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Smart move. He looked like a creep.

The blond with the pink tipped hair was suddenly beside me. I hadn’t heard her walk up 
I’d been busy
 trying to get rid of the 
 guy who had met me at Miranda’s car and wouldn’t take a hint.

“He was nice enough. I’m just not crazy about giving 
 to my room to every guy on campus.” I explained. And I didn’t want them to feel as if I owed them something for their help.

The girl reached into the car and pulled out my suitcase. I wasn’t sure what to think about that. The 
roar of the motorcycle’s 
 startled me and I spun around too see
Dank Walker drive away without 
so much as
 a glance my 
way. Not that I expected it
 really. I mean he had been very nice and seemed somewhat interested
 but I didn’t 
encourage him. 

“Weren’t you going with him?” I asked as the girl walked around me with 

suitcase handle i
n one hand and one of my boxes 
tucked in 
other arm. She was really going to help me unload
 Why? I’d done nothing to win her favor. She didn’t appear to be someone who made friends easily.

“Changed my mind. He’s in a bit of a funk today,” she said without looking back at me. I watched as she made her way to the entrance of the dorm
 then I turned around and
 a box
. She wouldn’t know which room to go to and 
if she 
found the room on her own
 it would terrify
 girl walked into the room when she was there alone


 hours later we were completely unpacked. Even our 
very large 
room was set up. 
We’d taken 
he empty boxes 
to the dumpster, 
the fridge 
with water bottles

and I’d given half my closet space 
Miranda. She’d brought too many clothes to fit in hers. This was not surprising in the least.
I figured that 
would be easier to live with 
a jam-packed closet 
listening to 
Miranda whin
 for the next nine months 
because her closet wasn’t big enough.
 with the size of this room we could easily fit one of those portable closet
 in the corner.

“I still can’t believe she is in the room connected to ours and she doesn’t have to share with anyone. What is she? 
A rock star’s kid?
 THAT’S IT! She is some famous rocker’s kid. She looks the part. She is obviously on 

first name basis with Dank Walker and she has the 
 and power to have her very own 
dorm room
 And she has that weird name. Who calls their kid ‘Gee” but some famous person

Most times, 
I waved Miranda’s ridiculous ideas away
 but this time she just might be right. No one else in the dorm had 
own room
, everyone else had a 
was huge. 
It was e
ven bigger than Gees
 but we were sharing it. 
I plopped down on my black polka dotted comforter that Miranda had insisted I get. She wanted us to match. Hers was 
black with white polka dots
 and mine was white with black polka dots. I didn’t really care for the pattern but honestly I’d
 been fine with 
 quilt from 
as my cover. Miranda had thrown a hissy fit when I’d 
. So, we had polka dots. Everything else was black and white too. 
Black and white 
was her 
color scheme 
obsession. She had even bought us 
 pin boards with black and white ribbon on them to hang above our desks
 right beside the black and white 
dry erase boards

“It looks good doesn’t it?” She asked 
 as she sat down beside me. She was happy with the way everything had fit into place. I was just glad she’d left the 
 at her house. I d
n’t li
ke boy bands and I sure 
want to them plastered over the walls of my room all year.

“You did a 
good job
,” I agreed and she beamed at me. It didn’t take much to make her 
. She’d gone through a rough patch there for a
while after her boyfriend, Wyatt, had 
passed away
. It had been the three of us growing up. Losing him had hurt me too
 but not as badly as it had her. They had a connection I didn’t share.  Shopping for our room had kept her busy over the past month and she’d slowly started to

“What should we do now? Want to go check out the campus? Or go find something to eat? The 
food court
doesn’t open until tomorrow. We’ll have to leave campus to find dinner.”

I started to answer when Gee walked into the room through the bathroom that adjoined our room
. “I know the perfect place to go eat and have a little fun. Let’s go










Although it was
n age-restricted
 Gee had 
 us inside without a hitch
. I’d started to refuse to go inside but Miranda had gotten all excited when the bouncer waved us through. I had to go in 
to keep Miranda out of trouble

“Stop frowning
 Peggy Ann. It 
 that bad. Loosen up,” Gee said as we made our way toward one of the empty tables.


My name
 is Pagan,” I informed her.

“You used to be more fun,” she mumbled. What the heck did she mean by that? We’d known each other all of six 
 tops. I 
was about 
to ask about her comment when a guy stepped in front of me.

 beautiful. You’re new here. I’d remember eyes like those if I’d 
 them before.” 

I let out a weary sigh and look
 up at him. “Really? That’s the best you’ve got?” I asked 
raising an

His confused frown annoyed me 
I stepped around him.


 I like it.” Gee chuckled as we took our seats at the bar.

a grabbed my arm and jerked me 
close to her, “Don’t look now
 but Jay is here,” she whispered excitedly in my ear.

I knew Jay went to U
niversity of 
which was just 
city over from us
 but I hadn’t expected to bump into him so soon
, especially not on my first night in college
. I started
to look back 
 squeezed my arms tightly. “I said don’t look. He’s with a girl. They’re dancing really close and well I think she may be humping his leg.”

“What do you want to 
,” Gee asked in a mocking voice drawing my name out since I’d corrected her before.

“A Coke will be fine,” I 
said and turned my 
from Miranda
 death grip on my arm to Gee
 who was perched on a barstool as if she were actually old enough to order something more than a soda.

