Defenders of Kron - The Black Dragon

BOOK: Defenders of Kron - The Black Dragon
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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events or locales is entirely coincidental.


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  1. Home Sweet Home
  2. The Village Market
  3. Weather Wolves
  4. The Search Party
  5. Two Strangers
  6. The Silent Captive
  7. Hunter Village
  8. The Second Attack
  9. The Blue Mountains
  10. The Sicil Pendent
  11. The Ghost Town
  12. Lion’s Inn
  13. The Enchanted Castle
  14. The Witch Valley
  15. In the Underground Market
  16. Travel to the Troll Mountains
  17. Troll Dungeons
  18. Mordok
  19. Escape from the Dark Prison
  20. The Krigan’s Lair
  21. The Palace of Thodin
  22. The Training
  23. The Black Dragon
  24. The Final Flight
  25. The Journey Ahead




About the Author


Ritu Ghosh is the author of the Defenders of Kron Series.


An adventurer at heart, Ritu Ghosh grew up being a story teller to her kid brother and friends who followed her around to listen to her stories, which were usually entrenched in Mystery, Magic and great Adventures. 


She has written fantasy, horror and other short stories for many magazines. Ritu's insatiable thirst for learning new things had taken her on a great journey of personal adventure where she has explored many disciplines from film & production, design, teaching, business & marketing and everything in between. She ran a successful Social Media marketing firm before she got back to writing full time. 


Ritu currently lives in Bangalore, India with her husband and loves to cook, read and go on adventures of her own.






This book is dedicated to all

the Fantasy Adventure lovers out there.



The Map Of Kron




Sword of the Giants

Grace of the Lights

Blood of Man

And Magic so Bright



Chapter 1


Home Sweet Home



“Fireworks!!!” Aaron said as he opened his eyes with the first rays of sun. He was excited about the Village festival. The rumors of fireworks were all around. He was aching to ask his uncle if it’s true.

Aaron jumped out of his big cozy bed pushing the covers aside. Rubbing his eyes he walked to the window, outside the sun was still coming out, the fields looked pale blue. All the farm animals were fast asleep. Aaron knew he had to wait till his uncle wakes up. The pleasant breeze brought the smell of fresh spring.

Aaron waited for the spring to come every year. It was his favorite time of the year. The trees were full of all kind of fruits and flowers and the harvesting was at its peak. Everyone in the village was happy at this time. The Village festival was coming.

Every year, the entire village of Brinsar got together and celebrated the Harvest-Festival. They had many shows, parades, feasts and a big Carnival. The festival was quite large and people from far away would come to see this festival and participate in it.

Aaron thought about the fireworks in the upcoming Harvest-Festival. The fireworks meant something magical to him. It would light up the night sky and loud sounds would be heard. Aaron knew fireworks were made by magic but he had never seen any before. Ever since Mr.Draug of the elder council told him about the Fireworks, he couldn’t wait to confirm this with his uncle.

He sat on his bed, wondering what other surprises this festival may hold. Last time, there was an exhibition of Swords and Knifes from the Old Kingdoms. Even though he couldn’t really afford anything, Aaron got a liking towards Swords. And since then, he had practiced everyday with his Cousin Mathew’s Sword.

He reached for the Sword kept on the table next to his bed and held it in his hands. It was still quite heavy for him, but he practiced a few strokes he had learned from Mathew.

‘Not quiet there..’
he thought to himself and practiced a few more strokes. Finally, when he was satisfied with his practice, he put the sword away and picked up a book kept beside his pillow. The book he was reading the night before.

Aaron’s uncle, Mr.Santas taught him how to read. Not many were fortunate enough to go the big city and learn under the supervision of the High Priest. But, Mathew did. He was a curious kid; he always wanted to learn about the world. Mathew sent Aaron many books from the city. Some of these books had pictures in them, some had facts and figures and some had interesting stories.

Aaron’s favorites were always the story books. Especially, the ones with adventures in them. As Aaron read a chapter from his book, he was lost in the story of the brave Prince and his glory.

Suddenly, the smell of fresh cheese filled his nose before he could read any further and his stomach grumbled. The breakfast seemed to be ready. So he walked downstairs carefully, not to make any sounds which was considered bad manners in the house.

He reached the kitchen, Mrs. Renn had already served big heaps of food on large silver trays. The kitchen table was as full as usual with different kinds of fruits, three kinds of breads and freshly prepared cheese. Everything was neatly arranged, there was also butter laid out on the table. As soon as she saw Aaron, she handed him a cup of his favorite tea, chamomile.

“You are the first to arrive today, my dear!” Mrs. Renn said with a gentle smile.

Mrs. Renn has worked in the house for as long as Aaron could remember. His aunt Martha had passed away after Mathew’s birth. Since then, Mrs. Renn was appointed as the cook and house keeper. She was very fond of Aaron and his little brother Brandon.

Aaron smiled and sat down to eat to his heart’s content. Soon, he heard tiny footsteps rushing towards the kitchen. Brandon came running towards Mrs. Renn and hugged her.

“My goodness! Come here Brandy” she hugged him back and made him sit on the chair. “Now, have your breakfast like a good boy, just like Aaron!” She said.

Brandon looked at Aaron with his big eyes, as if he was surprised to see Aaron there before him.
But soon, he was distracted with a little bug sitting on the window sill.

“Looks like everybody is here today before me” Came a heavy voice from the hall. Aaron’s Uncle Mr. Sentas entered the kitchen and sat down near Aaron.

“Good morning uncle!” Said Aaron.

“Good morning Aaron!” uncle replied.

“Good morning Brandon!” Mr. Sentas looked at the small boy who was now standing with the small-bug in his palm.

“Good morning!” said Brandon, with a big smile with two broken teeth in the front.

Mrs. Renn caught Brandon again and put him in his chair, in front of his breakfast.

‘Uncle Sentas is in an unusual good mood today
’ wondered Aaron enjoying his bread and butter.

“Mathew will be here today evening!” uncle Sentas announced in excitement.

“Matt?! That is so amazing!” Aaron exclaimed and Brandon joined in as well.

“Yes! He is coming for the festival” said Uncle Sentas.

“Uncle” Aaron said, “Will there be fireworks at the festival this time?”

“Hmm… how did you know?...” uncle Smirked.

“So, it’s true?!” Aaron almost jumped out of his chair.

“Well, the final word has not been given yet, but after today’s meeting I will confirm that.”

BOOK: Defenders of Kron - The Black Dragon
4.49Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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