Captured Hearts (The Men of Five Nations International)

BOOK: Captured Hearts (The Men of Five Nations International)
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Captured Hearts




Shelli Quinn




Chapter One


Akiva Jennings worked hard to put herself through medical school and it hadn’t been easy, especially since she had to also help support her ailing mother and unruly younger sister. But she never gave up even though there were times she’d wanted to throw in the towel. Now she was finally able to enjoy the benefits of all her years in school and all of her many sleepless nights of residency.


Thanks to a very private sector of the Government she had her very own concierges practice, and all she’d had to do was sign over her soul. Well not exactly but she might as well have, because if the names of her patients ever fell into the wrong hands there would be hell to pay. Heads would roll and by that she meant hers, she’d signed an iron clad confidentiality contract and she was pretty certain the only way to break it was death and by that she meant hers.


Nevertheless with the salary they were paying her to do her job and keep her mouth shut she wasn’t about to argue. Besides if loose lips sank ships, she would keep hers tighter than a fresh head of braids. With the salary Akiva received she was making sure that her mother was getting the medical treatment she needed and was finally starting to get better and her sister was enrolled in one of the finest colleges in the country.


Yeah her life wasn’t bad unless you want to count that horrible run-in she’d had a few months ago when she’d been called to treat Camille Coleman. That’s the night she met the man that has been haunting her every thought with those damned whiskey colored eyes, his reddish-brown skin tone and long muscular frame. The man had the kind of hair that most women would kill for she thought as she remembered his silky black locks hanging freely down his wide back.


The last thing she wanted to be thinking about was Prescott Hawk and his know-it-all attitude. When she thought back to the night they’d met it made her angry all over again. How dare he try to tell her how to medically treat a patient?


Akiva didn’t appreciate someone who didn’t have a medical degree attempting to give her medical advice. He didn’t know her like that and he’d found out real fast that he was barking up the wrong damn tree. She’d taken great pleasure in putting him in his place, which for some reason didn’t seem to faze him in the least.


She could still see the slight smirk on his face as he’d gazed down at her, while she gave him a piece of her mind. The twinkle in his brandy colored eyes had caused a shiver to race up her spine, along with a hot, moist sensation that flooded the crotch of her panties.


Akiva didn’t understand her instantaneous reaction to a man that had rubbed her the wrong way. She had been spitting mad with Prescott Hawk at least that’s what her brain said but her wicked body had betrayed her like a bad head of weave. She knew all about that as a struggling medical student there were times she had to make do with what she had. And at times that certainly wasn’t much but with two other people to take care of, you find a way to stretch the few dollars that you do have.


Thankfully those penny pinching days were behind her because she now had the means for her and her family to live comfortably she thought as she climbed into bed. She was bone tired it always seemed to amaze her at the number of agents that required medical attention for one reason or another. It also amazed and shocked her that there are so many branches of government agencies, most of which don’t officially exist.


However that was something she wasn’t at liberty to discuss with anyone, so like any good employee she kept her mouth shut and did what she was paid to do. Now if she could just shut the image of Prescott Hawk and his sexy body out of her mind she’d be able to get a peaceful night of sleep for a change.




Prescott has never been the kind of man that had his every thought consumed by a single woman. However for some reason he just couldn’t stop thinking about Dr. Akiva Jennings. Images of the five foot six inch, full figured, beauty ran through his mind both day and night. Her dark brown eyes, cocoa skin tone and curvaceous body had rocked him senseless to the point that she was all he could think of.


Her sassy, take-no-crap attitude had made him smile on their first and only meeting. Even now he could remember her fiery spirit as she’d placed a hand on her hip and gave him a piece of her mind. The entire time she’d been talking to him he’d stood there staring at her as flashes of the two of them butt-naked and sweaty in a tangle of silky sheets raced through his mind.


Prescott knew the smirk that had formed on his face because of his thought had irritated Akiva to no end, especially since her expression spoke volumes. He was fairly certain that she had wanted to knock the smirk right off his face, but that had only served to turn to him on more.


If they hadn’t been surrounded by all the guests at Blake and Camille’s party he would’ve picked her up and carried her to the nearest bed, stripped her down to nothing but her smooth cocoa skin and licked her like a warm pot of honey.


Just thinking about her made his body rock hard and his tongue tingle, he could almost bet that she tasted as good as she looked. He planned to find out real soon because if he didn’t he’d never get any peace, she’d continue to run through his mind like a non-stop marathon.


Prescott wondered if she’d thought of him since their meeting, and if she had he wondered if her thoughts were as x-rated as his were. Did she also wake up during the night with her body dripping in sweat and panting uncontrollably? Does her body feel alive with indescribable sensations that stimulated her entire body to the very core?


He could still hear the sound of her voice in his head but this time she wasn’t giving him a piece of her mind. This time she was crying out in the throes of passion as he pumped into her lush body.