“You want Coke? Why am I not surprised?” She replied with a roll of her eyes.  Her gaze shifted from me to something over my shoulder. “Well, shit.” She mumbled.

 I turned around and my eyes met Jay’s. He was in fact dancing with some girl who just might be humping his leg. His hands were cupping her butt and he was whispering something in her ear or at least he 
 me.  His surprised expression made me smile. I’m sure he had no idea I was at Boone. I hadn’t spoken to him since Wyatt’s funeral. I smiled and gave him a little wave 
look at Gee. She was watching me closely as if she may need to tackle me to the ground at any given moment. What was her deal? She was just 
enough to make me nervous.

“You know him?” She asked
shifting her eyes from me to 

 I picked up 
Coke the bartender placed in front of me.  “Yeah, he used to go to my school,” I explained. I didn’t want to explain to her that he had also been my boyfriend for three years. She would probably embarrass me somehow with that information.

“He was her boyfriend for three years. Th
 were inseparable.” Miranda chimed in with her juicy piece of gossip. I’d have to thank her later for that one.

“Hmmm… well Pay-
, y
ou need to decide what you want to do because here he comes,” Gee replied. She seemed annoyed.


“Pagan?” Jay’s surprised tone had me wishing I’d stayed in my 
dorm room
 tonight. I was 
up for 
right now. Especially with Gee watching my every move.

I took a deep breath
, forced a smile on my face,
turned around to face Jay

“Hello, Jay.”


 Jay. Fancy meeting you here,” Miranda said with a giggle.

“ I can’t believe y’all are here,” Jay said
a huge grin
 his face. “What are you doing here?”

“We’re both at Boone,” I explained.

“Boone? Really? As in you’re living 
thirty minutes from me?” The excitement in his voice surprised me. We’d been broken up over a year and a half now. It wasn’t like we were long lost friends.

“Yep. Moved in today,” Miranda said before taking a sip of her Shirley Temple.  At least I 
it was a Shirley Temple. Surely Gee hadn’t ordered her something with alcohol in it.

“Were you 
 call me? Clue me in
re right around the corner?” Jay’s focus was on me
 but I was 
the blond who had been humping his leg. From the look on her face she wasn’t very happy. I watched her approach us 
and wrap 
her arms
around Jay’s arm. I shifted my eyes from her angry glare to his suddenly tense one.

“So who
 your friends, Jay 
?” the 
 pressing closer against him.

I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing at “Jay 
”.  Miranda kicked me and I heard her muffled chuckle. She was getting a kick out of the nickname too.

“Uh, this is uh, “ he stammered.

I decided to save him from his moment of panic and smiled over at his new girlfriend. “Hello. I’m Pagan and this is Miranda. We went to high school with Jay.”  I’d wanted to
say “Jay 
” so badly

 because I knew if I did, 
I would burst into laughter.

She reached up and ran her hand through Jay’s shaggy blond hair while keeping her eyes 
 on me. Apparently I was the one she was least fond of. “Is that so? He never mentioned either of you.”

That was a little surprising. Since we’d broken up the summer he left to come up here for college. I figure
 he would have at least missed me a little. Guess I thought wrong. I shrugged, “Must not have ranked real high on his importance radar,” I replied.

I shifted my eyes to Jay’s and smirked. I was done with this fun conversation. I could see the frown puckering his forehead and decided to get away while I could. The last thing I wanted was for him or Miranda to delve into our past.

“It was nice seeing you again, maybe we’ll bump into each other again over the next three years.” I turned back around in my stool and let my fake smile 
. Now, it was his 
to walk away. We’d had our little weird moment. Time to move on.

“Is your 
cell number
 still the same?” Jay asked. Dang it. Did the boy not take a hint? I was not interested in him. He had moved on. Jeez.

“Yep. Her number hasn’t changed,” Miranda replied when it was obvious I wasn’t going to.

This time I kicked Miranda.

“Ouch!” she squealed.

“Get rid of them,” I whispered to Gee who was sitting there surprisingly quiet watching the whole thing.

She winked at me and turned her attention back to Jay. “Looks like Pagan 
 up for anymore chat
. So you and your girlfriend can get back to humping on the
dance floor
. It was entertaining us earlier.”

I covered my face with my hands. Why had I 
 her to handle this?

Miranda burst into a fit of giggles and spun around 
n her stool away from them too. 
I kept my eyes closed tightly hoping they’d 
walk away. I did not want Jay to think I’d been watching him dirty dance.

 are gone
. You’re welcome.” Gee announced and raised her empty glass in the air and rattled the ice around. “He’s 
 cute but I’m thinking that chic
 he has hanging on him has silver tipped nails ready to slice open anyone who gets close.”

“I picked up on that,” I replied and drank the last of the soda in my glass.

“He is so still into you,” Miranda said nudging my arm. Was she blind? Jay was very taken. He had always been polite and friendly to everyone. Of course he would be to us. We’d all done everything together from the time we’d been freshman to the year he graduated before us.

“No he isn’t. Besides, I’m not looking.”

Miranda sighed and made a pouty face. “You’re never looking. You weren’t even aware of the sexiness that is Dank Walker today.”

That was where she was wrong. I was very aware of how sexy Dank Walker had been. It would take a blind person to miss that 
and even then they would probably be able to tell. His voice was 
. But he was a lead singer in a 
rock band
. Not my type. 
kind wanted a girl long enough to get her naked and in bed. Then he moved on.

BOOK: Ceaseless
13.72Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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