Dec's Downfall: (A Brothers of Devil's Comfort Book 5) (Brothers of Devil's Comfort MC)

BOOK: Dec's Downfall: (A Brothers of Devil's Comfort Book 5) (Brothers of Devil's Comfort MC)
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Dec’s Downfall


A Brothers of Devil’s Comfort MC

Series 1 Book 5



Brair Lake






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The work in this book is the product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to person either living or dead, places, events or locations is purely incidental. The characters and storyline are a work of fiction. The Devil's Comfort MC is about escapism and does not reflect real life in any way.


Author’s Notes

The sexual content in the book is loosely based on BDSM and therefore I haven’t covered all the bases. However, what I have done is create a page on my webpage called Ivy’s Diary. This page is not available to the public in general and the only way to access the page is to purchase Dec’s Downfall to obtain a copy of the password.     Brair Lake 2015





The moment I saw Ivy Reynolds I knew I was in trouble. At my first sighting of the redheaded witch, my body became hard and I became obsessed. Then she left Comfort Springs on the back of another biker and I wasn’t having that. Ivy Reynolds is mine. And if I have to lie to get her to return to Comfort Springs – Then that’s just what I’ll do.

Declan Gallagher is a Badass Biker and the Sargent at Arms for Devil’s Comfort MC. From the first moment I, set eyes on him, I knew he would be trouble for me and so I ran. Now there’s no more running, I’m returning to Comfort Springs as a favor to the biker. Can I accept the darker side of life?


The Men of Devil’s Comfort are tough alpha men. Who love to ride their bikes on the open roads of Louisiana and when they are not riding, they party hard and rule Comfort Springs, a small town located near The Mississippi River.

This book contains explicit sex and is intended for mature audience of 18+ only

There are acts of sexual nature that some people may find offensive. If you are one of these people, please do not purchase or read. This book contains, self-pleasure, anal play (male and female), sex toys, strong language. BDSM, exhibition and voyeurism.

The Devil's Comfort MC Series is about escapism and does not reflect real life in anyway.


If this offends you in any way. Please do not purchase.







 Prologue                                                        Chapter 17

Chapter 1                                                        Chapter 18

Chapter 2                                                        Chapter 19

Chapter 3                                                        Chapter 20

Chapter 4                                                        Chapter 21

Chapter 5                                                        Chapter 22

Chapter 6                                                        Chapter 23

Chapter 7                                                        Chapter 24

Chapter 8                                                        Chapter 25

Chapter 9                                                        Chapter 26

Chapter 10                                                        Chapter 27

Chapter 11                                                        Chapter 28

Chapter 12                                                        Chapter 29

Chapter 13                                                        Chapter 30

Chapter 14                                                        Chapter 31

Chapter 15                                                        Epilogue

Chapter 16                                         
























Shit, my head hurts. Three days in New Orleans have failed to cure me of the demon who plagues me. When the idea of going to the city to visit one of the BDSM clubs had popped into my head, it had seemed like a great idea. Instead, the three intensive days of play have left me unsatisfied.

The whore’s at the club have long lost their appeal to me. Due to my lack of interest in the skanks, I repeatedly find my thoughts drifting to Ivy, and I have come to the conclusion, the witch has unmanned me. Ivy is my red headed goddess. My Aphrodite. Shit, just thinking of her was making my cock hard.

When I spot the sign for Comfort Springs, I swing the bike into the direction of the apartment I was subletting from Fudge. Who would have thought that that particular ladies’ man would settle down? Fuck, he wasn’t the only one either. Over the last few years, I’ve sat back and watched, as one by one, my brothers have all fallen, and settled into domestic bliss.

Maybe that’s why, I’m thinking of Ivy in the way that I do. As I watch from the sidelines, my brothers are finding happiness, and maybe, just maybe, I want a little of that magic for myself. Fuck, I’m reaching forty, and I’m not as immortal as I would like to believe.

A few years ago, I wouldn’t have been thinking of matrimony. I love my life the way it is. I’ve done the marriage malarkey and it hadn’t been for me. Over the years, the life, which I lead, suited me. Now, thanks to a certain redhead. I am contemplating more. Fuck, she left me, and she left Comfort Springs on the back of another bike.

As the private apartment block came into view, I released a yawn. A couple of hours in bed should soon see me refreshed, and then I’ll hit the club. Catch up with the brothers and check out the next run. As I park the bike, I remember I need to call Sinbad, the President of The Scarlet Runners. Something else, which I need to add to my to do list. The list on the fridge was never ending. Hell the brothers would laugh if they ever found out about that fucking list.

