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BOOK: Dalakis Passion 2 - Lucian's Delight
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Lucian's Delight
ISBN # 1-4199-0286-5
Lucian's Delight Copyright© 2005 N.J. Walters
Edited by: Pamela Cohen.
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Electronic book Publication: September 2005
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This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales
is purely coincidental. The characters are productions of the authors' imagination and used fictitiously.
The following material contains graphic sexual content meant for mature readers.
Lucian's Delight
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N.J. Walters

To my husband who shares my love of vampire lore and all things gothic.
you for your support and input and for caring as much about the
family as I do.
Thanks, as always, to my editor, Pamela Cohen, who continually supports my
writing and my ideas.
And to the many readers who have fallen in love with the
brothers, thank
you for taking these remarkable men into your hearts.

Lucian's Delight
Chapter One
The thought exploded in her brain like a blinding flash of light.
She was frozen in place like a deer caught in the headlights, not knowing what to
do, where to turn. Then suddenly, she was in full flight, racing through the darkness,
fleeing for her life. Her heart was pounding so loud it drowned out the footsteps behind
her, but she knew her pursuers were there. Unknown monsters chased her, wanting to
run her to ground for the sheer pleasure of doing so.
Muscles straining, lungs burning, she redoubled her efforts, racing on through the
dark, lamp-lit night searching for a place to hide.
Looking for a sanctuary.
Up ahead, she could barely discern the outline of a wrought iron fence and she
sprinted towards it. The swift tapping of shoes on the pavement behind her spurred her
to go faster. She risked a glance over her shoulder, but couldn't see anyone behind her.
But she knew they were there. They always were.
The tall, solid bars of the old iron structure came into view and for a moment she
panicked. Where was the gate? Tears slipped from her eyes, a combination of the
whipping wind stinging them and her rising level of frustration and fear. Dashing the
tears away with the back of her hand, she kept running while her eyes frantically
scanned for any opening in the fence.
There had to be a gate. There just
to be. The scattered, dim streetlights did little
to cut through the dark gloom of the night. Just then the clouds above parted enough to
allow a small sliver of moonlight to shine down. It wasn't much, but it was enough.
When she finally saw the rusty old gate that hung partially open, leaning
precariously on hinges, she wanted to shout with relief but she could barely gulp in a
Skidding to a stop, she gripped the iron bars and tugged slightly.
The stupid
thing was jammed. Despair threatened to overwhelm her and she leaned on the gate for
support as she eyed the opening. Sucking in her breath, she began to squeeze herself
through the small space, ignoring the discomfort as her breasts were compressed
against her chest. It was tight and for a moment she thought she might not fit.
Clamping her lips together, she swallowed hard and made herself focus. Angling
her body, she pushed herself, ignoring the pain as a piece of metal gashed her back.
Then she was through, stumbling when she finally popped out on the other side, falling
towards the ground.
Rocks and dirt scraped the palms of her hands as she kept herself from sprawling
facedown onto the ground. Pushing away from the hard-packed earth, she ignored the
pain and kept running. She had to find a place to hide somewhere that they wouldn't
find her. It was only when she started searching her surroundings that she realized
where she was.
Tall majestic statues rose high against the blackness of the sky. They were probably
beautiful in the light of the day, but in the darkness of the night they took on a
threatening aura. White, crumbling stone littered the path as row after row of family
tombs lay in front of her.
A cemetery.
She was in one of the older, dilapidated cemeteries
that littered the city.
Metal grated against metal. She could hear the sound of several men swearing as
they wrenched the gate fully open. There was no time left. She pitched herself into the
unknown, slipping as quietly as she could among the tombs.
Perhaps there was safety among the dead.
Crouching behind a large graying mausoleum, she held herself still, quieted her
breath and tried to hear over the pounding of her heart. They were out there
somewhere and they were hunting for her.
She could sense their perverted pleasure permeating the air. They were feeding off
her fear, anticipating what they would do to her before they killed her. She shuddered
and her stomach rolled at the thought of being raped by these three men before she
died. And she
die. They would not let her live.
