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Burdened Novel
Peiri Ann














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Peiri Ann

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This book is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places an
d incidents are products of the writer’s imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events, locales or organizations is entirely coincidental


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2013 Peiri Ann

Copyediting by Christine Rice




Summary: In a life of hate, deceit, and dishonesty; Nathan finds there is an upside to life when he meets Tracey. A confident, beautiful, outgoing girl who immediately falls in love with him and has no regard for the danger that lies within his life. He decides that loving her may be worth risking his life to death… and hers.



To the ones who stand behind everything life brings to you

Never turn their backs and always keeps you close.

Love life’s loves and LIFE LOVES YOU!

Table of Contents

A Burdened Novel By Peiri Ann




1: Enraptured

2: Touched

3: Chosen

4: Obsessed

5: Accepted

6: Revealed

7: Denial

8: Impatient

9: Reappearance

10: Introductions

11: Perfection

12: Astonished

13: Relinquished

14: Assurance

15: Bound

16: Deceived

17: Veiled

18: Vined

19: Unforeseen

20: Deception

21: Revolution

22: Uncertainty

23: Relieved

24: Cloaked

25: Uninhibited

26: Abhorrence

27: Rejuvenate

28: Infiltrated

29: Dedicated

30: Veracity

31: Broken


About the Author



The love I have can last a lifetime alone, in the darkness waiting for the mate of love to return to the side of a lonely heart. But I cannot wait long past tomorrow to hold you, hear you, and see you in my arms. Without my arms wrapped around you, our bodies wound within one another. There is no darkness emptier then I at that exact moment. There is no depth lower than the empty feeling I have from longing for you. For this love is greater than any I have had the pleasure of feeling. For this love
is you.




1: Enraptured


The last week before a break, Mrs. Kimble’s class always lasts forever! I cannot wait for this week to be over. It’s almost spring break—the next best thing to look forward to, apart from summer. It’s the start of the warming days, when we can lose the coats and start letting some skin show. That earthy scent comes back, due to the freshly bloomed flowers and trees, and the newly grown grass.

Oh yeah, and the preeminent point—lack of class. My impatience for graduation, in a few months, also grinds at the back of my head.

Still three days to go, until I can enjoy our week of no school and not waking up early. Mrs. Kimble moves on to literary words that are meant to capture your feelings when you speak.
, only three more days—if I can ever get out of this long-ass class!

“So,” Glen pulls me from my thoughts, tapping my back, “what do you have planned for our lovely break that’s coming up?”

I turn a quarter of the way to her, not wanting to draw attention to us. “Nothing much. I haven’t put too much thought into it. What about you?”

“Well, you know, Andrew Stevens is planning the next break
party, I think it is Friday at 9, or maybe 10.” She looks up to the ceiling, then nods. “I heard it from Robert, in the hall.”

Break party, it’s what we call any party thrown the last day of school and the opening of a break. It seems lame, thinking of it now. I guess it serves its purpose though.

, I think, as I speak. “Andrew is not known for throwing parties, especially at his place—his mother would murder him if she found out.”

“Well, he is apparently willing to risk it—that’s why everyone is planning to go. It
has to be worth it,” she chimes, in anticipation. “So yeah, very intriguing.”

“Tracey and Glen, is the talk of Andrew’s party more important than the study going on in this English class?” Here she goes.
Mrs. Kimble, on another role of trying to embarrass her students by using her bionic ears to ease-drop on their conversations.

Today, Tracey Warren and Glen Richards are on her hit list.

Of course
not, Mrs. Kimble!” Glen says with exaggeration. “
is more important than what is going on within
exceptional English class.” Glen is the best smart-ass in existence. We have known each other since grade school. When her, her mom, and her older sister moved to Bennington, here in Vermont, she walked into my classroom and our third grade teacher assigned her the desk next to mine. I smiled at her and she offered me one of her princess erasers. We have been tied at the hip ever since.

“Now Glen, with your equipped sarcasm, you should try directing your efforts more towards paying attention to your studies,” Mrs. Kimble states calmly, while giving her a piercing look over the bridge of her glasses, “rather than towards being a smart-aleck.”

