BULL: MC ROMANCE (Forsaken Riders MC Romance Book 6)

BOOK: BULL: MC ROMANCE (Forsaken Riders MC Romance Book 6)
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A Forsaken Riders Standalone MC Romance

Book 6



Samantha Leal



Copyright ©2016 by Samantha Leal. All rights reserved.

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Although the Forsaken Riders Series of MC Romances can be enjoyed as Stand-alone stories, they are also part of a larger steamy narrative that transpires in the small town of Slate Springs, and so for maximum enjoyment you may wish to read them in order.  All five previous stories are included in the Bonus Books – you can find them via the Table of Contents…this is the proper order


Book 1 – King

Book 2 – Lynx

Book 3 – Steel

Book 4 - Gunner

Book 5 - Hawk

Book 6 – Bull

Book 7 – upcoming…


Table of Contents














What the Outlaw Craves

Saved by the Werewolf Billionaire

What the Outlaw Demands

Into the Highlander’s Arms

Desired by the Billionbear


My Holiday Billionaire

My New Billionaire Stepbrother

Badass Billionaire

Saved by the Billionbear

His Darkness Revealed

The Bear Wants Babies


Into the Highlander’s Realm

For the Love of Zombies:Not so HEA

Babies For the Bear

A Baby for the Bear

DIRK: A Stepbrother Romance

Taken by aliens

The Billionaire’s Rumpus Room

What the Outlaw Wants

In the Time of the Caveman

What the Outlaw Needs

Taken By Alien Lords

Chased by the Bear

Love and Survival in the Time After

The Highland Legacy

Beyond the Highland Gateway

Wanted by Aliens

Taken by the Alpha Alien

The Highland’s Call


Finding Love in a Dark World

Finding Love in a Dark World:Book 2

Sweet Love Returned: Clean Romance

Welcome to Zombie Island


Through the Gateway

Through the highland gateway

Touched Through Time

The Highland Locket

What the Outlaw Claims


Into the Highlander’s World

My Holiday Protector

What the Outlaw Must Have

The Highland dream

Mated to the Highland Wolf

What the Outlaw Takes




The old man had hung on for so long he knew that it wouldn’t be much more time before he could finally let go. He looked up at the ceiling as he breathed in and out slowly and thought back over his past. He had had a good life, one that had been filled with a lot of joy and good times. He’d been lucky. He knew that because he had met and known a lot of people in his time who hadn’t been. He had been blessed and he had been happy. He had had a good set of friends and a family of warriors by his side throughout everything he had done. Each milestone he had reached, he had had an army of brothers at his back only wishing him the best.

He could only ever be thankful for that.

He smiled as his chest heaved and the pain spread through him further. It had been a bad couple of weeks, but at least he knew he was nearing the finish line. He wouldn’t have to suffer for much longer. If it hadn’t been for the surprise of his little girl walking through the door after all of those years, maybe he wouldn’t still be clinging on now.

He coughed and tasted blood.

“Well,” he wheezed to himself. “Can’t be long now.”

He laughed and the pain shot through him even more.

He remembered what it had been like to join a club like the Forsaken Riders back in its hay day. He still remembered each and every member of the charter when he had been initiated and, even though many of them had gone since, he still loved them dearly.

A lot of blood had been shed over the years, and a lot of people have died for the club. It was almost ironic that Reid knew that he would be next. One of the oldest surviving members and head of a club that had ruled the desert for generations… Now he was going to have to hand over the baton to someone else just as deserving.

And the timing couldn’t have been worse.

He clenched his hands together and crossed them over his belly. The bed was warm and comfortable, and even though he had been confined to it for the past few months, he still felt as if he was floating on clouds. His legs were numb now from the drugs and his mouth was dry, but he didn’t mind. He’d enjoyed spending the past few weeks off the sauce. He’d needed it. It had given him the clarity required to make the decision that was going to change everything.

He knew that King was the rightful person to step in and fill his shoes. Not only had he been with the club for many years, he had proved himself time and time again as one of the most loyal and powerful men behind the Forsaken.

But now Reid had a problem…

A conflict of interest…

His daughter Lexi.

Her and King were in love, and how could he possibly promote King to head honcho when his daughter was going to get further tangled up in the messes of the brotherhood? He wanted to keep her safe and her husband by her side. He didn’t want her widowed before she had even turned thirty.

, he thought as he stared at the ceiling.
I can’t do it to her or to King. They deserve a long life together; one that has more freedom that being the head of this club requires.

He sighed heavily and closed his eyes. He knew it would cause ill feeling, but he also knew that he had to take care of the people closest to him. Even though Lexi had only been in his life for a short time, she had been the light he had been waiting for. She had illuminated the darkness that had been ahead of him and ensured that he had enjoyed his last few months.

It had looked pretty bleak after the doctor’s prognosis, but now he had a daughter to cherish and a lot of time to make up for. He had enjoyed life again and she had added a dimension to his final days that he had never, ever expected to have the opportunity to experience.

Reid wasn’t just an old time biker… now he was a father as well.

He felt tears prick the corner of his eyes and he breathed in deep. He knew it wasn’t going to be long. His body had been declining for days and all he was hanging on for now was to spend a little more time with Lexi and to make sure everything was handed over as it should be. And then he would let himself give up the fight.

He rolled onto his side and reached, laboriously, for his cellphone. He pressed the screen with shaking fingers, opened his contact list, scrolled down and then pressed dial. He held the phone to his ear and sucked in a lungful of air, preparing himself to speak for the first time in days.

The line clicked to life on the other end and he heard him say hello.

“It’s me,” Reid croaked as he struggled to keep his breath. “I need to talk with you.”

“Okay boss,” the man on the other end said. “Are you alright? What do you need?”

