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Dillon (Scandals Book 1)

BOOK: Dillon (Scandals Book 1)
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Copyright© 2016 Hazel Gower



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Cover Artist: Jay Aheer


Editor: Karyn White







WARNING: The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal.  No part of this book may be used or reproduced electronically or in print without written permission, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in reviews.


This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, and places are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.





To my wonderful family, thanks for letting Mummy spend half her time in front of her laptop.

A huge thank you to Diana Stager Thomas for all her help in getting this book just right.

I also want to thank Karyn White and Evernight Publishing. Thank you.





Scandals, 1


Hazel Gower


Copyright © 2016




Chapter One



I stood behind the VIP girls crowding the backstage entrance, waiting for the boy band and their dancers to finish.

The screaming, squealing and cheers got louder around me, and I saw the dancers come from the stage. My friend Sarah came straight to me and hugged me tight.

“I’m so happy you’re here.” The fans screaming for an encore made it difficult to hear. “We are going to have so much fun.” Before I could reply, a lady with a clipboard and an earpiece headset handed her a water and a towel. Sarah gulped down the whole bottle, then handed it back before wiping the sweat from her face. Sarah winked at me. “Wait here. We do a two song encore and then I’ll come right back.”

I nodded. “Sure! See you soon. You look amazing.” She did. I couldn’t remember Sarah ever looking that vibrant. She smiled, turned, and ran back out onto the stage.

Squeezing through the bunch of girls to get myself closer, I watched my friend as she danced. She was a natural.

I stood close to the stage entry watching the band and dancers, barely able to hear the music over the fangirls screaming. Law, the only blond in the group, was currently singing. Alec, the one who seemed to work out a bit too much and looked like a body builder instead of a guy in a boy band, sang backup with the help of Zeck. I thought Zeck was gorgeous, with his long hair and a face that was meant for fame. Dillon, the fourth member, was pumping up the crowd, clapping his hands and throwing streamers and balloons to them. He then went to the backup dancers and danced with them. For some reason I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He could move. He had perfect rhythm, and as I stared at him I wondered what it would be like to move my body against his.  I started swaying to the music, and tingles shimmied through me the more my thoughts strayed to our bodies dancing together.

Dillon turned from the dancer and focused on the crowd. I almost stopped breathing when I heard him sing. It was deep, manly, and
so good
. Sure I’d heard the band’s songs before on the radio, but I had no idea who sang which part. Holy panting wetting hotness, when Dillon sang he became the hottest member of the group. I imagined him singing only to me in a private session later in the hotel rooms, and I almost melted on the spot just thinking of that fantasy. A pounding started ringing in my ears, and it took me a moment to realize it was my heartbeat picking up, and I was jumping up and down. Oh no, I’d turned into a fangirl! Backing away before I started screaming too, I went and found a spot away from some of the chaos. If one performance had me reacting this way, by the end of my vacation I was doomed to be a boy-band-chasing groupie.


Two days later

“Let’s go to the after-party tonight, Ashlyn. It won’t be big. Just the band and dancers.” Sarah and I had gone two nights without going to any band functions. After she finished a show, we’d go back to our room, talk, order room service, and go to bed early so we could get up and get some sightseeing in before Sarah had to be back for rehearsals.

“Are you sure I’m invited to go?”

Sarah nodded. “Yep. I told everyone you were with me, and they’re looking forward to meeting you.”

“Oh okay then, let’s go.” My stomach was a mass of butterflies. I hoped my strange reaction to Dillon was just a one-off thing. Whatever did happen, I promised myself I would have fun. I’d spent two days worrying when I should have just let go. This was a vacation. A time to enjoy being young and free.

When we arrived at the penthouse it wasn’t what I expected. It was lavish, sure, but it looked more like a high end home. The lounge room we came into was decked out in neutral brown and cream tones. There were two cream sofas and two matching recliners.

Three of the five dancers sat on the ground, and two sat on the sofas with the four members of Right Time. It didn’t look like a party, more like a get-together of close friends.

“Hi. Sorry we’re late. This here is my bestie, Ashlyn.” Sarah squeezed my shoulders, and I glanced at her to see a huge smile spread across her face.