We have gotten each other into hell, and she has been the one to get us out;—in most cases. We are both eighteen, though she is a few months older than me; yet, I’m taller than she is. While I have dark-brown—almost black—hair, she has that pretty, sandy-brown hair that many girls color their heads to achieve. Freckles cover her cheeks, and I have a beauty mark resting aside my left eye. We both have curvy shapes that pull eyes as we walk, and Glen flaunts hers with an ‘I got it, girl’ attitude.

!” Glen gasps. “
Mrs. Kimble
,” she says, slowly and with emphasis, “now, with your high expectations of me, you know I wouldn’t dare. I love being one of the students you go home thinking of, how you can make me into a better person before I leave this school.” She flashes her pearly whites and winks at Mrs. Kimble.

The other students in the class snicker and shake their heads. Mrs. Kimble—for a moment—only glares at Glen. The bell rings loudly, jarring her attention.

That bell may take forever to ring, but it is always right–on–time! Gathering my things, all I hear is giggling, rambles, and shuffling from the other students trying to rush from the classroom. Looking at each other, Glen and I attempt to make a run for it.

The last thing I need is for Mrs. Kimble to desire to keep me in this classroom any longer than the hour I already had to suffer through.

Hallway in sight.

“Harrumph, ladies.”
Mrs. Kimble clears her throat, noticing me and Glen fulfilling our escape plan.

, I think to myself,
too late
. We turn, facing her. Arms folded across her chest, she glares at us with one eyebrow raised. The left side of her mouth turns up as if to say ‘don’t even think about it.’

I hurry to speak, being the more reasonable one of the two of us. “Mrs. Kimble, yes, what is going on in your class is more important than any party thrown by anyone. But you have to excuse us, because we have something extremely important we need to have completed for my mother before she gets home.” Yes, it’s a lie, but hopefully a believable lie.

Her one eyebrow lowers so that it is even with the other as she contemplates my story, trying to decide whether it was the truth or my escape route. “Lad—” The phone rings the moment she begins to speak. She steps to it, eyes still on us.

Once the person on the other end starts to ramble loudly and too quickly, she shoos us away. Her expression shows worry as she listens. I care—but not that much. Immediately, Glen and I make a run for it, hitting the hallway in record time, before she can hang up.

I am a little interested in this party. Andrew is never allowed to have company, which restricts any party-throwing. His mother is extremely strict and for him to risk it…

“Hey Glen, hey Tracey,” Eric cuts us off from our walk to the parking lot.
“You ladies coming to Andrew’s party on Friday?” I now know, around every corner, someone will be talking about the party. “Y’all know, everybody from our school and our sister schools are supposed to be there.”

Mt. Francis Senior High School contains most of the students in town. “I didn’t think Andrew’s house was that big, to pack all those hormone-driven teenagers.” I’m curious to know exactly how big Andrew’s house is. We have never been in it, just in the area.

“It’s pretty big, not to mention he has the lake in his backyard. So it is party central. We can all ride over there together, if you all want.”

“Thanks, we were just on our way to see if the rest of the girls were interested in going. Once we know for sure, we’ll decide how we will get there. See you later, Eric.” Glen waves him off, pulling me to continue our walk to the parking lot.

“So you really want to go, Friday?” I ask as we approach our group of friends.

“Of course,” she says, as if I asked a ridiculous question. “You don’t?”

“Yes, I mean, especially if it’s as big as everyone is making it seem. But we can check with the others, see if they are thinking about going.” I am always good at including the other girls of our group in our decisions.

The parking lot is where the juniors and seniors meet after class. We could hang out there for hours, but the school will not allow for our time to exceed two hours after the last class lets out.

The girls and I always meet up so we can plan what we are doing later or anything else that holds importance, which is usually nothing; however, anything can entertain a bunch of teenage girls.

“Hey Rachel, have you heard about Andrew’s party? You’re going, right?” Glen always jumps right into whatever the juicy stuff is.

“Hi Glen, how was class? Maybe we could start off our conversations with a greeting.” Rachel was always there to check her. “Yes,” she answers, “we were just talking about it. We all want to go. What about you two? Tracey, I know you’re not going to miss this party, right?”

“No, you know better. I’m going,” I state, lacking enthusiasm. Realizing it, I perk up. “Eric stopped Glen and me in the hallway to offer us a ride. You know he tries to get in good with Glen and all.”

BOOK: Burdened (A Burdened Novel)
10.13Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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