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Darkside was packed to the roof tonight. I stood in the dull control room watching for any sign of Famine, War, and Conquest. Tonight they wanted to discuss plans for the apocalypse. Any other day I’d have closed the club and pretended I wasn’t home, but the apocalypse did fall under
very important business
, I suppose.

hat I saw on the screen wasn’t what I’d expected. I leaned closer, ignoring Dex, my head of security, who grunted in annoyance as I pushed on his shoulder.

“Zoom in
,” I ordered.

He zoomed in. The cameras didn’t give off any color, it was too dark in the club, but th
ere was no mistaking those lips or that body. Her short white dress clung perfectly to her curves and her hair was clipped up into a high bun. I squeezed the glass of whiskey in my hand, careful not to break it as club goers turned their heads to get a better look at her.
Violet wasn’t meant to be here and I needed to get her out before my brothers showed up or someone tried to jump her. My men can smell an angel from a mile away.

“Would you like us to remove the woman, sir?” Dex offered
, his tone suggesting that he’d do more than just remove her.

“No. I’ll deal with her.”

In a black haze I teleported to my room. From a small wooden box on my large oak desk, I pulled out a sedative and slipped it into the back pocket of my pants. I teleported back to the control room and headed down the emergency stairs. They were bleak and white. It occurred to me I’d never taken the stairs before. Big red words were scrawled along the wall, ‘
Emergency staircase—DO NOT OBSTRUCT
.’ It was the only color in the depressing stairwell. I pushed through white double doors and I was on the club floor. I spotted her sitting by the bar, her eyes desperately searching the crowd. Randy, the bartender, leaned toward her. I watched as her cherry colored lips parted and she shouted her order into his ear. I smiled to myself as I witnessed him pour chilled water into two shot glasses. She was certainly up to something.

I began walking toward her and somehow she still hadn’t spotted me. The club
definitely wasn’t her element and I doubted she’d ever stepped foot in one like this before. Before I got to her, a drunken douchebag wearing a rather ugly, light gray dress shirt and black pants cut me off. I watched as he leaned into her, breathing his alcohol-laden breath all over her. From where I was standing, I saw her muscles go taut and her eyes widened. I ground my teeth together and grasped my glass tighter. I wanted to tear his head clean off his shoulders just for thinking he was good enough to talk to her, but alas, this wasn’t the place to do it. I was running out of time, my brothers would be here any minute. She shrugged him off, her repulsion and fear clear on her face, but he didn’t take the hint and grabbed at her, pulling her closer to him. She was stronger than him, she wasn’t human and I waited for her to crush him. Instead, she glanced awkwardly at the people around her, waiting for them to help, but they don’t notice. I guess she didn’t want to cause a scene. I slammed my drink down onto the bar, catching a few drops of whiskey on my hand. I grabbed the sleaze by the back of the collar and yanked him off her. He turned abruptly to face me and I saw just how drunk he was. He swayed gently, his skin pale and coated in an oily sweat. It was mind-blowing that he could even keep his eyes open. His eyes narrowed into thin slits. “Who the hell are you?” he slurred, touching my suit with his long, grubby finger.

“Get your finger off my suit.”

He laughed and looked backwards toward Violet, whose big blue eyes watched us intently. He was out to impress her. I could see it on his stupid face.
Big mistake
. He pressed his palm against my chest and I clenched my jaw even tighter. “Look,
, I don’t know who you think you—”

I pushed his hand away, grabbed the back of his neck and slammed his face into the bar. The bartender
s and others gasped in horror as the sleazeball fell to the ground, clutching his face.

“What is wrong with you?”
Violet shouted, bending down to see if the douchebag was okay.

I brushed the front of my suit
and reclaimed my drink. “This is expensive.”

She scowled at me and rose to her feet. Violet leaned over the bar and a
sked Randy to call an ambulance. While she did that, I sculled back the rest of my drink and placed it back on the bar.

“I came to see you tonight, but I’ve changed my mind.” She turned away from me and
the curiosity in me made me want to know why. I caught her by the elbow, forcing her to face me.

“You came to see me? Why?”

Violet frowned. “Isn’t there somewhere private we can talk?”

I nodded. If I could get her to my room
, at least, then I’d have a chance at keeping her hidden from my brothers. I extended my elbow to her and she took it. We headed towards the elevator guarded by two of my security guys. Without a word, they stepped away, allowing us to gain access. Once the elevator doors were closed, we were engulfed by silence. I watched her as she admired the grandeur of the elevator. It was wall to wall gold, not real gold, of course, that’d be too heavy, but there was no way you’d be able to tell the difference. Before we could make it to my room, I hit the stop button, and with a jolt and a loud clank, the elevator stopped. Defensively, Violet took a step away from me, her legs shoulder-width apart, as if to gain more balance.

Dex’s voice rang through the elevator.
“Is everything okay, sir?”

I pressed th
e intercom button, but kept my eyes on her. “Everything’s fine.”

The hem of Violet’s dress stopped well above her knee. Her legs were well defined with muscle and the stilettos she wore made them seem longer, like they went on forever.
I stepped toward her and her hands clenched into fists at her sides.

,” I said, extending my hand toward her and exposing my palm. She watched me cautiously, working her jaw as I stepped closer to touch her. I couldn’t resist. Our bodies were only inches apart when I reached around the back of her head to free her hair from the single clip holding it up. “You know I like it when you wear your hair down.”

On cue, her long red hair fell around her, draping over her shoulders, down her back
, and around her breasts. I admired her for a little longer. Her sun-kissed skin flushed the sexiest shade of pink and I took a step back. I didn’t want to overwhelm her… or myself.

d you want see me?” I asked, leaning against the opposite wall.

