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“Vintage Coonts...plenty of action and intrigue, with the added benefit of a new lead character.”

—Dallas Morning News


—Publishers Weekly
(starred review)


“Frighteningly realistic.”


“Gripping…Coonts's naval background and his legal education bring considerable authority to the story, and the narrative is loaded with detailed information about terrorist networks, modern weaponry, and international intrigue…the action is slam-bang.”

—Publishers Weekly


“The master of the techno-thriller spins a bone-chilling worst-case scenario involving international spies, military heroics, conniving politicians, devious agencies, a hijacked nuclear sub, lethal computer hackers, currency speculators, maniac moguls, and greedy mercenaries that rival Clancy for fiction-as-realism and Cussler for spirited action . . . [Coonts] never lets up with heart-racing jet/missile combat, suspenseful submarine maneuvers, and doomsday scenarios that feel only too real, providing real food for thought in his dramatization of the missile-shield debate.”

—Publishers Weekly
(starred review)

“Fans of Coonts and his hero Grafton will love it. Great fun.”

—Library Journal

“Coonts's action and the techno-talk are as gripping as ever.”

—Kirkus Reviews

“Thrilling roller-coaster action. Give a hearty ‘welcome back' to Admiral Jake Grafton.”

—Philadelphia Inquirer


“Move over, Clancy, readers know they can count on Coonts.”

—Midwest Book Review

“The author gives us superior suspense with a great cast of made-up characters…But the best thing about this book is Coonts's scenario for turning China into a democracy.”

—Liz Smith,
New York Post

“A high-octane blend of techno-wizardry [and] ultra-violence… [Coonts] skillfully captures the postmodern flavor of Hong Kong, where a cell phone is as apt as an AK-47 to be a revolutionary weapon.”

—USA Today



“Will be enjoyed by Coonts's many fans…Coonts has perfected the art of the high-tech adventure story.”

—Library Journal

“Coonts does a remarkable job of capturing the mood of clashing cultures in
Hong Kong

—Publishers Weekly

“Filled with action, intrigue, and humanity.”

—San Jose Mercury News


“Enough Tomahawk missiles, stealth bombers, and staccato action to satisfy [Coonts's] most demanding fans.”

—USA Today

“[A] gripping and intelligent thriller.”

—Publishers Weekly
(starred review)

“Perhaps the best of Stephen Coonts's six novels about modern warfare.”

—Austin American-Statesman

“Coonts delivers some of his best gung-ho suspense writing yet.”

—Kirkus Reviews

“Dramatic, diverting action…Coonts delivers.”



Fortunes of War
is crammed with action, suspense, and characters with more than the usual one dimension found in these books.”

—USA Today


“A stirring examination of courage, compassion, and profound nobility of military professionals under fire. Coonts's best yet.”

—Kirkus Reviews
(starred review)

“Full of action and suspense…a strong addition to the genre.”

—Publishers Weekly


“Extraordinary! Once you start reading, you won't want to stop!”

—Tom Clancy

“[Coonts's] gripping, first-person narration of aerial combat is the best I've ever read. Once begun, this book cannot be laid aside.”

—The Wall Street Journal

“Kept me strapped in the cockpit of the author's imagination for a down-and-dirty novel.”

—St. Louis Post-Dispatch


“A comic, feel-good SF adventure...[delivers] optimistic messages about humanity's ability to meet future challenges.”

—Kirkus Reviews

“Tough to put down.”

—Publishers Weekly

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Written by Stephen Coonts
and Jim DeFelice


St. Martin's Paperbacks







This is a work of fiction. All of the characters, organizations, and events portrayed in this novel are either products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously.




Copyright © 2008 by Stephen Coonts.

Excerpt from
The Assassin
copyright © 2008 by Stephen Coonts.


All rights reserved.

For information address St. Martin's Press, 175 Fifth Avenue, New York,
NY 10010.


ISBN: 0-312-93700-8

EAN: 978-0-312-93700-3


Printed in the United States of America


St. Martin's Paperbacks edition / June 2008


St. Martin's Paperbacks are published by St. Martin's Press, 175 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010.


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The National Security Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, Space Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Security Council, and Marines are, of course, real. While based on an actual organization affiliated with the NSA and CIA, Desk Three and all of the people associated with it in this book are fiction. The technology depicted here either exists or is being developed.

Some liberties have been taken in describing actual places and procedures to facilitate the telling of the tale. Some details regarding the President's security have been omitted and other fictionalized in the interests of actual security.


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BOOK: Conspiracy
9.58Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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