Everyone turned and introduced themselves. Listening to the introductions gave me my first chance to get a good close up look at the boy band. Law was sitting on the sofa closest to where Sarah and I stood. His blond hair was gelled back in a short cut, and his big blue eyes looked up at me with warmth. Alec sat next to Law. He was solid, even bigger up close, with a military style haircut and serious brown eyes peering out from his boyish features. Zeck was in the recliner on the opposite side of Law and Alec, his thick brown hair swirling in glossy waves about his shoulders. He was
. I mean, I thought he was gorgeous when I’d seen him on TV and photos, but this close he was even better. The last of the boy group, the one I’d saved to look at until last because I was scared of what he’d made me feel the last time I saw him, was the furthest from where I stood.

Dillon. Amateurish tatts covered his arms, and I had to wonder why someone so wealthy couldn’t have sprung for better ink. His hair was longer in the front and short at the back. It wasn’t black nor was it brown.

“Hey, Ashlyn. I like the name.” Dillon sent a chin lift my way. Damn, the deep raspiness of his voice was making me melt. I could listen to him all night.  He looked back up to my face, and I was captured by intense green eyes. My heartbeat sped up until I could only hear it thumping in my ears. My body started to tingle, and I had to admit that the whole package of Dillon did something to me. He might not be my usual type, but he sure was making me hot and bothered right now. 

Sarah tugged my arm, breaking me out of my staring match with Dillon. I glanced at her, and she pointed to Law and Alec, who had moved so we could sit between them. Thank God. I didn’t want to be any closer to Dillon, and the only other space I could see was by him. As I sat, I felt his gaze following me, and something didn’t feel right. Or maybe it was that his gaze on me felt all too right. My skin prickled, and my belly tightened in awareness. I’d never had this strong reaction to a guy before.

“So Ashlyn, Sarah tells us you’re our guest for the next week,” Zeck said.

Grateful for the distraction, I turned toward him. “Um, yeah. I’m on three weeks’ vacation.”

“Three weeks? Sarah said you were only with us for a little over a week.” This was said by one of the dancers, whose name I couldn’t remember because I’d been focused on Dillon when Sarah introduced her.

“I’m only staying with the tour for a week. Once we get to America I’m going to do some exploring on my own.” My first taste of freedom. My two overprotective brothers made going on any adventure, or basically having a life, hard. Thank God my parents were more trusting.

“Where?” Dillon’s thick Yorkshire accent made the one word sound harsh. I looked at Dillon. His eyes were laser focused on me, and his lips were in a firm line. He did not look happy.

What the hell had I done? Had I said something? “What do you mean where?”

“Where you gonna explore, lov’?”

If my parents hadn’t been English themselves and I hadn’t grown up with their accents, I would have had to concentrate to understand him. I bit my lip and looked at the others around me. Half of them were now talking in their own conversation obviously not interested in me, but Zeck and Dillon were waiting for me to answer and even though he seemed to be in a bad mood, I was eager to listen to Dillon talk more.

“I’m going to explore the south. Visit Miami, New Orleans, and go to Key West.”

They both nodded. “It’s nice there.” Zeck grinned. “Key West is a favorite.”

“You shouldn’t be going by yourself.” I must have still been feeling jet lagged because I was sure there was a growl to Dillon’s voice.

His attitude was starting to piss me off. He sounded just like my brothers. “I’m a big girl. I’ll be fine on my own.” I smiled at Zeck and shot a tight smile Dillon’s way, but it slipped when Dillon stood up and glared at me.

Dillon looked me up and down, and my damn body heated. “It’s not very smart going off traveling by yourself. Are you even conscious of your safety?

What a wanker.
He may have had my body aching to touch him, but he didn’t know me. I really shouldn’t care what he thought, but for some reason his rudeness got to me. “Not that it’s any of your business, but I’ve made sure all the places I’m staying at have good reputations. I’m also checking in with my family daily so they know where I am and that I’m safe.”
Ha, there.
I felt like I wanted to stick my tongue out at him, but knew that might be a little immature.

Dillon’s gaze narrowed. I crossed my arms over my chest and stared him down, feeling victorious when he grunted, turned and walked away without saying another word.
Argh, what a wanker.
I plonked back down in the seat, looked over to Zeck and saw a flash of momentary shock as he watched his friend leave.

