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17: Jack

I couldn't believe she was here.


Just the sight of her was enough to clear the skies, lift me up, and
wash away the cobwebs of doubt that had creeped into my mind over the last few


And as soon as I saw her face, I knew my feelings weren't
unrequited. Because no one would go to that much trouble to give someone bad


She loved me back.

I wasn't crazy.

Just crazy in love.

We both were.


"Well here it is," I said, pushing open the door to my humble
apartment. "It's not much, but it gets the job done."


She took a few steps inside.

her in my space put a lump in my throat.


I watched as she let the strap of her backpack slide off her
shoulder to the floor. And as I closed the door without looking, I shamelessly checked
her out in her little blue dress.


"I can't say it's what I expected," she said, cocking a
hip. "But I love your vintage fridge."


I stepped up beside her. "What did you expect?"

She shrugged. "Something a little less like my apartment, I
guess. Something a little bigger."


"Like a mansion?"


"Well, I'm happy to get you one if you think you can figure
out what to fill it with," I said. "But I haven't really needed more
space than this the past few years and interior decorating does my head in."


She nodded, her eyes sweeping over every surface in the place.


"I have pretty simple needs."

"Speaking of which," she said, lowering her voice and
turning to face me. "I'd like to address some of those simple needs now if
you're up for it." She raised her eyebrows and made a face that caused the
blood to rush straight to my cock.

I laughed. "I'm always up for it when you're around."


"Why don't you give me the rest of the tour then," she
said, trailing a finger down the buttons of a shirt I never would've worn if I
knew she was going to turn up. "Maybe there's a bedroom, for

"Of course," I said. "My needs may be simple, but I
do have a mattress."


"Prove it."


I walked through the narrow passage between the futon and the
coffee table and pushed my bedroom door open.

She smiled when she poked her head in. "My my," she
said. "That bed's so small you'd have to be on top of someone to share it
with them."


I moved out of the way so she could step inside, but she stopped
in the doorway and started undoing my buttons.


"I had a really good time when you came to visit," she
said when she was three buttons down. "A really good time."

"Me too."


"You must've known I'd be back for another just like


"I certainly hoped," I said, my breath growing shallow
as her fingers moved to the top button of my shorts.


Her eyes flickered up at me as she unzipped my fly, my dick
overflowing into her hands where it strained against my boxers.


"Happy to see me?" she asked.

"Very," I said. "But you must've known I would


"I certainly hoped," she said smiling. Then she squatted
down just long enough to pull my pants and boxers around my ankles.


When she stood back up, she was standing so close the tip of my
dick was lying against her stomach, so close but so far from where I wanted it
to be.


Audrey swallowed and slid her hands under the shoulders of my
shirt until she'd pushed it off far enough that it fell to the floor.


"Halfway there," I said.


"Lay down," she said, gesturing towards my unmade bed.


I lay down, swinging my feet up onto the bed. Then I scooted back,
pushing the pillow against the headboard and folding my arms behind my head.

She stepped up to the end of the bed, her eyes flitting down
towards my dick where it stood between us, swelling as she licked her lips.

I watched as she reached for the bottom of her dress, my breath
suspended in my chest.

As she pulled it off over her head, it took all the energy I had
not to pounce on her. But I didn't dare spoil her seduction. After all, this
was her surprise, and she’d obviously spent some time planning it.


No one would willingly travel in underwear that fancy for any
other reason than if they intended to fuck on the plane or immediately upon


And she was about to land alright, right on my cock if the look in
her eye was any indication of what was coming.


She placed a knee on the bed and got down on all fours.

she crawled up over me, pretending to ignore my swollen dick as believably as I
pretended to ignore how good her curves looked imprisoned in black lace.


"What?" I asked, addressing the mischievous look in her


"There's something I want to say before my mouth is too full
to talk," she said.


I couldn't help but smile. "And what might that be?"


She lowered her face towards my ear so I could feel her hot breath
against it as she spoke. "I fucking love you, too, Jack."

She raised her head again and looked at me before kissing me so
gently it was as torturous as it was intriguing. But before I could pull her
against me, she was already backing up, taking my dick in one hand and my balls
in the other, paralyzing my body with excitement as I anticipated the way her
wet lips would feel against me.

And as if she knew what I was thinking, she offered me a sly smile
before she lowered her lips onto me.

At first she moved so slowly I was sure she could feel my
quickening pulse in my cock, and the view from where I was lying of her mouth
on me between her voluptuous breasts was enough of a fantasy to keep me coming
for the rest of my life.


I groaned as she synced the rhythm of her pumping fist with the
bobbing of her head. Meanwhile, all the energy in my body began to concentrate
where she was touching me until I thought I might explode.


And then she stopped.

I was about to protest and beg for more when I felt her tongue drag
along the seam between my balls.