When I step out of the elevator, the music from my apartment is loud and clear. Fuck, how much longer was I to put up with Fudge’s sister? She was a bitch who was finding far too much enjoyment at my expense. Fuck, Fudge was a damn nuisance. It was fine if he wanted to put a blanket ban on the brothers from touching his sister. However, did he have to forbid me from bringing women back to the apartment, not that I would have. Although I moved in to Fudge’s apartment, I still held on to my room at the club. A room, which isn’t seeing much action at the moment.

“Yvette, turn that racket off. I’m going to bed.”

Yvette’s dark head rises from the newspaper she is reading. Her brown eyes laughing at me, as she flashed a toothy grin. Although the young woman was beautiful, she never caused my cock to stir. Good fucking job, because it’s bad enough that Ivy has my dick, without having Fudge dismembering it off.


“Don’t you have a fucking job to go to?”

“Hey. There’s no need to take your frustration out on me.”

The woman was a pain in the butt. Shit, I’m sure life would be easier if I just moved back into the club. Yet over the last few months, I have come to enjoy the privacy of the apartment. Even with Yvette here, it was proving to be quieter than the club.

“So, what about your job?”

“Never mind my job. Have you seen this article?”

Yvette is waving the paper she was reading towards me. Her finger is pointing at a photograph, and as I squint my eyes to peer closer at the picture, the rhythm of my heart increases.

“What the fuck is Flynn doing in the paper?”

Sure enough, there was a photograph of Flynn Roberts, brother and fighter of Devil’s Comfort, and standing next to him, was none other than Ivy. All thoughts of going to bed have diminished as I make a grab for the paper, which Yvette has now placed behind her back.

“Pass it over Yvette.”

“Ask prettily.”

If it was not for the fact the woman was Fudge’s new found sister, I think I would have put her over my knee and given her the spanking she deserved.

“Yvette. Hand over the paper.”

“Nope. Dec, why don’t you go to Las Vegas, and get your girl?”

For weeks, Yvette has been dropping subtle hints. Ever since the night, we had gotten drunk in the apartment, and I had revealed my obsession of Ivy to her. Shit, I still find it hard to believe that night had happened.

“Come on Dec. Screwing anything in a skirt isn’t going to bring Ivy back. You need to go fight for her.”

“You mean fight Flynn?”

Shit, I was Devil’s Comforts Sargent at Arms, and a damn fine fighter. That, however, did not mean I was stupid enough to take on Flynn Roberts again. I had done it once, and lost the fight.

“No. Go woo your girl.”

“Have you been speaking to my mother again?”

“Come on Dec, to listen to both you and Twiggy, she sounds like a nice person.”

Yvette Winchester has a big mouth and is a bit of a gossip.

“What have you said to Twiggy?”

“Nothing. Just that he mentioned he’s going to Las Vegas. And I thought…”

The idea of going to Las Vegas is becoming more plausible as I sit and read the article about Flynn. He has a defending fight coming up, and I’m sure Inferno and the brothers will not mind if I take off for a few days. I miss Ivy. I missed her more than I had imagined it was possible to.

“I don’t know Yvette. I tried to stop her, but she still went.”

“Well, maybe you didn’t try hard enough.”

“I’ll think about it.”

Yvette rolled her eyes at me, as she made a grab for the paper.

“Yeah, you think about it. And maybe while you’re thinking about it, Ivy will take up with one of the guys from Sour Mash.”

I always knew the girl was barmy, but when had Sour Mash come into the equation. Yvette has pulled her body round to me. Her knees tucked into my side, as she jabbed me in the arm.

“Hey, if you’re going to Las Vegas with Twiggy. Do you think Fudge will allow me to tag along? Then, when you’re off wooing Ivy, I’ll distract the guys from Sour Mash.”

Once more, I look at the beautiful girl next to me. This woman has gone through hell, and she wasn’t letting it get her down.

“Find out when Twiggy leaves for Las Vegas.”





Chapter 1

“Hey, are you coming for a run?”

Flynn Roberts was looking disgustingly fresh this morning, while my head was pounding, and he wanted to know, if I was going for a run. Over the top of my coffee mug, I give, what I hope is my deadliest glare. I hadn’t finished work until gone three this morning, and instead of returning to Flynn’s apartment. I had gone for a long drive, hoping to clear my head. A drive, which hasn’t helped at all. No, a run is the furthest thing from my mind. As soon as I finish my coffee, I’m off to bed. With a rueful shake of my head, I rise from the table to place my empty cup in the sink.

“Not today Flynn. All my plans consist of bed and crashing.”




The spare room in Flynn’s apartment was tiny, and I know I shouldn’t complain. After all, where else was I going to get accommodation at the rate Flynn is charging me? As tired as I am, as soon as I sit on the bed, I became alert, and began to pace the room, coming to stop by the window. Damn, I wish someone had told me how bright, yet how barren this place was. I was missing the bayou. The trees and the lakes. Here everything was plastic and I was hating it.