Zeck shook his head. “Sorry he’s on his rags.”

The serious tone and straight face Zeck said this with had me laughing so hard, I held my stomach. I could tell this week was going to be interesting.



Two nights later

I couldn’t stop staring at her again. Ashlyn. My dick was so hard over her it was painful. There was something about her. She was pretty, but nothing like any of the models. I’d dated before. I glanced down at her ample cleavage. Those skinny girls I’d been with sure as hell didn’t have tits like Ashlyn. But since first seeing her two nights ago not only had I not been able to stop looking at her, I wasn’t able to stop thinking of her. I liked that she wasn’t afraid to put me in my place. No one did that with me anymore. She’d been hot the other night when I’d gotten her all worked up. A few times I thought I’d caught her staring at me, but tonight she wouldn’t even turn my way. She sat at the end of the restaurant table, avoiding my gaze, and it was driving me nuts.

How could this woman not be interested? Everyone was interested me. I caught her brown eyed gaze, and her long lashes dropped. She stood to her five foot five height, straightened her dress and smoothed the fabric over her flat stomach. I watched her breasts jiggle as she fixed herself up. What would those beauties look like in the flesh? Gazing up, I saw her already thin lips thin even more as she looked over at me and then left the table.

I needed to talk to her. I needed to do something. These feelings were driving me crazy. Maybe if I fucked her, I could get her out of my system. Not bothering to excuse myself, I followed Ashlyn out into the back of the restaurant courtyard. She was standing near an outdoor table looking up at the night sky.

Slowly I came up beside her. “Does it have the answers?”

Ashlyn jumped and bumped against the table, almost falling onto it. I grabbed her without even thinking and gathered her against me, securing her so she wouldn’t fall.

“You scared me.” I caught the hitch in her voice as she stared up at me.

“Sorry.” I wasn’t, because right now her body was pressed against mine and God, did it feel good. It felt right. Reaching up I caressed her cheek. “There is something between us,” I whispered. I could feel her chest rise and fall quicker. “Tell me you feel it?”

“I … I, yes. Yes, I feel it.” Her fingers tightened on my arms, and she leaned into me.

I had her. Now to close the deal. “Let’s go back and fuck it out?”


Palming her arse, I squeezed. “Let’s go work this chemistry between us out in a bed. Or even here on the table is fine with me.” I raised my eyebrows up and down.

“Wanker!” She whacked my chest and stomped on my foot.

Startled, I let go of her. “Fuck.”
What the hell?
Had I read this wrong?

“You’re a dick. I can’t believe you almost had me, but then you opened your stupid mouth.” She turned to leave, and because I’m obviously an idiot, I grabbed her.

“No, wait. That’s not what I meant.” She tugged her arm free and kicked me. Bloody hell, this wasn’t how it was supposed to go. My body was hot, and I couldn’t believe how turned on I was from the little contact I’d had with her. I had to get her to give me a chance. She walked away, and I called after her. “Please. Please just give me a chance. I can’t stop thinking about you, and it’s driving me nuts. Please.”

I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had to beg, but it seemed to be working. Ashlyn stopped, turned, and narrowed her gaze for a moment or two and just stared at me. I hoped she found whatever she was looking for because I swore my dick could hammer a fucking nail, it was so damn hard.

She sighed. “Talking. That’s it.”

I nodded because I seriously didn’t trust my voice right then. Moving to her, I reached for her hand. She hesitated before letting me thread my fingers through hers. Together we walked to the back of the restaurant and left the way we came in. Three black SUVs sat waiting, and we got into the one closest to the exit. I told the driver to drive to our Edinburgh hotel.

The car was silent. Ashlyn gazed out the window like she was searching for something. Even though neither of us said anything, the air sizzled between us. I looked down to see our hands still joined and squeezed her delicate fingers, liking the warmth against my own. She squeezed back, and my body tingled with an awareness that I’d never felt for a woman, and I’d been with a lot of women. I was young and in the world’s most popular boy band, and I used that to my advantage. This feeling with Ashlyn though, it was different from the lust or plain want I’d felt with other women. “You feel it, don’t you?” 

BOOK: Dillon (Scandals Book 1)
12.91Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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