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into Forever


Three of the Fall Series












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Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

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Chapter 9


Chapter 1


Jennifer repeated the thought running through her head. The “J” she
initially thought was from the mystery woman, could actually be from Philip’s
father, Johann Haas.


“Mr. Haas, he said that if you don't wish to speak with him, Eloisa
Rousseau is willing to come to the office again.” Emma, Philip’s sharp
secretary, seemed to read into her boss's silence.


Rousseau? Jennifer's memory flashed back to the woman who'd given
Philip the note. There had been something different about her voice, something
that Jennifer realized now could have been a French accent. If this Rousseau
was connected to Philip's father, it stood to reason that she had been
delivering that note to Philip on his father's behalf rather than for her own
purposes. It still didn't explain the kiss on the cheek or the comments about
seeing Philip again, but the note could have been something else, maybe a
request for a paternal reconciliation rather than a romantic one.


“I don't want to talk to him, and I don't have time to meet with Eloisa
today.” Philip's voice was terse.


“Philip, it's okay,” Jennifer knew she had to say something to show him
that she trusted him as much as he had her when he'd given her the Carlisle


He looked over at Jennifer and raised an eyebrow in question.


“We can reschedule if you need to meet with someone.” Jennifer motioned
to the Carlisle folder. “I can get started on this and we can go over the rest
of the material some other time.”


“Thank you, Jennifer,” Philip said. “But our work here is my priority.
I'll address the situation at another time.”


“I'll let Mr. Haas know that you're busy and you'll make contact at
your convenience.” Emma didn't comment on the exchange between Philip and


“Thank you, Emma.” Philip pressed the intercom button and straightened,
addressing Jennifer. “Let's go ahead and take that break now.”


If Jennifer hadn't been studying Philip's body language for weeks, she
might have missed how tightly clasped his hands were, knuckles white, or how
stiffly he was holding his body. As it was, she didn't comment. It was obvious
that he needed some time and space to deal with her questions and that phone
call. Despite how nonchalant he'd tried to sound, she now saw that there was
something going on between Philip and his father.


“That sounds good.” She stood. “I think I'll run and get some coffee.”
She gave him what she hoped was a cheerful grin. “Want me to get you one too?”


“That'd be great. Thanks.” Philip's smile was faint, but it was there.


Jennifer decided to take that as a good sign. “I'll be back in




By the time she returned with the coffee, Philip had regained his
composure and it was back to business, though not really as usual. There was
something different about it, Jennifer thought, even though she couldn't quite
put her finger on what it was that had changed. It was a look, a brush of
fingers as they traded documents, nothing overt, but whatever it was between
them grew with every passing moment, changing into something that felt, to Jennifer,
more real somehow.


“Mr. Haas,” Emma's voice came through the intercom once more,
interrupting the silence that had fallen as Philip and Jennifer had been
putting away their respective paperwork. “Is there anything else you need me to
do before I call it a day?”


Philip's eyes flicked up to Jennifer's face before he answered. “No,
thank you, Emma. We're fine. Have a good night.”


“You too, Sir.”


Jennifer wasn't sure if she imagined the tinge of wry amusement in
Emma's voice or not, but if Emma knew as much about what went on behind
Philip's closed doors as Jennifer thought she did, the secretary had good
reason to be entertained.


“Did I answer all of the questions you needed?” Philip raised his head,
the expression on his face telling Jennifer that he meant more than inquiries
dealing with their work.


She swallowed hard. There it was, an open invitation to ask whatever
she wanted. He didn't say it, but she knew that if she asked her previous
question again, she would get the full, unedited answer about his scars, no
matter how much telling it would hurt. It was tempting to ask all of the
questions she'd had since she'd first met Philip, to be able to know him as
intimately as she so desperately wanted to. Still, she hesitated. She knew that
he was offering to prove himself to her, and the offer itself was more than she
could've hoped for. It was time for her to return the gesture.


“You've told me everything I need.” Her voice was soft. “I trust that
you’ll tell me anything else as you see fit.”


The exchange was innocuous enough, words that could have been spoken
between employee and employer, but Jennifer knew the undercurrent wasn't just
her imagination. They'd shared something with those simple sentences that had
altered the dynamic between them.


Jennifer turned towards her desk to begin gathering her things. A hand
closed around her upper arm and then pulled her around into Philip's arms. The
hand not holding her arm moved to her face, palm against her cheek. She had a
brief moment to see something burning in Philip's eyes before his lips came
down on hers. Her lips parted automatically beneath his, and his tongue slid
into the wet heat of her mouth. Jennifer closed her eyes, giving herself over
to the passion of the kiss. The way their lips moved together, how their
tongues danced, all of it just told her how right they were together, how
everything she'd felt when he touched her had made her feel like nothing else
she'd ever imagined. The memory of her prior night's dream came back to her as
Philip pulled back. There was still something different about this, but one
look at Philip's face told her that whatever would happen next would be much
more personal than their prior encounters.


