Bound to Surrender (South Jersey Bound Series)

BOOK: Bound to Surrender (South Jersey Bound Series)
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Tess Lamont



Copyright 2013 by Tess Lamont

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September 2010 Wild Rose Press, First Scarlet Rose Edition

April 2013 Kindle Edition


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“Their chemistry is sizzling, the sexual tension palpable. A thoroughly sexy read.”

~Bella, Fallen Angel Review

“The chemistry between Lisa and Ben gives the reader a taste of what can happen when two people are ultimately suited to meet each other’s needs…Needless to say, the bedroom activities in this book are not for the faint of heart, but contain lessons in loving we can all learn from. Ultimately, the question remains, can Lisa and Ben get past their past? You will have to read this book to find out, but as smoothly written as it is, that will be no chore.”

~Sky, The Romance Studio

“I could not put the book aside until I knew what the end would be.”

~Gina Kincade

“The story is well-written and progresses at a steady pace, which is wonderful in a novella this length. Ben and Lisa have an excellent chemistry, and their emotional scenes are both touching and heart-breaking. Be sure to place this story onto your TBR list, especially if you love a BDSM themed erotica with oodles of emotion.

~4.5 Cherries-Fern, Whipped Cream Reviews



“…she did a wonderful job keeping my interest through all 80 pages. It is a must read if you want to enjoy an hour away from all the everyday pressure to go away into the lives of Christina and Bryce.

This story is definitely a 5 Tea Cup and 3 heat index. The story makes you realize that submission and trust is needed to fulfill all your sexual desires.”

~Wendy, Happily Ever After Reviews

“Tess Lamont has done an excellent job with this story. It is well written and holds your interest from page one. If you are looking for a quick read pick up this one. It's worth it. Great job.”

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Bound to Ignite
is sure to hit your fancy.”

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Bound to Ignite
is a thrilling exploration into the world of spanking. I thought the author gave a refreshing take on the world of spanking, even though Eric has no experience she gives an honest take on what it would be like to try something new. An enjoyable read”

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will definitely heat up your reading time.”

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Bound to Surrender

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Christina Welch thrust her key into her car’s ignition and gave it a turn, sighing as the motor hummed and the air conditioner sputtered to life.

The short walk from the bank to her car had left her panting. Hot, still air stuck to the back of her throat like cotton candy. She shuddered. Outside, the temperature must have reached one hundred degrees. As usual, the South Jersey humidity made the heat feel closer to one-twenty.

She closed her eyes and stretched. Cold air wafted over the long, thin column of her neck. The engine caused her seat to vibrate and a cool breeze swirled about her damp skin. A chill filtered through the thin, silk fabric of her blouse, perking her nipples.

Shifting, she cursed her hormones. Revving her lust didn’t take much these days. Lately, she maintained a consistent, unintentional state of high alert. Her gynecologist had told her heightened arousal was normal at her age. But if, right at that moment, an attractive man had knocked on her car window, she would have considered eating him alive—at least once he was hard and ready.

How could
be normal?

She crushed her arousal and opened her eyes. Life as a single mother had made ruthless self
-denial second nature and she didn’t believe in dwelling on what she didn’t have.

She wasn’t going to get any action tonight, even if it was her birthday. She had more than most: a job she loved, a great kid, a home she could afford, and friends she could rely on. Five
years wasn’t that long to go without sexual satisfaction. And, lots of people celebrated their birthdays alone. She had things to look forward to, after all.

Summer vacation had only just begun. Tomorrow, she would lunch with her friends Lisa and Jillian. Then, there was Lisa’s upcoming bachelorette party and wedding. After her friend was married, well, maybe she’d head down to the shore. She could rent a room somewhere in Ocean City or Brigantine. Warm ocean breezes might just help clear her head and soothe her body.

She sighed and pulled her grocery list from her glove compartment.

Milk, frozen pizza, cereal, bananas…

. Shopping while her son was staying with his father was never fun, but today, the thought of pushing around a half-empty cart and then cooking for one was downright unbearable. She crumpled the list and threw it onto the passenger seat. Today was her birthday, damn it. Grocery shopping could wait.

What she could really use was a birthday treat: sweet, home-made ice cream from that little place in Medford and then home for sangria, a racy novel, and a long, uninterrupted session with her ever-ready vibrating friend.

Christina smiled as she eased out of the bank’s parking lot, shrugging off self-pity’s clingy remnants.

Happy Birthday to me.


God damn, it was

Bryce Walker stopped at a traffic light. He leaned over his steering wheel and scanned the horizon for any sign of possible relief. Not one single cloud marred the summer-blue sky.

