them. While at first they were very formal with each other, as the days went by their infatuation continued to grow. 
Their love grew stronger day by day, until a terrible accident threatened to keep them apart... 
Will the power of love overcome adversity and bring them back together?

African Attraction

Our Curvy heroine, Alyssa Taylor just got the opportunity of a lifetime. She had been given a new job working in South Africa, but to her, it is so far away from home in New York, and she is just missing home too much. She doesn't know a single person in this new land and can't help but feel vulnerable and alone
Lost and wandering the street, a friendly handsome South African coworker helps her home one night, and although they couldn't be more different they form a connection
Through sheer chance, they meet again, this time at a bar where Nathan, her new South African white knight rescues her from a drunken bar patron. Alyssa still feels so lonely, and one thing leads to another and they end up getting together. They keep their romance a secret from the office and Alyssa believes it's just to make everything simpler
They have a wonderful time for the next few months and become infatuated with each other, and are both happier than they have ever been. Until it gets out that they are dating in the office and Nathan realizes his family will never accept Alyssa. While this was the new South Africa, there were still many people who had an old way of thinking, including his mother
Nathan breaks it off with Alyssa and she is absolutely heartbroken. Her world is shattered into pieces, and it continues going down when she finds out that she is pregnant. Will their love overcome all odds and bring them back together? Is love truly blind?

My Caring Cowboy

Shermaine tries to make it in a man's world.

Our heroine Shermaine has it made. One of the top surgeons in a male dominated profession, Shermaine proves to herself and everyone else that she has what it takes to be the best. But at what cost?

While enjoying herself at a friend's engagement party at a local Dallas restaurant, her instincts kick into high gear when she sees an older woman collapse before her eyes. Quick on her feet, and so very skilled Shermaine saves the woman's life.

A young cowboy, grandson to the woman she just saved, is so very grateful and tries to get to know Shermaine better. Even with the encouragement of her best friend, Shermaine is having nothing of it and encourages the cowboy to be on his way. Little does she know that won't be the last time their paths cross.

Over the next several days, Shermaine keeps seeing the cowboy at her hospital and he is nothing but the sweetest gentlemen. While on the inside she wants to be with him, her tough exterior keeps pushing him away.

But the cowboy persists no matter how rude Shermaine is and ups his ante every time on the romantic gestures. Eventually even Shermaine's walls break down, and she realizes that being loved, and loving someone is just what she needed in her cold sterile surgeon's life.

Everything is going great until love costs Shermaine a life, and she concludes she would rather be alone and saving lives than smitten and losing them.

Will their love be able to overcome all odds and show Shermaine there is more to life? Will the cowboy keep persisting no matter how many roadblocks Shermaine puts in front of him.


About Violet Jackson


I'm Violet and thanks so much for taking the time to read my book! I've always been a strong curvy African American woman who isn't afraid to go against societies social expectations of us. I hope through my writing you can trying to break out of these expectations as well, and truly be who you want to be. When I'm not writing I'm a regular 30 something gal who loves reading about strong males who appreciate women in all their beautiful forms. I also have a loving husband, and two beautiful children that I am grateful for every day.

Really hope you enjoyed the book!

Now, if you enjoyed the book you just read, please leave a positive review of it on Amazon. It'll help get it out there a lot more and means I can continue following my dream and writing these books for you. So thank you :)

BOOK: Falling For The Doctor (BWWM Pregnancy Romance)
5.28Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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