The day I left Comfort Springs, Dec had followed and tried to persuade me not to leave. That had been six weeks ago. From what Ellie tells me in our too infrequent calls, it appears as though Dec has moved on. Who can blame him? Didn’t I tell him to leave me alone?

Three paces is all it takes for me to reach my bed. On the bed lay my cell, which I glared at, hesitant to pick it up. With a drupe to my shoulders, I dropped onto the mattress, bouncing slightly as I landed. It may be six weeks since I last saw Dec; it however, wasn’t that long since I last thought of him.


Flynn was standing at the door. His eyes searching my face, as he traced my features.

“I’m fine Flynn.”

“No you’re not.”

“I am. Anyway, did I tell you I have a date tonight, with Cayden?”

“You’ll not date a biker, but you’ll date a rocker.”

Flynn’s quirky eyebrow brought a grin to my face. He was a good-looking fella, even with the broken nose and chipped tooth.

“I dated you. Didn’t I?”

“One date does not count Ivy.”

“Go for your run Flynn. I’ll be fine.”

At first, I thought Flynn was going to remain where he was. Then, with a nod in my direction, he left the doorway. The gentle thud of the main door closing confirms that Flynn has left the apartment. Now that Flynn is no longer in the building, all pretense of being tired, soon evaporated and I went and made myself another coffee.

Flynn was right. Las Vegas was supposed to be a new beginning for me. Instead, I was stuck in the past, finding it difficult to let go of a red headed biker. When I left the bedroom, I collected my cell off the bed, and twirled the instrument in my hand. When it landed face up, I swiped the front and entered the password and Dec’s number was glaring at me. My thumb continues to hover over the call button. Shit, what the hell am I doing? Disgusted with myself, I threw the cell across the kitchen table, watching it as it slid across the top, until it came to a stop at the edge.

Flynn’s right, I don’t date bikers. Especially redheaded ones, who are into kinky sex. When I close my eyes, I can easily recall the image of Dec’s room, and the whore who was chained to the ceiling. Why the hell I went to his room that night I don’t know? Too much to drink, I figure. To think I was going to give in and proposition the bastard. Damn, the man had sent the pulses in my pussy racing when I had seen him in his glorified nakedness. At first, I hadn’t noticed the girl; I had been so occupied by Dec’s naked form. It had been the muffled sound, which had drawn my attention to the blond skank, whose mouth was gagged.

My escape had been to dance with Sundance. Maybe even to seduce the biker. Yet on the dance-floor, although he had held me close, there wasn’t any of the familiarity in his hold, which Sundance showed the club whores. For two years, I’ve been going through a dry spell. My last encounter with sex had been a disaster. A one-night stand I’d picked up at one of the local bars. Shit, I couldn’t even remember what he looked like. All I know is that as soon as he was finished, I had quickly dressed and left. That had also been the last time I had visited any of the local bars.

The date with Flynn had been nearly as bad as the one with the stranger. Only Flynn hadn’t tried to take me to bed. Well, maybe he had put in a little effort. I know he was turned on. The evidence had been there when we danced. In the way he had thrust his lower body against mine. I had tried to reciprocate. I’d taken his mouth on to mine, and thrust my tongue into his mouth. Shit, that man could kiss, and for a while, as the kiss became deeper, I had forgotten about Dec.

When Flynn pulled up outside Laura’s house, we had sat on the porch, and Flynn kissed me again. This time his hand snaked under my top, to glide over my breast, and fondle my nipple, tugging on the nub gently. Yet it hadn’t been enough. My pussy had responded, a gentle heat had begun to flow through my legs. It was when his hand slid under my skirt, to find their way into my panties, that I had pulled back. At the touch of his fingers, my body froze, and I had laid my head on Flynn’s shoulder, unable to go any further. Flynn had pulled his hand away and ruffled my hair, before rising from the porch seat.

“When you get him out of your system Ivy, call me.”

“I doubt I’ll ever get him out of my system if I stay in Comfort Springs, Flynn.”

“Then come back to Las Vegas with me.”

“Flynn I don’t want to give you any false hope.”

Flynn’s smile had been gentle as his eyes crinkled down at me. His hand brushing the hair away from my face.

“I’m not looking for false hope Ivy. I’ve been there, and the bitch nearly broke me.”

“Did you love her Flynn?”

“I did Ivy. However, it turned out she didn’t love me. The whore was screwing my trainer, and a couple of other guys.”


“Forget about it Ivy, but my offer is still open. Why don’t you think about it?”

As Flynn rode off on his bike, I began to give his offer some thought. Dec and I are leagues apart, especially when it came to sex. Sure, I’d heard the rumors. However, seeing and hearing are two different things. A glance at my watch shows that the morning will soon be over, and if I want to be fresh for my date tonight, I need to get myself off to bed.