“I need you here now,” Reid broke off to cough and he clutched his chest. “Come back to the clubhouse as soon as you can.”

“Boss? Are you okay?”

“Just get back here dammit,” Reid spluttered before he burst into a coughing fit and had to end the call.

It was a sad state of affairs when a man like him was as weak as he was now… But that was life. He had seen it happen to people around him for decades and now it had just rolled around to his turn.

He dropped the cellphone down by his side and it bounced lamely to the floor. He clutched his chest again and breathed in as far as he could. He could feel the fluid on his lungs and the darkness creeping in towards him again. He had to push it back. He had to keep going. Just a little longer.

He closed his eyes and tried to calm himself down. He had made the right decision on who he had chosen to take over from him. He knew he needed someone with strength. Someone ruthless and loyal, a man who had been rising through the ranks but who had so far gone rather unnoticed. Reid knew that it may cause controversy, but he was no stranger to that. Being the head of a lawless bike gang for the past ten years had meant he had seen a lot of that in his time.

Now he had to make one final change and then his work would be done. He knew that he would have taken care of The Forsaken Riders, his daughter Lexi and her future, and of the young biker who had caught his eye and showed promise that he could run it all after Reid was long gone.

He waited and closed his eyes, he could hear the rumble of juggernauts powering down the highway out across the desert and the sound of laughter drifting up from the garages below, outside next to the clubhouse. These were the sounds he would miss the most. Ones that always reminded him of home. He drifted in and out of sleep for a few moments until the snap and bang of the front door jolted him back awake.

He heard the heavy boots coming up the stairs and the jangling of chains. That was one of the things Reid liked about his intended successor the most, he was so big and brutal, that you could always hear him coming.

The footsteps stopped outside of Reid’s bedroom door and there was a low rasping knock.

“Come in,” Reid croaked as he pushed himself up on his elbows, with the last tiny amount of strength he had left.

The door opened slowly and he stepped inside. His thick wavy black hair was hanging down to the tops of his shoulders and his big thick, muscular arms rippled out of the tight t-shirt he was wearing. As he stepped through the doorway, he just about blocked out all natural light with his huge, hulking frame and Reid smiled.

This son of a bitch was just the powerhouse that The Forsaken Riders needed to make sure the club thrived and triumphed over Ironhill and the Iron Riders.


He had come to Reid as a crazy kid and now he was definitely a man who had learned at the feet of the best.

“You called for me boss?” Bull said gruffly as he strode over to Reid’s bedside and stood in front of him. Even now, after all of the years they had grown to know each other, Reid was still intimidated by him and the way he was so big and tall it was almost as if he was a giant. Bull had been part of the Forsaken’s main muscle for years and he had quietly proved to Reid that he could take care of business and be a natural leader.

“I did,” Reid croaked as he coughed and tasted blood again.

“Boss?” Bull kneeled down and passed him a glass of water from the nightstand. Reid’s hands were so unsteady he couldn’t grasp it and Bull had to lift the water to his lips.

“Thank you,” he stammered. “Bull, I don’t have much time…”

Bull’s eyes were deep and wet as he looked down at the man who had been a better father to him than his own old man ever had. He took hold of Reid’s small bony hand, in his big rough ones and squeezed it tight.

“I need to ask you something,” Reid stammered.

“Anything,” Bull said with an open heart.

“It has to be you Bull…” Reid continued, “You’re the one who has to take over everything, after I’m gone.”

Bull faltered. Had he really just heard what he thought he had? He looked down at Reid, a bag of bones lying swamped by blankets, and at the urgency in his eyes. He knew that he wasn’t the kind of man to joke around, especially when it came to the affairs of the club.

“But…?” Bull asked. “Me?”

,” Reid said before his chest tightened and he coughed again. “It has to be

Bull nodded. He would do anything for the club, and especially for Reid. He just hadn’t been expecting to be given such an honor. He knew that King had been everyone’s first choice as next in line. And he didn’t know what to think about what may come of this now…

“Of course I will,” he said as he held onto Reid’s hand tightly. “My dedication to this club is everything to me. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do.”

Reid gripped his hand tightly back.

“Make sure the Iron Riders burn in hell,” he said before he doubled over and coughed up a splatter of blood onto the wooden floorboards.

“Boss,” Bull said as he pulled him up and laid him back down in bed.

He was so worried, he could see it in Reid’s face that he wouldn’t be much longer for this world. And now he had been given the ultimate honor, but also the ultimate responsibility.

Reid’s breathing became labored and Bull’s mind began to race. He got to his feet quickly and stomped to the doorway where he hollered down the hall.

“Lexi!” he called. “You better get in here!”

He heard her tiny footsteps come clipping up the stairs and she rushed around the doorframe panting and with hair in her eyes.

“Dad?” she wailed as she ran across the room and flung herself down at Reid’s side.

Reid looked up at her and smiled. She really was his guardian angel. He took her hand in his and he took her in once last time. If he had done anything right in his life, it had been her. She was his most special creation.

“I love you Lexi,” he whispered. “I always have and I always will.”

“Dad?” she sobbed, the realization of what was about to happen flooding her face.

“Bull is going to look after you all now,” Reid nodded. “Make sure you support him.”

Lexi looked over her shoulder at Bull, the tears streaming down her face and then she looked back to Reid. He had closed his eyes but he was still breathing, each breath becoming shallower.

As he lay there dying, Lexi clung to her father and sobbed. She had only known him a short time but he had been everything she had ever hoped for and more.

If there was one thing she knew, life without him for both her and The Forsaken Riders would never be the same.



BOOK: BULL: MC ROMANCE (Forsaken Riders MC Romance Book 6)
13.29Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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