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Simon scowled. “Do I look like James Bond?”

“No, you’re much sexier. Can I be Moneypenny?” She grinned.

There’s his sassy woman. “Are you kidding? Bond never gets any action from her, only his sexy sidekicks. I guess that would make you, Miss Dragonpussy.”

“I’ll kick something if you call me that again!”

“I look forward to it. Now let’s make our daring escape.” He patted her bottom and stepped back, glancing around. Fucking modern building with automated window cleaning systems, there was nothing strong or long enough to rappel them down the side.

Boom, boom, BOOM!
Time was up. He sheathed his blade, snatching Opie up in his arms, knowing there was one option. “How far away from a
do you need to be to teleport?”

“Uh, around ten feet. Why?”

“Ten feet... I can do that. Just be ready to teleport us, or we’re going to be pavement pancakes featured on the five o’clock news tonight.”

Her eyes widened as it sank in what he intended to do.

“What? Wait no! Put me down, you can’t carry me and jump! We’ll do it together. J-just tell me when, I...I can’t stand heights!”

He set her on her feet. “Close your eyes, run and jump when I say, then teleport when I say, but don’t let go of my hand.”

She nodded, her eyes already squeezed shut.

“There’s no escape, princess. Surrender now and no harm will come to you. Let us take care of the demon hunter.” Gremlock’s red rimmed eyes showed from behind the mask of the human body he had stolen. He stood at the top of the stairs surrounded by his small demon army, slowly creeping forward so as not to startle them.

Opie’s shoulders stiffened, her head lifted, fire and defiance sparked in her eyes. “Fuck you, demon, he’s ours! You can’t have him or me!”

That-a girl! Wait what did she mean he’s ours?

She bolted, racing across the platform. Simon had no choice but to follow. Reaching her just in time, he snatched her hand and held tight as they vaulted over the edge. Pure exhilaration and the utter feeling of freedom hit him as they sored through the air. He flew a good fifteen feet before gravity took hold and they plummeted.

“Now, Opie, now! I have faith in you to save us. Soft landing, Opie!”

Her eyes snapped open, staring at him. He could tell she’d partially shifted. They had five seconds before they hit the ground; it rose rapidly to meet them. He never took his gaze from hers.

There was a flash of black before they plunged into warm dark waters, lit up under a half moon. No doubt she’d teleported around to the other side of the planet, to the tropics. Simon could see startled fish dart away at his sudden appearance. He realised Opie was nowhere in sight and real panic hit his chest.

Where was she? Had the tether been broken? Red claws gripped him and they were suddenly propelled upwards, breaking the surface. He drew in a lungful of air and stared at the dragon swimming around him in a circle. He grinned like a fool.

“You did it! I knew you could save us!”

A big sharp-toothed grin appeared on her lovely dragon head.
‘Your faith in me helped, thank you, Simon.’

“I think there’s a lot more we need to talk about, can you change back now, sweetheart?” He waded, his body heavy with all the weapons and leather clothing. He watched the water shimmer as she morphed back into the most beautiful, wet and naked woman he’d ever beheld.

“Sweetheart, if I wasn’t about to sink to the bottom of wherever we are, you’d be in danger of a ravishing. Can we go home?”

“Oh, sorry.” She grabbed his wet jacket and in the next moment they were standing inside his basement garage, water pouring off both of them. He sighed, peeling off his wet jacket, noting his Audi missing. It was still parked in downtown London.

Having Opie around with her powers was going to take some getting used to, but seeing her standing there naked, her dragon image gleaming as rivulets of water ran down her skin, all thoughts but one fell from his mind and his cock took control. He stalked forward pulling her into his arms, taking her mouth. She melted into him, moaning as he plundered deep, drinking in the cinnamon sweetness mixed with lingering salt water.

Simon couldn’t fight the fact he would never get enough of her. They were both still alive, and for the next few hours he was going to prove that fact by burying himself inside her over and over again.

Chapter 8

“What class of demon did you say you were, Gremlock? From my current perspective it’s from the completely stupid class!”

Jones paced in front of his office desk. He paused to glare at the creature. “How did you let them get away? They walked in. We had them in our grasp!”

