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One arch stood at the beginning of the spiral walk, another at the end, leading into the center of the garden. As we approached the first trellis, I caught a glimpse of the wedding party that waited in the center of the labyrinth.
White Deer stood, strong and regal in a periwinkle blue dress that kissed the ground. A deerskin cloak graced her shoulders, and a beaded headband held back her waist-length hair. She gazed at me, silent and patient. Facing her, Joe was wearing a black tux, and beside him, Kip—his best man—beamed.
All our friends were there, on benches and folding chairs. Lana and Cinnamon, Jimbo and James, Horvald and Ida, Maeve and Aunt Maggie—clutching tissues aplenty. Deacon and his wife had come, along with Greg, Sandy, and Roger and Melissa. And Gunner and Lori were there, too.
Harlow, Rose, and Randa took their places in front of me, followed by Murray. I waited expectantly. Then, in a hushed pause, floating through the air like a single feather, came the sound of the flutist who stood to the side of the wedding party. High, thin tinkling notes, so winsome that I caught my breath, drifted toward me from the garden. Faerie songs, the flutter of wings on the wind.
As we followed the labyrinth to the center where I would stand beside Joe to pledge my love and devotion, I glanced to my right. There, peeking from behind a hydrangea bush, stood Nanna. She blew me a kiss as I walked by, and I knew that whatever may come, the constants in my life—my children, my friends, Nanna, and Joe—would always be there to shore me up. I took one long, slow deep breath and headed for the altar.
Full Moon Bridal Ritual
WEDDINGS ARE MAJOR transitions in life. As with every big shift, it can be helpful to perform a simple ritual to mark the rite of passage and prepare ourselves for the new journey on which we are about to embark.
On the eve of the full moon before your wedding, gather with a group of close girlfriends near a body of water—a lake, a stream, a river, or the ocean. A pool will do if you live in the desert.
Ask each guest to bring a white votive candle in a heat-proof holder. The bride-to-be should dress in a simple shift (make sure the material can withstand getting wet). Guests should dress festively.
When everyone is present, invoke sacred space by having everyone join hands as you stand in a circle. Take three deep breaths and let them out slowly. The bride’s best friend should say:
By wind and water, by flame and earth, I ask that this space be blessed and sacred, be touched by heart and by love, by joy and by protection, by friendship and by allegiance.
Let the energy settle. Everyone should sit in a circle with the bride-to-be in the center. One by one, each guest should light her votive candle and set it in front of her, while giving the bride a heartfelt blessing and wish for the impending marriage. Make certain to avoid bringing sarcasm or negativity into the circle. This is not the time for man-bashing jokes.
When everyone has offered her blessing, the bride’s best friend should hold up a chalice of wine (or grape juice, if there are objections to alcohol), and say, “To (insert name of bride), may your wedding and marriage be blessed!” Sip the wine, then pass the chalice clockwise around the circle. Each woman should follow suit.
After the toast, lead the bride to the water’s edge, where she will wade in up to her chest. If she doesn’t swim, have someone who does swim go with her for safety.
The bride-to-be should focus on the water, feeling it wash away any lingering worries and doubts. Feel the mantle of being single make way, opening up space for the new life to come—a life shared with someone else. When finished, exit the water, dry off, and then feast on a wonderful buffet of fruits, cheeses, and breads.
For me, my second marriage has been a brilliant and wonderful ride. Oh, there are tearful times, and worrying about someone you love isn’t easy, but it’s been worth every minute of it. To all those looking toward marriage in their near future—I wish you blessings on your life to come.
~the Painted Panther
Yasmine Galenorn
BOOK: CnC 5 One Hex of a Wedding
9.28Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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