Enforcer: Book Four (Princes of Prophecy)

BOOK: Enforcer: Book Four (Princes of Prophecy)
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Princes of Prophecy

Book 4







L. Ann Marie

Since joining Tiny’s family she's always been one of the Brothers. As one of the Officers and HS of the newly formed Princes, she has proven her abilities time and time again. She's a comforter, a protector, an enforcer. And since her attack, she's been untouched.


Jax was sent to school by MC, was part of Family Security then went Nomad. Now part of the Princes, he decided to let his girl know he’s not waiting anymore. The question is - can he break through the wall and get to the soft interior he knows is there? His concern – Will she shoot him before he gets that chance?


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*Content Warning: includes graphic language and sex. Intended for mature audiences 18+

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

All rights reserved.


Princes of Prophecy: Enforcer Book 4

Copyright 2016 © L. Ann Marie

Published by: L. Ann Marie


Editor Steph Nordstrom

Cover by Lori Birkett



ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This book contains material protected under International and Federal Copyright Laws and Treaties. Any unauthorized reprint or use of this material is prohibited. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without express written permission from L. Ann Marie, the author / publisher.


My family; deranged, demented and derailed at times…but they are mine. Love.

Three months earlier 

“What’s up with you and Taylor?”

I pull my eyes away from Lily and the boys. “What do you mean me and Taylor?”

“Just what I said. You spend time with him, but I see him with other women and the whores. So what is up with you and Taylor?”

Does everyone think something’s up with me and Taylor? You’d think Brothers would mind their own fuckin’ business. I feel like an animal at the zoo with everyone looking and scrutinizing every move I make. “First, I’m at the Club when he’s with other women. Second, it’s none of your fuckin’ business.”

He gives me a smile like I asked about his bike. Whatever. “See, I’m making it my business and want to know if you’re with Taylor and the other women or just good friends.”

Who the fuck does he think he is? I stand up deciding a walk on the beach will take me away from Jax and his questions. “Later,” I throw over my shoulder and walk away.

MC Security is on high alert here. One of theirs follows me. I’ve seen this guy, but don’t know him. I can’t believe Little Ben got Phoenix back from fuckin’ kidnappers. Who the fuck tries for a biker’s kid? This world is getting crazier by the minute lately. On the beach I see people walking, well not them, but their shapes. It’s dark as hell out here which suits me just fine. I sit and listen to the waves. Security is far enough away that I don’t feel so closed in.

My mind wanders to Taylor. He’s a good guy, but needs help. I scoff at that. I’m thinking
needs help when I know we both do. We tried helping each other, but it isn’t working. I work enough at the Women’s Center and know I could get help there, but I feel funny about talking to the counselors there.

I need to do something. Everyone is moving on and so sure of their path and I’m stuck in this fuckin’ limbo over something that didn’t even happen to me. My mind is fucked. After going over everything I’ve been through and feeling good about overcoming every single thing that I have, I stand up. Time to try the sleep thing.

My Security walks behind me back to the Bed and Breakfast. The MC inner circle is meeting with Prez. I take the other path and let them talk. There is no way Prez didn’t know about his kid getting taken. With the freaky kids and Dakota, he had to have gotten a warning. I’ve seen what Dakota shows him so why the hell did he let it go on? It has to be about something else. Maybe the Aubrey lesson. Whatever it is, I’m glad he got him back.

Jax is on the porch when I climb the stairs. He shows himself as I hit the top. “You ready to talk to me?”

I keep walking. “No.”

“Suit yourself princess, but my patience only goes so far.”

I look over my shoulder. “I don’t see why your shortcomings are my problem, but thanks for the heads up.” As I’m reaching for the door he spins me around. I reach for my gun but his hand covers mine before I pull it.

“I’ve watched you long enough to know your reactions, Sheila.”

I spin and kick up then punch him in the stomach. He doubles over. “I guess you missed one.” I walk through the door and up to my room wondering what the fuck is up with Jax. He’s always fuckin’ watching me. At first I thought Darren put him on me, but when I asked he smiled then said he didn’t. I flop on the bed thinking he isn’t Security unless we have a threat so it was a stupid question, but what the fuck is up with Jax? He had a bitch, but cut her out when she pulled some shit up at the Club with one of the Club chicks. I never saw him with the Club chick, but he didn’t let his bitch mess with her.