“Watch your tone, human. Remember you still possess a fragile body, too easily torn apart.” The demon didn’t raise his voice, but the low growled threat was enough to make Jones pause. “The hunter held more skills than I gave him credit for. They jumped clear of the
and were able to teleport. Only winged demons have the ability to track a mid-air teleport. We don’t employ any.”

Jones felt his blood pressure rising at their sheer idiocy. “They took the scroll and stone!”

“It’ll do them little good. We already have the symbols from the stone, and soon the amulet will be ours.”

“Remember our bargain. Only a human hand can touch it. Even in your disguise, it’ll kill you.” He wasn’t stupid and he had done his research, it was the only way to control something that could kill you in a heartbeat if it wanted. Jones was no fool.

The demon growled. If not for the powerful Kat demon’s plan, Jones would have never struck the bargain to work together. They would rule side by side. But, Jones would put an end to the partnership as soon as they released the Gullu army. He would have all the power, not just over this world, but many others. He’d be assured immortality. But Gremlock’s threat gave him pause for thought. All his experiments with Outer Realm creatures yielded nothing. He couldn’t transfer any of their magical abilities or longevity, but perhaps he could make himself a little less human and delicate. He’d take a page from the dragon slayer’s book. If it had worked for him, then it would work for Jones. They had a dragon, and twice she’d escaped. There would not be a third time.

“I want the dragon female back in my possession.”

“Why? What use is she, other than a pretty toy?” Gremlock glanced up from flipping through his smart phone.

“Oh she’s more than just a pretty toy. She is a dragon with dragon blood, and what happens if a human submerges their body in dragon blood?”

Gremlock’s malevolent laugh sent cold chills even down Jones’ spine. “For a human, I really like the way you think. I’ll send some of my followers to bring her back, if you’ll allow me the pleasure of the kill and in front of the hunter. I owe the Moon Shadows Agency a debt I intend to repay.”

Jones smiled. “Of course, just leave enough blood for my next bath. I’ll be heading after the amulet as soon as the computer finishes with the translation and pinpoints its exact location.”

* * * *

Oh, is that why you intend to keep her? You require another bath?’
Opie woke with a jolt. Her breathing calmed and she snuggled back against the warmth of Simon’s body. He slept soundly, one arm wrapped around her middle.

Why were those words haunting her? What did Jones mean by bath? How did Simon, or the ancient dragon slayer, become immortal? There was no way killing a dragon could make a human live longer than they should. Too many unanswered questions about him bothered her. Her dragon rumbled a sleepy ‘
Don’t care, mate, mine, keep.’

Useless reptile. It’s not that easy. We can’t keep him if he has no desire to be kept. Simon stirred behind her.

His arm tightened. His hot breath moved closer, kissing her shoulder. “I know you’re awake, sweetheart. Going to make me some breakfast in bed?”

“You want breakfast in bed, sleep in the kitchen.”

He chuckled. She twisted in his arms, turning to face him. “You going to clean my house too?” he teased.

“It’s proven that hard work can kill you, or have you murdered by the women you asked to do it. You’re a Neanderthal. So what was living with dinosaurs like, did you ride around in foot powered cars, read stone newspapers and eat mammoth ribs?”

“I’m beginning to suspect you’ve watched far too much modern television, young lady.”

She snorted, enjoying their...well, late afternoon banter.

“You don’t cook, or clean, what skills do you have?”

“All the important ones,” she purred, sliding her hand down to find his already hard cock. He groaned, thrusting his hips forward, letting his member slide through her grip.

“How come you can’t fly?”

Way to throw a bucket of ice water on their playful sexy moment. She pulled back, frowning at him. “What did Jones mean when he asked you if you needed another bath?”

His face turned to steel and he rolled from the bed. “Nothing, the man was talking rubbish.” He sat for a moment, drawing a deep breath before turning back. “I’m not judging you, Opie, I want to help. You’re a beautiful, sexy, dragon woman who shouldn’t be afraid of anything. Tell me who made you afraid and I’ll kill them for you.”

Her chest felt all gooey and warm inside, and she grinned up at him. How sweet, he offered to kill for her! Yup, she was in love.
Should I tell him? I trust him with my life, why not this?

