Faith (A Dark Romance Novel)

BOOK: Faith (A Dark Romance Novel)
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Terry Towers





I had no idea the wickedness that lay beneath his angelic features and pleasurable touch.

I wanted one night out to be wild and crazy; to be like all the other young women my age. I’d been living such a sheltered life that when a new group of friends took me to a nightclub for some drinks and dancing – nothing overly rebellious, considering – I jumped at the chance.

And you can imagine my surprise when the sexiest man at the club, heck, the sexiest man I’d ever set eyes upon wanted to spend some alone time getting to know the plain Jane daughter of a pastor! I jumped at the chance. Most of the other young women regularly left with men they’d just met and nothing bad ever happened, so what were the chances it would turn out badly for me?

I had no idea…


I had no idea she’d challenge everything I believed about myself and make me feel.

My job is simple – train them and break their spirits without shattering their minds, which isn’t the easiest task, I assure you. But I’m the best at what I do.

But now The Organization I previously worked for is gone and I’m a freelancer – of sorts. And I couldn’t be happier. I used to have to abide by their rules, follow their protocol, but not anymore. The lives and minds of the women are mine to do with as I please.

Unfortunately for Emily Fennel, the daughter of a small-town pastor, she’d caught my attention. She was so pure and virtuous, she’s the light in contrast to my darkness and she’s going to be my greatest accomplishment.

People thought I was a monster before…



Copyright 2015 by Terry Towers

Cover By: Erin Dameron-Hill


All rights reserved. With the exception of brief quotes used for critical reviews and articles no part of this book may be used or reproduced without the written permission of the author Terry Towers. Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Terry Towers can be contacted via her website at


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This book is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental. The characters are productions of the authors imagination and used fictitiously.


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Chapter 1



She didn’t fit in with the loud crowd of college kids getting wasted and fucking in the shadows of the nightclub. Her clothing was too conservative – “churchlike,” if you know what I mean – with the hem of her flowing black skirt reaching slightly past her knees and her pink blouse not showing a smidge of cleavage, although you couldn’t miss her nice plump tits. She also didn’t look near twenty-one, closer to eighteen if you were to have me wager a guess. How she’d even managed to get in was a complete mystery to me, but I wasn’t going to question a good thing; I had my target for the night.

I’d been following her blonde friend for the past few days, but now that I’d laid eyes on the shy, awkward, reserved girl with the chestnut-brown hair, I had to have her. It wasn’t like me to change my plan on the fly. Everything I did in my life was well thought out, calculated and precise, and to go after a non-researched mark was unheard of for me.

But again, and I can’t stress this enough, I
to have her. She was like a lighthouse calling to me through the fog.

It took over an hour for her to be separated from the flock of young women she’d come with, but as the night wore on many of the women began to pair off – some leaving. I’d almost have believed she’d been ditched had it not been for the blonde occasionally walking – no, staggering – up to her and speaking to her for a moment before returning to the dance floor. Their intoxication levels also increased; however, the brunette who had caught my attention still nursed the first drink she’d gotten, some neon-blue concoction. Could this have been her first time drinking? As insane as it was for me to think it given the apparent looseness of her friends, I’d almost be willing to wager yes on that.

“Hey, cutie…”

The feel of a hand on my biceps pulled my attention from my mark to the source of the hand. I turned to face the person touching me, leaning an elbow on the bar as I turned. The girl was petite, with big doe-like blue eyes and large blonde ringlets cascading down her back. There was an immediate stirring in my jeans as I lazily took in every inch of her, not giving a fuck if I made her uncomfortable or not. She blushed and giggled, biting at her lower lip.

It’s funny how a blatant stare from a good-looking man is greeted with blushes and giggles from women, while stares from an aloof, less fortunate, unfit-looking one gain revulsion. But the thing was, if she was going to approach me with her tits hanging out of her top and with a skirt so short that if she bent I’d be able to see her snatch, then I’d be damned if I wasn’t going to get an eyeful.

This was the problem with women these days. They went around looking like whores wanting to be fucked, teasing and taunting men. If they were going to be walking around as if begging to be treated like whores, then by God, I’d give them what they wanted. Although most of these women were dealing with pansy-assed boys who likely came in their pants just seeing a naked woman. They’d never dealt with the likes of me before, and if they had they’d never walk around putting themselves on display like she was – never again. Unless, of course, their Master demanded it, but that’s an entirely different story altogether and doesn’t apply here. My eyes reached her face, which was flushed, her blues eyes slightly bloodshot; by the look of it she had more than just alcohol in her.

