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Curves on the Topless Beach

BOOK: Curves on the Topless Beach
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on the Topless Beach

Cassandra Zara

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Cassandra Zara on

Copyright 2012
Cassandra Zara

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on the Topless Beach

story is a short sequel to “
on the French Riviera
” It
features a pair of lifelong friends who take a seven day vacation to
France for a graduation present. Laura, the beautiful and confident
friend, gets all the guys. Megan, the radiantly energetic but
self-conscious friend, is often ignored by men due to her weight.
However, the dashing billionaire Gabriel Aubert takes an interest in
Megan. He desires her, pursues her, makes it known just how badly he
wants her. In the end, she surrenders herself to his desires, and is
rewarded with a fantastic night of love making on a boat. Now, their
vacation draws near to a close…


cannot believe how lucky we are Megs. I mean, look at this beach!”
Laura said as they drove down the dirt road that ran parallel to
Gabriel’s private beach.

couldn’t believe how lucky she was either, for many reasons. After
the night of passionate sex with Gabriel, she had, at any moment,
expected the rug to be pulled out from under her. It had been almost
a week, and things had only gotten better. When they pulled up the
dirt road to the billionaire’s beach house, she had half expected the
code that he had texted her not to work. Of course, it worked, and
the two drove up.

parking lot? This guy must throw some nice parties,” Laura
said. Megan looked at his beach house. Large but not too extravagant,
with a huge covered patio to the side of it. The perfect party house,
she thought. The two women grabbed their towels and made their way to
the beach.

laid their towels down on two chairs waiting under two parasols, and
they took off their clothes to reveal their bathing suits. Laura
immediately took her top off, revealing her small, perky breasts. To
Laura’s surprise, Megan did the same.

I guess he has made you more confident,” Laura said. Megan
smiled. It wasn’t as though she was more confident, it was that the
only person that would see them down here would be Gabriel, and she
was absolutely comfortable around him. She had been more intimate
with him in the past few days than she had ever been with a man, and
he seemed to be opening up to her as well.

not to say that they had spent all of the last few days together.
Even though he was technically on his vacation, Gabriel was a busy
man, as she knew many successful men were. However, he seemed to want
to spend every moment he could with her. He had his personal
helicopter fly him around several times between business centers and
the French resort town just so he could see her. Right at that moment
he was at a board meeting, but he was going to meet the two of them
and they would be going to dinner at Megan’s aunt’s house.

going to want some of this for sure,” Laura said as she tossed
Megan the sunscreen. Megan thanked her as she squirted some in her
hand and began to coat the easily burned areas of her body. She paid
special attention to her own breasts. They had not got much sun in
the first part of this vacation and the tan lines were very obvious.
She made sure to get every inch of her large boobs, thankful that at
least her curves had meant that she was blessed in this department.

two laid down and began to tan. Megan started on her stomach, letting
the sun bake her back. The alarm on her cell phone went off, and the
two women flipped over, Megan onto her back and Laura on her stomach.
A few minutes later, Megan saw Laura perk up a little bit. “Hey
there!” she said, raising herself up on her elbows.

chuckled to herself. Where most girls would cover themselves a
little, Laura was confident enough to expose herself. Megan continued
to lie there, not even turning around to look back at Gabriel,
hopefully giving him a little show before they went out. She had no
problem with his eyes on her, and Laura’s eyes were obviously
elsewhere. In fact, she was staring at something. Was that jealousy
shining through? No, she must just be being friendly. Unless…

your friend?” Laura asked.

jumped up, instantly reaching for her tankini top and covered her
chest. Gabriel chuckled. As she looked over, she saw two men dressed
in white khakis and white t-shirts, both muscular and tall. The one
with brunette hair she knew, and the one with blonde hair she did
not. The one that she knew looked at her lovingly, with eyes only for
her. The other’s eyes were fixated directly on Laura.

“Relax, ma cherie. This is Jean-Pierre, my first mate. He has
agreed to take Mademoiselle Laura to the Champs-Élysées
to buy a dress and shoes. You will of course be taking my helicopter
so that you can make it back in time for dinner,” he explained.

practically jumped out of her beach chair. She walked up to the buff
man and held out her hand, looking for a handshake. “Nice to
meet you, Jean-Pierre,” she said.

grabbed her hand gently and slowly brought it to his lips. When he
kissed it, Laura turned red, and it wasn’t from the sun’s kiss on her

also doesn’t speak a word of English, but I know that shouldn’t be a
problem for you,” Gabriel continued.

smiled. “No problem at all.” She turned around and
quickly threw her clothes on. Megan lowered her tankini top, deciding
that Jean-Pierre was no one to be self-conscious around.

gave Megan a kiss on the cheek before leaving. “See you
tonight!” she said, then happily took Jean-Pierre’s arm as he
lead her to the helipad, conveniently just as Gabriel’s helicopter
flew by overhead, coming in for a landing.

turned her attention to Gabriel, who was looking her up and down. She
posed for him, which seemed silly but he drank it up. She got one
last look at Laura before she boarded the helicopter.

she be back by dinnertime? It may be awkward with just the two of us
and my aunt,” she said.

have given Jean-Pierre specific instructions to be back by
dinnertime. After dinner, however,” Gabriel smiled, “I
have a feeling he will give Laura a night she will never forget.”

smiled. Laura hadn’t slept with anyone since she got here. How could
she, with her favorite wingman off doing her own thing every night?
With Megan busy with Gabriel, Laura had spent most of her evenings
with Auntie instead of out and about. She had been expecting some
wild and crazy nights, and she deserved at least one before they went
back home.

now, however, I think we should enjoy the afternoon. Care to join me
for a swim?” he asked.

beamed at him, her radiant smile giving him goosebumps. “I
would love to,” she said, and started to put back on her top.

are you doing?” he asked. Megan looked at him like it was a
dumb question, and he continued. “This is a private beach.
There is no one around for miles!”

was unsure, but he began to disrobe. He stripped off his t-shirt and
kicked off his sandals. The khakis came off in an instant. Megan
wondered if he would go swimming in his briefs, but he answered that
question quickly by pulling those off too. He stretched, completely
naked in front of her, and suddenly she didn’t feel very self
conscious at all.