“I didn’t have the most loving of families growing up.” Sitting up, she tugged up the sheet to cover her body, folding her legs into her chest and wrapping her arms around them. She rested her chin on her knees, staring, lost in the old memories. “I don’t know what happened, as I was still only a baby when my mother died. It was suspected my father murdered her, but in the palace, the subject of her death was forbidden. I was left in the care of elderly scholar dragons. My three brothers always seemed to resent me being around. My father—I hardly saw him—he was always busy trying to keep the kingdom from falling into deep debt.

Dragons don’t usually learn to fly until their fifth year, when we’ve learn to handle our shifts. The last thing a dragon needs is turning back into a human mid-flight. I was six before I learned to enjoy being in dragon form. I would scamper about the long palace halls...until I ran into my older brothers up in the high tower. Before I could run back down, Glass, my eldest brother, snatched me up and flew out of the tower. They took me up over the jagged rock canyon. Glass told me they were just going to play a game of ball, and how a little red dragon would make a perfect ball.” Opie closed her eyes, her body shaking. Simon’s strong arms encircled her, pulling her up against his solid chest.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to—”

“No, I...I want to.” Drawing in a deep breath to calm herself, she continued. “Not knowing yet how to fly, terrified of hitting the sharp rocks of the canyon below, I changed back into a little girl, screaming and begging them to take me back. He threatened if I wouldn’t be their dragon ball, he would drop me. I had no choice. My small scales helped protect me from their talons as they tossed me around in the air. They laughed at my screams of terror. It went on for what seemed like forever until they grew tired. They left me on a peak ledge, alone, with no way of getting back to the palace. I was there for three days before anyone realised I was missing.

“Passing patrol found me and brought me back. My brothers just said they were trying to teach me to fly, so I got the scolding for being lost on a ledge for so long. I would have threatened the stability of his kingdom if I’d died. You see, female dragons are good for only two things: political alliances and breeding new dragon kin. Apparently, upon my birth, he’d already struck a bargain with a neighbouring kingdom. I would be given to the ruler. He had no dragon mate or heir to his throne, and I would breed his new heirs. My father, the king, ordered I be taught to fly, so I wouldn’t be such a liability to my own safety.”

Simon stroked down her back, she now sat across his lap cradled in his arms. “I take it the lessons didn’t go so well.”

“At first I hid in my room and cried if anyone tried to take me out. I never wanted to see my brothers or my father again. Father became enraged and took it upon himself to teach me. He called me weak and stupid then pushed me from a lower tower...in my human form. I shifted in time not to hit the ground as a human, but I broke one wing, my leg in three places, and cracked my ribs. When I’d healed, he did it again, and again, throwing me off, ordering me to fly. I kind of grew used to the pain, the falling. But I could never open my wings, I just couldn’t fly. Eventually they gave up. It didn’t matter if I flew or not, I’d still be able to breed more dragons.”

Opie stopped, feeling Simon’s trembling body. She glanced up to see the gleam of murder in his eyes. He’d have to wait in line. No doubt there was a list of creatures who wanted a piece of her father’s flesh, including her.

“If I ever...”

Opie feathered her fingers up along his neck, gently regaining his attention. “I know.”

He nodded. “How did you escape?”

“My friend Gemma, she’s half-elf, and an outcast among her kind. She worked in the kitchens of the palace as a servant. I used to hide in the lowest parts, never wanting to go up, avoiding my family at all costs. We became friends, and she told me of the portals which take you to different realms. Together we plotted our escape, two days before my fourteenth birthday. That was when I was also due to marry the neighbouring dragon lord, who apparently had more treasure than my father. We snuck out at night, making it to the portal just before day break. There we waited for the change in dragon guards and we slipped through unhindered.”

She sighed, her fingers trailing over his chest. His breathing slowly calmed. When he regained his control, he spoke up. “I lost my mother at birth, and my father when I was young. The only one who I thought cared about me was my tutor. It wasn’t as bad as you. I’m sorry you suffered so much, Opie.”

Her traumatic past hadn’t broken her, but made her stronger, more determined to escape and live how she saw fit, not under the dictatorship of someone else. She sighed again, loving the warm comfort of his arms around her, chasing away the shadowed memories of her pain and suffering.

BOOK: Falling Dragons (#3 Moon Shadows)
7.53Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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