Her hand slid up higher on my arm as she took a step closer. “I’ve kinda been watching you and saw you were alone.” Her fingertip made circular motions on my arm, causing the muscle to flex under her touch. “Was thinking you could use some company.”

I looked back over at the brunette and my cock began to swell. I wanted to fuck her, and I would. Sadly, I still had a while to wait. She’d been joined by two of her friends, so it wouldn’t be ideal to approach her at the moment. The nightclub didn’t close for a little over an hour yet, so it was safe to assume they would be here for a while – not all of them had found a hook-up for the night.

“I’m Penny.”

I turned my attention back to the woman who’d introduced herself as Penny and extended my hand to her, pasting a smile on my face and looking deep into her eyes. “Tanner.” I had the art of covering the darkness that flowed through my veins down to a science. While there was darkness and depravity in my mind, she’d never know it – at least not until it was too late for it to matter.

“Oh, I
your name.” She spun a lock of golden hair around her index finger, looking up at me through her fake eyelashes. God, I hated fake eyelashes. Why couldn’t women be happy with the way they looked without all the shit they put on themselves? Ridiculous if you asked me, right up there with fake nails and boob jobs. My attention went back to the brunette. There didn’t appear to be anything fake about her – her beauty was genuine, making me want her more.

Grabbing my beer, the only for the night, I gulped it down and pushed myself off the bar. Taking the blonde’s hand in mine – correction
blonde’s, as I could see her dark roots despite the dimmed lighting – hand in mine I pulled her to a darkened corner of the dance floor. She didn’t seem to need an invitation, as she slid her arms around my neck and began to bump and grind against me, taunting my cock with every move of her hips.

She was whispering in my ear. I wasn’t listening. I was watching the brunette, as Penny rubbed her pelvis against my cock, intensifying my need for her – provoking me. Little Miss Fake Tits was pressing her luck with me. 

Two songs passed – three songs.

With each song I moved the blonde farther from the dance floor until I had her backed against a wall in a far-off corner of the nightclub. People could still see us, but I didn’t care. Spinning her around, nearly setting her off-balance in the ungodly high heels she was wearing, I pushed her face-first against the wall, my front to her back as I lowered my lips to her neck.

She made an attempt to squirm and protest, but I ignored her. I was going to get what I wanted whether she wanted it or not. If she was going to tease, then I was damned well going to take. However, when my lips brushed against her neck, my teeth biting into the side, she whimpered softly and her protests turned to moans of need.

Placing my hands to the sides of her outer thighs, I pushed her short skirt up until it was bunched around her waist. It was no surprise that she wasn’t wearing panties. Women like her were such a bore, but she’d serve my purpose for the moment.

“Wait! Maybe we should –” She began protesting and squirming against me again, with a little more desperation – trying to free herself. I liked that she squirmed; I liked that she was challenging my will. It added to the perverse thrill and made me want the fake whore more. The growing excitement she was provoking within me was pushing my thoughts of the church girl to the back of my mind – for now.

I lowered my lips to her ear and nipped at the lobe. “I want you. I need to fuck you, Penny. And I’m going to.”

“But –”

Slipping my leg between her thighs, I forced her legs wider and slid my hand to the apex, seeking out her heat. As expected she was wet for me, ready for my cock to take the dirty whore. Spreading her pussy lips, I slid one finger into her, then two, and began stroking her. Her protests immediately stopped and she began to moan again, her needy body bucking against my probing fingers.

“Yessssss,” she hissed through clenched teeth. “YES! Oh yes, take me.”

Thanks, but I wasn’t going to wait for an invitation

With my free hand I undid the front of my pants and released my cock, which already had a drop of cum at the tip. Removing my hand from her core, I pulled a condom from the front pocket of my jeans, ripped the package open and quickly slipped it onto my throbbing dick, discarding the wrapper on the floor at our feet. Safety first when dealing with bar skanks.

Spreading her legs a little farther apart, I stepped between them, lined the head of my dick up with her opening and unceremoniously thrust up into her with a low groan. Her moist, welcoming pussy took me in and she moaned loudly. If I were a nice guy… if I gave a shit about her pleasure maybe I’d prolong the experience for her, but I didn’t give a rat’s ass, to be honest.