Anger flooded her body, pushing away the chains of fear. She would outsmart
them or she would go down fighting. There was no way she would go easy, like some
lamb to the slaughter. She was a
were fighters and survivors.
She couldn't hear them now, but she knew that they were out there.
They would not give up the hunt easily. But if she could slip out while they
were searching the cemetery for her, she had a chance. They didn't know who she was,
so if she eluded them this night, she was free.
Taking a deep breath, she calmed her body and her mind, and began to move.
Stealthily, she slipped behind the stone mausoleums. Slowly and steadily she crept,
stopping to
every few steps. The gate was in view once again. This time it was
wide open, and there was no one in sight.
Freedom was only steps away. She exploded like the shot out of a gun. One second
she was still, the next she was almost at the
iron gate
Almost there.
She could taste success. Her hands reached out in front of her as if she could grasp
her freedom and hold it--
Suddenly, she was airborne, her body weightless as it flew through the air. There
was no time to brace
as she crashed down against the stone and dirt. Her head
bounced off the hard ground and the breath was knocked out of her body. She lay
there, dazed, hurt and confused.
He loomed over her, his body blocking what little light there was. His laughter
echoed through the graveyard, low and sinister.
She dug her heels into the dirt, scrabbling backwards to escape him, but he reached
down and grabbed her foot. Pulling hard, he yanked her towards him. "I've got her!"
he yelled as he dropped to his knees and shoved her legs wide open.
She wanted to scream, but her throat had closed up with fear and the only sound
she could make was more like the low moan of a wounded animal. Letting go of her
legs his hands moved roughly up her body as he tore her blouse open and shoved her
bra out of the way. She forced herself to ignore what he was doing to her. Because she
wasn't fighting him, he would think that she was paralyzed with fear.
Detaching herself from what he was doing to her body, she curled her hands into
fists and struck hard and fast. Her arm shot straight towards his throat, her aim perfect.
The weight left her body as he toppled off her, gasping for breath. Rolling to her side,
she tried to drag herself to her feet.
But it was too late.
Flesh met flesh as the back of a man's hand cracked across her face and she tasted
blood in her mouth. Falling back into the dirt she knew that this time there was no way
out. She could hear them all swearing and arguing in the background, but she no longer
cared. Deep in her mind, she cried out for help and was shocked when she got an
"Who are you?"
a calm
, soothing male voice inquired.
," she replied immediately. It never occurred to her not to
answer the voice. As it washed over her, some of the pain receded, and she wanted
desperately to hear it again.
There was silence for a long moment and despair filled her. Somehow the loss of his
voice was worse than what was happening to her physical body. Delight could feel the
men stripping off her shirt and squeezing her breasts, bruising and brutal as they
mauled her. But it was almost as if that was happening to someone else. She was
focused entirely on the voice in her head, trying to bring it back.
Her head fell to one side and she opened her eyes. A lone flowerpot sat in front of
the tomb across from her. Their lovely blossoms were barely visible and looked black in
the dark, yet they comforted her as she prepared to die.
"I am coming." The voice flooded her entire body with strength.
She heard the rasp of a zipper as one of her assailants knelt between her knees and
shoved her thighs wide open. Acting on instinct, she drew back her leg and kicked him
in the chest, knocking him backwards with her unexpected assault.
"Bitch," he swore as his fist came towards her. She closed her eyes and braced
herself for the pain.
It never came.
Screams rent the night.
High-pitched, terrified and male.
Rolling to her side and curling her body for protection, Delight squinted into the
darkness but couldn't see anything. The sounds stopped abruptly. The silence was more
frightening than the screams.
The darkness parted like a curtain and he was suddenly there in front of her. His
eyes blazed like fire and pure menace radiated from every pore of his body. She glanced
away, shaken by the intensity in his gaze.
Out of the corner of her eye, she could see the still body of one of her attackers. His
sightless eyes were wide open, staring up at the night sky. Blood flowed from a wide
slash in his neck and soaked into the ground around his head.
"Don't look at them." His softly spoken command made her flinch. This man was
lethal in a way her assailants could never be. He was power. He was judgment and
Yet, his hands were gentle as he turned her onto her back. She could feel him
touching her, soothing her aching flesh. It took her a moment to realize that he was
dressing her, covering her naked body with her clothes. The reality of her ordeal began
to sink in and she began to shake. The dark stranger sat down on the ground next to her
and lifted her into his lap as easily as one would a child.
