Daughter of Asteria (The Daughter Trilogy)

BOOK: Daughter of Asteria (The Daughter Trilogy)
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Chapter 1

Reliving the Storm

I step out of the limo with a forced smile plastered onto my face for the sake of my very excited


We walk into the exclusive club, and I roll my eyes as she gets us in effortlessly by using her rich

fiancé’s name.

The loud, obnoxious music is not really my taste, but Clara is my best friend, and it’s her

bachelorette party. It’s also our last night in New York.

“I’ve got us a spot in the VIP room. It’s supposed to be a little quieter,” she yells against the


The stairs are actually laughing at me as I try to awkwardly maneuver against them in the

wretched high heels I have been forced to wear. What sadist thought it would be sexy to strap stilts to

the bottom of shoes, and what masochists went along with his salacious vision?

A table has been reserved for us, and I’m very happy to relieve my feet from their burden as I sit

down. My eyes are instantly drawn to a devilishly bewitching man standing across the room.

He is completely ignoring the party scene behind him as his eyes focus on the news.

Who comes to a nightclub to watch the news?

“He’s hot,” Clara whispers. “Go talk to him,” she urges.

“His hand is in his pocket. He could be married,” I defend, my eyes gesturing to the only thing

stopping me from making a fool of myself.

His left hand emerges from its hiding spot as he signs a tab, and I now know this gorgeous

creature has no proof of ties.

Crap. Now what?

“He’s not married. What’s the harm in talking to him now?” Clara purrs like the devil on my


There’s something about him and all of this that seems so familiar. It has to be the worst case of

deja vu I’ve ever experienced.

I start to object, but there’s something almost gravitating me to him.

“I think I will,” I murmur softly as the inexplicable desire to touch him overwhelms me.

“Good. Go get him, Alexius,” she teases.

I roll my eyes as I start my sexy saunter to him, but he doesn’t acknowledge my overly showy


Suddenly, the image of him on one knee flashes through my mind. He’s holding an extravagantly

decadent ring bearing a ridiculously huge diamond.

Whoa, Adisia. Slow it down. What the hell is wrong with you?

At the last minute, I lose my nerve and walk past him to go to the bar instead. A waitress bumps

into me as I try to make my quick detour, and I fall backwards very ungracefully in true klutz fashion.

Strong, gentle arms catch me just before I slap the floor, and I turn to stare into the smoky blue

eyes offering me nothing but seduction.

“Sorry,” I mutter with embarrassment, my cheeks staining red.

He tilts his head as his eyes study mine, and another flash consumes me. We’re breathing

underwater, and he’s telling me he loves me. I gasp slightly, and his eyes show even more intrigue.

“Well I didn’t see that coming,” he smolders with amusement cascading through his smooth tone.

Oh damn.

His voice is spellbinding and so delicious. His lips are etched perfectly on his chiseled face. He’s



“Devin Cole,” he announces as his arms stay wrapped around me, burning against me.

Why am I so captivated by those gorgeous, intoxicating, entrancing, blue eyes?
Holy crap
. This

guy is a tub of Ben and Jerry’s just waiting to happen.

Alexius Smith. I’m Alexius Smith.

“I’m Adisia Titan,” I blurt out with accidental abandon.

He smirks as though I’ve said something he finds amusing.

“What?” I prompt curiously.

“That’s a very strong name,” he seduces, and I can feel my skin burning as the blood beneath the

surface boils.

A dorky smile invades my face as I blush for no real reason. I swear it’s as though I’ve forgotten

how to frigging breathe.

“I should probably go dance with my friends,” I mumble in an effort to break free from his

beguiling gaze.

“Or you could dance with me,” he insists.

My lips part to speak - though I have no idea what will come out of them at this point - but

fortunately we’re interrupted.

“Devin. I’m glad you could make it, and I see you brought a guest,” a very refined and older

businessman says.

“Evening, Bob. This is Adisia,” he says while acting as if I really am his guest.

“You’re one beautiful woman, Adisia. You’re a very lucky man, Devin,” he murmurs with wide

and approving eyes.

Devin smirks as though he’s enjoying seeing me squirm due to the misconception. His sexy-as-

hell voice breaks something inside of me loose, and I feel the seduction trapping me in the mundane


“I’ll catch up with you in just a little while. I’ve got some business to sift through,” he murmurs

gently to me.

Crap. Crap. Crap.

I feel like such an idiot. Here I am still standing here like I’m his date or something.

“Yeah. Sure. Sorry,” I stammer.

His hand takes mine, and there’s almost a spark that zaps through me with ferocity. I lightly gasp

at the electric tingle, and my eyes lock with his.

“Don’t be sorry, and please don’t look as though I’ve offended you. I prefer your smile,” he

murmurs sincerely, and his thumb strokes my lips.

Oh wow, he tastes so fucking good.

I gasp again as several images of him mimicking this very same action roam through my mind

while provoking wild fantasies.

I step back, and his eyes seem to swirl with the tides, sending shivers through me. He tilts his

head to the side as if he’s studying me intensely. A smirk spreads over his face, and he draws my

hand to his lips so he can kiss the back of it.

“Until later,” he bids.

Oh wow

His lips are crazy soft, and now mine throb to touch them. What’s going on with me? I’m

flipping out over a complete stranger.

“We’ll see,” I dare with a forced air of mystery.