Immediately I began thrusting, taking her fast and hard. I think I may have heard her beg me to slow down, but I ignored the request. She wanted to be fucked, she was getting fucked. She’d never know how lucky she was that I wasn’t choosing her to take home with me. Yup, she was getting the fuck of a lifetime and got to keep her freedom – the bitch just won the lottery as far as I was concerned.

Reaching around her, I grasped the neckline of the spandex top she was wearing and yanked it down, allowing her breasts to fall out and into my hands. Cupping her globes in my palms, I began massaging them, pinching the nipples so hard she screamed out, but her cries were overshadowed by the loud thumping of the music. Screams were like music to my ears. To all the patrons of the nightclub we were just another couple who couldn’t make it home before fucking – nothing to see here.

My cock was getting closer to its release point. While her mind was reluctant upon realizing she’d lost the control she’d thought she had over me, her pussy said otherwise. Her juices surrounded me, her core clenching around my cock, begging me for my cum. I couldn’t help but look over my shoulder, seeking out the brunette. I found her; she was alone again and looking just as uncomfortable as she had when she’d first arrived a couple of hours ago.

I watched her as I slammed into Penny. Releasing the bimbo’s breasts, I grabbed her hips and fucked her so hard each thrust slammed her violently against the wall. Her protests turned to moans again as her body began to tremble. Seconds later she screamed out as her pussy tightened around my shaft and creamed around me.

Smiling, I thrust into her several more times before releasing with a low groan. A decent lover would take a few seconds to savour the feel of her body against mine, but I’m not. Once the final spurt of cum spilled from my cock, I pulled out.

“Thanks,” I murmured into her ear moments before I jabbed a needle into her neck, which would put her out for the rest of the night. When she woke up, between the mix of drugs and alcohol she had in her system, I was confident she wouldn’t remember me or a damned thing that had happened between us. Pulling off the condom, I quickly put myself away and took a step back from her – then a second. Without another look at the blonde bimbo who was wobbling on her heels, bracing her weight against the wall as she fought the darkness that was no doubt overtaking her mind and body, I strolled over to the nearest trash can, tossed the used condom into it and made my way over toward my prey.





I shouldn’t be here

I looked around the club, shifting uncomfortably from one foot to the other. This was my first time at a club and my father would kill me if he knew I was here, but my friends had convinced me. Peer pressure, I guess. But it was more than that… It was sheer rebellion after eighteen years of being sheltered from what my family perceived as the sins of the outside world.

My father was a pastor and we’d just moved to the area, where he was taking over a church. In previous places I’d been home-schooled and my friends had been the kids of other church members, but this time I wanted and had different friends. Friends of my own who wouldn’t rat me out to my father if I did something wrong.

Being a pastor’s daughter came with expectations. My father felt it was his duty to ensure I was the perfect “Proverbs 31” woman for my future husband – a woman of virtue and humility eager to be a dutiful wife and mother – and hence parented me with an iron fist, preparing me for my ultimate role. Life barely existed outside the church for me. I’d been placed in a bubble that contained only family, church and God, and it was suffocating me. I was at my breaking point – in truth, I’d been at my breaking point for many years now.

I was tired of the pressure. Tired of the expectations. At eighteen years old, I wanted to discover the woman I could be without the pressure of my father and the church. Alas, after a couple of hours of standing in a corner at the club, more or less by myself, watching my new friends having fun and hooking up, I’d accepted the fact that it wasn’t going to happen here. In fact, not a single man had approached me. None. It was humiliating. It wasn’t like I wanted to hook up, but at least a dance with someone would have been nice. Maybe having a little attention lavished on me. Maybe having a guy or two tell me I was beautiful, like they said to the other girls – even if it wasn’t sincere. Was that so much to ask?

Was I that heinous-looking? I didn’t think so.

Vanity is a sin, baby girl. A woman must always present herself with dignity and modesty
. My father’s words echoed through my mind.
Makeup and revealing clothes are for sinners and they invite the wickedness within men to come forward

Spinning around, I looked at myself in the mirror that was at my back. I wasn’t drop-dead gorgeous, but I wasn’t ugly either. My friend Bonnie had insisted I put on some makeup. I thought it looked nice – nothing over the top, but just enough blush and bronzer to give my cheekbones definition and a rosy glow, and mascara to accent my dark eyes.

BOOK: Faith (A Dark Romance Novel)
11.96Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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