The pleasure was so intense I felt them harden and retract as if
the sensation was more than they could bear, but she didn't release her grip.
Instead, she flattened her tongue, lapping at my testicles like they were
dripping ice creams on a hot day.

I closed my eyes and leaned my head back against the pillow,
reveling in her hunger for me and wishing she would never stop.


And she didn't. At one point I was worried she might not stop
until she'd licked my balls raw. But a moment later, she was sucking me again,
squeezing me with her hands and mouth even harder than I was squeezing my eyes


"Fuck," I moaned.


"Come for me," she said.

I groaned. The offer was tempting, but I had an idea I liked even
better, an idea I thought she'd prefer, too.


"I want to taste you," she whispered.

"No," I said.


"Fill me up, Jack."


"Stop," I said.


Her face fell as she lifted her eyes to me, her wet lips slightly
parted. "What's wron-"


"Nothing," I said. "You'll get your fill."

She swallowed.

"But first, I want you to feel every inch of what you've done
to me."


She straightened up so she was sitting on her heels and pushed her
hair out of her eyes, licking her lips once again. "Okay," she said.
"How do you want me?"


I smiled, feeling spoiled for choice.

18: Audrey


His eyes were full of mischief, and I couldn't help but notice
they were drawn to my bra.

"Well?" I asked.


"Come here," he said, extending a hand. "I want to
get a closer look at your panties."

I smiled. "You like them?"


His mouth curled up at one corner as he pulled me closer.
"They look good enough to eat."

I walked forward on my knees, feeling the heat bubble up in me as
his eyes drank me in. The truth was, sucking him had made me so wet I probably
would've been dripping down my leg if I wasn't wearing them.

He slipped his hands around my waist. "Keep coming," he

My pussy was inches away from his face, my breath suddenly nowhere
to be found.

didn't want to chicken out after having been so bold, but the intensity with
which he was looking up at me was more than I could take.


But before I could back up, he tightened his grip on my waist and
lifted his neck, licking the thin fabric of my underwear where it was covering
my wet slit.


The first sweep of his tongue felt strange as he pressed the thin
lace against my clit.


The second pass made my head fall back.


The third time I groaned and stopped myself from collapsing by
wrapping my fingers around his headboard.


Soon, he was drinking me through my underwear, and the sensation
was so wild I couldn't do anything but try to keep my hips from bucking.

Just when I thought he couldn't play me any better, he reached up
with one hand and pulled my panties to the side, making first contact between
his bare tongue and my naked pussy.

"Fuck," I breathed, giving into him.


His tongue was even more skilled than I remembered, dexterous at the
way it scooped me out and swirled around my clit, sending whirlpools of warmth
up my body.


"You're gonna make me come," I whispered, half hoping he
wouldn't hear.

He scooped my dripping juices out once more and lifted me off his
greedy mouth. "No," he said. "Not yet."


I looked down at him and feigned a pouty face that held more truth
than I dared admit.


"You come when I say it's time," he said. "Not


I nodded, reminding myself that every orgasm with him had been
more explosive than the last and that it would be worth the wait.


"Now take those panties off before I rip them off."

I scooted back between his legs, supporting myself on one leg at a
time so I could get them off, wobbling once so badly he had to catch me so I
didn't fall off the narrow bed.

And suddenly I didn't care how he wanted me next. I wanted to sit
on him so bad I wasn't prepared to ask permission.


But it was like he knew, like he was daring me to mount him with
his eyes.


I kept my gaze fixed on his as I guided his dick to the heat he'd
made beneath me, and I didn't look away as I sank down on him, feeling the
familiar stretch of my body struggling to accommodate him.

By the time my pussy was around the base of his shaft, I felt
drunk, intoxicated from the feel and taste of him.


"God you feel so good," I said, rocking my hips forward.


He smiled, and there was a pained look on his face that let me
know it felt just as good for him.


As I rocked my hips forward again, I noticed his eyes drop to my
bra and I reached behind me, undoing the clasp and slipping the straps off so
it tumbled over the side of the bed.

"You read my mind," he said.

As I worked his dick with my greedy pussy, I savored the way he
filled me up and the way he feasted his eyes on my naked body so enthusiastically
I felt like the most fuckable woman on Earth.


I kept grinding my clit against the base of his thick shaft, and
when I leaned forward, his hands moved to my breasts like I knew they would.


And I couldn’t help but notice that it was the first predictable
thing he’d ever done, and it amused me. And as he held me in his hands I
realized I couldn’t imagine him ever doing anything to bore me, to make me feel
bad, or to hurt me.

He couldn't. He wouldn't. Not this man. Not when he could make me
feel like this.

It was too pure. Too good. With my bare chest in his hands and my
legs around him, I felt completely invincible.


And then my body began to buzz beneath me, and I inhaled sharply,
realizing I was going to come.


But he read my face in an instant and sank his fingers into my
hips so hard he brought me to a standstill.


"Feeling bold are we?" he asked, his face flushed.


"Maybe," I said.


