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Cheyenne Meadows


Erotic Romance


Secret Cravings

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Erotic Romance


Cowgirl Up

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2015 Cheyenne Meadows

E-book ISBN: 978-1-63105504-1


First E-book Publication: February 2015


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Cheyenne Meadows

Copyright © 2015


found a foal for Star.”

blinked at her mother. Star, her former champion barrel racing mare and
Trinity’s best friend, gave birth less than twenty-four hours ago to a
stillborn baby. Almost immediately, Lora, Trinity’s mother, signed up Star as a
nurse mare in an effort to help the obviously grieving mare and give a needy
foal a wonderful momma.


Aspirations Farm in Gentry.” Her mother collected her purse. “Let’s get moving.
The sooner we get Star there, the sooner she can dote on another baby and be
happy again.”

was all that truly mattered. To them all.

world revolved around the mare, once one of the best to take on the cloverleaf
pattern at regional rodeos. Probably would have made it to the big time if Lora
hadn’t had a quick fling with a bull rider named Buck, ended up pregnant, then
traded in her saddle for diaper duty and a job as an elementary school teacher,
determined to make it as a single mother and raise her daughter right.

knew love, caring, and the giving nature of her mother. What she missed was
knowing her father and getting the opportunity to follow in her mother’s
abandoned footsteps. She wanted to surge straight to the summit of barrel
racing by not only being invited to the national finals, but winning. Her best
friend, Star, might have been the springboard for her mother, but with her
advancing age, Lora opted for retirement for the beloved mare and motherhood in
hopes of raising the next generation of a speedy and nimble barrel racing
horse. That bubble burst yesterday.

Trinity’s dreams lay as lifeless as Star’s first foal. Considering they
sustained on a teacher’s salary, a kitchen garden, and the fee from breaking a
horse now and again, the ability to pay a hefty stud fee remained well out of
their grasps.

happened to the mother?” Trinity glanced out the window of the old truck, her
mind whirling at this latest development.

from delivery, I’m told. Perforated bowel from what they could determine. She’s
already been rushed off for emergency surgery.”

raised around horses all her life, Trinity realized how dire the situation for
the poor unfortunate mare. Most people wouldn’t bother with the effort, but
this mare obviously had an exceptional owner who strove to do right by her

all wealthy people weren’t heartless after all.

prove it by her. Not since her father made a career out of his sport, raked in
the prize money, and still stubbornly refused to offer up financial assistance
to her mother. Since his name and signature were absent from her birth
certificate and he refused a paternity test, legal pursuit remained way out of
reach. Oddly enough, Lora never blamed him or held animosity for the man who
left her pregnant and alone. Instead, she brushed the harshness of life off her
sleeve and moved on.

A skill
Trinity wished she could learn.

than an hour later, they arrived at their destination, left Star in the trailer
for the moment, and walked into the first barn as they’d been directed. Three
people stood waiting, all with thin lips and pensive expressions. Worry eked
from each one in abundance. The two men flanking the one woman had to be either
the farm’s owner or perhaps a manager, leaving the middle-aged woman with
silver hair to be presumably the owner’s representative. Trinity doubted most
top-of-the-line thoroughbred breeders and owners attended the birth of their
latest foal.

for coming so soon. I’m Jerry. I spoke with you on the phone. This is Mrs.
Hunter, the mare’s owner and John, the broodmare foreman.” He tilted his head
toward the woman next to him, then once more toward the other man.

Hunter. The name rang a huge bell. Not only did the woman own a few racehorses,
she owned some of the best, including last year’s winner of the Kentucky Derby
and the Preakness. Another Victory Gallop fell short by a nose in the Belmont
Stakes to pulling out the rare and nearly impossible Triple Crown.

amazed and impressed, Trinity studied the woman closer, deciding she liked the
lady who stood in the middle of a stable after dark, trying to help a
motherless foal even as her mare underwent surgery at the university’s vet

of course.” Lora held her hand out and shook his. “I’m Lora Crocket and this is
my daughter, Trinity.”

others inclined their heads toward Trinity, but her mother held their

get the details ironed out so we can unite the colt with his new mother,” the
second man said.

Hunter, the mare’s owner, is generously offering a nurse mare rental fee of ten
thousand, including the care of your mare while here and the farm has a handful
of studs at their disposal both here and at another location, including a
couple of quarter horses, to breed her back to as is traditional in this

woman pursed her lips. “Thank you, John, but I can speak for myself.” She
pinned Lora with her gaze. “If that amount is agreeable to you…”

opened her mouth, but Trinity broke in. “We want her bred to Another Victory

eyes stared at her.

blinked. “Do you know what his stud fee is right now?”

as of last Wednesday.” Trinity lifted her chin and met their gazes steadily.
“An amount we’ll never see.”

Hunter studied her for a long moment. “You realize what you ask is way

nodded. “Yes, I do. But I know this. Star was the best barrel racer of her time
just like Another Victory Gallop was in his. I know it’s almost unheard of to
mate a top level thoroughbred stallion to a quarter horse mare, but it will
work out. Wonderfully so. I just know it.” She poured her heart out, willing
the older woman to agree. Her future hung in the balance.

do you intend to do with the resulting foal?”

him to victory at the barrel racing national championships,” Trinity answered
truthfully, then held her breath.


A ghost
of a smile crept up on Mrs. Hunter’s face. “I believe we have a deal.”


BOOK: Cowgirl Up
7.5Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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