I’ll go topless, but I’m keeping my bottoms on,” she said with
a grin.

ran ahead of her kicking at the water like a child. She took her
time, not because she was self conscious, but because she wanted to
appear as sexy as possible. By the time she got to the water’s edge,
he was up to his neck in the water.

hear the French sharks are quite vicious this time of year. Come in
and protect me from them!” he called to her. She walked into
the water, pushing it lightly with her hands, trying to appear as
calm and sexy as she could. It worked; she looked like a goddess in
the clear water.

must hurry, mademoiselle. The sharks, they are so fierce!”

giggled and dove into the water like a dolphin. When she surfaced
near where she thought he would be, he was nowhere to be found. She
did a few circles, looking for him, and suddenly he surfaced next to

alors! The sharks have turned me into one of them! Now I must hunt
the graceful dolphin!” He dove back below the surface. The
water was just deep enough and sandy enough that she couldn’t see
where he went. She felt a set of fingernails on her lower back, but
by the time she turned around he was gone again. Suddenly, he sprang
from the water on the other side of her, wrapping his arms around

predator has captured his prey. The feast will begin!” he
exclaimed as he bit her on the shoulder gently. She cried out, and
soon his bite turned into a kiss. She could feel his body move closer
to hers, his cock standing erect behind her and pressing against her
swimsuit bottoms. He turned her around, and the two of them shared a
passionate kiss. A wave washed over them, covering them and making a
salty kiss even saltier, but they didn’t stop. He picked her up by
her ass and she wrapped her legs around him. His cock was pressing
against her hard now, struggling against her swimsuit bottom.

I really wish you had not worn these,” he said.

giggled. “By now I would be full of salt water!”

smiled, then leaned in for another kiss. After the kiss, he leaned
her back and cradled her in his arms. “Now, the shark will
bring his prey home for the feast.” She wrapped her arms around
his neck, and he moved towards shore. As the water became waist level
again, she thought that he would put her down and have her walk the
rest of the way, but his huge pectorals bore her weight with ease.
His eyes were fixated on her, occasionally looking up to make sure he
was still headed towards the parasols.

he finally set her down, they were back at the beach chairs. He
grabbed her towel. “Before I get these, you have to take off
the rest of your swimsuit.” His green eyes were dark pools of
desire, and she knew exactly what he wanted. She turned around, bent
over slowly, and pulled her bikini bottom down. She figured that her
ass, wet and bare, probably looked pretty welcoming at this point.
When she got it to her feet, she stepped out of it. When she turned
around, her towel was hanging on his cock, which was clearly hard as
a rock.

giggled. “Give me that!” she said as she grabbed at it.
He pulled it away.

where you are,” he commanded. He walked over to her with the
towel, grabbed it in his hands, and gently patted her face clean,
then her breasts, then her belly. He moved to her upper back, working
his way down, until he was rubbing her buttocks. He got on his knees,
wrapping each of her legs and drying them off, all while her ass was
in his face. As he worked his way back up, one hand stayed on the
towel while the other hand moved up the inside of her leg.

she exclaimed as his hand entered her womanly area. He didn’t say a
word, and he certainly didn’t stop. Within a few more moments, he
threw the towel back on her beach chair and began to rub his fingers
in a circle around her slit. The circle became smaller and smaller,
until soon he had his fingers inside, gently touching her clit.

smiled at him, and he came in for a kiss. She wrapped her hand around
his cock and started to jerk him off. After a few moments, he pulled
the hair off her ear and whispered.

going to lie down, and you’re going to get on top of me.”

a request, but a command, and she was already powerless to resist his
commands. He pulled away, and lay down on her beach towel. She moved
like she was going to sit on his cock, but he stopped her. “Not
there, my love. Get on my face.”

hesitated. She had never done a 69 before, but she figured that at
least here she could have her feet on the ground. She stood in front
of him, so that he barely had to lean up to taste her, and took his
dick in her mouth. Almost immediately, she felt his lips on her lower
lips, kissing and licking. It felt incredible, and she spit on his
cock and paid extra special care to make sure this was as enjoyable
as it could be for him. He got her opening as wet as it could be, and
she could feel her own juices lubricating herself as well. His tongue
moved to concentrate on her clit, and something he did hit her in
just the right way. Soon she had her knees locked, and she was
moaning as she sucked hard on his dick. Soon, it became too intense,
and she buried her face in his leg as he continued to punish her clit
with his tongue. Her tits rubbed against his dick, and the sensation
of his wet dick growing even harder was enough to push her. She
looked up, out at the ocean, and the sun reflecting off the water in
a thousand different patterns mirrored how her brain felt, as a
thousand waves of pleasure exploded from behind her eyes. Her legs
spasmed with the intensity of her orgasm.

BOOK: Curves on the Topless Beach
6.18Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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