He’d never get used to muggy South Jersey air. Not that he missed Southern California’s pollution, but Jersey weather would kill him, he was sure. A frigid, misty-gray winter gave way to a bright, sweltering summer with no relief in-between.

He drummed his hands on his steering wheel, impatient for the light to change. Haze rose from the asphalt. The prospect of a long, lonesome summer loomed like a stretch of desert highway, without even a mirage of a woman to make things interesting.

Bryce pursed his lips.

He loved his high-school teaching and coaching job, but the long hours had left him little time for dating. With the less demanding schedule of summer break, maybe he could finally get some East coast action.

with one woman who had steamed his fantasies…

Christina Welch, school librarian, had stoked his lust since the day they’d met. In the teacher’s lounge, she had flushed under his gaze and, more than once, he’d caught her eyeing him with barely concealed interest.

He shook his head.

He’d decided not to pursue Christina back in September. He didn’t want to risk his new job. Besides, he had too much respect for single mothers to dally. He couldn’t help, however, that the obviously undersexed librarian stole into his fantasies from time to time. Her flirty little dresses and silk blouses always clung in all the right places. He had lubed and stroked to her imagined naked body more times than he cared to admit.

Bryce flexed his right shoulder and then tensed his muscles to ease the strain. He’d overworked at the gym. His pecs ached. The shower water that had cascaded over his well-worked muscles hadn’t cooled his body. Of course, his car’s broken air conditioner wasn’t helping and nor was thinking about the librarian.

The light turned green. Bryce shifted into first and eased forward with traffic.

He frowned. There was no way to hide from heat...not without air conditioning. His open window wasn’t any help at all. He should have fixed his car AC—not to mention the one in his apartment—when the temperature had been normal.

The turn for his apartment complex came into view but he hesitated. Living in cramped quarters during the school year was one thing. At least then, he had things to plan and do. But he had no reason to go home now. When the year had ended, his efficiency had become way too small, and, if he was honest, too damned lonely.

He drove past the gate. There had to be something else he could do, something cooling…

His eyes settled on a sign ahead―Homemade Ice Cream. He’d never been to the small shop; ice cream wasn’t his kind of indulgence. One of his students had told him to try the place, saying, “You gotta go, Mr. Walker. You are ‘seriously’ missing out.”

Who? Ah yes, Michael.
The librarian’s son.

He groaned. Why couldn’t he keep that woman out of his head?

Bryce rolled his coup into the last available space in the strip mall’s parking lot. He forced his way through the wall of heat toward the entrance, yanked open the door, and stepped inside. Bells jingled as the door closed.

Ah... air conditioning
Sugar smell further charged his senses.

A woman bent over the counter. The corner of Bryce’s mouth twitched. He’d recognize that round, full posterior anywhere—the ass he’d been avoiding all year.

Fate: the topic of the final exams he’d just finished grading. Discuss the modern, Freudian idea that there are no accidents referencing Homer’s
The Odyssey
and any other work of art, film, or literature.

Fate’s a bitch.

He rocked back on his heels, glad he’d worn sunglasses. From his position, he could admire her shape at leisure while she considered the flavors. He thought of the nervous way she ran her hand through her hair when he stepped too close in the halls and the way she jingled her keys and stuck out her hip when they chatted after games.

She needed flavor, all right.
Flavor of a Walker kind.

Any man in his right mind would have found Christina attractive, but instinct told Bryce they were compatible on other levels.

He grasped the back of his neck and massaged.

Michael had said he would be spending the summer with his father, leaving the librarian alone. With school out and Michael away, time was on Bryce’s side. A little flirting couldn’t cause real harm. If she shut him down, he swore, that would be the end, no worries, no hard feelings.

He ignored the voice in his head saying his cock was calling the shots, and stepped beside Christina and leaned over, mirroring her posture.

“I hear their vanilla is very good,” he said, “but if I were you, I’d be more adventurous.”


With a bolt of awareness, Christina recognized Bryce Walker’s throaty baritone. As always, his voice sent chills up her legs. When she glanced sideways, the muscles behind her knees weakened.

Eyes like his should be illegal.

Her reaction to Mr. Walker was the exact reason that she’d avoided the man for months.
Damn hormones.
She could not control her body’s response to him, no matter how hard she tried. Every time they were within ten feet of one another, a shiver started somewhere behind her lower ribs and slithered down, pulsing in her sex and, eventually, forcing her to seek release—either by distraction or, more frequently, in the privacy of her bedroom with the help of her vibrator.

BOOK: Bound to Surrender (South Jersey Bound Series)
7.34Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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