Violet watched me quietly, her eyes flickering between hate and love. It was then I knew she’d come here to kill me.
Don’t ask me how... I just knew. My guess was she’s was trying to find the right time, and in this close proximity, she didn’t have room to do her crazy acrobatic combat moves. I’d win. My inner demon was trying to fight me, to take over, but I wouldn’t let it—for her sake. Subtly, I gritted my teeth against him and refused to budge, a few moments later, the burning desire to tear her head clean off disappeared.

“I know you were in my room last night
,” she said, her blue eyes narrowing.

caught my bottom lip between my teeth, fighting against a smile and started the elevator up again. It shook for a moment before continuing its ascent.

“Maybe you were dreaming that I was in your room?”
” I replied, stepping towards her. “I have that effect on people.”

She made no attempt to keep me away as
I pressed her hard against the elevator wall. Staying in control was difficult. I could feel the pulse of my blood and the need to be even closer. Subtly, I inhaled the sweet strawberry scent of her shampoo and fought the urge to comb my fingers through her red locks… or take her in the elevator. The way her chest rose and fell told me that if I were to make a move on her she’d have a hard time not reciprocating. She tried to shove me, but it was hard for her to use any strength from her legs in those heels.

“I wasn’
t dreaming.”

I pressed harder against her
just to get under her skin a little more. “Prove it.”

Violet exhaled in frustration and pushed the palms of her hands against my chest.
“Can you not be so obnoxious for five god damn seconds?”

I curled a lock of red hair around my index finger and took a step back
, letting it fall back down to her chest. “Okay, fine.”

She folded her arms tightly across her chest. “I was

I smiled.
Like a cat that grows tired of a worn piece of string, I no longer felt the need to play with her. “No, you weren’t dreaming. I was there.”


“That doesn’t—”

she demanded.

I felt my inner demon rear
his head. “Your persistence is getting rather annoying.”

The elevato
r dinged and we were at my floor, right at the top in the penthouse apartment. I slid my key card through the lock mechanism and pushed the door open. Being out of the confines of the elevator relaxed her. I opened the door for her and she stepped in. She walked around the room, taking all of it in. Her fingers grazed over everything. Nothing seemed to impress her until she saw the wall-sized window that showcased the view of the entire city. I stood behind her. It felt good having her here and I wondered what it’d be like having her by my side permanently.

“I want to know why you came to my room.” Her voice was barely above a whisper.

“Why? Do you think it will change your mind about killing me tonight?”

She flinched
, no doubt shocked that I knew her plans. She turned to face me. In the light of the city, I could see her eyes looking up at me, their color shadowed by darkness.

“Nothing wi
ll change my mind. It’s my job.”

“I wasn’t aware that you feel so much hate
towards me,” I replied.

She seemed taken aback—almost offended by my comment.
“I’m not going to kill you because I hate you. I’ll kill you because I love you… and I know that it’s what the old you would’ve wanted.”

I ran the back of my hand down the side of her face. “You know nothing of what I want.”
And she didn’t. I wanted to live forever in this form. I wanted to make my Council proud.

She glared at me.
“I know you still love me. That’s why you came to my room. I just want to hear you say it.”

stared at her momentarily. She was right, I did love her, but I wasn’t going to tell her. To avoid answering, I pressed my lips against hers. They were as I remembered, soft and full. To my surprise, she didn’t pull away from me or tear my heart from my chest, so I kept going, curious to see how far she’d let me go. I ran my tongue along her lips and she parted them, granting me access. Soon, it was like the temperature in the room kicked up a few notches as our kiss grew passionate and needy. I felt as though if we stopped, we’d die, and so we clutched each other. She ran one of her hands under the jacket of my suit and pushed on it. I helped her slide my jacket off and it dropped to a crumpled heap on the floor. I ran my hands up the contour of her body and into her hair. I pulled on it hard and she moaned with delight. A low growl released itself from my throat, it was a frustrated growl, but I don’t think she could tell. I couldn’t go any further than this, even though every fiber in my body wanted to. My brothers would be here any minute. I cupped Violet’s ass and she jumped on me, wrapping her thighs around my waist and one arm around my neck. My obvious arousal pushed against her warm core. She kept her mouth on mine as I lay her down on my bed. I pressed my body hard against hers and as I trailed kisses down her neck, I managed to produce the sedative from my back pocket. I pulled away and looked into her azure eyes. I couldn’t get a proper reading from her eyes, they flickered constantly between various emotions. Love. Hate. Desire. Sadness. If I waited a second longer, it’d probably be my death, so I jabbed her in the neck with my syringe. Her eyes widened for a moment and then she fell asleep. I kissed her lips softly and climbed off her. In the dim light from the window, I saw something glisten in Violet’s hand. It was a tiny blade concealed in the sleeve of her dress. So she was going to cut my heart out... Would that have been before, during, or after sex? I had no idea. Strangely, I smiled to myself, unable to hide the pride I felt. There was something thrilling—arousing about having her come after me. A beep ran through the room, signalling that I had a call waiting on my intercom. I took the blade off her and threw it on the floor. I rummaged through my bedside table and found a pair of handcuffs. Quickly, I handcuffed Violet to my bedpost, picked up my suit jacket, and pressed the intercom button. It was Mena, my human assistant.

“Sorry to disturb you sir, but your brothers Shade, Mikael
, and Paul are here.”

BOOK: Dark Wings (Never Dark Book 1)
7.16Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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