He’s a good guy; I’ve known him since I was a teenager. He ran with Family then went Nomad. I had the biggest crush on him, then he was gone for a while – only showing when they were called for trouble. When he showed here I was surprised. When he took the Officer’s cut, I was shocked – then happy for him opening the garage and finding his place here. I know Prez felt it, getting that respect from someone like Jax is big. Enough about Jax. My head is fucked up enough; I don’t need to start collecting shit in there.

I get up and undress putting my gun by my pillow. I find the bottle I brought then crawl under the covers and shut the light.

Chapter One 

We follow Lily to the Vets’ house two towns over. They split the women to over here, apparently Lily will be working with them. Walking in I see a group sitting in a circle around the living room. I scan every one of them and don’t see or feel a threat so I step in giving Lily the okay to walk in.

Trapper stands and his dog stands with him. “Thanks for coming Lily. Sorry I didn’t give you notice, but the women are here now. I never thought about what they might need that’s different from the men. I’m glad you could fit us in to help fix this.”

Most of the women smile at him. “We’re not broke,” an unsmiling woman says, throwing her attitude around.

Lily looks at her. “One thing about me and the Princes is we aren’t here to coddle you. We’ll put out our hand and help all who are willing to accept it. What we won’t do is put up with attitude when we’re trying to help. Trapper didn’t say you were broke, just that he needed help here and I’ll be able to get a clear picture with you all right here.” The woman stands up and Lily hands me her purse as if I’m a maid. I put it in Trapper’s hand and stand beside Lily.

“I didn’t agree to this. You can take your fuckin’ help, and stuck up ass, right the fuck out the door bitch.” Chevy is in my ear telling Eliza to move.

Lily has her gun on the loud mouthed bitch so fast everyone moves back. “Respect is a funny thing. It takes years to earn it and seconds to lose it.”

Eliza comes running in. “Oh shit.” Some women laugh.

Lily goes on as if nothing is happening around her. “You obviously need help or you wouldn’t be here. That help comes from the Women’s Center and the Princes. I did not get called out just for your hot mess of a show, so how about we all sit and play nice for the cameras. Right about now my husband is sending HS to surround the building. We can lower his stress level by playing nice can’t we?”

The bitch nods and Lily steps back. The woman doesn’t move. “You can have a seat and I’ll put my gun away. If you don’t sit, I will shoot you and deal with shit from Little Ben when I get home tonight. I really wanted to play his secretary again so your shit spilling into my night doesn’t work for me.” Everyone cracks up. She’s a fuckin’ trip. I step forward and the bitch sits.

Trapper is smiling away. Fuckin’ men. “I’ll be behind her,” I tell her, and stand behind the bitch hoping she keeps her mouth shut.

Eliza stands behind Lily and everyone relaxes.

Trapper starts by telling the concerns about the house. Women have a check-in every morning. Just as a way to keep track and let everyone know they’re okay. It’s a magnet on the fridge that gets put on their name. You don’t have to be seen, but you need the magnet moved by 10 a.m. so people aren’t barging in your room to check.

The bitch doesn’t like that and I roll my eyes. Lily gets all but two happy with the procedure and sticks with it. Next they want a clothesline to hang their panties and bras. I roll my eyes again. They called her out for this shit? Lily is right, there are Brothers waiting outside for the word to storm the building, and they wanted to talk about their underwear? Next is a group therapy. It’s easier to work as a team if they feel like one. Now I’m interested and pay attention.

Lily nods and we all watch her think. I almost laugh at their willingness to let her make these decisions, but she’s proven her ability and she’s fuckin’ good at her job. She gives them a program with the group therapy along with group activities. I see where she’s headed with this and smile. She’s good. Getting them into training is in there, but I don’t think they got that. She’ll have them self-sufficient in no time. They’ll have jobs and be pulling for each other the whole way. I see her do it with the shelter women all the time.

“Sheila can you show for the group activities here?” I look at her and narrow my eyes. Why the fuck am I on this? “It’s one night and a Saturday activity.”