Damn, it’s happening again.” Prescott said to himself as he felt his body react to thoughts of Akiva yet again. He slid out of bed and onto the floor thinking that he would be able to clear his mind of all thoughts of the sexy doctor, but as he closed his eyes to meditate all he could see was her gorgeous face and curvaceous body.


All the meditating in the world isn’t going to help this situation. No what I need is one long night with Akiva in my bed to cure this uncontrollably desire.” He said to the empty room.


Prescott knew exactly what he needed to do to set the stage to make that happen and he might as well get started right now. Hell if he couldn’t get any sleep why should he let her sleep peacefully?




Akiva had been tossing and turning for hours so she was wide awake when her cell phone rang. She grabbed it from the night stand without even bothering to look at the caller ID.


Hello!” She said sounding fully awake and frustrated, a fact that had the caller smiling on the other end of the phone.


You certainly sound wide awake.” The caller teased.


Yeah, you’d better be glad that I am, because if I would’ve had to wake up to answer this damn phone I’d be mad as hell right now.” She said to the caller.


Wow, you’re already in a bad mood and you don’t even know who this is.” The caller said with a smirk in his voice.


Oh, I know exactly who it is. Why in the hell do think I’m in this bad mood?” She replied.


What did I do, you can’t still be mad at me for what happened between us a few months ago?” The caller said.


I certainly can, now why are you calling me at two o’clock in the damn morning?” She asked.


Would it help if I said I was sorry, because I really am you know.” He said.


That would be a good start.” She replied.


I’m sorry for trying to tell you how to do your job and for being disrespectful.” Prescott said sounding very apologetic.


Apology accepted, now did you need something?”


Yes doc, I’m in need of your medical attention.” He said.


Why didn’t you say so, what happened, is it serious, where are you, give me directions and I’ll come to you.” Akiva said as she jumped out of bed and grabbed her coat and medical bag as she was about to head for the door.


Doc, wait hold on it’s not like that. I’m not hurt not like you think anyway. I’m hurting in whole other way and it has nothing to do with the kind of medicine you keep in a medical bag. You can’t cure what ails me with a prescription, unless you can write a prescription for something only you have.” He said in a serious tone.


Look you crazy little freak, I don’t know what you’ve been drinking but how dare you call and play games with me like this. I guess you thought it would be cute to tease the big girl huh, let her think that someone like you would be interested in her. Then what, were you going to wait until I took the bait and then yell ‘
SYKE just joking’
. Well you can pump your brakes player because this girl has been down that road and this time I think I’ll take the detour. Peace!” She said as she disconnected the call and took several deep breaths to calm her aggravated nerves.


To think that she’d been fantasizing about that man for last few months, how dare he try playing such a cruel trick on her? She didn’t mind lusting after him in her own freaky little mind but to have him try to make her believe that he wanted her sexually, well let’s just say that she wasn’t stupid enough to fall for that twice in one lifetime.


Akiva will admit that she’d fallen for it when she was young, naïve and gullible. Fool me once shame on you, but fool me twice then I’m the damn fool. I may be a lot of things but fool isn’t one of them. She knew that she was a full-figured woman, not terribly heavy but for some reason anything over a size eight was labeled as full-figured and she was a size fourteen.


She thought of herself as a fine curvaceous woman and she was proud of her full-figure she didn’t need a man to validate her as a woman no matter how fine he was. She’d learned to love and appreciate herself for who she was, and anyone who didn’t like it could kiss her size fourteen ass.




Prescott lifted the phone away from his ear and stared at it for a moment or two before realizing that he probably didn’t handle that as well as he could have. The last thing he’d wanted to do was insult her in anyway. He couldn’t believe that she thought that he’d been joking with her, didn’t she realize how desirable she was to him or to any man that appreciated a sexy woman for that matter.


If she didn’t know he certainly intended to make it known that in his eyes she was the most attractive woman he’d ever laid eyes. And he wanted her more than he’d wanted anything in his entire life. She was about to find out that when he wanted something he didn’t stop until he made it his. And whether she knew it or not she would be his woman because in his mind he was already her man.


Prescott felt an ache deep inside at the thought of not being able to have her not only in his bed but in his life. Akiva had an effect on him that he couldn’t even begin to explain. She’d said for him to pump his brakes but where she was concerned he didn’t have any brakes. His mind and body only seemed to be on one speed when images of her claimed him and that was full throttle.


He hit redial on his phone and listened as she let it ring through to her voicemail. He disconnected the call without leaving a message. Reaching inside the bedside drawer he pulled out one of the disposable phones he kept on hand. After activating it he tried her number once again, this time she answered on the second ring.


Hello!” She said in a somewhat pleasant tone.


Guess who?” He said teasingly just before she disconnected the call hanging up on him the second she heard his voice.

BOOK: Captured Hearts (The Men of Five Nations International)
9.02Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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