“I hate you Declan Gallagher.”


Tonight I promised myself I was going to have sex. After all, it was time to put the past where it belonged. Behind me. Declan Gallagher was no longer a part of my life and it’s time for me to move on.

Cayden Templar, my date for the night is the lead guitarist in Sour Mash. After meeting the other band members, compared to them, Cayden is the quiet one of the group. Which is difficult to believe, as I stand by his side, and observe as he flirts with the young girls who had approached us, when we had entered the casino.

Tonight is my night off, and in a couple of days Cayden, and the rest of Sour Mash will be moving on to the next town for their next gig. Flynn had been disgruntled when I had informed him that I was going on this date. It still surprised me how quickly Flynn’s role had changed in my life, from a potential lover to over protective brother. A brother I didn’t need, having four older brothers already. Damn, I’d swear, even with all this distance between Comfort Springs and Las Vegas, Dec was still controlling my love life. Something, which he has been doing for the last two years.

“Hey Cayden, when you asked me out. I didn’t think I’d have to share you on our date.”

Cayden’s attention was quickly drawn from the groupies to me, where he exposed me to his trademark boyish grin and twinkling hazel eyes. Yep, there was no way I was going to lose my heart to this bad boy. Sure, he made my heart skip a beat or two, but there wasn’t any wild longings to jump his bones. Not in the sense I had, whenever Dec came into my line of vision.

“Sorry Doll. I’m finished here. And I promised you dinner, and I don’t want it to be known that Cayden Templar breaks a promise.”

Cayden led me through to the restaurant, and although I have worked at the casino for six weeks, I’ve never been inside. Why should I have, when the prices were exorbitant and one meal would cover the cost of my food bill for a month. As the maître d’ escorted us to our table, I had the opportunity to take a blatant look at Cayden’s derriere, which is encased in a pair of skinny black jeans. Dress code or not. Cayden wasn’t following it, and the staff at the casino were neither questioning him, nor refusing him access. Why should they. Sour Mash is performing in Las Vegas for the next three nights, and the hotel has had an influx of bookings.

“Did you enjoy the view?”

“Equality Cayden. Why do you think I haven’t made any remarks, as you unashamedly gazed at my breasts?”

“And such pretty breasts they are Ivy.”

This is said as Cayden leans over the table to trail his fingers over the exposed flesh. For a moment, I held my breath, then his hand dropped to pick up the glass of water. My eyes follow the movement of the glass being raised to his mouth, and the way he swallows the clear liquid, his Adam’s Apple bobbing. 

To hide my reaction, I take a mouthful of my own water. Yes, I can do this. At this precise moment, I foresee no problems with sleeping with the rocker who is sitting opposite me. Again, Cayden flashes me his smile, and for a moment, I hesitate. How practiced is his smile. Annoyed at the stray thought, I deliberately bank it down. I wasn’t going to let anything spoil my night of carnal bliss.

“Ivy, are you coming to the concert?”

Cayden’s question broke into my thoughts and I had to give a slight shake of my head, as I brought myself back to the present.

“Won’t I spoil your fun?”

“I’m yours for the next four nights Ivy.”

Hazel eyes began to darken in front of me, and I found myself drifting into them. An image of our bodies twined on a bed. Damn, I was desperate to be laid and if this rocker was the one to break my dry spell. Well, I was going for it. No holding back. Four nights of pure lust.

Now it was my turn to flash Cayden my brilliant smile. I was in. To celebrate my decision, I raised my glass of wine.

“Here’s to four nights of fun.”

As I watch Cayden’s smile spread across his face, I wondered if mine was just as bright. Was I being a little too eager? After all, the rocker was used to having women taking him up on his offer.

“Second thoughts Ivy?”

“No, I want this Cayden. Four nights with no ties.”

Ties, why did I have to use that word. No sooner were the words free, I had an image of myself bound to a bed, as Dec made me beg. Determined that nothing was going to ruin my night, I erased the image from my memory.

With Dec firmly pushed to the back of my mind. I made an effort to enjoy my meal. Cayden was fun and as he regaled me with tales of his tours, and the groupies he had met and been with, the evening soon passed by. I lost count of how many glasses of wine I drank, but I didn’t care. I was relaxed for the first time in a long time.

“Mind if I join you.”

The laughter stopped mid throat, as the deep gravel voice sent a shiver of arousal to my pussy. No, this cannot be happening. Frozen, I drew in a deep breath, and eventually I raised my gaze to the man standing by the table. Dressed in denims, plaid shirt and his cut, was my redheaded nemesis. The man, I was about to put behind me by indulging in a night of pure decadence with another male.



BOOK: Dec's Downfall: (A Brothers of Devil's Comfort Book 5) (Brothers of Devil's Comfort MC)
3.63Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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