She smiles and I want to shoot her fuckin’ toes off. I glare at her and she smiles bigger. Bitch. “Yeah, if I’m not on I can.” I’m requesting nights and fuckin’ weekends. I’m all for giving back, but not with whiny fuckin’ women.

Trapper claps his hands together. “This is good. They wanted self-defense training too.”

I look at them. “You’re all military.”

One woman laughs. “I was a medic.”

Another raises her hand. “I worked in supply.”

I put my hand up. “Alright I’ll do training as the activity. I don’t do fuckin’ whining so if you don’t want the class don’t fuckin’ show up.”

Eliza nods seriously. “They shoot people for whining. Just don’t show up.” She looks at me and I’m holding my smile. “I’ll help with training.” I nod, glad she said it, she’s a better trainer than I am. I think she’s doing Taylor’s classes again.

“So are we done here?” Lily asks with that big smile on. Bitch.

“Can we get more vegetables and ice cream? We keep getting cakes and shit but salads and ice cream would be better.”

Lily looks surprised. “Your Resident Assistant can add or take off anything from the food order.”

“He’s a guy, he got one tub of ice cream delivered last month.”

Lily looks around shocked and I breathe slow so I don’t laugh. “How the hell do you get through a week with one friggin ice cream flavor? I’ll fix this. If it’s space, I’ll get a freezer in. No. I’ll just order the freezer and have it stocked every month. That’s fuckin’ crazy. There are seventeen women in this house.” She looks at me as if it’s my fault. I put my hands up and Eliza laughs.

Lily looks at Trapper. “Was there anything else Trapper?”

“Yes. Last thing, they want the dogs too.”

I look away. The picture of Alex and Prince that pops in my head always makes me laugh. Lily says Trapper can get that set up with Alex. He says he needs a woman to show. I roll my eyes.

“They’re women that need a hand not the shelter women. I think they can deal with men for a couple of hours to pet the fuckin’ dogs. You’re coddling them, thinking they need to be separate because they’re weak. They fought for us. Aside from the panties, they’re normal everyday women that live in the same world as men do, they don’t need the shield. Jesus next we’ll be singing campfire songs.” They look surprised I spoke then they all laugh, even Trapper. I look at Lily. I’m done here.

She nods. “Sheila is right. You don’t need me to set that up and it doesn’t have to be a woman. I get why you’re doing it like that, but it isn’t necessary. I think they should be on the same crews working with the men so I’m not segregating them.” The women smile. Lily made some friends. We get the fuck out with Security laughing in my ear. They get their ice cream and panty lines and the guys think it’s funny. Whatever.

We get Lily back to the Center and Prez walks through the door. He has a serious look on his face and I hope Lily isn’t in trouble. Shit.

“Glad you’re on with the women training,” he says walking by me. I watch him close her office door then look at Eliza.

“We done here?” I want to get out while I can.

“We have a court transport, mom and two kids.” She’s flipping through our book at Deirdre’s desk.

I don’t mind the court runs, we had a pussy try to run us off the road last week. I beat the shit out of him for scaring the kids. Men can be assholes. “Let’s get lunch.”

She drops the book and smiles. “Grinder?”

I nod and walk out. I love working with Eliza. She’s easy. She doesn’t talk, take, or give shit to anyone. She lived in hell, then I put her through hell, and she’s still sweet – but deadly.

We climb in my Rubicon and I jet us down to the Deli. I love this place. They make it the same every time. Eliza is like me and gets the same grinder. This makes it easy. They’re making our order when they see me pull up.

After lunch we head to court. Afternoon sessions are usually pretty quick. We wait for a Center worker to bring our woman in the side door. The room we wait in is the first door so this is usually not a problem. Of course, today it’s a problem. As the woman walks in behind the worker, a man rushes toward the door. I put my arm out and he slaps it down. “Oh no you didn’t.” I swing my body toward him and punch him in the face. “Never put your hands on a woman. Ever!”

Eliza gets the woman and kids in the room and I stay outside watching the pussy leaning against the wall, whining about having a black eye. “You stay away from me, this room, and your soon to be ex-wife.” He’s holding his eye as if that’s going to help. His lawyer pulls him away to the benches down the hall.

I hear bikes and step closer to the door looking out. PD is transporting someone that gets an escort. When I turn back the pussy has his hand on the door. I shove him against the door jam and he yells about police brutality.