He shook his head and rolled over me, careful to keep us both
connected and on the bed.


"Keep your eyes on me," he said, thrusting deeper.
"I'll let you know when."

"Please," I said, looking into his gorgeous face.
"I'm so close."

"Me too," he said, fucking me so slow everything else
fell away. "Me too."


I’d never felt closer to anyone as he dangled me over the cliff of
my own pleasure. And as torturous as it was, I liked it.


"Come with me," he whispered, burying himself inside me.


I kept my eyes on his and felt my lips fall apart. It was like my
body wasn't my own, like it was his and he was just letting me borrow it so I
could feel good.

And as the force of him radiated through me and my body
concentrated around him, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was
nothing I wouldn't give this man, nothing I wouldn't do for him, that
everything from my pleasure to my aspirations were safer with him than they
were with me alone.


And I came in an overwhelming, violent shudder, my back bending
beneath him as he pushed so far inside me I felt him in my throat, filling me
up with what he'd been saving for me every day we'd been apart.


The release was so big it took ten minutes to recover. I laid
there in his arms saying nothing while he dripped from me, though it felt like
he'd come so hard I wouldn’t have been surprised to find he was dripping from
my fingertips, too.


And even though I knew I was the same person I was an hour ago, I
felt shiny and new and brave and better.


"That was by far the best apartment tour I've ever been
on," I said.


Jack laughed, propping his head up on his hand where he lay naked
beside me.


"I hope that's not the tour everyone gets."

"No," he said. "Only you."


Looking around, I could see the rest of the room was as simple as
his bed, as simple as my feelings for him. Not fancy, but more than enough,
more than most people were ever lucky enough to have.


"Oh, I almost forgot," I said, sitting up and making
sure I could feel my legs again.


I went into his front room and reached in the top pocket of my
backpack, clasping his watch in my fist before crawling back in bed beside him.

He raised his eyebrows as he glanced at my hand.

"Ta da," I said, letting the strap of his watch dangle
from my hand.


"Thanks," he said, grabbing it without taking his eyes
off me and laying it on the bed.


I rolled onto my side to face him, propping my head up so I could
look him in the eye. "I don't think that's the only thing you were
expecting me to show up with."


"I wasn't expecting you to show up with anything," he
said. "I wasn't expecting you to show up at all."


"You know what I mean."


"What else am I expecting?"


I took a deep breath.

He furrowed his brow.

"An answer," I said.

"No." He shook his head. "I don't want an


"You don't?" I asked.




"Are you sure?"


He nodded once. "I just want you."




"Really," he said. "Take all the time you


I pursed my lips.


"It's meaningless without you anyway," he said, glancing
at the watch.


I smiled and lowered my voice. "Thank you."


He brushed some hair away from the side of my face so sweetly I
probably would've melted if I hadn't already.


"It's a yes though," I said. "Just in case you were


His eyes grew wide and he looked back and forth between my eyes.


"Yes," I said. "Really."


His eyes looked shiny all of a sudden.


"That is if you'll still have me?"


"Of course I will," he said. "As many times as
you'll let me."


I smiled.

"In that case, I almost forgot something, too," he said.




As he rolled away from me, I cocked my head at some fresh scratch
marks on his back I hadn’t realized I made and listened as he slid open a
drawer in the bedside table.


When he rolled back over he was holding a black velvet box in his


I straightened my elbow until I was sitting up with my legs stacked
to the side.


He sat up, too, and laid the box on the bed between us.


I didn't have to look to know what was inside. It was written all
over his face.


"Open it," he said.


I raised the box in front of me and took a deep breath before
popping the lid.


Inside, there was a simple but sizeable diamond ring.


"Oh Jack," I said, raising my watering eyes towards his.
"It's beautiful."

"It's nothing," he said. "Not compared to

I swallowed.


"May I?" he asked, reaching for the box.


I handed it to him and watched as his big fingers lifted the ring


Then he reached for my left hand.


"Audrey Cordelia Lawrence," he said. "They say
third time's a charm."


I pursed my lips.


Jack sighed. "That being said, if you will do me the honor of
being my super gorgeous and talented wife, I will do everything within my power
to make sure you are safe and happy and want for nothing for the rest of your


My heart swelled in my chest.


"Well," he said. "What do you say?"

say yes."


He smiled as he slid the ring all the way down to the base of my


"It's a perfect fit," I said, looking from the sparkling
diamond up to his face. "Just like you."

He kissed me so deeply then- right when I needed him, too. Because
if he hadn't, I might have spoiled the moment by fist pumping or trying to do a
naked cartwheel, which probably would’ve had disastrous effects in such a small


But he knew what to do then and I suspected he always would, and
that knowledge made me feel secure in a way I never had before.

So in the end- despite all the bad dates, all the bad guys, and
all my bad judgement- I finally got it right.

BOOK: Chosen by a Stranger (Craved Series #5)
3.86Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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