He smirks again. “Interesting choice of words, Adisia, but yes, we’ll see.”

I shiver again. Why does all this seem so familiar? It seems as though I know him from

somewhere, and my mind is still running wild with fantasies.

I smile as I turn to walk away, though my hand bears some reluctance as it slides out of his.

Clara’s eyes are wide, and all the girls are staring with mouths gaped open as I casually make my way

back over to them.

“You are such a goddess,” Jenny spouts.

“I’m so jealous right now,” Melissa harps.

I look over to see Devin smiling, but it can’t be because he hears us. There’s no way. I still don’t

want to take any chances though.

“Let’s go dance,” I mumble as I guzzle the drink on the table.

I cringe slightly at the strong alcohol buried under the fruity flavor. I’ve never had a high

tolerance. I don’t know what compelled me to order something with so much vodka in it.

Clara grabs my hand and assists my balancing act down the stairs since I look like a fool in heels.

We weave through the crowded floor, and right away I have to knock drunk, groping idiots away.

Good grief.

My eyes lift up to the VIP room, but I can’t see Devin.

Why am I even looking for him?

Then an old song starts playing, and I laugh as I hear the lyrics playing loudly in a club where it

doesn’t belong.

I’m your Venus, I’m your fire, at your desire.

“Hell no,” I refute to the obvious question she’s about to ask.

“Please, I’m begging you,” Clara pleads.

“Our eighth grade dance routine was hideous when we were in eighth grade. How foolish do you

think we’d look now?” I chuckle.

“Please, please, pretty please. I need this Adisia.”

I give the VIP room another glance to make sure Devin’s eyes aren’t in view before huffing in


“Ah crap,” I sigh out as my shoulders slump.

She squeals and kicks her heels off. I follow her lead and toss mine to the side as well.

She pulls me onto the floor, and my head pops back in laughter as soon as the ridiculous dancing

starts. She giggles with me and our drunken crowd whistles while clapping.

It’s a really good thing there are very few sober people left in attendance; otherwise this would be

a little more mortifying.

She hugs me as soon as the song ends, and the bouncer stalks toward us with disapproving eyes


“Shoes are a dress code requirement,” he barks.


We cower slightly as we run over to retrieve our abandoned shoes, and then we giggle like

children on an adrenaline rush after an embarrassing scolding.

“I can’t believe you talked me into that,” I say with exasperation.

“Dance with me,” a guy says from behind.

I turn to see the brown eyes mingling with complete intoxication from the heavy alcohol still

roaming on his breath.

“Sorry, but I can’t,” I scream out over the music.

“Why can’t you?” he gripes.

I start to deliver my cruel line of rejection when another voice interjects itself into our


“Because she has to dance with me.”

I turn to see the smoky blue eyes that continue to render me helpless. Devin is standing so close,

and his hands slide around my waist in an odd but hot, possessive manner.

My body inches toward him as if gravity is working against me. I feel my hips stop against his

body, and the throbbing I experience is actually painful.

“Sorry dude. My bad,” the guy whimpers as he skulks away.

I can’t look away from Devin now. I’m trapped, and I know I’m going to gain twenty pounds

with all the ice cream it’ll take to get over this insanely hot man.

“I told you I’d find you,” he smolders.

I shiver once again under the gaze that shocked me to life earlier, and now it’s stealing my breath,

my heartbeat, and my damn mind.

“Do you always do as you say you will?” I flirt.

“Yes. I do,” he seduces, making my trembling knees try to give out.

His hands grip my back and pull me into him all the more. I feel his breath grazing my face as he

bends slightly. I have no control over anything on me, and my lips find the courage to meet his.

Oh, boy, his lips are so frigging soft. How in the hell am I supposed to break free from this?

I almost forget how to breathe when he releases me from the kiss. I’ve never been kissed like that

before, and now his eyes are burning into mine as if he wants more.

I know I have to withdraw from our intense proximity before I do something foolish here on the

dance floor. If the bouncer thought my missing shoes were bad, he’d have a cow if he knew what my

wicked mind was scheming right at this moment.

I see Clara smiling with giddy eyes as I pull back. She slowly saunters over to us, and I can see

her menacing intentions shining clearly.

“So, we’re going to go, but you should stay,” she declares, and it’s so undeniably obvious what

she’s doing that it’s embarrassing.

I glare at her, but she just cocks an eyebrow at me.

“I’ll get my stuff,” I say to douse her fiery plot, but Devin’s hand grips mine and pulls me back to


His eyes stare into mine with fearless ambition, and I’m a deer in headlights begging to be run

over right now.

“Stay with me,” he propositions.

I can’t. I shouldn’t. No.

“Okay,” I mutter, and his smile returns to replace the worry on his face.

I turn to look at Clara, as Devin turns to speak to his business associate that is walking out.

“I can’t believe you really said yes,” Clara giggles.

“I didn’t mean to,” I panic.

“I got your purse for you,” she says while handing me the matching red clutch bag.

She quickly abandons my side, and Devin’s hand wraps around my waist as he bends to speak to


“Do you want to stay here, or do you want something to eat?”

I turn to think of the things I want to do, and neither of those options are in the plans.

“We can go,” I say vaguely.

He smirks, and nods to a girl. She rushes over to hand him a tablet with a pen and paper. He

BOOK: Daughter of Asteria (The Daughter Trilogy)
7.54Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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