His lawyer comes running. “What did you do to my client?”

Really? He beats the fuck out of his wife and kids, but he questions me about a bloody nose? “Pushed him and he hit the wall where he isn’t supposed to be. We have video if you want to watch.” I point up at the camera.

He pulls a handkerchief out of his inside pocket and I laugh. I didn’t know they even made them anymore. He gives me a look and walks his pussy back to the bench. “That’s two pussy-boy. One more and I shoot you.”

His lawyer looks shocked. He’s not a regular. “You can’t shoot him!”

“He comes my way again and I not only can – but will. You aren’t from around here. I suggest you ask someone how this works and do it quick before I shoot the motherfucker.” He’s shocked again, but I turn with my back against the wall.

I smile when a lawyer I know walks in. “Hey Pinkard.”

He nods and walks by. The pussy’s lawyer stops him and asks how things work here. I laugh. Pinkard looks at the guy, then his lawyer. “The way they should, old fashioned justice is what you’ll get here. Listen and pay attention, no one here likes to repeat themselves.”

He asks if I’d really shoot his client and Pinkard laughs. “She gives you three chances. The judge doesn’t like men that put fear into women. You’ll get no sympathy from him.” He walks away and I smile at the pussy looking at me with no color except the blood and bruise on his face.

We get called and I knock on the door. The pussy didn’t know it, but he couldn’t have gotten in.

Eliza takes one side, I get the other and we walk our girl to the courtroom behind her pussy almost-ex. The kids don't need to hear all this so they stay coloring and shit in the room.

The woman tells the judge what she went through and why she needs a restraining order. I want to shoot the bastard and glare at him. He looks down until his lawyer stands. The judge asks what happened to him and he points to me. It’s all over before his lawyer says a word and I know it. The judge’s eyes get hard, but he listens. “So you’re saying your client never left his wife tied to the bed for weeks on end?” The lawyer stutters and the judge tells him to sit. He looks at the pussy. “Answer the question.”

“Not weeks. She’s exaggerating,” he growls it out and the judge’s eyes narrow. This idiot should have kept his mouth shut.

“How long?”

“Two weeks tops. The other times were just days.” He moves his hands like it was nothing.

I put my hand over my mouth and laugh.

“When was the last time?”

The moron looks down. His lawyer is telling him to shut up. He looks at the judge. “Last week. As soon as I let her out, she took off.” His righteous indignation has me smiling right out.

The judge looks at the woman and tells the worker to come to the bench. We wait while they talk and the pussy’s lawyer is pissed. When the worker comes back she goes to our lawyer and Eliza, “I need a report for kidnapping, bodily harm and rape.”

Eliza pulls her tablet and starts writing. She asks the client questions and has her sign the tablet then sends the report off. The judge calls a recess for fifteen minutes and we wait some more. I smile at the pussy’s lawyer who is sweating right now.

When the judge comes back, our lawyer stands. “Your honor I believe the restraining order is justified and there is a warrant out for the defendant.”

The pussy’s lawyer jumps up objecting and Eliza laughs. We’re ordered to take the pussy into custody. The restraining order is in place and the woman hugs the worker. Life is good.

The pussy’s lawyer says he’s going to complain to the Judicial Review Board and the judge laughs at him. I love it when the system works. Prez has the judges covered and every complaint gets rescinded.

Strapper gets transport to pick up the pussy and we follow, checking out. We spend maybe twenty to thirty hours a week on Center Security. Occasionally we’re called to assist PD during our five-hour patrol shift, then we have five training hours because we’re HS. Today is a training day. I take the range and Eliza does pop ups. My time goes by quickly, giving pointers and moving the people that are ready, up to moving targets. This is one area that we follow closely. You have to hit dead center to move up. With all men in the class it’s normal to get a loudmouth that knows everything. We're almost done and I get a loudmouth.

Today is my day for the shit for brains men. “I’m moving,” I’m told as the dipshit walks by me.

“No. You move when I say you move.” He keeps going. “One shot goes off and you’re out.”

He spins around pissed. He’s got a good seventy pounds on me and leans in close. “Step back before you can’t.”

BOOK: Enforcer: Book Four (Princes of Prophecy)
5.24Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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