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Bound by Vengeance

BOOK: Bound by Vengeance
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Bound by Vengeance

By: Adriana Noir


Copyright © Adriana Noir

All rights reserved.

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This book is a work of fiction. Names, brands, characters, incidents, and places are either products
of the author’s imagination or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

First Edition: May 2013

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This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone or endorse the actions in this book. Nor does she make any allegations that such are proper or true. It is intended for mature audiences only.

~ Dedications~

To my beautiful family and friends who make each day worth living, and to every reader and reviewer out there. Thank you for all of the comments, e-mails, and support. Each one of them makes me smile and makes every struggle along the way more than worth it. I love you all.

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Chapter 1 ~



Taylor stirred as the mattress shifted, prodding her from her dreams. Squinting into the predawn gloom, she blinked until the glow of the alarm clock came into focus. It was just after six. Sebastian had been gone for over twelve hours. She tried not to think of what he might have been doing, but the darkness, the connotation of his job would always be there. There was no going back. She couldn’t erase the things she knew. The man she loved was a ruthless killer.

Sebastian’s lean body
shuddered with exhaustion as he lay down and drew the blankets up to his chin. Unable to help herself, she rolled over and cuddled against his side in search of heat and reassurance. The fresh, woodsy smell of soap and deodorant clung to his skin along with the drying remnants of his shower. Pressing her nose against his chest, she breathed the scent of him in and traced the rippled lines of his abdomen. His jaw stretched on a violent yawn, and he buried his face in her hair.

“Mm. Darling, not now,” he murm
ured. “Just hold me and let me get some sleep.”

She fought the urge to bat at his arm for the presumption. Instead, she propped her chin on her hand and peered down at him. “Who said I was trying to seduce you?”

He smiled into the fading shadows, affording her a glimpse of the dimples she loved so much. His eyes remained closed as he spoke. “Don’t play coy, sweetheart. You and I both know what a shameless little minx you can be.”

“You made me that way,” she whispered, kissing the hard swell of his chest. Se
bastian shook with a quiet humor. She grinned, loving the rich, husky sound. He didn’t laugh nearly enough.

“And I will gladly take the credit. Go back to sleep, Taylor.”

Not missing the edge of authority creeping into his voice, she burrowed beneath the comforter and closed her eyes. Sebastian’s arms tightened around her. He rubbed her back until the fatigue became too much and he finally drifted to sleep. Lulled by the even rise and fall of his chest and the contentment of having him near, she wasn’t far behind.


Bright sunlight spilled through the wall of bay windows lining the rear of the house. It glistened off the fresh blanket of snow, and the crystals cast the illusion of tiny diamonds shimmering across the grounds. The sizzle of frying bacon blended with the throaty purr of her voice as Taylor sang along with the radio, her body grooving to the bluesy beat. Her mouth watered as she flipped the stuffed French toast. She glanced toward the stairs, praying the smell wouldn’t wake Sebastian. Hopefully a late breakfast in bed would start his day off right. He’d had such a long night. Pouring a cup of coffee, she added it to the tray and checked the cream cheese filled treats.
. After arranging his plate in an artful spread, she headed for the stairs. If only the crew at the truck stop diner could see her now.

She balanced the tray on her hip and eased open the bedroom doors. A wistful smile played on her lips as she watched Sebastian sleep. He looked so comfortable sprawled on his back in the
middle of their king-sized bed, so at peace. She hated to wake him, but he resented sleeping past noon, no matter how late he’d worked. The plush black and silver comforter whispered against the sheets as he stirred. Confusion knitting his brow, he scented the air. Turning his head, he slit one eye open and a lazy grin lit his face.

“What’s this?” he asked his voice still husky and thick with the weight of slumber.

She knelt carefully on the edge of the mattress and settled the tray on his lap after he’d propped himself up against the pillows. His sandy curls were a delicious mess. It took everything she had not to plow her hands through them and add to their wild tousle. That could wait until he was a little more awake.

“This is a special wake up for my sup
er sexy man,” she purred.

Sebastian’s pale sage eyes sparkled as they swung up from the tray to meet hers. “Is that so?” he asked, amusement riding the raspy notes of his voice. “Hm. Breakfast in bed with the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, what more
could a man ask for?”

Taylor snorted with amusement. “A lot of things, I’m sure.”

One corner of his mouth twisted in a show of thought and Sebastian nodded. “You may be right. Come here,” he commanded, reaching for her.

Strong fingers threaded through her
hair and massaged her scalp before sharply tugging her down. She steadied the tray as Sebastian caught her lips in a smoldering kiss. His mouth plied hers with tender passion until desire broke, making her squirm. Hot moisture pooled against the inside of her thighs. Her hand shook, and the telltale rattle of the cup against the saucer drew an amused sound from his chest.