Biting her lip, she tried to hold back the tears that threatened. But then he stroked
her bruised cheek with his fingers. Ever so softly, his lips grazed her wound. She was
Huge sobs welled up inside her and spilled out of her mouth, their tortured sounds
too loud in the quiet of the cemetery. Her entire body shook as she released her fear and
Strong arms wrapped around her as he pulled her tighter into his embrace. Heat
radiated from his massive body and she snuggled close to him, needing his warmth and
comfort. He said nothing, but his chest rumbled as he made low comforting sounds.
He made her feel safe in a world gone mad. She owed him her life. She had called
and he had come. Time had no meaning as she poured out her tears. When she was
finally spent, she sniffed and scrubbed her hands over her face before finally raising it
to look at her savior.
The moon came from behind the clouds, illuminating his face. Long black hair fell
over his shoulders in a silky curtain, framing a face that was harsh, yet beautiful in its
own way. His cheekbones were chiseled, his forehead high, and his lips thin. But it was
his eyes that captured her. A brilliant emerald green, they were hard and cold as he
looked out over the night, but the moment he sensed her gaze on him, they changed.
Heat radiated from their depths as he raised his fingers to her face and carefully
brushed away the remains of her tears.
Something about this man called to her on a very deep physical and emotional
level. Delight knew that she was still shaken after her ordeal and that the last thing she
should want was a man's hands on her body. But her body wasn't listening to her. It
was totally illogical, but this stranger made her feel protected, cherished, and wanted.
Slowly, he lowered his head. His lips were gentle as they covered hers. He tasted
and nibbled every inch of her lips as if he had all the time in the world.
It was she who needed more. It was crazy, but she wanted him. His touch and
caress would wipe out the stain of the men who had hurt her and make her feel whole
Her lips parted on a sigh as she raised her head towards him, offering him more.
Delight could feel his smile against her mouth just before his tongue slipped inside.
Sighing, she opened her mouth to him.
His tongue tasted her, mapping out every contour and finding every crevice.
Delight lay in his arms, surrendering to the bliss. Cradling the back of her head with his
hand, he held her securely as he kissed her. She leaned easily into his strength, trusting
him to support her.
The muscles of his chest rippled under his shirt as she skimmed her hand over his
torso. Continuing upward, she slid her hand behind his neck and urged him closer.
When her tongue stroked his, he moaned deep in his chest, and she shivered as the
sound vibrated throughout her entire body. Their tongues tangled slowly, a dance of
seduction meant to entice and not to frighten.
Delight could feel his erection growing as it pushed against her leg. She should
have been afraid, even disgusted after what had just happened to her. Instead, she felt
an answering arousal well up deep within her. Her panties dampened as her body
softened in preparation for receiving him. The inner muscles of her sex clenched as if
begging for his cock. Her breasts swelled and her nipples tightened to aching points.
Never had she been aroused so quickly or thoroughly in her life.
He coaxed her tongue into his mouth and then he sucked on it, drawing it deeper to
him. Delight was immediately addicted to the slightly coppery taste and began to
explore his mouth. He angled her face so that he could deepen the kiss. Her entire body
was humming as she gave a little sound of encouragement.
His large hand cupped her breast, covering the soft mound completely. Squeezing
gently, he moved his palm over the tip in a slow, easy circle. Delight tipped back her
head and moaned. The moment her lips lost contact with his, he peppered her forehead,
eyelids, cheeks, nose and chin with gentle, seductive kisses.
When his hand moved towards her other breast, she moaned again, this time in
anticipation of the pleasure. She squirmed, trying to get closer to him, rubbing her thigh
against his erection, loving the feel of his large cock against her leg.
His lips nuzzled her neck, nipping at her delicate skin. Desire pulsed from her
swollen pussy to her breasts as she tilted her neck back, offering herself to him. She
could sense his pleasure as she used the hand on the nape of his neck to pull him closer.

BOOK: Dalakis Passion 2 - Lucian's Delight
4.32Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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