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Authors: K.T. Fisher

Tags: #Fiction, #Romance, #Romantic Suspense, #Short Story, #Suspense, #Dark Romance


Envy (Kings of Rebellion #2)
Copyright @2015 Kellie Fisher

Cover art @2015: Louisa Maggio @ LM Creations

Edited by Elisia Goodman at Dedicated Ink


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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to any actual persons living or dead, businesses and events or locales are entirely coincidental. This book also has some strong scenes that may cause offence. This isn’t your typical romance.



Thank you to everyone who has ever shared, liked or commented on my posts to help spread the word of The Kings of Rebellion! My amazing fan groups, Rebellious Ladies and Kell’s Angels, you guys rock! I really mean that. To my newly PA group, Dedicated Ink who help me to do everything that I can to make my books awesome and help to get my name out there. I love you Elisia Goodman, even though you do shout at me for more words!






I stare into Demons predatory eyes as I hold the gun in front of his face. My heart is beating fast and sweat covers my skin.  I want to end his life for what he put me through and probably thousands of other women. I may not have a perfect and innocent life, but I didn’t deserve what he did to me. What I went through daily should never be the life of anyone. It’s plain torture and evil. Men like Demon need putting down, and I’m the only one for the job.

Without another thought, I pull on the trigger and watch as the bullet leaves the barrel of the gun in slow motion. It sails through the air, aiming for my dickhead of a target and I can’t help but smile as it hits his forehead. Sinking deep into his skin, cracking his skull as it pierces his brain killing him instantly.

The life drains out from his eyes and the world is free of another psychopath.

“Now that wasn’t nice.” I hear from the shadows and spin around in a hurry.

“Strike?” I ask into the blankness.

Just as I speak his name, Strike appears from the background and he looks over Demon.

“Did he really deserve that?” He asks, looking closely at his bullet wound.

“Yes, and so do you.” I aim my gun up at Strike, fully intending to fire another bullet but this time into Strike and end all this shit.

Strike laughs and I don’t like it. He continues to laugh as he reaches for his own gun and aims it down at the floor.

“Put down the gun, or I will shoot.” He threatens and it’s not until I look to where he is aiming that I gasp in fright.

On the floor is Brandon, tied in ropes and unable to move. He’s thrashing about and mumbling shit at me but I don’t know what he’s saying because his mouth is covered.

Without a single thought I lower my gun and Strike smiles.

“There we go, now put it on the floor and come over here.” He orders.

“Why?” I ask.

“Because you’re coming back with me where you belong.” Strike answers. “If you don’t, lover boy won’t live to see another day.”

I look down at Brandon and his eyes widen. He shakes his head as his shouts are muffled by the tape over his mouth. I have to save him, so I only have one choice.

I slowly place my gun on the floor and walk over to Strike. As soon as I’m within grabbing distance he pulls me towards him and traps me against his body. Strike groans as he breathes me in, reuniting his sick, twisted self with me and my body recoils in response.

“Time to go.” Strike announces and turns us to face Demon.

As I look over Demons corpse a loud bang makes me jump. I realise the bang was the shooting of a gun and spin around in horror as Brandon’s blood escapes his body and covers the floor.

“No!” I scream.

I fall to my knees and go to crawl over to him but I’m stopped by a very happy Strike. He picks me up, gathers me in his arms and carry’s me away. 

“Lauren?” Brandon speaks. “Lauren!”

My body is being shaken and my eyes snap open in shock. I wake to see Brandon looking down at me, concern etched all over his beautiful face. I jump up and wrap my arms around him, my sobs clog my throat as I breathe him in.

“Shit you scared me!” Brandon sighs.

There’s a knock on the door, “Grim?”

I hear Natasha ask from the other side but I don’t look up. All I care about is that it wasn’t real. Brandon isn’t hurt, he’s alive and Demon is dead. Strike isn’t here and he doesn’t have me, it was all a stupid dream. They quietly talk to each other about me but I still don’t move my head from his chest. It’s the only thing reassuring me that he’s ok.

Brandon kisses my sweaty head and my eyes start to feel heavy again as he strokes my back. It was all a fucking dream. It wasn’t real.

I squeeze Brandon a little tighter and cuddle him a little deeper. In return Brandon’s arms hold me harder and it’s just what I need. Within minutes my heart has calmed and my eyes cannot stay open for a second longer. I just hope I don’t fall into another lifelike nightmare again. I don’t think I can handle another.


I fucking hate that smile on her face.

She shouldn’t be happy away from me. Her face shouldn’t be showing so much pleasure. That beautiful face of hers should be scrunched in pain with a few bumps and bruises to decorate it. My hands clench from the need to hurt Raven affects me too much and I don’t know whether I like it or not. That’s why I need to get her back, I need to teach her a lesson for making me lose control. I can’t fucking get her out of my mind!

“It’s been two months.” Switch reminds me as he sits behind the bush next to me.

I can’t believe this dick, he had Raven all to himself and he turned her over to The Devils! If I had a creature like Raven I would hide her away, tied to my bed for only my pleasure. Stupid prick.

“I don’t need reminding.” I quietly growl back at him.

He doesn’t understand that this is one of the most exciting bits of planning a kidnap. The waiting and watching. Figuring out how you’re going to do it and watching them enjoy their lives. Going about their routine, not knowing what waits around the corner. I like to savour this moment. The only thing better is when I have them where I want them, inflict pain and watch it show on their face.

My cock grows harder in my jeans as I think about Raven tied and gagged for me. I should never have let her get away. It was fucking Demons fault! Letting her run off with the Kings of Rebellion scum!