“Don’t spill my coffee, sweetheart,” Sebastian warned, releasing her with a wink. “Neither one of us would like what happened if I got bu

Taylor’s cheeks colored with the gentle admonishment. She traced a finger over his six-pack, admiring the definition in his lean form. “I don’t imagine we would, but you have to admit, that would’ve been your fault.”

Popping a piece of bacon in his mouth, he chewed and arched a tawny brow in her direction. “Do I, now?” he asked. “You’d expect me to take the blame when it was your hand shaking the tray?”

Taylor stretched out beside him and accepted the bite of stuffed French toast he offered on the en
d of his fork. “You were the one making me shake.”

“Twisted logic won’t save you, sweetheart. Not from me.”

“I know.” Biting her lip, she lowered her head. “It’s snowing outside.”

His green eyes danced as he tipped her chin up with his finger. “Is this you
r way of trying to change the subject?”

“Yes,” she admitted quietly.

Sebastian laughed and let his head fall back against the pillows. “I really don’t know what to make of you sometimes.” Still wearing a bemused grin, he tore off a piece of bacon and fed it to her. “All right, darling, you win.”

Taylor’s laughter rang over his. “Well, that’s a first.”

His smile deepened. “It might be a last, too, so I’d enjoy it if I were you.”

The doorbell interrupted their playful banter. Sebastian’s brow furrowed. All tr
aces of his boyish grin faded beneath a blackened scowl. Growling, he set the tray aside and tossed the blankets back as he surged to his feet. A few seconds later, he reemerged from their walk-in closet wearing dark jeans and a soft grey sweater. Taylor could still remember the first time she’d seen that closet and how she’d been blown away and a bit embarrassed that most of her apartment could’ve fit inside the vast space. She turned her attention to the present and grappled with a wave of disappointment. Interruptions were all too common anymore.

“Do you want me to get the door so you can at least eat your food while it’s hot?” she asked.

“No, baby. I’m sorry about this. Go ahead and carry breakfast down. I’ll be right with you.”

Taylor waited until he’d
left the room before releasing a frustrated sigh. Shaking her head, she stood and grabbed the serving tray. Making a mental note to make the bed later, she crept down the gently winding staircase. A cold gust of air swept past her carrying in the fresh scent of winter and sunshine. Not wanting Sebastian’s food to get cold, she picked up the pace and cursed the stupidity of not using the steps that emptied into the kitchen.

As usual, curiosity had gotten the better of her.

She froze at the bottom of the steps, stunned by the sight of the armed security guard standing in the foyer. A deep brown stare locked with hers over Sebastian’s shoulder. A brief smile eased the sternness stamping their head of security’s weathered features.

“Good afternoon, Miss McAva
y,” he greeted, giving a friendly nod in her direction.

“Good afternoon, sir.”

Her expression faltered as Sebastian whirled to confront her. She took a hasty step back upon seeing the glint of warning in his eyes. Not needing to be told, she ducked her head and hurried toward the back of the house into the kitchen. The soft rasp of his voice trailed after her.

“Don’t talk to her again. You’re being paid to keep her safe, Henderson,
not to socialize. Is that clear?”

“Yes, sir.”

“I’m glad we’ve reached an understanding. My employer would find it unsettling if I had to fire your entire team, not to mention the displeasure it would cause me. Given the other indiscretions your agency’s made, I would say termination is already a very viable option.”

“That won’t be necessary, sir. I’m sorry to disturb your meal, but we found who was taking pictures for Laychee’s brother. Two men from your organization came by a few minutes ago to pick him up

Taylor chewed the inside of her lip. What were they talking about? Her eyebrows knitted. She held her breath as an uncomfortable silence fell across the front of the house, knowing that wasn’t good.

“Are you waiting for me to pat you on your back?” Sebastian asked.

“No, sir.”

“Then get out and get back to doing your job. If you would have done it right in the first place, my food wouldn’t be getting cold.”

She winced as both front doors slammed shut. Swallowing, she hurried to refill Sebastian’s coffee.
She was topping it off with peppermint creamer when he strode into the kitchen. His gaze darted to the tiled table in the morning room before swinging in her direction. Her heart hammered as his pale stare bore into her. Without a word, he indicated for her to sit down with a jerk of his head. Her stomach twisted into apprehensive knots as she lowered onto the suggested seat. He dropped onto the one across from her.

“Look at me,” he commanded. Sebastian waited until he had her full attention before speaking
again. “I don’t want you talking to those men.”

“I was just returning his greeting,” she said, picking at a corner of the napkin.

He raked a hand through his hair, making his disheveled curls stand even more on end. Rolling his shoulders, his attention shifted to the snow-covered sprawl beyond the windows. A low, menacing noise rumbled from his chest as he turned to her. Reaching across the table, he rested his hand on top of hers.

BOOK: Bound by Vengeance
9.37Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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