“I promised that I'd keep it professional,” Philip began.


Jennifer knew that she could walk away and he wouldn't think badly of
her for it, but she wanted him in a way she'd never wanted anyone else before.
Actions, here, would speak louder than words. Without taking her eyes off of
Philip, she unbuttoned the top two buttons of her shirt, her fingers stopping
to play with the third.


That was all it took.


Philip grabbed her shirt and pulled it out of her skirt. She let out a
surprised squeak as he yanked her shirt open and she heard a few buttons ping
off the floor though she was too shocked to care. Philip's hands quickly moved
to her bra, flicking open the front clasp with a twist of his fingers. He bent
his head as he lifted her right breast, his lips closing around her nipple
within seconds of freeing it. She moaned as he began to suck on the hardening
flesh. She wasn't even aware that he was moving the two of them back towards
his desk until she felt the edge against her thighs.


Without releasing her nipple, Philip picked her up and sat her on the
edge of his desk. Dimly, she hoped she wasn't sitting on any important
paperwork, then Philip began using his teeth on her nipple and she forgot to
care what was on the desk.


“Fuck,” Jennifer groaned, biting her bottom lip to muffle the sound.


Philip bit down and she yelped. The air conditioning hit the throbbing
nub as it fell from Philip's mouth and Jennifer shivered. “Emma's gone for the
day. I want to hear everything.”


Jennifer suddenly remembered her dream as she leaned forward to press
her lips against his. Philip buried his hand in her hair, each tug sending
little jolts straight down through her stomach to the heat between her legs.
She may have initiated the kiss, but he wasted no time taking charge of it. He
held the back of her head as he deepened their connection, parting her lips
with his and thrusting his tongue into her mouth. He stood between her knees,
pressing their bodies together as he thoroughly explored her mouth. She moaned
as she felt him harden against her and he smiled at her sounds.


“Put your hands on the edge of the desk,” Philip ordered, his eyes dark
with desire. “Don't move them. The only things I want moving are your mouth and


When he dropped to his knees, Jennifer's pulse quickened. She wanted to
run her fingers through his hair, pull his head to her and press that lovely,
talented mouth to her aching pussy, but she kept her hands where he'd told her
to. He must've read the struggle on her face because the smile he gave her was
full of pride at her self-control. He was still smiling as he pushed her skirt
up around her waist and spread her legs even further.


“Tell me what you want, Jennifer.” He ran his finger down the rapidly
dampening crotch of her cotton panties. She shuddered beneath the touch, her
eyes falling closed. “Open your eyes.” The command was firm and Jennifer obeyed
without thinking. “Now, tell me what you want.”


A thousand answers passed through her mind, but she knew there was only
one she should give. “I want whatever you want to give me.”


“Oh, that's a very good answer.” Philip sounded pleased. He traced the
elastic at the leg of her panties. “I have one further instruction for you.
Don't cum until I give you permission.”


There were no words to describe how badly those words made her insides
squirm. Jennifer nodded to show her agreement, her fingers tightening where
they curled over the edge of the desk, her stomach tensing in anticipation.


With his eyes firmly fixed on her face, Philip began to gently caress
her through the thin fabric of her panties. His fingers danced, tracing every
hidden dip and curve. It was only after he'd made his third pass that Jennifer
truly understood just how well he knew her body. To be able to never fumble
while working through a layer of cotton and not looking, Philip either had to
be a superb guesser or he'd paid enough attention before to know just what to


“Tell me every time you're close,” Philip said as he pulled aside her
panties and began to probe at her entrance with his index finger. His thumb
brushed over her clit as he slid his finger into her. She was wet, but still so
tight that she gripped that single invading digit, her walls clinging to him as
he began to slowly piston his finger in and out. He moved in a steady rhythm,
thrumming her with every stroke.


Jennifer couldn't look away from Philip, mesmerized by how his pupils
had widened, leaving only a thin ring of green. Little sounds of pleasure fell
from her lips as she began to move her hips, desperate for more. Another
finger, more friction, anything that would tip her over the edge. As the
pressure built inside her, it was only at the last moment that she remembered
her instructions.


“I'm close.”


Somehow, she'd known what he'd planned to do when she told him, but she
still made a noise of protest as he removed his hand from between her legs.


“I promise,” Philip said, “I will let you cum tonight and it will be
more intense than anything you've ever felt before.” He kissed her knee in a
surprisingly chaste move. “But it will only happen when I say so.” He reached
down and adjusted the bulge in the front of his pants. “And only when I'm
finally inside you.”


It was the control, Jennifer thought, the control that made this
different from her dream. While their connection was stronger than it had been
before, Philip's desire to control the situation was more about being in charge
than it was about allowing her the ability to let go as it had been in the
dream. He wanted her to have pleasure, but it was ultimately for his own
enjoyment rather than his entire focus being on her. Still, it was more
intimate than their previous encounters and progression was always a good

BOOK: Fall into Forever (Fall into Him Book Three)
9.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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