Speaking of which, here comes Grim now. I watch in fury as he dares to touch Raven, kissing her neck and then taking her by the hand into the house.

I look over my shoulder to my brother, Venom. “Get him on the phone now, we need to speed shit up.”

I make my way to my bike, a walk away from the house as Switch and Venom follow. Listening into my brother taking to our Kings informant. With a smug grin, I straddle my bike and envision the moment my plan comes to action. The Kings won’t know what hit them.


Grim is out on club business, so Lauren invited the girls over for a much needed catch up. After Lauren killed Demon, Grim kept her at arm’s length and cared for her. She acted like she was ok, but we could see through it.

Her killing Demon affected her, whether she wanted to do it or not, murdering someone changed her. My bedroom was on the other side of the house, and it’s not exactly a small house, but I’ve still heard her nightmares. I would sometimes knock and see how she was, but most the time I would leave Grim to take care of her.

They’ve gotten better though, and apart from Lauren’s nightmares everything is amazing now. Lauren and Grim make me sick at how in love they are. In fact I’ve seen a different side to Grim now that I actually live with him and he’s not the hard guy he makes out to be. I mean, he is big and dangerous of course but I’ve seen a soft side to him. One that most people rarely see.

“How is she?” Elise asks me as Lauren runs inside to get some fresh drinks.

“Better.” I answer.

“That’s good.” Elise nods as she smiles at Lauren returning.

“What are you two smiling at?” Lauren asks as she takes one of the empty seats around the table and places the fresh bottle of wine in the middle.

“I’m telling Elise how it is living with you and Grim.” I tease her.

Lauren’s eyes widen and I can’t help but giggle. “What do you mean?” She asks as Drew joins us.

“I mean, that hearing you and Grim fucking every night gives me a headache.” I laugh.

Laurens cheeks blush as Elise and I laugh.

“Ew, I do not need that image.” Drew cringes and covers her face with her hands.

“Fuck off Tasha.” Lauren scowls.

“Relax I’m teasing.” I assure her.

“We do have sex every night though.” She adds laughing and we all join her in.

“Every night?” Drew asks unbelievably.

“Your brother has a very high sex drive.” Lauren answers with a very satisfied smile.

Drew shakes her head, and I see a hint of colour under her shirt collar.

“What’s that?” I ask her, pointing to her neck.

Drew pulls at the neck of her collar to reveal a small rose tattoo. It’s coloured in shades of pink and red, it’s beautiful but she’s not going to be able to easily hide that one.

“Got it this morning.” Drew smiles.

“Nice.” Lauren approves.

“So you told your mum about the tats then?” I ask her.

“No she hasn’t.” Elise speaks for her.

“I keep meaning too.” Drew complains. “But I just never find the right time.”

“Drew.” I laugh. “You’re a twenty-four year old woman. You should be able to tell your mum that you have tattoos.”

“Is that why you have it on your neck?” Lauren asks her. “So your mum will see it?”

Shit, I didn’t think of that and by the looks on Drew’s face neither did she.

“No, is it really noticeable?” Drew asks us.

“A bright red tattoo on you neck?” I ask. “Of course not.”

Drew playfully shoves me. “I guess it’s easier than telling her.”

It seems like every time I see Drew she has another tattoo. She obviously loves them and I don’t see why she’s so scared telling mummy dearest. Drew told us that having three boys, Laura wanted Drew to stay as girly as possible and although she does wear girly clothing, she loves her tattoos and Drew’s scared about her reaction.

“You’re running out of places to hide them anyway.” I laugh.

“True.” Drew agrees. “And I want a sleeve, I guess she will notice that.”

“Yeah I think she will.” Lauren laughs.

We all take a sip of our wine and I decide to tell Lauren something I’ve been dying to tell her.

“So, I’ve been looking at business buildings.” I start and they look at me like I’m crazy.

“Say what now?” Elise asks.

“I’ve been thinking about getting back on my own two feet.” I tell them. “I’m a qualified hairdresser, I passed with top grades, it’s just when I graduated I decided to get temporary jobs and follow a band around the country. Now, I think it’s time I actually do something. I’d love to own a salon.” I look up from my glass and see they’re all smiling at me.

“That’s great.” Lauren beams at me.

“Have you got any savings?” Drew asks me.

My heart drops. “No, but I’ve been looking around for jobs so I can raise funds but I’ve had no luck yet.”

“Tell me about it.” Drew leans back in her chair on a sigh. “I graduated in beauty therapy and can’t find a job! That’s why I’m working in one of the clubs bars.”

“You’re a beauty therapist?” I ask in shock.

“Don’t let the tattoos fool you.” She laughs. “But this quiet area doesn’t have much like that. They best salons are in London, but I don’t want to work there. Too loud for me.”

“Maybe you two could go into business together.” Lauren adds. “Natasha on the hair, Drew on the beauty side.”

Drew looks to me with bright eyes. “What do you think?”

“I think it’s an amazing idea.” I agree, getting an excited feeling in the pit of my stomach.

“You just have to raise the cash.” Elise reminds us.

“Fuck.” Drew moans and I nod my head in agreement.

“Would you move out?” Lauren asks and I see the slight sadness in her eyes.

“Eventually.” I answer. “I have to spread my wings.” I joke.

“I’ll move in!” Drew raises her hand.

“And listen to your brother banging her every night?” Elise asks.

Drew frowns. “Shit you’re right. I’ll stay with my parents.”

“Because hearing them is so much better.” Lauren laughs.

Drew gives us all the finger and we burst out laughing.

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