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“A romantic suspense genius.”

—Reader to Reader Reviews



Cold Touch

“Fresh, exciting, truly thril ing romantic suspense . . . the Extrasensory Agents

series delivers outstanding paranormal intrigue from a sharp, creative new

voice in the genre.”

—Lara Adrian,
New York Times
bestsel ing author of the Midnight Breed


Cold Sight

“Wel -written, guaranteed to keep readers on the edge of their seat. Fil ed with

many plot twists, readers are going to have a tough time putting this one


—Fresh Fiction

“This story is action-packed and the romance is just right. Ms. Parrish has

written a story that wil hold your attention from the first page and keep it until

the last word is read. Her characters seem so real that they wil draw you into

the story.”

—Night Owl Romance

“This is an entertaining paranormal whodunit starring an intrepid reporter and

a man with telemetric extrasensory psychometric abilities.”

—Genre Go Round Reviews

“Dark, emotional y compel ing romantic suspense with a light paranormal

element. I opened this book and didn’t close it again until the last page had

been read.”

—Book Binge

“Parrish blends her suspense and paranormal elements wel , and I found this

dark thril er immensely addictive . . . romantic suspense with an edge to it.”

—Al About Romance

“The only cold thing about this witty, steamy, and total y engrossing novel is the

high-powered air conditioner you’l need to sit under while reading it . . . a

nonstop ride.”

—Romance Novel News

Black at Heart

“Dark, edgy, fantastic romantic suspense that readers and reviewers al over

the Web are buzzing about.”

—Al About Romance

“The emotional layers in this book, the descriptions, the plotting, the

characterizations are rich and satisfying.”

—Armchair Reader

Pitch Black

“Parrish’s Black CATs novels are taut, exciting, sweet, dark, and hot, al at the

same time.”

—Errant Dreams Reviews

“The ultimate edge-of-your-seat thril er.”

—Romance Junkies

“Parrish creates a heart-stomping story that takes you to the edge of your


—The Romance Readers Connection

Fade to Black

“Compel ing hold-your-breath romantic suspense with one of the most

chil ingly evil vil ains I’ve ever read.”

New York Times
bestsel ing author JoAnn Ross

“Al in al ,
Fade to Black
is fabulous.”

—Mrs. Giggles

“A trifecta of good romantic suspense: good characters, good romance, and

good suspense.”

—Al About Romance

“Dark suspense, sexy heroes, fiendish vil ains, and fantastic writing.”

—Roxanne St. Claire, award-winning author of
Edge of Sight



Cold Sight


Fade to Black

Pitch Black

Black at Heart

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Excerpt from
Cold Sight
copyright © Leslie Kelly, 2010

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To Caitlin—thanks for your invaluable help in keeping me on track with

these books. Oh, and thanks for being such a wonderful daughter, too!

And to my editor, Laura Cifelli—thank you so much for challenging me to

expand my writing into the world of the paranormal. I’ve loved working on

this series and would never have attempted it without your encouragement

and support.


Sincere thanks to Julie, Janel e and Karen, who, as always, were there to help

me untangle my big bal of plot at a moment’s notice. And to Bruce, who was

always standing by as my sounding board.

Thanks also to Googlemaps for giving me the amazing ability to walk the

streets my characters walked.

Though this story is set in the real—and lovely—city of Savannah, I have

taken some liberties with its history, politics, topography and geography for

the purposes of this story. Thanks for understanding.

Twelve years ago

“He’s gonna kil you.”

The boy’s voice shook with both sadness and fear. And with those four

whispered words, Olivia Wainwright’s faint hope of survival disappeared.

The boy, Jack, was he a victim, too? She wasn’t sure. She only knew that

during the three terrifying days she’d been tied up in this hot, miserable barn,

his sharp, angular face was the only one she’d seen. She’d caught brief

glimpses of him in the shadows when he shuffled in to bring her water or

sometimes a handful of stale nuts that she suspected he wasn’t supposed to

share. Once, he’d even come close enough to loosen the ropes on her wrists

and ankles a little, so at least she had some circulation again.

But he hadn’t let her go. No matter how much she’d begged.

He was a couple of years younger than her, twelve or thirteen, maybe.

Skinny, pale, with sunken cheeks and deep-set eyes. While he was free to go

in and out, she suspected he was a victim, too—of abuse, at the very least.

The kid looked beaten down, his spirit crushed, al memories of happiness

long gone.

Olivia began to shake, long shudders making her bound legs quiver and her

BOOK: Cold Touch
3.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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