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Authors: Heather Gunter,Raelene Green

Changing Tunes

BOOK: Changing Tunes
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By Heather Gunter






Copyright © 2014 Heather Gunter

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Cover designed by Robin Harper, Wicked by Designs

Interior Formatting by Tami Norman, Integrity Formatting

Edited by Raelene Green of word·play by 77peaches, a division of 77peaches enterprises, LLC



Chapter 1: Never let them see you look weak

Chapter 2: Cowgirl boots & Jell-O shots

Chapter 3: Tales of Pirates and stately knights

Chapter 4: No More Running

Chapter 5: Endless Possibilities & Do-over’s

Chapter 6: Teacher’s Pet

Chapter 7: The Warden and a few escaped tears

Chapter 8: Stickin’ to the plan

Chapter 9: Douchebaggery

Chapter 10: Priorities & Photographs

Chapter 11: Sex is just sex

Chapter 12: Just friends

Chapter 13: Excess baggage

Chapter 14: First impressions aren’t always right

Chapter 15: Friends and Pissing off the Warden

Chapter 16: Strictly platonic

Chapter 17: Sexy Water Bottle

Chapter 18: Blue Balls

Chapter 19: A friend he’ll stay

Chapter 20: I’ll take what I can get

Chapter 21: All things Ashley

Chapter 22: Alive

Chapter 23: Thank the Lord above for friends

Chapter 24: A night of firsts

Chapter 25: Goner

Chapter 26: Your past does not define you

Chapter 27: The neighbor down the hall

Chapter 28: Junk food and movies

Chapter 29: Heebie-jeebies

Chapter 30: Ugly green monster

Chapter 31: My version of family

Chapter 32: Lingering doubt and I love yous

Chapter 33: I’m a package deal

Chapter 34: I should have just skipped

Chapter 35: She’s my future

Chapter 36: Going home

Chapter 37: Pissed doesn’t even begin to describe it

Chapter 38: White knights riding in on horses are real

Chapter 39: Home

Chapter 40: Good and Loved

Chapter 41: Perfect for me

Chapter 42: Secrets suck

Chapter 43: Unforeseen friend

Chapter 44: I don’t want Monday to come

Chapter 45: Facing the past

Chapter 46: Revelations

Chapter 47: Two weeks later

Chapter 48: Zombie state of mind

Epilogue: Thanksgiving


Gainers Grace Sneak Peek

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To Tami Norman my forever friend/critique partner/blog partner & cheerleader.

You are the person that has been there for me from the beginning. Your support is endless and your friendship never wavering. When I was down, you lifted me up. When I said I couldn’t, you said, “Yes, you can.” You are the one that pushes me and keeps me on my toes. You are my person.






BOOK: Changing Tunes
12.84Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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